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Faceoff - QB Drew Bledsoe, Dallas Cowboys

David Shick's mug

Upside - by David Shick

To think that Drew Bledsoe will finish far below the top 20 quarterbacks in 2005 is pretty much crazy talk. In a worse case scenario Bledsoe should finish somewhere near the 20th ranked quarterback in his first year with the Cowboys. In fact, Iím fairly confident that he wonít do so well this coming season. General consensus suggests thereís not very many reasons to believe he will light it up, and more reasons to believe that his 4000+ yard passing seasons are far behind him.

Examine Bledsoeís positional rank over his twelve-year career:

  • 1993 - 16
  • 1994 - 4
  • 1995 - 20
  • 1996 - 6
  • 1997 - 6
  • 1998 - 11
  • 1999 - 8
  • 2000 - 13
  • 2001 - 44
  • 2002 - 5
  • 2003 - 21
  • 2004 - 19

Do you really believe that heís going to completely implode and have a nightmare season after being reunited with Bill Parcels? Thatís what itís going to take for Bledsoe to finish ranked in the low 20s. Even the seemingly ageless Vinny Testaverde finished as the 16th ranked quarterback while holding down the fort in Dallas last season.

Yes, I agree that Bledsoe will not have a miraculous rebounding season with the Cowboys. However, I realize that Bledsoe still has the tools and presence to post some respectable numbers and probably even have a few monster games during the season. Even with some shaken confidence Bledsoe should be able to overcome some adversity with that cannon still firmly mounted on his right shoulder.

Downside - by Cecil Lammey

Drew Bledsoeís best days are far behind him. He has struggled mightily in recent years and hasnít had a 3,000 yard season since 2002. He is aged and immobile which lead to him being an injury risk every time he takes a snap. The Cowboys are going to see in the upcoming months what the Bills already know, this guy is done. He only had 2 games over 250 yards passing in 2004, and one of those came against a weak Miami secondary. In contrast Vinny Testaverde had 5 games over 250 yards, but curiously none after Julius Jones took over the rushing duties at Thanksgiving. It will be interesting to see how Drew responds to being reunited with Bill Parcells and Terry Glenn. He is a different player now as time has robbed him of his ability to perform in the clutch. He also has a bad case of happy feet while standing in the pocket. He is a solid target that D-linemen can tee off on. His immobility only increases his lack of confidence and it could be a long year for Drew.

The Cowboys acquired the aging veteran hoping that he has a couple of solid years left. Unfortunately for them, Drew is washed up and it will become evident very quickly in 2005. When Drew is not sacked, his happy feet and ticking clock in his head make him force the ball into tight coverage. Bledsoe has had a decline in his completion percentage recently and it is due to him throwing bad passes because of pressure. Drew has taken a beating his entire career and it has caught up to him. He is no longer the passer he was in his first year in Buffalo. Sure, if you give him Fort Knox like protection he can complete a pass, but Iím fairly confident that I could do the same thing. Bottom line is donít count on Bledsoe to even be a competent bench player for your fantasy team.

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