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Other Week 1 Game Recaps

Week 1 Game Recap: Cincinnati Bengals 27, Cleveland Browns 13

What you need to know

Cincinnati Bengals

After slow starts the previous two seasons under coach Marvin Lewis, the Bengals showed great promise out of the gate providing a great deal of optimism for the city of Cincinnati. The Bengals looked solid in all facets of the game, and took over the game versus their division rival early in the second quarter. Entering his third NFL season, former #1 pick Carson Palmer showed poise in completing 26 of 34 passes for 280 yards and two touchdowns. Palmer appeared to be in sync with Chad Johnson, but also spread the ball around quite well to eight different receivers.

The Bengals interestingly opened the game with Chris Perry in the backfield, but this turned out to be a disciplinary issue, as Rudi Johnson received the bulk of the carries (26-5 over Perry). Johnson finished with 126 yards rushing, 12 yards receiving and one touchdown on the game, while Perry was utilized more so in the passing game, finishing with 11 yard rushing and 37 yards receiving on five receptions out of the backfield. Fullback Jeremi Johnson turned a screen into an 18 yard receiving touchdown.

Chad Johnson caught nine balls for 91 yards and added 11 yards rushing, but had a really big game limited by a pair of key penalties. Johnson missed out on a five yard receiving touchdown early in the second quarter when he was dragged down from behind on a slant across the middle. Johnson was later tagged with an offensive pass interference after hauling in a 43 yard catch. TJ Houshmandzadeh finished with a solid game of five catches for 75 yards and confirmed his role as the #2 receiving option in this offense. Kelley Washington did not catch a pass, but was active for this game, and was targeted three times. Ken Walter scored on a nice second effort dive to add to his solid performance of four catches for 47 yards. Matt Schobel was targeted just once, as the tight ends were generally ignored in this game.

Cleveland Browns

Romeo Crenelís debut as head coach was spoiled at home as the Browns found themselves playing from behind most of the game, and found turnovers and interceptions to hurt them at key moments. Trent Dilfer put up decent stats, accumulated primarily while playing from behind, but three turnovers (including a fumble) kept the Browns out of this game. Dilfer finished with 278 yards on 26 completions in 43 attempts with one touchdown and two interceptions.

With Lee Suggs out, Reuben Droughns was the primary ball carrier in this game. Droughns broke into the secondary a couple of times throughout the game, and finished with a 6.5 yard average with 12 carries and 78 yards. Droughns contributed three catches late in the game, but was generally ignored in the passing game in the first half. Droughns also contributed in the return game, finishing with 119 yards on five kickoff returns. William Green played on a couple of series, and had four carries for 12 yards.

The biggest play of the game was a 68 yard touchdown reception by Frisman Jackson, who finished with eight catches and 128 yards, though much of this came in the second half as the Bengals were giving up the underneath pass. Antonio Bryant was the most targeted wide receiver, and finished with five catches and 65 yards. Dennis Northcutt (four catches for 16 yards) was utilized in a variety of roles, but had a 73 yard punt return for a touchdown called back due to an illegal block. Rookie Braylon Edwards spent a significant amount of time on the field, though he only caught two balls for 16 yards on five targets. Filling in for an injured Aaron Shea, Steve Heiden finished with three catches for 32 yards at tight end.

What you ought to know

QB Carson Palmer, Pass: 26 - 34 - 280 - 2 TD / 1 INT

Palmer finished with a 107.5 passer rating on the day, and looked sharp in spreading the ball around to a well-tuned offense all day long. Palmer had plenty of time to pass, and with the time to find the open receiver, put up one of the biggest QB performances of the week. On the drive which concluded with a Jeremi Johnson touchdown out of the backfield, Palmer went seven for seven, which helped his confidence to grow and for the Bengals to open the game up. He shook off a less than stellar pre season and looked excellent.

