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Eyes of the Guru

After week two I was thinking to myself how there really hadn't been a lot of injuries so far this season. There are usually a few important injuries during the preseason but this year it was relatively clean. The first couple of weeks delivered only a few minor bumps and bruises but week three left several club's training rooms looking like mash units and has sent a lot of fantasy owners scrambling to fill holes. This is where leagues are won and lost. It's a war of attrition and it's just getting started!

Arizona Cardinals
While the Cards didn't have any highlight reel injuries like the one suffered by Rodney Harrison, they were as hard hit on Sunday as anyone. Star rookie corner Antrel Rolle tweaked an already sore knee and missed time at the end of the game. The good news is it's not a serious injury. The bad news is its one of those that could bother him all season. Rolle says he hopes not to miss any time with the injury. The rookie corner rule certainly applies to Rolle, who is off to a great start with 16 solo tackles in the last two games, but his fantasy owners may be in for a long tough ride. Don't be surprised if he shows up on the injury report much of the season... The secondary took yet another blow when their other starting corner David Macklin went down with a hamstring injury. There is a chance the club will be without both starters for at least week 4 which would put rookie Eric Green and journeyman Raymond Walls in the starting lineup... The DL also took a major blow when tackle Russell Davis tore a biceps and was lost for the season. Davis was the strength of an already questionable run defense. He will be replaced by Ross Kolodziej... The Cards were hurting at LB heading into the game. So badly in fact that they went out and signed street free agent Lester Towns on September 13th and put him in the starting lineup for week 3. Towns was out of football in '04 and has never been more than a decent NFL backup. That said, sometimes an average player in a Great situation can put up good numbers. Towns went 6-0-0 against the Seahawks who ran the ball 37 times on Sunday. The club is counting on getting James Darling and/or Gerald Hayes back within the next few weeks but both of those guys have injuries that could linger for a long time. Unless the Cards finally decide to give rookie Lance Mitchell his shot, we could see Towns in the lineup for a while... The bottom line here is if you have an offensive player facing the Cardinals, play him, and if you have either Adrian Wilson or Robert Griffith play them. It's going to be busy in the Arizona secondary for a while. 

Seattle Seahawks
There has been no official change to the Seattle lineup but don't overlook the fact that Leroy Hill topped the box scores in week 3. Hill's 5-1-1 is particularly strong when you consider the Cardinals lack of offense (only 15 carries by backs). Keep in mind that Hill was very impressive during camp and was promoted to the starting lineup early on before suffering a minor injury that set him back a few weeks and lost him the job. If you're in a cut throat league you may want to move on him early and beat the rush... Those of you sitting on Lofa Tatupu in redraft leagues may want to consider moving on without him. The kid could have some big games but he isn't playing in the nickel package at this point which is costing him/us tackles. 

Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins injury list isn't so long but they did take a couple of hits. Junior Seau came off a monster week 2 but saw his day end early against Carolina with a calf injury. We did see enough of Seau however to basically prove that his week 2 outburst was a mirage. I'm not sure at what point in the game he was injured but he last shows up in the box score near the end of the second quarter which suggests he played at least half a game and ended up with just 2 tackles. Results of an MRI are pending so it's too early to call how long he will be out. Donnie Spragan will take over at SLB until Seau's return. One more note of interest on Seau, before the injury it was announced that he would replace Channing Crowder at WLB in the nickel package. It looks like Crowder will get a reprieve from his demotion... The club also lost Tebucky Jones to a hamstring injury in the game. The Dolphins have a bye this week and Jones hopes to return for their week 5 game... Lance Schulters has made a big impact on the Miami defense and some pretty solid fantasy impact as well. The tackle numbers are average over all (11-6-1) through 3 games, but 2 picks and a sack jump his value way up. Tackles are the denominator by which defensive players are normally measured in FF but Schulters has a history of big plays that dates back to his time in San Francisco. If he can stay healthy he would make a solid pickup for depth on most rosters. 

