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Random Shots

Hi Folks,

Here's what happens when you sit an NFL Junkie down in front of
multiple big screens with Sunday Ticket and fresh batteries in the

A Twisted Look at The NFL Every Week And All That Goes With It

I guess hope springs eternal but I'm a little surprised at the Lions
fans who seem to think Jeff Garcia is Steve Young in his prime. The #2
QB is always the most popular guy on the team. Although I will admit
it'd be hard to look much worse than Harrington has.

New Viking offensive lineman Toniu Fonoti was reportedly well over 400
pounds last week. That's a full grown man.

I don't know why the Chargers acquired A.J. Feeley from Miami. They
already have a third QB with a perfect 158.3 passer rating. That would
be LaDainian Tomlinson, he of the two touchdown passes on two
attempts. The scouting report on Tomlinson is that he also runs pretty

Dallas coach Bill Parcells expressed concern about rookie running back
Tyson Thompson last week. He said that Thompson hit the hole hard, but
"it's not always the right hole."

The Bengals' Bobbie Williams puts his entire name on the back of his
jersey. The only other Williams on the roster is Madieu Williams.
Wouldn't B. Williams work? Or Bob Williams? Why Bobbie Williams?

Redskins quarterback Mark Brunell was a class act talking about 49er
QB Alex Smith. "Alex is so much better in his second start than I was.
He's got a lot of talent and he's got a bright future. He'll be fine."

Does Bills coach Mike Mularkey think he's fooling anyone with that
"name a starting quarterback 3 minutes before kickoff" business?
Mularkey's a pretty big guy but I guarantee you he wants no part of
Eric Moulds if Mularkey were to put J.P. Losman back under center.

The Bengals' Chris Perry has 27 receptions. That' the most among all
running backs. That ties him with WRs off to strong starts like
Keyshawn Johnson and Muhsin Muhammad and more than guys like Eric
Moulds and Jimmy Smith.

I think he's a little misguided but you have to like the confidence
shown by Chiefs' kicker Lawrence Tynes:  "There's no one out there
who's better than me," Tynes said. "Unless you bring in [David] Akers
or [Adam] Vinatieri. In my opinion, those are the only two guys that I
think could come in and replace me."  That's pretty strong from a guy
who barely made the team this summer.

The New York Jets have five quarterbacks on their roster. Just because
I know you guys need to know this kind of stuff.

Jacksonville's Byron Leftwich sounded like he was glad to have the bye
week:  "Those three days off, I'm going to try my best to get
somewhere where nobody knows about football. Maybe I'll be somewhere
where football is soccer."

As I write this Wednesday night, the Astros are leading the Cardinals
5-1 in Game 6 of the NLCS. I can't think of worse punishment for Cubs
fans than to have to endure a Cardinals  White Sox World Series.
Looks like they may dodge that one. Although I thought that in Game 5

Houston's David Carr and the Colts' Peyton Manning square off this
weekend. What a contrast. Manning's been sacked 3 times this year.
Carr's been sacked 30.

>From the "When It Rains, It Pours" section:  Umpire Butch Hannah was
the ref leveled by Ronde Barber's punch in week 5. Last week, he
sprained his knee and will be out three to four weeks.

I'm not big on karma stuff but I couldn't help but notice this about
the fights. In week 1, the Falcon's Kevin Mathis was involved in a
widely publicized fight. Two days later he suffered a serious knee
injury ending his season. The Jets Kevin Mawae was involved in the
fight with Ronde Barber mentioned above. Seven days later, his season
was over with a triceps injury. If your name is Kevin, stay out of
high profile fights. I'm just sayin'....

Bill Romanowski used steroids? Now that's a shocker. What's next,
Elton John is gay?

I told you last week about Terrell Owens wearing a Michael Irvin
jersey after the game where Dallas drubbed the Eagles. Not
surprisingly, Irvin defended Owens to ESPN's Tom Jackson. Jackson
argued it would have been like John Elway wearing a Howie Long jersey.
Irvin said it was different because Long wasn't an all time great.
Jackson looked Irvin, who failed to get into the Hall of Fame on his
first try, right in the eye and said of Howie Long, "He's a HALL OF
FAMER." That pretty much ended that.

