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Vernand Morency Interview

FBG: Thanks for joining us on Vernand.

VM: It's my pleasure.

FBG: First off, I just have to ask you how is camp going there with the Texans?

VM: Camp's going well. Just trying to get acclimated to what the Texans do. It's also fun as well, as I love to compete. I'm going out and competing every day.

FBG: You played with the Colorado Rockies, in their farm system for about four years. Do you think being in a professional setting before gives you and advantage over other rookies that are just breaking into the NFL with no pro experience?

VM: No, I don't think so. It's just about taking care of business, and that is what we have to do as rookies. I'm a football player, just like the other rookies. We all come in with hopes to make it big in the NFL and we just have to work hard to work towards that.

FBG: Is there anything that you can take from what you learned from professional baseball to what you're doing now as a rookie in the NFL.

VM: To work smart is the main thing. Everyone here has talent. We wouldn't be here if we didn't. Those that really separate themselves are those that work smart.

FBG: We've got some hard working former Cowboys here in Denver. Darrent Williams, rookie cornerback from OSU, and of course Tatum Bell, your former teammate in the backfield at OSU. Do you still talk to Tatum and did he give you any advice on what to expect in training camp?

VM: Most definitely. Tatum is on his way to becoming one of the best backs in the NFL. Whenever I see him on tape I learn a lot from him. You can see it when you watch him, he's hungry. I hear from Tatum all the time, especially now that we're both in the NFL, boy it's on. We're always talking about what we're going to be, what we're going to do. And Darrent Williams. I think Darrent Williams was the best cornerback in this draft. He's definitely fast and should have a great year this year.

FBG: I'd like to talk a little about the OSU v. OU rivalry. What do you remember the most about the Cowboys vs. the Sooners?

VM: It was big. I mean, crazy like you can't even believe. When I first got to OSU I didn't know much about that rivalry. Then that week of practice, the coaches were going crazy, (at the game) the fans were going crazy, it was nuts. That rivalry was tremendous to be a part of.

FBG: I wanted to ask you Vernand, are you a gamer? Do you play video games like Madden or Halo?

VM: Yeah, right now I play Xbox, with Xbox Live you know. I like Halo 2. I like to play against other people online.

FBG: What's it like to play yourself in a video game? You were in the college football games last year, now you're in Madden '06, what's that like?

VM: It's a thrill man, most definitely. You grow up as a kid playing video games and you get into it. It's a dream come true. To see everything that you work hard for is like a dream come true. To all the kids out there, I'd like to tell them that hard work pays off.

FBG: You're living proof of that, for sure. What are some of your goals or expectations this year, your rookie season in the NFL?

VM: I just want to make an impact. Whatever way I can, I just want to contribute. Whether it's on special teams or whatever, I just want to help this team win. I want to help my team get to the playoffs, that's my goal.

FBG: Last question Vernand, what's in your CD player right now?

VM: In my car? Well, it's camp so I'm not driving, I'm riding the shuttle. But at home it depends on my mood. Sometimes, just chillin' I like to listen to Lauryn Hill. Old school, just to get mellow. When I want to get crunk I go ahead and listen to some Jay-Z or something.

FBG: Thanks for joining us Vernand, good luck in the upcoming year.

VM: Thank you.

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