Carolina Panthers
The only new injury for the Panthers to deal with is a turf toe that will slow backup DL Al Wallace a little for a few weeks. The club hopes that week 4 will bring a return to action for WLB Will Witherspoon and corner Ken Lucas who both sat out week 3 with injuries. Both players are expected to return to practice this week... The Thomas Davis watch is on. Davis didn't start again in week 3 and saw even less playing time than in week 2. He has been working exclusively with the second team defense in the base packages and is reportedly only seeing time with the first team when they work on the nickel. He is playing a rush linebacker position in the nickel... The Mike Rucker watch is also on. The difference is Rucker is in the lineup, we are just watching to see if he is going to play. Late in '04 it looked like Rucker was on his way back from a serious slump however he hasn't exactly picked up right where he left off. Rucker has just 6-2-1 to show for 3 games of work and is on the bubble in many leagues. I for one haven't completely lost the faith but he better step it up soon. If you have Rucker, don't stick your head in the sand and wait too long. It's OK to be patient but you should start looking for options now. 

Indianapolis Colts
All us Dwight Freeney owners have to be very pleased with his production thus far but there is a red flag alert. Freeney vanished from the field during the second half of the game on Sunday. There is no word on an injury or any other reason but I don't believe Freeney played during the second half. The last entry for him in the box score was the sack/forced fumble that came with .07 to go in the first half... Rookie Marlin Jackson is currently holding down the nickel job but it may not be long before he unseats Jason David for the starters role. Jackson has been noting short of impressive for a rookie and the Colts love the physical presence he brings to the field. 

Cleveland Browns
SS Sean Jones went 3-0-0 on Sunday while starter Chris Crocker was only 1-2-0. Don't mistake this for an indication that something has changed. According to the game book all 3 of Jones tackles came on special teams. The only thing that has changed is that the Browns under Romeo Crennel are playing much better defense, especially up front against the run. I wouldn't give up on Crocker just yet but it's probably time to ship him to the bench for a week or two until we can get a better feel for what to expect from him.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Derrick Brooks owners have to be very disappointed with his meager 9-1-0 through three games this season but those who read the preseason EOTG probably aren't so surprised. When the Bucks are good, Brooks numbers slump. When they are bad, he's a fantasy monster. From '97 to '00 Brooks was a perennial 100+ solo guy but when the club was winning Super Bowls or at least in the hunt from '01 to '03, Brooks averaged under 80 solo's per year. It looks like Tampa Bay is in the hunt again which is a real bad sign for those of us with Brooks... Dexter Jackson tweaked his hamstring against Green Bay and was held out of the game but is not expected to miss any time at this point.

Green Bay Packers
Corner Joey Thomas missed week 3 with a concussion which gave Ahmad Carroll another opportunity to step into the starting lineup. Thomas beat Carroll out for the starting job during the preseason but Carroll had a very good game against Tampa Bay rekindling speculation that he could have regained the starting job. Carroll had an MRI on his sore knee on Monday that showed no damage. He expects to be ready to go against the Lions... Aaron Kampman is quietly on his way toward putting up solid fantasy number this year. He's 9-5-2 on the young season which projects out to 48-26-10.5 over 16 games. Pick him up if you have room or need. 

Cincinnati Bengals
After seeing an increasing role over the first two games David Pollack was all but a forgotten man against the Bears. Not only was he replaced in the starting lineup but by Landon Johnson but Pollack played very sparingly and didn't even see action on several obvious passing downs. In the previous two games Pollack had served as a pass rusher and even lined up at DE a few times. There is no word from the coaching staff about this situation but it isn't a good thing for anyone holding onto Pollack and waiting for a breakout... Don't pay too much attention to the decent numbers put up by Johnson (5-1-0). He took over at WLB Brian Simmons in the second half after Simmons injured his shoulder. Simmons is sore but expects to be ready to go come Sunday... Justin Smith got off to a slow start and still isn't setting the world on fire but his last two games have produced a mark of 6-1-1 with a fumble recovery. Smith has a history of good tackle production and the club is counting on him to start generating more pass rush. 

