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Week 16 Game Recaps


  • The following writers contributed to this feature: Steve Aldersley, Mike Anderson, Michael Brown, Christopher Clark, Adam Conn, Timothy Creech, Will Evans, Cathy Fazio, Chris Gilman, Casey Johnson, Jack Kelly, Marc Levin, Ralph Mason, John Matthes, David Oleyar, Jeff Pasquino, Nathan Sanford, David Shick, Brian Smith, Chris Thomas, Dave Thompson, Kristopher Uffner, George Willock, and Roger Youmans.

  • The targets in the game recaps encompass any look a receiver receives in the offense. Whether it has been called back because of a penalty, was a poorly thrown pass, or an uncatchable ball.

Atlanta Falcons 24, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27
Buffalo Bills 37, Cincinnati Bengals 27
Chicago Bears 24, Green Bay Packers 17
Dallas Cowboys 24, Carolina Panthers 20
Detroit Lions 13, New Orleans Saints 12
Indianapolis Colts 13, Seattle Seahawks 28
Jacksonville Jaguars 38, Houston Texans 20
Minnesota Vikings 23, Baltimore Ravens 30
New England Patriots 31, New York Jets 21
New York Giants 20, Washington Redskins 35
Oakland Raiders 3, Denver Broncos 22
Philadelphia Eagles 21, Arizona Cardinals 27
Pittsburgh Steelers 41, Cleveland Browns 0
San Diego Chargers 7, Kansas City Chiefs 20
San Francisco 49ers 24, St. Louis Rams 20
Tennessee Titans 10, Miami Dolphins 24

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