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Dynasty Watch

For the 2005 season, we highlighted 25 players that we believed would be worth giving up a roster slot for. Some were great picks; some were not. Over the next couple weeks, we'll recap all 25 of them and give your our additional thoughts on them for the 2006 season and beyond.

Koren Robinson: WR Minnesota Vikings (Week 2)
2005 Stats: 4-27 Rushing Yards, 1 TD. 22-347 Receiving Yards, 1 TD.
47-1221 Kick Return Yards. 1 TD.

Final thoughts: We called this early in week 2. At the time, everything was in place for Koren to excel. Did he tear up the league with his 37 receptions for 347 yards and a touchdown? NO. He only started in 5 games, rushed with the ball four times adding a rushing touchdown, and made the Pro-Bowl as a kick returner. He seems to have his head on straight, and has always had premiere speed, size, and strength. He is going to be a starter again, and should certainly be on your fantasy squad.

Daniel Wilcox: TE Baltimore Ravens (Week 2)
2005 Stats: 20-154 Receiving Yards, 1 TD.

Final thoughts: WOW, was THIS a bad choice. Wilcox had eight receptions during the first week of the season and did almost nothing after that. With Todd Heap back as the starter, Wilcox barely played the rest of the season. Unless Heap is traded or Wilcox is suddenly promoted, he is not worth a roster slot.

Doug Gabriel: WR Oakland Raiders (Week 3)
2005 Stats: 1-5 Rushing Yards. 37-554 Receiving Yards, 3 TDs.

Final thoughts: At the time Ronald Curry was just lost for the season, and Jerry Porter was still recovering from preseason injuries. Collins threw for a whopping 218 yards on the next game, and Gabriel didn't catch a ball. There was a real opportunity here, especially as Moss struggled with injuries later in the season. Gabriel wasn't special enough to pick up and run with the opportunity. Few wide outs would have been with the overall poor play of the Raiders. He will go into camp as the #3 or 4 WR on a team where the owner wishes they could throw for 20,000 yards a season. A lot is going to depend on the new Head Coach, but at 26 years old, Gabriel is still worth a deep roster spot.

Devery Henderson: WR New Orleans Saints (Week 4)
2005 Stats: 1-9 Rushing Yards. 22-343 Receiving Yards, 3 TDs.

Final thoughts: This could have been a decent call. Stallworth had never played a complete season and Horn was banged up. As it turns out, the Saints imploded with losing streaks of six games, and then five games to finish out the season. QB Aaron Brooks has been a cancer for the team for years now, but absolutely fell apart this season. With the Saints topping 200 passing yards in just half of their 16 games, no WR on the team could excel, much less the #3 option. And don't blame it on the loss of McAlister, he was averaging just 67 yards a game before he went down. Take away the 130-yard game, and he averaged 51 yards a game. The Saints were terrible. Henderson should only be held in the deepest leagues. There are too many questions involving the New Head Coach, the QB, and the health of the RB.

Daylon McCutcheon: CB Cleveland Browns (Week 4)
2005 Stats: 69 Solo Tackles, 7 Assists, 2 INTs, 7 PDs, 2 FF.

Final thoughts: McCutcheon finished with his best stats since his rookie season back in 1999. However, his stats tapered off near the end of the season, and he averaged less than four combined tackles over his last nine games. McCutcheon is still worth a roster slot, but should be considered a backup player unless he can return to 6.5 tackles that he averaged over the first seven games this season.

Patrick Crayton: WR Dallas Cowboys (Week 6)
2005 Stats: 1-0 Rushing Yards. 22-341 Receiving Yards, 2 TDs.

Final thoughts: Crayton injured his ankle in the game against the Giants and missed the next five games. When he returned in week 13, he was not the same player and only had four receptions over the last five games of the season. He's a free agent now and unless he signs on somewhere as a starter, he's probably not worth a roster spot at this time.

Tony Fisher: RB Green Bay Packers (Week 7)
2005 Stats: 60-173 Rushing Yards, 1 TD. 48-347 Receiving Yards, 1 TD.

Final thoughts: This COULD have been the call of the season. Gearing up for week 7, we said that Ahman Green had been struggling, and that his back up, Najeh Davenport was gone for the season. Fisher was primed to become the starter and put up great numbers. Within 3 days, Green was lost for the season. Fisher was the Man in Green Bay, for less than two weeks before breaking a rib. Samkon Gado happened, and Fisher's opportunity was over. Fisher isn't worth carrying in the offseason.

Wes Welker: WR Miami Dolphins (Week 9)
2005 Stats: 29-434 Receiving Yards. 51-1379 Kick Return Yards. 23-390 Punt Return Yards.

Final thoughts: In Welker we gave you a super fast #3 wide receiver on a poor team. With a little faith in the future of the Dolphins, we pointed out that Welker is a top notch return man who would continue to have a roster spot in this league, and the quickly accelerating costly salaries of Marty Booker and Chris Chambers. Unless the team adds at WR, we see the future as Chambers with Welker as the #2. With 52 targets on the season, Welker is looked to, and answered the call when the team needed him to start. There are better players to carry in the offseason., just don't forget about this kid.

Mike Adams: FS San Francisco 49ers (Week 9)
2005 Stats: 57 Solo Tackles, 17 Assists, 1 Sack, 4 INTs, 1 TD, 5 PDs,
1 FF, 1 FR.

Final thoughts: Adams had a nice breakout season, finishing with 74 total tackles and 4 INTs in just 14 games. He injured his knee late in the season and missed significant playing time during weeks 13-16. In the final game of the season, he had six total tackles, 3 pass defenses, 2 INTs and a TD. He should begin the 2006 season as the starting FS and is worth a roster slot on your dynasty team.