QB Andy Dalton

Surprisingly he was doing very well early in the game. Dalton had good protection most of the time and the coaching staff was leaning on Cedric Benson early, allowing Dalton to ease into the rhythm of the game. The 1st 3 drives of the game Dalton put points on the board with drives ending in a TD and 2 FGs. When you consider that his WR1 is a rookie, his WR2 is fairly young, and his starting TE is also in year 2, itís amazing how calm and composed he was. On the 2nd drive of the game Dalton took good field position at the Cleveland 41 and made 2 key completions to Jermaine Gresham. The 1st pass was done with some serious pressure closing in on him and he calmly steps up into the pocket and completes it down field to Gresham. Then on 3rd and goal, Dalton ran a play fake and drilled it to the back of the end zone to his big TE target. Itís not uncommon for a young QB to lean on his TE for short to intermediate routes to get things going. Dalton did come up gimpy at the end of the 1st half but the early word is that he will start next week. Check back with Footballguys throughout the week for injury updates. Dalton is not ready to be inserted into a starting fantasy roster but he did show good vision in his 1st career game in the NFL.

RB Rudi Johnson, Rush: 26 - 126 - 1, Rec: 2 - 12 - 0 (2 targets)

Johnsonís touchdown came on a one yard dive up the middle following a defensive pass interference call, and he was just as productive throughout the rest of the day. The Bengals were able to move the ball on the ground with ease all afternoon long, especially to the right side of the line (where RT Willie Anderson anchors the line), as Johnson finished with 75 yards on 14 carries to that side, with 11 of those 14 carries going for at least four yards. While attempting to run the clock out, the Bengals tried to run Johnson to the left over former first round draft pick Levi Jones, and were successful there as well, gaining at least four yards on seven of ten carries.

RB Chris Perry, Rush: 5 - 11 - 0, Rec: 5 - 37 - 0 (6 targets)

Perry was utilized primarily in the passing game, and his presence in the opening formation could serve as a prelude to a bigger role in this offense in the 2005 season.

RB Jeremi Johnson, Rec: 1 - 18 - 1 (1 targets)

The fullback made a couple of nice moves to find the end zone on an 18 yard screen to put the Bengals ahead for good in this game.

RB Kenny Watson (1 targets)

Watson only carried the ball twice, but made the most of his very limited opportunities. On his lone reception of the game, he gained eight yards to take the ball down to the three yard line. Surprisingly, he remained in the game and got a carry on the next play, taking the ball in for just his second career rushing touchdown in 34 career games.

RB Giovani Bernard

Bernard stepped into the game late in the first quarter, and took his first NFL carry up the middle for 6 yards. His next two carries came later in the first half, and again, he showed a quick burst up the middle, as he hit the hole and got positive yardage. The stark difference between Green-Ellis and Giovani is immediately noticeable. Giovani continued to attack the hole on two carries in the second half, one for 7 and the other for 14. The 14 yard carry was unfortunately called back for holding. Too bad, because Bernard made a man miss and then flew threw the middle of the field into the secondary for a long gain.

Unfortunately for Bernard owners, he just wasnít used much at all. This is a passing team right now, and Green-Ellis is getting most of the carries. Itís a shame, because Green-Ellis is not a weapon at all, aside from short yardage situations. But if Marvin Lewis continues to split the reps like this, Giovani will have little value. You have to imagine Lewis will see the light here, but at this point there is nothing to indicate that anything will change in the foreseeable future.

RB Rex Burkhead

Rex Burkhead only received one target in this game. He did a nice job getting open when Dalton scrambled away from a collapsed pocket and makes a catch over the head of the defender for a 24-yard gain in the third quarter.

