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Random Shots - Week 11

A Twisted Look at The NFL Every Week And All That Goes With It

I think I've figured out what is wrong with Clinton Portis

I like Herman Edwards. He defended his players after the game:
"They're playing as hard as they can play. God gave them so much
talent and they're using all the talent they have. They're playing as
hard as they can play."

Cardinals second year wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald was pretty honest
about his rookie season: "I know last year I sucked. I did. Every time
I watch the tape from last year, it's embarrassing how much I thought
I knew but I didn't know."

ESPN's Steve Young defended Mike Vick and his athletic style of
playing the position. Tom Jackson looked over at Young and said, "I
could claim you were the first black quarterback."

My favorite thing I learned about Terrell Owens this week? His middle
name is Eldorado. That's the bomb.

The #1 running back from week 10? Shaun Alexander. Yawn. The #2
running back from week 10? All Name Team starting RB
Samkon Gado. The Nigerian Nightmare II. What a great story. A few
weeks ago he was looking for a team. Tuesday, he opened the NFL
Network's Total Access show with, "This is Samkon Gado. Maybe you've
heard of me. Maybe you haven't..."

Detroit quarterback Joey Harrington may have struggled over the years
but he's been a class act accepting the backup role.

Chris Mortensen said Sunday morning that he thought the Broncos might
sign Terrell Owens and I thought Tom Jackson was going to reach
through the monitor for him.

One more on Terrell Owens. If he makes it to the Hall of Fame (and
that's an entirely new and different discussion worth having) I'm
thinking he might want to wear a Footballguys hat. It doesn't look
like many teams will want him wearing their colors.

Even with the win Sunday, Tom Brady has more Super Bowl rings than he
does victories in Miami.

Steve Smith shared his secret as to why he runs so fast. The 5' 9"
receiver said, "I'm not prototype [size]. I'm running for my life
sometimes." His quarterback Jake Delhomme was asked if he thought
Smith was faster this year. He said, "I don't know if he's faster. But
I'm glad he's fast."

You probably saw the wind blow the field goal attempt in Chicago. That
was crazy. The ball looked like it was on a string blowing across the

Here's where I laugh at the media:  With San Francisco attempting a
long field goal at the end of the half, the first thing I (and
probably most of you) thought was "put a guy back there to field the
kick if it's short." The Bears dropped Nathan Vasher back and we all
know he returned the kick 108 yards for a TD. If the Patriots or
Cowboys had returned that kick, we'd be bombarded with the "genius" of
Belichick and Parcells and what a great coaching move it was. When
Lovie Smith does it, you barely hear a peep.

At one point Sunday, Minnesota's Darren Sharper had returned four of
his last six interceptions for touchdowns.

Ten months ago the Jets were a field goal away from the AFC
Championship game. Yikes.

The Patriots continued their zig zag season. So far this season,
they've posted these results:  win, loss, win, loss, win, loss, win,
loss, win. Tom Brady was asked if his post game press conference was
going to be longer in Miami than it was last week after the loss
against the Colts. Brady said, "I can make it as fast as last week's.
Trust me."

Two players from the All Name Team had big days on
defense Sunday. Seattle linebacker Lofa Tatupu led his team in tackles
and Miami's Yeremiah Bell picked off a pass late in the fourth

Changing of the guard in Jacksonville. Jaguars rookie wide receiver
Matt Jones smoked Baltimore's Deion Sanders.

Thanks to Footballguy Tom Schindler for a great reminder this week of
what makes football fun.  That's his son Alex.

Along that line, hats off to my buddy (and long time Footballguys
subscriber) Dr. George Georgiafandis. Dr. G is coach of the Knoxville
Panthers who won the Flag Football Championship in the 11 year old
division Saturday capping an undefeated season. My son Sam, and Doc's
son, Anthony had a great year on the team.

Funniest moment of the NFL weekend?  New England's Asante Samuel
acting like he'd done something after Chris Chambers dropped what
would have been the game tying touchdown.

The good news is that Baltimore took the opening drive down the field
for a score. The bad news is that they didn't score again.

One more on Samkon Gado. You have to love his wide eyed enthusiasm.
"It's amazing. Brett Favre's locker is just one down from mine."