Atlanta Falcons
Few clubs escaped the injury bug completely in week 3 and the Falcons weren't one of them. Star corner DeAngelo Hall was knocked out of the game with a shoulder injury and backup Christian Morton suffered a concussion. Morton started in place of already injured Corey Webster. Both Hall and Webster hope to practice late in the week and be ready on Sunday. Morton likely won't play in week 4 which makes recently signed Chris Cash the top candidate for nickel duties or to take over as starter should either of them not be able to play... Not only has the move to FS has all but ruined the fantasy production of Bryan Scott, but it hasn't yielded the desired effect for the Falcons either. Atlanta moved Scott in an attempt to gain some big plays from the secondary. So far he has managed no big plays and a pedestrian 11-4-0 in box score production. It's tough to suggest letting go of a guy who has such high potential but for those in redraft leagues the season is already getting old... Brady Smith missed week 3 with a thigh bruise but is expected to practice this week and return to the lineup on Sunday.

Buffalo Bills
There were some big name injuries league wide in week 3 but none any bigger than Takeo Spikes who is lost for the season with an Achilles injury. Spikes is not only a leader but the team's playmaker. This is a serious blow to fantasy owners but the Bills will miss him even more. With Spikes out of action the first thing that can be counted on is a few more opportunities for London Fletcher. Fletcher played through a sore hammy on Sunday and managed a team high 8-3-0. He'll be asked to take up some of the slack in the big play department as well. As for replacing Spikes the Bills will likely turn to Angelo Crowell. The question is will Crowell play WLB or will they move Jeff Posey to WLB and play Crowell strong side? Neither Crowell nor Posey are going to make the plays Spikes would but whoever ends up starting at WLB is in a good situation with plenty of potential.

Tennessee Titans
The Kyle Vanden Bosch band wagon is getting very full about now but don't count on another monster game from him in week 4. The Colts are the only team in the league who have yet to surrender a sack. Vandy may have a great day in the tackle department so I wouldn't necessarily bench him, but the odds are against his getting to Manning and adding to his league leading 5 sacks... when Tennessee made the decision to go with their trio of young guns at DE they weren't counting on Vanden Bosch emerging as he has. The result is that they now have an excellent problem in that they have 3 talented youngster all deserving of and looking for playing time. The result of this is good for the Titans who are now getting good production from both DE positions, but it's bad for us in that Antwan Odom, Travis LaBoy and Bo Schobel are sharing the production. It seems as if the trio are taking turns making plays which makes it impossible for us to depend on any of them... What happened to Brad Kassell you say? It's not Kassell, Its the Rams. The rarely have fewer than 3 receivers on the field which means most opponents use the nickel package as a base defense against them. Kassell gives way to Peter Sirmon or Rocky Boiman in most nickel situations so he didn't see the field much against the Rams. 

St. Louis Rams
Like so many teams this week the Rams lost a starter to injury in week three when FS Michael Hawthorne went down with an ankle sprain. He's officially questionable for week 4 but it doesn't look good for his chances of playing. He'll likely be replaced by Mike Furry according to reports but don't be surprised if O.J. Atogwe sees extensive action as well. The organization believes Atogwe will eventually be their starter and this situation only makes it easier to get him on the field... Look for Brandon Green to replace Anthony Hargrove at end opposite Leonard Little and the change may come sooner rather than later. Hargrove hasn't put much pressure on the QB in his 3 starts nor has he been particularly strong versus the run. Meanwhile Green saw his first fairly extensive action of the season against Tennessee and recorded a 2-0-1. Don't forget there was a point back during camp when Green was moved ahead of Hargrove for a week or so. At the time it was deemed a motivational ploy but maybe there was more to it after all.

Philadelphia Eagles
Rookie Mike Patterson made his first NFL start on Sunday replacing an injured Darwin Walker. The rook was nothing short of impressive registering 3 tackles and his first career sack in the game. So impressive was he in fact that it's going to be very tough for the coaching staff to get him back out of the lineup. In fact Patterson has already been named starter for "the next few weeks" as Walker recovers. When Walker is ready look for Hollis Thomas to be the odd man out. If you're in a league that starts tackles as a separate position jump on Patterson. The rest of us might want to wait a week to see what he does in a second start but if you're in need I wouldn't take the chance. 