RB Jeremy Hill

Cincinnati Bengals Andy Dalton Despite being 3rd all-time in passing yards and TD in the first three seasons of a playerís career, Andy Dalton has taken a beating among the media this off-season. 20 interceptions and a 3rd straight playoff loss have not done him any favors. So a week one matchup in a stadium in which he has never won, against a team that he threw 7 intís against last year seemed like the worst possible start for Daltonís 2014 campaign. The off-season has been full of proclamations that the Bengals were going to be a running team, and Daltonís value has amazingly plummeted in fantasy circles to the point where he isnít even in the top 15 in many peopleís preseason polls. Against the Ravens, new coordinator Hue Jackson obviously had one thing in mind: Donít turn the ball over. Dalton started the game throwing it short, and kept things short and safe the entire game. In the first half, Dalton repeatedly led the Bengals down the field with short slants, screens and out patterns, and had no trouble moving the ball. Unfortunately, the offense repeatedly stalled in Baltimore territory. On the first possession, Dalton threw it away to end the drive. On the second possession, Hue Jackson had Dalton run a QB keeper, which not surprisingly didnít work against the physical Ravens defense. Dalton failed to convert another 3rd down on the 3rd possession with another QB keeper. Later in the first half, Gresham was wide open deep in Ravens territory, but Gresham didnít finish running the route and the miscommunication cost the Bengals an easy TD. Also, on numerous occasions Dalton simply threw the ball away. It was obvious he was coached to make no mistakes in this game, a decision that seemed to serve Cincy well. The second half was full of miscommunications and errors. The new offense looked much different than the old one, was being run at a fast pace, and miscommunication with Green and Sanu stalled a few drives. Jackson called reverses, Dalton ran the triple option, and the offense obviously wasnít sharp. The conservative approach and the lack of a solid running game almost cost the Bengals the game. A deep pass to Steve Smith gave the Ravens the lead deep in the 4th quarter. For the first time in the game, Dalton had to throw the ball deep downfield, and the result was spectacular. Two daggers in a row buried the Ravens. First Dalton threw a deep ball down the right sideline and hit AJ Green in stride. Green juggled it due to great defense by the CB, but Green adjusted, made the play and walked in for an astounding 78 yard TD. Then Dalton threw it up at the pylon to Sanu and Sanu made the catch for the 2-pt conversion. Overall, the offense isnít clicking and the loss of Marvin Jones and Tyler Eifert (as well as Hawkins from a year ago) have severely limited the number of receiving options for Dalton. But despite that, Dalton threw for 300 and hit a big game-winning bomb to AJ Green. Overall, despite the issues, itís a great start for Dalton under Hue Jackson. He was able to eradicate the turnovers, move the ball and beat a tough defense on the road. Giovani Bernard The ultimate preseason question for Cincy was the usage for Bernard and Hill. If this game foreshadows the season, itís Gioís time to shine. The Ravens are a hard-nosed defense that doesnít miss tackles. Gio ran hard and looked explosive at times, but he didnít find a lot of running room. In the first quarter, Bernard hit the hole, made a tremendous spin to avoid a defender and fought for a few additional yards. It was a WOW moment, but as usually happens with Baltimore, the hole closed fast. He scratched and claw for ground yardage, and finally got a big gain in the 4th quarter. Bernard finally found a seam up the left side, shot through the hole, broke a tackle and ran for 16 yards. But for much of the day there just wasnít a lot of room to run. But where Gio shined was in the passing game. He showed great natural hands, catching the ball cleanly most of the time, and proving a great safety valve to Dalton. In the early part of the second half, Bernard got open on a swing pass, found wide open space and soared down the right sideline for 32 yards. On the same drive, Gio came around the front of the OL on a little wheel route and CJ Mosley made a great play to end the drive. Overall, Gio was on the field the majority of the game. His touches were limited though, as he only had 14 rushes. It still doesnít feel like Gio will be getting 20-25 rushes a game, which is a good thing for him and his owners. Jeremy Hill It appears that the Bengals didnít have much confidence in their ability to run the ball against the Ravens. First, Dalton threw it 38 times, and the rbís combined for only 18 rushes. The score and opportunities to run were there, as the Bengals had the lead for most of the game. But Hue Jackson decided to move the ball through the air, and so Hillís debut was a dud. It was probably a wise move by Jackson, as neither Hill nor Bernard had much room on the ground. Hill faced a wall of defenders on 3 of his carries, though he showed good strength in moving the wall a yard or two. He did have a nice run between the tackles, finding a seam, and diving over the defender to extend for an 8 yard gain. The Bengals ďrun-firstĒ offense never materialized, and this will be something to monitor in the weeks ahead. The Ravens are a nightmare scenario for Cincy, as they are rarely able to move the ball effectively against Baltimore. When the running game ramps up, Hillís carries will as well.

