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Power Rankings

Keeping it brief this week, as Thursday sort of snuck up on me.

From a reader named Kevin O.
The Cowboys seem to be carrying an awfully lofty ranking in your most recent column. After they lose this week, it would be nice to see them listed beneath the Giants and Panthers, two teams that have been playing much better ball lately.

Next question.

Any other comments/questions/complaints/death threats should be e-mailed to me at the following address: If selected, your e-mail will appear in this space next week.

Rk - Team Name - Record (Last week)

  1. Indianapolis Colts 8-0 (1)
    I know it's unlikely, but I almost wish the Colts WOULD go undefeated just so the clowns from the '72 Dolphins would quit their goofy celebration every year.
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-2 (2)
    Soooo, are you sure Antwaan Randle-El isn't your best option at QB, Bill?
  3. Cincinnati Bengals 7-2 (3)
    I know he's not exactly what you'd call a "sleeper" anymore, and this comment would've been more timely a few weeks back… but I just want to get the jump-start. Chris Perry will be next year's LaMont Jordan and lead many a team to a 2006 fantasy title.
  4. Denver Broncos 7-2 (4)
    They just always do the things needed to win.
  5. Dallas Cowboys 6-3 (6)
    Sure it was a gift win, but then again they suffered an equally fluky loss at the hands of Washington.
  6. San Diego Chargers 5-4 (7)
    And now the road to 10-6 begins. Will it be enough for the playoffs? Well, with the way this season has gone they'll probably miss out on a tiebreaker coin flip.
  7. Seattle Seahawks 7-2 (8)
    He's gotten a bit more pub recently, but Shaun Alexander is somehow putting up a season for the ages, and it's only being mentioned in passing for the most part. Then again, I live in the northeast and we all know nothing important happens west of Philly.
  8. Carolina Panthers 7-2 (10)
    Stephen Davis has twelve touchdowns. Stephen Davis! 12!!! You know, I probably shouldn't have predicted him to retire by August; I'd be better off.
  9. New England Patriots 5-4 (11)
    The Patriots have a number of issues with their team, and the way they looked against Indianapolis cannot simply be discounted. But they'll almost certainly win the division. And if you think anyone wants a part of this team in the postseason, you're nuts.
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars 6-3 (12)
    It's about time I started realizing they haven't really been a disappointment at all. They've lost to two of the best teams in the NFL in Indy and Denver, and dropped a close one in Saint Louis (where the Rams are always tough). With four easy road games remaining, this team should earn the top AFC wild card spot.
  11. Atlanta Falcons 6-3 (5)
    So THAT'S why I was having trouble trusting this defense!
  12. New York Giants 6-3 (9)
    So yeah, about those collapses in the second halves of seasons…
  13. Chicago Bears 6-3 (17)
    Does anyone fear playing this team in the playoffs? I'm not saying it's justified, because they can make some noise. Just that it seems like the consensus is that teams will line up to play them, and that may not be a good thing.
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-3 (18)
    Jon Gruden's call to go for two was leaps and bounds ahead of Dick Vermeil's decision - in stupidity. When you've got a supposedly good defense and you're playing at home, take the tie and go to OT.
  15. Kansas City Chiefs 5-4 (13)
    We haven't seen underachieving on this level since Bart Simpson.
  16. Washington Redskins 5-4 (14)
    After a supposedly excellent defense gives up THAT many points to THAT offense, they really deserve to drop further.
  17. Philadelphia Eagles 4-5 (15)
    I know, after losing McNabb and suffering some heartbreaking losses, this isn't really going out on a limb. But…they're finished. A 9-7 is the best they can hope for, and that won't cut it in this year's NFC.
  18. Saint Louis Rams 4-5 (16)
    Here's all you need to know about the Rams. They've beaten the Jaguars, but also lost to the Niners.
  19. Miami Dolphins 4-5 (19)
    Clearly, Nick Saban doesn't play fantasy football. *$&%^&$!!!!!
  20. Oakland Raiders 3-6 (20)
    Proof that Kerry Collins is fantasy gold: He played about as poorly as a QB can play, and STILL posted 300+ yards and two scores.
  21. Detroit Lions 4-5 (21)
    Beating Arizona changes nothing in my opinion.
  22. Buffalo Bills 4-5 (22)
    Well that's it, I'm convinced. Two touchdown passes by Losman (one a horribly underthrown ball) against a porous defense at home…yup, Losman is now legit.


  23. Minnesota Vikings 4-5 (26)
    It's astounding that Michael Bennett has bean as lousy a pro as he has, don't you think?
  24. Green Bay Packers 2-7 (27)
    OK, ready? OK, listen to this….WAITING FOR GADO! Huh, you already heard that one? Oh, and here I was thinking I was the first one to make that joke. Crap.
  25. New York Jets 2-7 (23)
    Wait, so Brooks Bollinger ISN'T the second coming?
  26. Baltimore Ravens 2-7 (24)
    This team has looked very lethargic. Perhaps they can use the screaming lady from Trading Spouses to fire them up. Or at least she'd make a helluvu left guard.
  27. Cleveland Browns 3-6 (25)
    This Christmas, what do you get for the team that has nothing?
  28. Arizona Cardinals 2-7 (28)
    In one of my leagues this week, I was truly desperate for QB help and looked up Kurt Warner's name on the WW. I'd just like to thank Mr. Warner for forgetting that this isn't 1999.
  29. Tennessee Titans 2-7 (29)
    Something tells me…
  30. New Orleans Saints 2-7 (30)
    nothing is going to change…
  31. San Francisco 49ers 2-7 (31)
    at the bottom of the rankings…
  32. Houston Texans 1-8 (32)
    for a long, long time.

Super Shufflers Of the Week (+)

  1. Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Bucs (tie) +4…Each team is surpassing my expectations, though admittedly I'm still not sold on Tampa.
  2. Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers (tie) +3…The Vikings' move up is a product of winning against a quality opponent, though I figure they'll drop soon enough. The Packer bump is warranted, because I'm starting to really think they're much better than their record.

Plungers Of the Week (-)

  1. Atlanta Falcons -6…It's not that I think it was a horrific loss or anything. But when you're at the top of the rankings, a loss to a bottom-10 team is going to affect you greatly.
  2. New York Giants -3…And they're lucky it wasn't worse!
  3. Many teams tied a
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