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Random Shots - Week 9

Hi Folks,

Here's what happens when you sit an NFL Junkie down in front of multiple big screens with Sunday Ticket and fresh batteries in the


A Twisted Look at The NFL Every Week And All That Goes With It

Denver's Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell each have more rushing yards than Arizona does as a team.

I keep hearing race car driver Danica Patrick talk about how she wants to be taken seriously and to be known as a driver, not just a woman driver. But every time I turn on the TV or see an ESPN magazine, she's running around in her underwear. Pick a lane.

I bet it was weird for Nick Saban going back to LSU.

I'm not sure, but I think New England's Tedy Bruschi made a comeback this weekend. You hear anything about that?

Note to Kyle Orton: Lose the neck beard. You're embarrassing yourself. Seriously, doesn't he have a friend or someone that will tell him?

New Rams coach Joe Vitt isn't any better at challenging calls than Mike Martz was.

A-Rod can't find a decent card game, folks are calling Notre Dame racist because they extend their coach's contract, and Theo says no thanks to Boston as he leaves in a Halloween gorilla suit to avoid the press. Why can't the NFL get one of those juicy stories?

Chad Johnson was playing the part Sunday. During a break, the refs were on the Bengals' sideline. Johnson caught up to back judge Bill Schmitz and shared his Gatorade with him. Johnson's smart - buddying up with the back judge is always a good idea for the guy running the go route.

Speaking of Johnson, he just seems like a likable guy. He can challenge Fred Smoot or Al Harris with his list or trash talk and after the game, they're hugging and smiling. A guy like Steve Smith challenges these guys and they want to fight after the game.

I'm not sure what to think about Green Bay. They suffered through a stretch where 5 of 6 possessions ended in an interception.

But you know what's scary for Cincinnati? As awful as Green Bay was, the Packers could have tied the game on the last play. That would worry me as a Bengals fan. I know it worries Marvin Lewis.

And the hits just keep rolling for New Orleans. Wide receiver Az-Zahir Hakim missed Sunday's game after injuring himself sneezing. Yes. Sneezing. I bet there is nothing that would surprise Jim Haslett.

Why is Donovan McNabb starting so slow?

I worry about Jeff Garcia. He's going to get killed if he keeps this style up. In fact, I thought Chicago defensive tackle Tommie Harris had done just that Sunday. Garcia gives up some 120 pounds to Harris but popped right back up after a crushing (but legal) helmet to helmet shot.

San Diego's LaDainian Tomlinson has more touchdown passes than the Jets. Ouch.

It gets worse: Chad Pennington leads the Jets in TD passes. And September was the last time he played.

Jacksonville first round draft pick Matt Jones was funny Sunday. The rookie caught a wide open touchdown pass and later said on the sidelines, "I was afraid if I didn't catch that I'd get cut".

Philadelphia's been outscored 55-0 on the road in the first quarter this year. Is that right?

I'm over this "Pac Man" business. It's Adam Jones from here on out for me. Or at least until he does something good enough to make up for that embarrassing effort on the Jerry Porter touchdown. That might have been the most pathetic play I've seen all year. You have to be good to have a nick name.

Cleveland fans, you know I love ya. But the Texans?

Entering Sunday's game, the Eagles were 13-0 in games when Terrell Owens scored a touchdown. Because I know you guys like that stuff.

Gotta hand it to Owens though. He juked Champ Bailey out of his hamstring on the TD play.

Shouldn't Joey Galloway be slowing down sometime? He's still wicked fast.

If the Packers' season continues to stay this ugly, do they give Aaron Rodgers a start at some point? I don't think so. But you know it'll come up.

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee and Peyton Manning was in town as the Vols retired his jersey during the South Carolina game Saturday night. I wonder what Phil Fulmer would have given to have Manning back under center?

Hats off to Denver rookie cornerback Domonique Foxworth. He replaced Champ Bailey and turned in a nice performance against a pass happy Eagles offense.

Snickers is off the hook. The EBay "It" commercials are now easily the worst on TV.

Neil Rackers is kicking out of his mind.

Story headline from the Nashville paper Wednesday: "McNair's Sack Pain Lingers".

Donovan McNabb started his day off with 12 incompletions and an interception before he completed his first pass.

How good is Steve Smith? Carolina's Ricky Proehl is the oldest WR in the league. He's played with Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Joey Galloway and many more. And Proehl says Smith is the best he's ever been around.

Coaches can game plan all they want to. But some times a play comes down to pure athleticism. One of those plays came up Sunday when Denver's Tatum Bell simply beat the Eagles' Sheldon Brown to the corner and then ran away from him downfield.

Funny sign in the Vikings section for the Carolina game directed at the Panthers QB: "Jake, I am your father...."

Storybook day at Giants Stadium Sunday as the team honored Wellington Mara. Kate Mara, one of the forty Mara grandchildren, sang the National Anthem beautifully.

San Francisco's Cody Pickett is my new favorite player. With 10:59 left in the 4th quarter, Pickett tackled Mark Jones on a punt coverage. With 10:27 left in the game, he was the quarterback. Pickett had to switch out his normal helmet used for special teams for his quarterback helmet with the speaker in the ear piece. But the bigger question is what in the world is Mike Nolan doing allowing his #2 QB to cover punts?