Oakland Raiders
Kirk Morrison continues to impress. Not only did he produce a solid 7-1-0 on Sunday but he did it against an Eagles club that has been box score death to linebackers over the past three seasons or more. This kid is going to be a real stud. Trade for him if you can before he gets established as one of the best in the fantasy game.

New York Jets
The huge news out of New York revolves around their decimated QB position but don't under estimate the effect this will have on your Jets defenders. With no QB and Curtis Martin nursing a sore knee, the Jets already pedestrian offense will be even worse which mean there will likely be a lot more playing time for the defense. Jonathan Vilma put up double digit solo tackles last week, it certainly won't be the last time for him... Quarterback wasn't the only position hit by injury as WLB Eric Barton had to leave the game with a sprained ankle. He had it wrapped and tried to play but was eventually replaced by Mark Brown. With all the concentration on the QB situation this is all but lost in the chaos but it could be important, especially if it takes Barton several weeks to recover. Between them Barton and Brown posted a solid 6-6-0 from the position against Jacksonville. 

Jacksonville Jaguars
DE Paul Spicer had a career day against the Jets but don't jump up and grab him based on one game. Spicer is a good run defender at end but he may not total 3 more sacks the rest of the season. His career high of 4 came in '02 and he had no sacks in 16 games in '03... Deke Cooper takes over for Donovin Darius at SS and immediately he gives us reason to raise our eyebrows. Cooper posted 5 tackles and a pick in his first start. Darius has been touted as one of the best safeties in the league but it never translated into the box scores. Cooper meanwhile made a few starts last year at FS due to injuries and played well. Don't get in a hurry here but keep Cooper on your radar screen for a few weeks at least... Daryl Smith made the switch from strong to weak side linebacker this year but so far it hasn't done him much good in the box scores. There are a couple of things working against him here, the most important of which is that he is loosing some playing time in certain passing situations. The other factors are a very solid overall defense which limits opponents plays and of course Mike Peterson. The Jets only mustered 36 offensive plays that resulted in tackles on Sunday. Peterson made or was in on nearly a third of them. For depth in large leagues Smith should probably be held onto a little longer but I don't see any reason to expect a breakout at this point. 

New Orleans Saints
Desperate times call for desperate measures and the Saints sure looked desperate against the Vikings when they benched the entire trio of starting linebackers all in one fell swoop on Sunday. MLB Courtney Watson was off to a good statistical start with a 3-0-1 early on but was replaced by over the hill Ronald McKinnon in the second quarter. Likewise TJ Slaughter and Brian Allen took over for Colby Bockwoldt and Sedrick Hodge. There is no word out of Saints camp that would suggest this was any sort of a permanent move but it's enough to make sure none of us start a Saints linebacker until the situation settles... The Saints had their share of injuries to deal with as well. DT Brian Young suffered an arm injury and no one has elaborated beyond that. If he can't go Jonathan Sullivan would again take a place in the starting lineup... The important injury news in fantasy terms is the loss of SS Jay Bellamy who tore a rotator cuff and is done for the season. To replace him the Saints have moved Dwight Smith over to SS and installed rookie Josh Bullocks at FS. There are a lot of us sitting on Smith who will be very happy about this news. It will put him in a much more target rich environment for us. Since Smith has been very average to date, there is a chance he will be available on the waiver wire. Claim him if you can... Charles Grant has been one of the most disappointing defensive players in the game this season. After terrorizing opponents all last season he's recorded just 6-2-0 through three games so far. To his defense Grant played week 3 on a very sore turf toe. This is an injury that is particularly tough to overcome for a guy who must drive off the toe and spar with a 300+ pound tackle. Until Grant gets healthy he could continue to struggle... After a very slow start Darren Howard parlayed the extra snaps on Sunday into a breakout game for him. With Grant hurting Howard and will Smith will both see more snaps and likely better consistency in their production. 