San Francisco completed one pass Sunday. San Francisco. Joe Montana.
Jerry Rice. Bill Walsh. Jerry Rice. Steve Young. I don't know what to

I mean it. Do not start with me about the Colts going undefeated. I
think they're the best team in the NFL. But their schedule thus far
has been a joke.

For more on schedule strengths, here's a good look

Carolina's Stephen Davis has the mojo working. Witness this series from Sunday:
CAR RB Foster 8 yard rush to the 4
CAR RB Foster 1 yard rush to the 3
CAR QB Delhomme 2 yard pass to the 2 to RB Hoover
Stephen Davis TD

Arizona's Marcel Shipp recorded fewer yards than carries this week. Again.

Mike Shanahan is now 16-5 against the Raiders since being fired by Al
Davis. You know he loves that.

Did you catch the Steelers' Troy Polamalu on the cover of Sports Illustrated?
If you watch him in pre game, he keeps his hair up and out of the way.
Once the game is on, down comes the hair. My buddy (and Footballguys
Tech Guru) Keith Overton is the biggest Steeler fan I know and he
tells me this guy is the second coming of Rod Woodson. I don't doubt

Neil Rackers is the craziest story in fantasy football and nobody is
talking about it.

Because I know you guys are keeping score at home, the Cardinals
pulled away from me in total rushing touchdowns Sunday. They lead me
by one.

We all know how great Shaun Alexander is. He and Jerramy Stevens make
a nice combo. Check out this series.

1-10-SEA31 (12:17) Alexander left tackle to SEA 32 for 1 yard
2-9-SEA32 (11:44) Hasselbeck pass to Stevens to SEA 42 for 10 yards
1-10-SEA42 (11:15) Hasselbeck pass to Stevens to SL 49 for 9 yards
2-1-STL49 (10:48) Alexander left tackle to SL 12 for 37 yards
1-10-STL12 (10:01) Alexander left tackle to SL 4 for 8 yards
2-2-STL4 (9:24) Alexander left tackle for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

It was a tough day for guys on the sidelines. Vikings coach Mike Tice
sprained his MCL after being upended by New York's Jamar Taylor who
was pushed out of bounds. And security guard Bill Austin in Buffalo
went down hard after being hit by Lee Evans and Eric Warfield. Austin
got to ride the cart off the field and seemed to have fun waving to a
cheering crowd.

Congrats to Major League Baseball for addressing the steroid issue.
I'd love to be a shoulder surgeon in the Washington D.C. area.
Watching the congressmen pat themselves on the back, it looks like
these docs will have lots of business this week.

All the people ripping Philadelphia for throwing a pass at the end of
the game there need to check themselves. Their defense had just
allowed Dallas to breeze downfield and score. The last thing they
needed were three rushes up the middle and a punt like most teams do
in that situation by playing conservative. Passing the football is what
the Eagles do.

Here's how goofy the Vikings win over the Giants was. At halftime,
Minnesota had more points (7) than total yards of offense (6). The
Giants posted 405 of total offense for the game. The Vikings managed
137 of total offense. Special teams and turnovers. They're the two
aspects of the game that most casual fans don't appreciate enough.

What QB has the longest streak for consecutive games with at least one
TD pass?  Eli Manning. I wouldn't have guessed that.

Remember way back in Week Two when Mike Alstott wasn't the best
running back in Tampa?

Note to Chris Cooley Owners  Yes. Joe Gibbs and Mike Sellers hate you.

I guess you could say Trent Green was "due" for an interception. He
entered the game with a streak of over 150 passes without an INT. Then
threw three Sunday.

The Jets' Brooks Bollinger had it even worse. He entered the game with
no interceptions in his short career. Then he had a stretch in the
second half where three of four consecutive passes were caught by guys
wearing Panther uniforms.

Saw something you don't see every day. Kerry Collins over threw Randy
Moss. Not sure what that means exactly.

Definitely get that Hall of Fame bust started for Mike Vick. He's on a
two game roll for games with 200+ passing yards....

Serious note - Mike Vick doesn't do himself any favors when he opens
his mouth, but he's in a can't win situation. If he scrambles and
runs, he "can't be a real QB". If he stays in the pocket, he's "not
using his talents effectively."