WR Chad Johnson, Rush: 1 - 11 - 0, Rec: 9 - 91 - 0 (11 targets)

The Palmer to Johnson connection was in very good form to open the 2005 season, but two key penalties prevented Johnson from having a huge Sunday. Johnson was pulled down from behind on what would have been a sure five yard touchdown catch on a slant over the middle, and had a 43 yard catch called back on an offensive pass interference penalty. Johnson was able to find good separation all day and should be able to build on this performance throughout the season. Johnson scared owners briefly as he left the game with what many thought was a leg injury. It was reported to be just cramps and he returned to the game.

WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Rec: 5 - 75 - 0 (8 targets)

Houshmandzadeh no longer has to look over his shoulder at Peter Warrick, and has established himself as the clear #2 wide receiver in this offense. Houshmandzadeh was not a part of the return game as he had been in the past, but will be able to focus on his starting role now.

WR Kevin Walter, Rec: 4 - 47 - 1 (4 targets)

Walter made a very nice second effort cutback and dive on his touchdown reception and showed great agility as an alternate option in this offense.

WR Tab Perry (2 targets)

Perry, alongside Chris Henry and Kelly Washington, tried to make up for the loss of T.J. Houshmandzadeh, with decent results. Perry was the best of the lot, snagging his only two targets for a total of 44 yards.

WR Kelley Washington (3 targets)

It was unclear whether Washington would be active in this game, but he did play, despite not catching any passes. One of his three targets was on a desperation pass at the end of the first half where he was judged to be the closest receiver, so Washington was not a significant part of the offense on this day.

WR Tyler Boyd

Boyd did all of his damage in one drive right before halftime in the Bengals two-minute offense. Near midfield, he picked up 15 yards out of the slot on a quick screen pass to the flat. The Bengals lined with three receivers to one side and the two outside receivers blocked their men while Boyd took the quick toss and sprinted behind his blockers down the sideline. One play later, Boyd drew a 25-yard pass interference penalty to get the Bengals in field goal range. He lined up in a stack formation to the right and ran a go route down the seam, making a nice effort to work back towards the ball to draw the flag. On third-and-goal, he caught a slant route and was tackled just short of the end zone to set up a chip shot field goal as the first-half ended.

WR A.J. Green

The rookie had a chance to catch a touchdown on the opening drive but was interfered with and Cincinnati benefited from a holding call on the defense. You can see that defenses fear his speed first of all but he also has pretty good size on whoever is covering him. He was held several times in the game, a few were not called by the referees but that will change over time. He has the skills and can take it the distance on almost any play. No doubt as the season progresses you are going to see more and more of this sensational rookie. He made Cleveland pay late in the game as Gradkowski quick snapped the ball and hit AJ Green for a big touchdown to help Cinci win the game.

WR Brandon LaFell

While LaFell wasnít heavily targeted, he made two of the biggest plays of the game for the Bengals. He caught a first-half crossing route for 21 yards on 3rd-and-7 to keep the chains moving. The Bengals scored their first touchdown of the game on the next play. The key play on the Bengals only other touchdown drive came courtesy of LaFell. Facing 3rd-and-19, Dalton snapped the ball quickly before the defense could get organized; LaFell beat single coverage on a go route down the sideline and came down with a 49-yard reception.

TE Matt Schobel (1 targets)

Schobel received only one look on the day, as the Bengals did most of their work on the ground and didnít have to look over the middle often to move the ball on third down, where Schobel made his mark during the 2004 season.

TE Reggie Kelly (2 targets)

Kelly is not a very active member of the Cincinnati passing game, and did not see any increased action today, even with T.J. Houshmandzadeh sidelined.