Gotta love Steve Smith's "Rocking the Baby" touchdown celebration. You
guys that are cycling fans know that's a classic victory line move.  Who
said this column wasn't educational?

How brutal was Tommy Maddox Sunday? At halftime, he was 4 of 13 with 2
interceptions. Sadly, it got worse. A lot worse.

Jake Delhomme was on fire Sunday. By halftime he'd thrown four
touchdown passes. Two of them actually were to guys on his team.

I've been on the Matt Jones bandwagon for a good while. Plenty of good
seats left. He's wicked fast and has great hands. There will be lots
more highlight catches like the one hander you saw Sunday.

I'm sorry, but I become less enamored with Michael Vick every week.
He's without question the most entertaining quarterback in the league
to watch. I'll give you that. I just don't have a good feeling about
his game.

Will Allen is a safety for Tampa Bay. Will Allen is also a cornerback
for the Giants. Because I know this stuff keeps you awake at night.

I love the Ford truck ad where they demonstrate how strong the bolts
they use in the bed are by lifting the entire truck by one of these
bolts. The lift the truck up in the air and a guy walks underneath it.
My favorite part is the disclaimer at the bottom "Do not attempt this
at home." There goes my plans for Saturday.

Dallas' Roy Williams made a textbook Roy Williams "Horse collar"
tackle on Jeremy Shockey Sunday. It was the normal Williams tackle
where he rolls up on the back of the runner's legs. The same way he
broke Terrell Owens' leg last year. The refs didn't throw a flag and
Shockey was fine.

Bengals? Believe it.

I'm with Saints coach Jim Haslett on the holding call at the end of
the Atlanta game. That was lame and should have been a no call. To me,
it was exactly like the end of the USC  Notre Dame game where Reggie
Bush clearly violated the letter of rules pushing Matt Leinart into
the end zone. 
 I don't think you call that one on USC. And I don't think you call
the Saints for holding there. That flag doesn't get thrown on New
England or Philadelphia or Dallas.

Speaking of Leinart, ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd said this week he
thought people would call him crazy for saying Notre Dame's Brady
Quinn might make a better pro than Matt Leinart. I don't think that's
crazy at all.

Actions speak louder than words. There's talk of Bears running back
Cedric Benson cracking the lineup and seeing more time. But with a
healthy Thomas Jones, I don't see it. The game was out of reach for
Minnesota in the fourth quarter but when Chicago recovered a fumble,
it was Jones heading back into the game.

I wonder if Koren Robinson likes it in Minnesota?

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs was fined last week for making contact
with an official. Referee Mike Carey said that Suggs "came at me with
malice in his heart." Suggs made Arizona State grads around the world
proud when he said, "I had to go and look up the word 'malice.'"

How bad is the Browns' pass defense? Baltimore and Anthony Wright were
able to pick them apart. Think about that.

Now I have to worry about that big headed Burger King guy standing
outside my window? That's just great.

>From the "Sometimes It's Just Your Day" section: Chargers running back
LaDainian Tomlinson seemingly had a costly fumble late in the game as
the Chargers were trying to run out the clock. The play was challenged
and reversed.

Jacksonville defensive tackle John Henderson was part of the goal line
package as an eligible receiver. He was overthrown in the end zone. I
don't know why teams don't do this all the time. At 6' 7" / 320, Big
John does pretty much what he wants to in the end zone.

If you subscribe to the theory that teams are better after a bye week,
the Chargers are in trouble.
San Diego plays Pittsburgh coming off a bye week in week 5,
San Diego plays Oakland coming off a bye week in week 6,
San Diego plays Philadelphia coming off a bye week in week 7,
San Diego plays NY Jets coming off a bye week in week 9.

Along those lines, the Giants are 3-14 following a bye so maybe it's
actually a benefit for San Diego.

The more I watch football, the more I believe it's about turnovers.
The Broncos are on a roll in part because they've turned the ball over
exactly zero times over the last four games.

I like Marty Schottenheimer but I'm afraid he's going to hurt himself
with that pre game huddle screaming thing. Yikes. One word, Coach:

The crowd in Oakland was very quiet as Randy Moss laid still on the
turf after his injury. One of the guys in the Darth Vader suit reached
his hand out pointing to Moss like he was using the "Force" to raise
Moss back to life.