Curtis Martin fumbled Sunday. How big is that news? The last time
Martin fumbled, Rick Mirer was a starting QB and Jon Kitna was a top
ten quarterback. That's insane.

How bad are the 49ers? Coach Mike Nolan said kicker Joe Nedney is the
"the strength of our team".

Carolina cornerback Ken Lucas raised some eyebrows with Jets coaches
and players. Speaking of his game changing interceptions, Lucas said,
"It's good when you can make a team quit on you. That says a lot."

Taco Wallace may be out but wide receiver Jerricho
Cotchery snagged a pass Sunday. Go Jerricho.

I think you can make a serious push for Mike Shanahan as coach of the
year based just on the transformation he's done with Jake Plummer.

It's all about the decisions you make. SI's Peter King is reporting
that when Terrell Owens made his half hearted apology to the press
about the Eagles not recognizing his 100th touchdown, he took a white
sheet of paper torn in half to the podium. The other half of the paper
was left by a stool in his locker. A Comcast SportsNet reporter saw
the paper and copied down what it said. "I apologize to him [McNabb]
for any comments that may have been negative. I respect him as a
player and am proud of his exemplary performances as my quarterback
and the leader of this team. I respect his willingness to play with
injury and his goal to take his team back to the Super Bowl." If he'd
taken that half to the podium, he'd still be an Eagle and who knows
where they'd be sitting tonight. Wow.

Did Steelers linebacker Joey Porter pull a T.O. when he appeared on
local television with a Browns #53 jersey? No. It was a Bill Cowher
jersey from his Cleveland days....

Jerome Bettis is bigger than his full back. I think that's funny.

The arbitrator that will rule in the Terrell Owens appeal is Richard
Bloch. Mr. Bloch is a Washington Redskins season ticket holder.

College football note:  I bet that was sweet for South Carolina's
Steve Spurrier to spank the mighty Florida Gators. When Spurrier was
contemplating his coaching career after the Redskins, he inquired
about the Florida job. Athletic Director Jeremy Foley condescendingly
instructed Spurrier he'd be considered, but only after he submitted a
resume. The story goes that Spurrier told Foley to step outside his
office and check out the trophy case if he wanted a resume. You gotta
like that.

I told you last week about the Carolina cheerleaders in Tampa. The
nightclub, Banana Joe's (I'll have to keep that name in mind should
this Football gig go South on me) waived the cover charge last week
for anyone with a cheerleader uniform....

Hard Luck Awards

DET QB Harrington 9 yard TD pass to TE Pollard nullified by penalty (Hanson FG)
JAX QB Leftwich 36 yard pass to the 4 to WR Matt Jones
JAX RB Toefield 3 yard rush to the 1 (Greg Jones TD)
MIA RB Brown 16 yard rush to the 3 (Frerotte to Chambers TD)
MIN QB Johnson 27 yard TD pass to WR Taylor nullified by penalty
NYG QB Manning 5 yard TD pass to RB Barber nullified by penalty
CAR RB Foster 8 yard rush to the 4
CAR RB Foster 1 yard rush to the 3
CAR QB Delhomme 2 yard pass to the 2 to RB Brad Hoover (Davis TD)
DEN QB Plummer 18 yard pass to the 5 to TE Putzier (Anderson TD)
STL QB Bulger 22 yard TD pass to TE Manumaleuna nullified by penalty
(Wilkins FG)
TB QB Simms 34 yard pass to the 3 to WR Galloway (Alstott TD)
TB RB Alstott 3 yard rush to 4 (Simms to Hilliard TD)
ATL RB Dunn 15 yard rush to the 1 (Vick TD)
PIT QB Batch 20 yard TD pass to WR Ward reversed
PIT QB Batch 6 yard pass to WR Ward to the 1 (Batch TD)
DAL QB Bledsoe 58 yard pass to the 3 to WR Price (Barber TD)
PHI RB Westbrook 2 yard rush to the 4 (McNabb TD)

Sometimes it's better to just not know....

Thanks for playing along. I hope you have a gas with whatever you're
doing in your life. Here's to Football.


If you've got a Random Shot of your own, shoot me an email at

Thanks to Footballguys David Dodds and Daniel Bartoli for the help on this one.

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