Referee Ron Winter had this announcement Sunday: "Delay of game - defense. Performing an unnatural act..."

On Green Bay's final play, Brett Favre fake spiked the ball and tried to throw one last pass. 3rd year WR Antonio Chatman was lost and never left the line of scrimmage.

Denver TE Stephen Alexander pulled down one of the best one handed TD receptions you'll see all year.

New England's Patrick Pass fumbled the ball Sunday night when he just dropped the football so he could grab his injured hamstring. I'm just guessing, but I bet "grabbing your injured hamstring" is not an acceptable reason for dropping the ball in Bill Belichick's book.

Tough week to be a washed up veteran running back. The Patriots sent Amos Zereoue packing while Dallas said goodbye to Anthony Thomas.

San Francisco 15. Tampa Bay 10. As if you needed another example of "that's why they play the games".

During Monday Night's game, Steeler Sean Morey jumped into the neutral zone before the punt. Morey went to college at Brown. John Madden said, "If he's smart enough to graduate from Brown, he shouldn't be jumping in the neutral zone".

When I recognize that San Francisco is wearing the '89 throwback jerseys, I start to kind of feel old. I like it better when teams wear throwbacks from way back.

If Peyton Manning and the Colts beat New England Monday night, will that be a big game?

You probably saw the tool jump onto the field in Cincinnati and take the ball from Brett Favre before the last play. Marvin Lewis and Carson Palmer sure seemed to think that was funny in the post game press conference. Palmer called it "classic". I wonder if it would have been as funny if they were in Green Bay and a fan disrupted the next to last play of their drive?

One of my All Name Team guys is moving up to my real life sleeper picks. Green Bay running back Samkon Gado, the "Nigerian Nightmare" is a guy you'll do well to watch. Like his hero the original Nigerian Nightmare, Christian Okoye, Gado is from Nigeria. If nothing else, you have to like his attitude: "Honestly, wouldn't you smile if you were here?" he says. "I mean, you get to play football for an occupation. That's almost ridiculous." He got into the game for one carry Sunday in relief of Tony Fisher where he ripped off an eight yarder. Grab him now.

How important was Giants owner Wellington Mara? Coaches Bill Belichick, Romeo Crenel, John Fox and Bill Parcells took time out of their Friday to fly to New York for the funeral. Those guys are all pretty busy on Fridays.

Denver's Jason Elam scored seven times Sunday. But only totaled seven points as all he did was convert seven extra points.

Congratulations to the White Sox. Is this what they mean by team chemistry?

Clinton Portis returned back to the suckfest level we've grown accustomed to with him.

Congratulations to the Texans. I told you I'd be shocked if / when they won. I was.

Regular readers know I don't hesitate to needle the Ravens. But giving credit where credit is due, they were outstanding Sunday night. Without Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, they gave Pittsburgh all they wanted.

Eric Allen was on ESPN radio and laughed pretty hard at the question of whether Chicago was a contender for the NFC crown. They're not my Super Bowl pick for the NFC but I'm not laughing hard at the guy who wants to make that case. Kyle Orton is getting better fast.

The Packers have scored 20 TDs. They've held their opponents to 16 TDs. Green Bay has scored 6 field goals while they've allowed their opponents 10. Yet the Packers are 1-6.

ESPN's Mike Irvin said this week that if Brett Favre was an Eagle, Philadelphia would be undefeated. I wonder if Terrell Owens told him to say that?

Week 8 Hard Luck Awards

DAL RB Barber rush for no gain from the 5 (Bledsoe to Johnson TD)
CIN RB Johnson 3 yard rush to the 4 (Palmer to Perry TD)
GB QB Favre 11 yard pass to WR Chatman to the 1 (Favre to Franks TD)
DEN QB Plummer 8 yard pass to WR Adams to the 2 (Anderson TD)
DEN RB Bell 6 yard rush to the 3
DEN RB Anderson 1 yard rush to the 2 (Plummer to Smith TD)
DEN RB Anderson 3 yard rush to the 3 (Plummer to Alexander TD)
PHI RB Westbrook 8 yard rush to the 1 (McNabb to Smith TD)
CAR QB Delhomme 69 yard pass to WR Smith to the 1 (Davis TD)
CAR RB Davis 5 yard rush to the 1 (Delhomme to Mangum TD)
MIN QB Johnson 45 yard pass to WR Robinson to the 4 (Moore TD)
MIN QB Johnson 7 yard rush to the 5 (Johnson to Robinson TD)
NE QB Brady 5 yard pass to WR Dwight to the 1 (Dillon TD)
NE QB Brady 22 yard pass to WR Branch to the 1 (Dillon TD)
NE PK Vinatieri 39 yard FG nullified by penalty
PIT RB Bettis rush for no gain from the 5
PIT QB Roethlisberger 1 yard rush to the 4 (Roethlisberger to Miller TD)
NYG RB Barber 59 yard rush to the 1 (Jacobs TD)

Sometimes it's better to just not know....

Thanks for playing along. I hope you have a gas with whatever you're doing in your life. Here's to Football.

If you've got a Random Shot of your own, shoot me an email at Thanks to Footballguy Wheelhouse for the help on this one.

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