Minnesota Vikings
The injury bug didn't just bit the Vikings this week, it feasted on them. There were so many injuries that the first one came even before the game started when Darren Sharper was a last minute scratch after being listed as probable on the late injury report. Apparently it was decided during warm ups that he couldn't go. Sharper is a tough guy who played through a similar injury last season. It's impossible to call if he will play this week or not but he will be pushing even harder now considering his replacement Willie Offord was landed on IR after tearing up his knee against the Saints. Last week I suggested you sit Sharper if you could and that suggestion stands until we see him not just play but play effectively. The injuries have forced the Vikings to move Ken Irvin back to safety after returning him to his original corner position during training camp... The club also lost nickel corner Brian Williams to knee sprain on Sunday. His injury is being compared to Sharper's and like Sharper he will remain questionable for this week and probably a few weeks beyond. Ralph Brown or Dovonte Edwards will move into the nickel role until Williams can return... The Vikings have reported the shoulder injury to DE Lance Johnstone is thought to possibly be serious but in the same breath it's stated that he may be able to play through the injury. On a very interesting note, Johnstone got the start against the Saints in week 3, ahead of Darrion Scott. It's unclear if this was intended to be a full time change and with the injury we may never know. Johnstone isn't the only Viking DE to come up gimpy. Kenechi Udeze also has a knee problem. There has been no word on his playing status for week 4 at this point. The bottom line here is that the Vikings are suddenly battered and thin at the position and we can expect to start seeing a lot more of first rounder Erasmus James. That said, keep in mind that Kevin Williams saw time at DE in week 2. I'm not certain if he played there at all during week three but moving him is certainly an option for the club... As of Wednesday afternoon there are no new reports concerning Sam Cowart but I have to assume he aggravated his calf injury early in the Saints game. Cowart made two tackles within the first 6 plays of the game and then vanished leaving Dontarrious Thomas (who started at WLB) to lead the club in tackles on the day. It will likely be a while before E.J. Henderson can come back from his high ankle sprain so Thomas might make a good pickup. He was productive last season when playing either middle of weak side (he made starts at both positions). 

Dallas Cowboys
Scott Shanle continues to see considerable action at ILB and is quietly impressing the coaching staff. He has played mostly in the nickel package over the past two weeks where he replaces Bradie James. The position produced a solid 6-0-0 against the Niners so we need to monitor this situation. If either guy can earn the job full time he will have some value... Scott Fujita saw more action at OLB in week 3 as expected. He didn't do anything special but that doesn't mean he won't continue to see his playing time increase as the Cowboys search for another playmaker to start opposite Demarcus Ware. Al Singleton is a solid player who doesn't make a lot of mistakes but he lacks the "special talents' it take to be a highly successful OLB in a 3-4 scheme. In short he's keeping the seat warm until the team can find/develop the right guy to take over... Recently signed Willie Pile will replace starter Keith Davis at FS in the nickel package this week. The Cowboys are spinning it as an effort to relieve some burden from Davis so he can continue to play on special teams but the reality of it is that they are looking for an upgrade at the position and need to get a look at Pile to see if he is it.

San Francisco 49ers
It's a very rare player that can overcome playing DE in a 3-4 to be fantasy productive but through 3 weeks it looks like Bryant Young might prove to be one of those guys. With a 9-2-4 mark on the season Bryant is right up there with the top 10. I'm still not sold on him but have to admit it's time to start taking a closer look... When the season opened the Niners were very thin at a lot of positions, especially on defense. Their worst nightmare came to pass on Sunday when arguably their best two players, Julian Peterson and Ahmed Plummer were both injured. The good news is that neither Peterson's hamstring nor Plummer's ankle are serious enough to be season ending and Peterson may even be able to go in week 4. The bad news is Plummer will have minor surgery and is lost for 6 or more weeks. To compensate for the loss of Plummer the club will move Mike Rumph back to corner and have inserted Mike Adams as the starter at FS... Andre Carter has improved steadily since making the move from 4-3 end to 3-4 OLB and earned his first start in week three when he replaced Jamie Winborn. Carter didn't register a sack but is looking much more comfortable in the position and is well on his way to proving wrong my preseason assumptions that he was not 3-4 LB material. 