Shaun Hill: QB Minnesota Vikings (Week 10)
2005 Stats: Negative two yards rushing on two end of the game knell downs.

Final thoughts: This could have been huge. With Dante Culpepper out until well into the 2006 season, 37-year-old Brad Johnson took the reigns. Poor play by Johnson, and this was King's team for at least a solid year if not longer. And what an opportunity it would have been. If Johnson proved ineffective, there was no additional competition for King, the job was his in no uncertain terms. You can't swing a stick in the Vikings locker room without hitting a first round draft pick at wide receiver, and his Head Coach would repeatedly gush over King publicly. Johnson held the job, Hill never threw the ball once, in fact he lost two yards on the season knelling down, and his Head Coach has been fired. He is worth a very deep roster spot, but this could have been huge.

Shawntae Spencer: CB San Francisco 49ers (Week 10)
2005 Stats: 74 Solo Tackles, 9 Assists, 4 INTs, 1 TD, 15 PDs.

Final thoughts: Spencer missed one game down the stretch for the 49ers but still had 31 solo tackles, 7 assists, 3 INTs, 1 TD and 11 PDs during those seven games. His 83 tackles for the season rank He's definitely worth a roster slot and would probably be a starting DB in many IDP leagues.

Andrew Walter: QB Oakland Raiders (Week 12)
2005 Stats: No Offensive Stats of any kind. Handed the ball off in week 8.

Final thoughts: If you can, go out and put Walter on your roster for the offseason. Walter has never thrown or run the ball for a single NFL snap. He did hand the ball off to a RB in week 8. Why would we tell you to stash away a player who has never moved the ball in the NFL? Kerry Collins is done in Oakland with a cap figure of over $10 million in 2006. Tuiasosopo actually took over for the struggling Collins and proceeded to throw for 124 yards with two interceptions before finding the pine the next game. Tuiasosopo is nothing more than a back up, and is not the answer. At this point, the either Raiders bring in a veteran and develop 3rd round draft pick, 6'5"/234lb Walter, or draft a rookie and throw him to the fire. With the offensive weapons that the Raiders have, a decent QB is going to finish top five in Fantasy points. With all of Collins struggles, he still finishes the season ranked ninth. Go out and get Walter if you still can.

Mike Furrey: FS St. Louis Rams (Week 12)
2005 Stats: 41 Solo Tackles, 7 Assists, 4 INTs, 1 TD, 4 PDs

Final thoughts: Despite starting every game from week 14 to week 17, Furrey disappeared from the stat column during that spread. Over the last four weeks of the season, Furrey had just four solo tackles, zero assists, one interception and one fumble recovery. His situation could change with a new head coach, and at this point, Furrey is probably not worth a roster spot.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: QB St. Louis Rams (Week 14)
2005 Stats: 135-76-777 Passing Yards, 4 TDs, 8 INTs 14-64 Rushing Yards, 2 TDs.

Final thoughts: Ram's Interim coach Joe Vitt stayed with Fitzpatrick through five interceptions in week 14, but yanked the struggling QB the next week in favor of Jamie Martin. Fitzpatrick was one of the stories of the year as he exploded onto the scene in week 12. Within just a couple of weeks, he was on the bench, watching from the sideline. With 29-year-old Marc Bulger returning, Fitzpatrick is nothing more than a backup at best. After injuring his shoulder last season, Bulger struggled with it all season. Should that shoulder fail to bounce back, Fitzpatrick could have some opportunities. There are better options for players to stash in the offseason. You should only carry him in a very deep league.

Derrick Blaylock: RB New York Jets (Week 15)
2005 Stats: 17-53 Rushing Yards. 3-17 Receiving Yards.

Final thoughts: Blaylock spent most of this season watching from the sideline, as fantasy owners forgot about him. Don't be that owner. Blaylock could easily be the starting running back for the Jets in 2006. Curtis Martin has vowed to return, but at 33 years old, his body just won't stand up to a season of pounding like it used to. With Martin and Blaylock both out, rookie Cedric Houston took over, he performed adequately, and will be back next season, but he did not take over with his opportunity, and in fact, struggled around the goal line. Running in the redzone is an absolute strength of Blaylock as evidenced by his 12 touchdowns in 201 career carries. Blaylock should be on your roster as he puts up big numbers for the Jets in 2006.

Michael Turner: RB San Diego Chargers (Week 17)
2005 Stats: 57-335 Rushing Yards, 3 TDs.

Final thoughts: There is no way to do Turner Justice in this small paragraph. Please go reread the week 17 write up on him. Turner is a monster, and will be starting in the NFL before it is over. He could start for many of the teams in the league right now. Buried behind future Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson currently gives Turner nowhere to go. Turner is special, and you want him on your roster.

Ben Taylor: LB Cleveland Browns (Week 17)
2005 Stats: 77 Solo Tackles, 36 Assists, 3 PDs

Final thoughts: In Taylor's last game he had just three tackles and one assist. His 113 combined tackles were ranked 20th among all LBs, but his lack of interceptions and only three pass defenses left him as a backup quality LB in most IDP leagues. He's still worth a roster spot in most IDP dynasty leagues, especially those that reward tackles over turnovers.

Next Week

We covered 25 players in Dynasty Watch 2005. We've recapped the 17 players who did not make the playoffs. Next week we'll cover anyone who was on a playoff team that was eliminated and continue that way until after the Super Bowl.

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