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Rueben Droughns Interview

FBG: Thanks for talking to us here at Rueben.

RD: Thanks for having me. It's great to talk to you again Cec.

FBG: I've gotta say we miss you here in Denver.

RD: Thanks man, I appreciate that.

FBG: So, how's camp going for you there in Cleveland?

RD: It's going okay. Right now I got a little hammy problem, you know, just working through it. But it's going good man. We've got this strength and conditioning coach John Lott and he's really overworking me. (laughs) Well, I wouldn't say he's overworking me, but he's doing a really good job of working me out.

FBG: The funny thing is, I was just going to ask you about John Lott. Has he said to you yet, "Get your stinking mind right?"

RD: (laughs) He says, "We're not stinking playing in here man!"

FBG: I know (Denver's strength coach) the Greek is pretty cool here in Denver, but I saw John Lott during the NFL Network's combine coverage and I have to say, that guy is hilarious.

RD: Oh, that guy's a beast man!

FBG: First year Head Coach Romeo Crennel comes over from the Patriots, what kind of camp does he run? Is it pretty tough in Camp Crennel?

RD: It's good. It's really good you know. Obviously, we're getting a lot of hitting in, and he's really working us to be better. There's a lot of conditioning. We're definitely going to be one of the best conditioned teams in the league this year.

FBG: All those wind sprints hurt in August, but they pay off come December.

RD: They do hurt, but come the 4th quarter we'll still be going strong.

FBG: What kind of goals do you have for yourself there in Cleveland?

RD: It's hard to set personal goals obviously, but if I were to it would be to prove that I'm a capable back in this league. (I want to prove) it's not just the Denver system, I am capable of accomplishing things on my own with a new team.

FBG: Cleveland hasn't had a 1,000 yard rusher since '85 when they had two.

RD: Yeah, it's been awhile.

FBG: People say it's the Denver system and all that. But after having followed your career at Oregon, then with the Lions, and then here in Denver I have to say, no BS, I knew you could do it all along.

RD: Thank you.

FBG: What kind of runner would you describe yourself as?

RD: I'm pretty much a downhill runner. I like to take one cut and get the ball downhill. I like to break some tackles and make guys miss. The most important thing is if you see a hole, take it. And if you don't, create one.

FBG: Does that come from your fullback mentality?

RD: It definitely comes from that and it comes from learning how the RB's run there in Denver in their scheme. It also comes from watching some of the top RB's as a child, you see different styles of runners, and what (style) gets the most accomplishments.

FBG: We all know that fullbacks are the unsung heroes, just like the offensive linemen. How have you handled the transition from the role playing FB, to the 1,000 yard rusher that everyone wants to talk to?

RD: It's a little weird, but at the same time you have to understand that with success comes a lot of attention. I don't feel like I've reached the peak of my success, but I understand that a lot of people are going to want to talk to me because I'm in the limelight.

FBG: It's all about working hard and staying with it.

RD: Someday everyone gets their chance.

FBG: That describes you to a tee. Because I would describe your running style as determined.

RD: Thank you.

FBG: Where does your strength of character come from?

RD: It comes from growing up with my 3 brothers. You have to be tough when you have 3 older brothers. You grow up being the most picked on, because they're jealous of you because you get everything because you're the little brother. It was the lifestyle that I grew up in. Just being around my 3 brothers made me tough, going through Papa T's training camp. I had some tough coaches in my career that have just put me through the ringer.

FBG: You have some very devoted fans there in Cleveland. What do you think of them? What do you think of the DOG Pound?

RD: I think they're great man. It's fun to go from one fan base (Denver) where the fans are crazy to another. You get that attention and it helps your team out because the fans rally around you.

FBG: They certainly are loyal, that's for sure.

RD: Yes. 30,000 showed up to our scrimmage! I was like, "Are you serious?!?"

FBG: Last question Rueben, what are you bumping? What's in your cd player right now?

RD: (laughs) In my cd player? The new R. Kelly.

FBG: What about at home, what do you like listening to?

RD: When I'm relaxing at home I just turn it on BET and watch some videos. I like to see what's new out there.

FBG: Have you ever heard Tech N9ne?

RD: Yeah, one of my buddies back in Denver loves that guy.

FBG: Well, thank you very much for joining us Rueben. I look forward to talking to you again real soon.

RD: Alright Cec, it's great talking to you bud.

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