New England Patriots
The big news for Patriots fans is the ugly injury suffered by stud SS Rodney Harrison. Most football fans have seen the replay by now but if you haven't just remember when Joe Theisman broke his leg and you can cringe like the rest of us. The Patriots are as resilient as any club in the history of football but Harrison on top of all their off season losses and all the injuries at corner may be just too much for even them to overcome. Guss Scott stepped in for Harrison and actually put up some Harrison like numbers with a 5-1-0 in just over half a game of action. He's no Rodney Harrison but under the circumstances could provide a big boost to your lineup. At the very least he should make for quality depth... The Pats continue to use a lot of 4-3 and seem to have gone to it as their base defense. It's easy to speculate that the loss of both middle backers combined with the struggles of Chad Brown to make the transition to ILB have left them little choice. Richard Seymour has made the most of the opportunity as he currently leads all defensive linemen with 14 solo tackles and has kicked in a pair of sacks to boot. There are few tackles in the league as mobile or as quick as Seymour so the numbers aren't likely to decline as the season progresses unless they elect to go back to a 3-4... Even though he hasn't provided any excitement in the box scores, it's noteworthy that Monty Beisel is playing virtually full time at MLB. One would have to think that eventually his numbers will come around and make him at least a decent backup. 

Denver Broncos
The rookie corner rule strikes again! Darrent Williams has moved into the starting lineup and it likely there to stay. While we can't count on 9-1-0 from him every week there is no doubt offenses will find and target him mercilessly as long as he's on the field. If you have need at DB don't hesitate to go after this kid... The announcers made Trevor Pryce out to be a one man wrecking crew against the Chiefs on Monday night but for all the lip service he failed yet again to make a substantial box score impact. Pryce was moved all around the formation so that the offense wouldn't know where he was coming from. It was a factor in the game to some extent but it's been a long time since Pryce was a FF factor and there is no reason to believe anything will change now. 

Kansas City Chiefs
When the Chiefs signed Sammy Knight over the off season there was a mass exodus of people getting off the Greg Wesley band wagon. Those people have to be kicking themselves now. Knight has been a pretty solid contributor but Wesley hasn't missed a beat and currently 5th in the league among DBs with 19 solo tackles. He has been a little lacking in the usual big play production but that could change at any time. Wesley is usually good for 4-5 interceptions a season and is due to break into that column. If there is anyone else out there who needed just one more tackle from him this week (like I did) to win a game, you will be even more peeved to know that on one of the goal line plays Eric hicks was awarded the tackle when Wesley was clearly the first player to make the hit and was the guy who actually stopped the runner and took him down with a little help from Hicks. I lost a game by less than 2 points on that play, or maybe I should blame it on Jason Elam for missing that last field goal that would have won it for me? Such is life in the FF fast lane! 

Best of luck to everyone in week 4!

Just Win Baby!