Cowboys wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson reportedly said he was getting
tired of running sideline routes. Coach Bill Parcells was asked what
he thought about Johnson's statement and Parcells said, "Tell him to
get open and we'll throw him something else."

Edgerrin James is obviously the man in Indy but when Rhodes runs the
ball, the team has no problem leaning on him heavily. Check out this
series from Sunday:

1-10-STL14 (3:03) Manning pass to James to SL 6 for 8 yards
2-2-STL6 (2:30) Rhodes up the middle to SL 5 for 1 yard  3-1-STL5
(1:48) Rhodes right tackle to SL 1 for 4 yards  1-1-STL1 (1:05) Rhodes
left tackle to SL 2 for -1 yards  2-2-STL2 (:26) Rhodes up the middle
to SL 1 for 1 yard  3-1-STL1 (15:00) Rhodes right guard for 1 yard,

Tedy Bruschi is a grown man and can make his own decisions. But I'd be
lying if I said I was comfortable with him out there hitting guys.

The goofiness surrounding the NBA dress code refuses to die. Pacers
guard Stephen Jackson weighed in calling the policy "racist". Jackson
said, "I think it's a racist statement because a lot of the guys who
are wearing chains are my age and are black." There are real problems
in this country with racism. But the "hardship" of having to wear a
shirt with a collar is not one of them.

Priest Holmes gained 18 yards rushing Sunday. But 100 yards receiving.
That's weird.

I hear rumblings that the Vikings should clean house and hire a GM
like New England's Scott Pioli. I'm sure Pioli is just itching to
leave the Patriots. But why stop there? Minnesota should see if they
can get Bill Belichick in a package deal. If he's not available, maybe
Andy Reid is free. Sorry, these guys aren't going anywhere.

Cool moment after Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison connected for
their record breaking touchdown Monday night. Harrison ran back to
Manning and gave him the ball. Manning kept saying "You keep it, you
keep it." Harrison was persistent and finally Manning said, "We'll
split it."

Hasselbeck to Jurevicius is no walk in the park for a guy that doesn't
spell any better than I do.

Hard Luck Awards

CAR RB Davis 1 yard rush to the 4 (Delhomme to Gardner TD)
DAL RB Thomas 8 yard rush to the 2
DAL RB Thomas rush for no gain from the 2 (Bledsoe to Witten TD)
DAL QB Bledsoe 15 yard TD pass to TE Witten nullified by penalty
CHI RB Jones 3 yard rush to the 3 (Orton to Clark TD)
CHI RB Jones 1 yard rush to the 2 (Orton to Clark TD)
MIN DEF / LB Henderson 25 yard fumble return TD nullified by penalty
BAL RB Taylor 3 yard rush to the 3 (Wright to Heap TD)
BAL WR Clayton 15 yard rush nullified by TD (Stove FG)
CIN QB Palmer 18 yard pass to WR Walter to the 1 (Palmer to Perry TD)
CIN RB Perry 10 yard rushing TD nullified by penalty (Graham FG)
MIA WR Chambers 34 yard rushing TD nullified by penalty (Mare FG)
NO QB Brooks to WR Hakim 17 yard TD nullified by penalty
DEN RB Anderson 11 yard TD challenged and reversed (Plummer to Johnson TD)
DEN QB Plummer 7 yard pass to WR Lelie to the 2 (Anderson TD)
NYJ DEF / LB Brown 18 yard interception return to the 2
NYJ RB Martin 1 yard rush to the 1 (Testaverde TD)
SEA RB Alexander 3 yard rush to the 3 (Hasselbeck to Jurevicius TD)
SEA QB 1 yard pass to RB Alexander to the 1 (Alexander TD)
IND QB Manning 4 yard pass to WR Stokley to the 1 (James TD)
IND QB Manning 18 yard pass to WR Harrison to the 1 (James TD)

Sometimes it's better to just not know....

Thanks for playing along. I hope you have a gas with whatever you're
doing in your life. Here's to Football.


If you've got a Random Shot of your own, shoot me an email at Thanks to Footballguys Michelle Forsythe for
the help on this one.
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