TE Tony Stewart (1 targets)

Stewart caught Carson Palmerís first pass of the game for a seven yard reception, but was not thrown to again for the remainder of the game.

TE Tyler Eifert

Eifert showed a ton of promise in this one. With Dalton spreading it around, Eifert seemed to get the ball in space a couple times. He got the first reception of the game on a quick 3 yard short pass. But after that, he was able to get open. Later in the first quarter, Eifert flared out toward the sideline on a play-action pass, took the throw from Dalton and burst upfield for 17 yards. Eifert has very surprising speed for a man of his size and obvious strength. Then later in the first half, Dalton hit Eifert across the middle, and Eifert turned ahead and charged through a couple defenders for a 14 yard gain. Then in the third quarter, Dalton hit Eifert on a quick out and Eifert ran for 8 on this one. The impressive thing about Eifert was his speed and physicality after the catch. We know he will eventually get redzone looks and show the benefits of his leaping ability and height, as he did so often in college. But for now it was impressive to see him as such a big part of the game plan, in his first career start.

TE C.J. Uzomah

In his first NFL action, the second-year pro caught a 54-yard pass which highlighted the 4.6 speed that enticed the Bengals to invest a 2015 fifth-round pick in him. He flew down the seam and made a nice catch between the linebacker and the safety, fought off the first tackle attempt and rumbled to the Jets 20-yard line for the longest gain of the game. On the very next play after the big play, Uzomah was open for what would have been a sure touchdown. Dalton threw a wobbling pass off his back foot that Uzomah had to reach below his knees to catch. He was unable to come up with the shoestring catch. While it would have been a difficult catch, it was a play that Tyler Eifert probably makes. Two plays later, on 3rd-and-5 from the Jets 15-yard line, Dalton again looked to Uzomah on a slant route into the end zone. But coverage was tight and the throw was too high for Uzomah to make a play on the ball. The Bengals love to throw to the tight end in the red zone. If Uzomah remains ahead of Tyler Kroft (who returned Week 1 in limited fashion after missing the preseason with a knee injury) while Eifert is sidelined, he will have a decent shot each week at finding the end zone.

PK Shayne Graham 2 - 2 FG, 3 - 3 XP, 9 points

Graham connected on field goals of 23 and 32, and made all three extra points attempted.

CIN Rush Defense

Though the Bengals gave up 5.3 yards per carry, playing with the lead, the Bengals could focus on the passing game and did not focus on Reuben Droughns or William Green moving the ball on their rush defense.

CIN Pass Defense

The Bengals gave up 278 yards through the air on 43 pass attempts, with the biggest error allowing Frisman Jackson to run down the sidelines for a 68 yard touchdown in the first half. The Bengals did a solid job of keeping passes underneath after that point in the game.

QB Trent Dilfer, Pass: 26 - 43 - 278 - 1 TD / 2 INT, Rush: 2 - 5 - 0

Dilfer fumbled once and threw two interceptions, which kept the Browns from competing in this game. After throwing a 68 yard touchdown pass to Frisman Jackson in the second quarter, Dilfer keyed in on the connection with Jackson and put up solid yards through the 2nd half while trying to put the Browns back on the board. Dilfer through at least five passes each to Antonio Bryant, Dennis Northcutt, Frisman Jackson, Braylon Edwards and Steve Heiden. A ďgo-to-guyĒ was not necessarily established during week 1.

QB Robert Griffin III

Griffin played marginally well in the first half of Sunday's game before his protection fell apart in the second half. The Eagles started bringing continual pressure which really threw the offense off kilter. Griffin missed several opportunities to throw for touchdowns on Sunday, overthrowing Andrew Hawkins in the end zone twice and throwing too wide of Terrelle Pryor on the left side of the end zone. Griffin can't take all the blame on his interception as his pass to Corey Coleman appeared on target before a defender tipped it into the air, leading to the turnover. Center Cameron Erving's bad snap took place with 10:54 remaining in the third quarter and from that point on the Browns really struggled to move the ball. Griffin rarely had much time to throw, resulting in several rushed off target pass attempts. He did look quick as ever rushing the ball, but he injured his left shoulder on a play that could have been avoided in the fourth quarter. He lowered his shoulder into a Philadelphia defender while heading out of bounds, a move which did not look necessary. Josh McCown was seen warming up on the sidelines, but Griffin did return for the Browns' final possession of the game, only to hand off to Isaiah Crowell three times.

