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Personality Disorders of FF Owners

I've been in many fantasy leagues over the years. I've competed online and in person. I've played against people I've never met before and against people I've known most of my life. It doesn't matter which fantasy sport you are involved in either, there is always a plethora of personalities in every league. Fantasy football seems to be the worst - it's as though we have so much time between actual competition that these alter-egos are fostered. (Or maybe it's our true personalities that come out for all to see!!!) It seems that everyone has a role to fill and we take on certain characteristics in order to do so.

Let me explain..... I'm going to describe some actual personality disorders and their characteristics, and I'll then put it into the fantasy football perspective.

Histrionic characteristics: constant attention seekers; need to be the center of attention all the time; seek constant praise; exaggerate friendships/relationships, believing that everyone loves them; are often manipulative.
FF Spin: These are the owners that are always in the spotlight. They send e-mail after e-mail; they are clever; and they try desperately to influence or control others. Many commissioners may fall into this category.

Narcissistic characteristics: self centered; seek attention and praise; exaggerate their achievements; expect others to recognize them as being superior; believe that not just anyone is worthy of being their friend; are generally uninterested in the feelings of others and may take advantage of them.
FF Spin: These are the owners who need a pat on the back every time you turn around. They will tell you how wonderful they are and how successful they have been in the league despite the fact that the record book shows otherwise. They feel that trades should always be to their benefit regardless of how it impacts another owner or another team.

Antisocial characteristics: lack of conscience; believing that their victims are weak and deserving of being taken advantage of; tend to lie and steal; are often aggressive; are much more concerned with their own needs than the needs of others.
FF Spin: These owners seek victims. They constantly twist the truth in an effort to elevate themselves above the rest of the league because they feel entitled to the best draft picks, the best players, the best schedule, etc.

Passive-aggressive characteristics: procrastinate, but find excuses for the delay; are not direct about needs and wishes; expect others to do their "dirty" work; lack self-confidence; are very pessimistic.
FF Spin: These are the owners who wait until 5 minutes before game-time to turn in a roster each week. They are late to the draft every year and blame someone else for their own tardiness. They think in very bleak terms and aren't very sure of themselves, but they find a way to get owners to work against other owners and stir up trouble.

Paranoid characteristics:
distrust of others; constant suspicion that people around you have sinister motives; search for hidden meanings in everything; read hostile intentions into the actions of others; usually shift blame to others; tend to carry long grudges.
FF Spin: These owners are always the victim. They read more into the commissioner's e-mails than is really there. They think everyone is out to get them and feel that failure is imminent. They are afraid to make a trade with anyone because they are so suspicious of their motives.

Borderline characteristics: constant mood swings; bouts of anger; often form intense, conflict ridden relationships; are quick to anger when their expectations are not met.
FF Spin: These are the owners who are hard to work with. It's as though they can't get along with anyone because they become so angry so often that they alienate themselves from the other owners. It's impossible to make a trade with these owners.

Avoidant characteristics: often feel inadequate; avoid social situations; fearful of being rejected; worry about embarrassing themselves in front of others; are frequently depressed; have low self confidence.
FF Spin: These owners are so quiet that you hardly know they're in the league. They don't trade with anyone and they don't stir up trouble. They very quietly and methodically go about their business and compete each week. Even when they win, they do not throw it in the face of others.

Dependent characteristics: need to be taken care of; tend to let others make important decisions for them; are overly sensitive to disapproval; often feel helpless and depressed.
FF Spin: These are the owners who get taken advantage of the most. They are so focused on being accepted that they make roster decisions and trades that are not to their benefit. They are very agreeable to the suggestions of others, and then regret it later yet do nothing about it.

Obsessive Compulsive characteristics: overly focused on perfection; their need to do everything "right" often interferes with their productivity; get caught up in the details and miss the bigger picture; set unreasonably high standards for themselves and others; tend to be very critical of others when they do not live up to these high standards; believe others to be careless or incompetent.
FF Spin: These owners spend hours working on statistics in order to prepare their weekly roster, and they can't wait for someone to make a mistake on the scoring sheet so they can point it out. They always have the "right" answer and believe that everyone else is usually wrong.

So....... did you recognize anyone from your league? Don't get me wrong, these personality traits are not necessarily bad. We need them all in order for a league to be interesting and functional. You see, if we all acted without thinking and focused solely on taking advantage of others because they deserve it, we'd have a hard time choosing a fair and impartial commissioner. Those are not the kind of things we want to see in a commissioner. On the other hand, if we were all so afraid of making a mistake and being faced with the ridicule or disappointment of others, we'd all finish the season with the same roster we started with because we'd be afraid to trade. That wouldn't be too much fun either.

Leagues need strong personalities and weak ones as well. We need leaders and we need followers. We need detail-oriented owners along with those who talk smack every week even though they have no idea what they're saying or doing. So even though we might get frustrated with certain personalities in our league, we need them. And if we have conflict in our league because of personalities, it's okay. How boring would it be to have 12 avoidant owners?

So the next time someone calls you "passive-aggressive" or "narcissistic", smile...... and consider it a compliment!!!!

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