RB Reuben Droughns, Rush: 12 - 78 - 0, Rec: 3 - 22 - 0 (3 targets)

With Lee Suggs out, Droughns moved the ball when given the opportunity, gaining at least five yards on half of his twelve carries, getting into the secondary multiple times throughout the day. Droughns was generally disregarded in the passing attack until the very last drive of the game.

RB William Green, Rush: 4 - 12 - 0

After a very solid preseason, William Green had just four touches in this game, and the former first round draft pick did not have many opportunities to contribute.

RB Isaiah Crowell

On Sunday, Crowell became the first Browns running back to score two touchdowns since Trent Richardson on December 16, 2014. Crowell has been lauded by many as "the most talented back in the 2014 draft" despite troubles dominating at Alabama State. On Sunday, Crowell set out to prove haters such as the author of this recap wrong, and willed his way to two redzone touchdowns. Albeit, this was against the Steelers' putrid run defense, but Crowell showed excellent short area burst both inside and outside the tackles. When the Browns got into the redzone, Crowell seemed to be the dominant back. We are a Terrance West injury away from seeing Crowell as a 3-down back, so a speculative add at this point seems like a given. Crowell will surely see around 10 carries a game if Ben Tate is out for an extended amount of time, and has 10 TD upside. Given the Browns lack of redzone option in the passing game, Crowell will be the man inside the redzone.

RB Duke Johnson

uke Johnson's first carry showed some of the quickness and elusiveness that made him a third round draft choice this spring. He had a nice jump-cut and picked up six yards. Similar to Crowell, Johnson struggled to find much room to run against a stout Jets run defense for most of the game. He had a chance at a nice gain in the second quarter as there was a lane to run in, but a missed block downfield by John Greco turned it into a just a four-yard gain. It appears that Johnson and Crowell will share the field at times as the Browns split Johnson out wide on a few plays and also put him in motion out of the backfield. One of such plays came from New York's five-yard line, showing that Johnson will be part of some red zone packages as a receiver. Johnson didn't end up producing anything from those plays, but the usage was encouraging.

WR Frisman Jackson, Rec: 8 - 128 - 1 (9 targets)

Jackson tip-toed down the right sideline for a 68 yard touchdown early in the second quarter to kick-off a very solid day for the wide receiver who has spent time on both the Browns active roster and practice squad in recent years. The touchdown by Jackson was his first target of the game, 13 passes into the game. That means nine of the final 30 passes were intended for Jackson. Besides the touchdown, Jackson caught four straight balls on a drive that ended in a field goal when Dilfer failed to connect with Dennis Northcutt on the next two pass attempts. You can chalk up some of this to ďgarbage timeĒ as the Browns tried to comeback, but the reality is that Jackson looked pretty good. The other point is that itís likely the Browns could find themselves in this comeback mode situation again.

WR Antonio Bryant, Rec: 5 - 65 - 0 (10 targets)

Bryant led the Browns in targets down the stretch of the 2004 season, and opened the 2005 season with a slight edge over Dennis Northcutt and Frisman Jackson in targets as well. No one guy established themselves in this offense, so this is a situation worth monitoring.

WR Dennis Northcutt, Rec: 4 - 16 - 0 (9 targets)

Northcutt caught four short passes, but his biggest play of the day was a 73 yard punt return for a touchdown that was negated by an illegal block following the first series of the game.

WR Braylon Edwards, Rec: 2 - 16 - 0 (5 targets)

The highly heralded rookie from Michigan saw a good deal of playing time, but finished with just two catches as Dilfer found a connection with Frisman Jackson. One of Dilferís two interceptions was on a pass intended for Edwards, though it is not clear whether Edwards was at fault for this.

WR Josh Cribbs

Cribbs started this week and took all of the snaps opposite Braylon Edwards. He also saw three snaps in the Wildcat package at quarterback, running the ball on all three snaps. Two of those snaps came near the goal line, but Cribbs was unable to score. Brady Quinn targeted him only three times, preferring to check down to his underneath receivers. Cribbs again showed his electrifying kick return talent, returning a punt 68 yards for a score.

WR Corey Coleman

Coleman's first target resulted in a drop on what appeared to be a perfect pass. It looked like Coleman turned upfield to start running before fully securing the grab. Coleman's big splash play came on a deep pass in the second quarter where he was double covered with a third Eagles defender in the area as well. The pass was underthrown by Robert Griffin and Coleman was the only one who was able to come back on the ball to bring it in. Griffin later took a deep shot to Coleman in the fourth quarter down the right sideline, but the ball was overthrown.

WR Josh Gordon

Much like Massaquoi, the rookie couldn't hand;e the Eagles' talent in the secondary. Gordon's two receptions came over the middle. His first, a 20 yarder, came underneath when the Eagles were playing a prevent defense. Gordon made one defender miss but didn't have to work for the yards. On his second reception, Gordon beat linebacker DeMeco Ryans over the middle. Ryans tried to knock Gordon down going across the middle but the receiver showed off a good combination of speed and strength to brush past him and make the reception for a first down. Outside of that, Gordon was only notable for being beaten to spots or completely covered by Nnamdi Asomugha.

WR Andrew Hawkins

Hawkins is the receiver to own in Cleveland. Despite Hawkins' deficiency in the redzone, he will excel with the sheer volume of passes thrown to him. He was able to take advantage of the speed mismatch he creates, and failed to drop a pass throughout the entire game. Hawkins lacks upside due to his lack of touchdown production, but he will become an increasingly compelling option in the weeks to come, especially if Jordan Cameron is out for an extended period. Hawkins is very similar to former Brown Davone Bess, but much faster and with better hands. One thing to remember, however, is that Hawkins is not the YAC threat a player like Cordarelle Patterson is. Patterson's height (7 inches taller than Hawkins) means that he has less adjusting to do passes, given him that little bit of extra time to get past defenders

WR Terrelle Pryor

Pryor was heavily involved in the first half of the game, making all three of his catches. The big wideout's production in the second half suffered as Robert Griffin saw intense pressure from Philadelphia's pass rush. His second catch showed his potential as a dangerous deep threat as he used his big frame to make a catch deep down the left sideline. He reached right over defensive back Nolan Carroll to secure the pass. Pryor saw one end zone target from Griffin, but the ball was off-target and Pryor was unable to make a one-hand grab. It doesn't appear he would have had room to get his feet in bounds even if he had held on to the ball.

WR Steve Sanders (1 targets)

Sanders saw limited action in the fourth quarter during garbage time.

TE Steve Heiden, Rec: 3 - 32 - 0 (5 targets)

Heiden filled in well for an injured Aaron Shea, and performed admirably as he had last year after injuries to Kellen Winslow Jr and Aaron Shea.

TE Gary Barnidge

Barnidge made a few catches for the Browns including a nice catch down the sideline during the team's first drive of the game. He did allow a third down pass to go through his hands in the third quarter. The pass was slightly behind him, but it appeared to be a catchable ball.

PK Phil Dawson 2 - 2 FG, 1 - 1 XP, 7 points

Dawson connected on field goals of 28 and 34, but was not tested from long range as the Browns fell behind early.

CLE Rush Defense

The Browns were unable to slow down Rudi Johnson at any point throughout the day, and were clearly outmuscled by the bigger Bengals offensive line, though they did not give up anything longer than 13 yards.

CLE Pass Defense

The Browns secondary was picked apart by Carson Palmer all day long, and had their only big play of the game (a 30 yard interception return for a touchdown) called back by a penalty.

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