EOTG Rankings

1 DE Patrick Kerney Atl vs Min 1 MLB Jonathan Vilma NYJ at Bal 1 SS Terrence Kiel SD at NE
2 DE John Abraham NYJ at Bal ILB Donnie Edwards SD at NE SS Adam Archuleta Stl at NYG
DE Dwight Freeney Ind at Ten 3 MLB Ray Lewis Bal vs NYJ FS Madieu Williams Cin vs Hou
DE Julius Peppers Car vs GB MLB Mike Peterson Jac vs Den 4 SS Tony Parrish SF at Ari
5 DE Michael Strahan* NYG vs Stl MLB Nick Barnett GB at Car SS Adrian wilson Ari vs SF
DE Osi Umenyiora NYG vs Stl 6 MLB Gary Brackett Ind at Ten 6 SS Kerry Rhodes NYJ at Bal
7 DE Terrell Suggs Bal vs NYJ 7 MLB Jeremiah Trotter Phi at KC 7 SS Michael Lewis Phi at KC
8 DE Simeon Rice TB vs Det 8 WLB Keith Bulluck Ten vs Ind 8 SS Gibril Wilson NYG vs Stl
9 DT Rod Coleman Atl vs Min 9 WLB Kirk Morrison Oak vs Dal 9 CB Ronde Barber TB vs Det
10  DE Bert Berry Ari vs SF 10 MLB Dan Morgan Car vs GB 10  SS Michael Boulware Sea at Was
11 DE Kyle Vanden Bosch Ten vs Ind 11 WLB Ian Gold Den at Jac 11 FS Greg Wesley KC vs Phi
12 DE Leonard Little Stl at NYG 12 MLB London Fletcher* Buf at NO 12 FS Sean Taylor Was vs Sea
13 DT Richard Seymour NE at SD 13 ILB Kailee Wong Hou at Cin 13 SS Roy Williams Dal at Oak
14 DE Aaron Kampman GB at Car 14 MLB Danny Clark Oak vs Dal 14 SS Ed Reed Bal vs NYJ
15 DT John Henderson Jac vs Den 15 MLB Lemar Marshall Was vs Sea 15 FS Dwight Smith NO vs Buf
16 DE Robert Mathis Ind at Ten 16 ILB Dat Nguyen Dal at Oak 16 SS Guss Scott NE vs SD
17 DE Shaun Ellis NYJ at Bal 17 MLB Al Wilson Den at Jac 17 FS Bryan Scott Atl vs Min
18 DE Anthony Weaver Bal at NYJ 18 MLB Antonio Pierce NYG vs Stl 18 FS Lamont Thompson Ten vs Ind
19 DE Charles Grant NO vs Buf 19 WLB Cato June Ind at Ten 19 SS Tank Williams Ten vs Ind
20 DE Justin Smith Cin vs Hou 20 WLB Keith Brooking Atl vs Min 20 FS Brian Dawkins Phi at KC
21 DT Cornelius Griffin Was vs Sea 21 SLB Marcus Washington Was vs Sea 21 SS David Gibson Oak vs Dal
22 DE Darren Howard NO vs Buf 22 MLB Ed Hartwell Atl vs Min 22 FS Eugene Wilson NE vs SD
23 DE Aaron Schobel  Buf at NO 23 MLB Odell Thurman Cin vs Hou 23 FS Marcus Coleman Hou at Cin
24 DT Shaun Rogers Det at TB 24 ILB Derek Smith SF at Ari 24 CB Darrent Williams Den at Jac
25 DT Pat Williams Min at Atl 25 MLB Sam Cowart* Min at Atl 25 CB Antoine Winfield Min at Atl
26 DE Grant Wistrom Sea at Was 26 WLB Derrick Johnson KC vs Phi 26 CB Chris Gamble Car vs GB
27 DT Kevin Williams Min at Atl 27 SLB Jamie Sharper Sea at Was 27 CB Nate Clemons Buf at NO
28 DT Darnell Dockett Ari vs SF 28 MLB Brad Kassell Ten vs Ind 28 FS Ken Hamlin Sea at Was
29 DE Will Smith NO vs Buf 29 WLB Dontarrious Thomas Min at Atl 29 FS Terrence Holt Det at TB
30 DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila GB at Car 30 MLB Shelton Quarles TB vs Det 30 FS Bob Sanders Ind at Ten
31 DT Kendrick Clancy NYG vs Stl 31 SLB Boss Bailey Det at TB 31 CB Chris McAlister Bal vs NYJ
32 DE Mike Rucker Car vs GB 32 MLB Courtney Watson NO vs Buf 32 SS Sammy Knight KC vs Phi
33 DE Greg Spires TB vs Det 33 WLB Derrick Brooks TB vs Det 33 CB DeAngelo Hall* Atl vs Min
34   DE Derrick Burgess Oak vs Dal 34   ILB Morlon Greenwood Hou at Cin 34 CB Tory James Cin vs Hou
35 DE Bryant Young SF at Ari 35 MLB Monty Beisel NE vs SD 35 FS Robert Griffith Ari vs SF
36 DE James Hall* Det at TB 36   WLB Angelo Crowell Buf at NO 36 CB Deltha O'Neal Cin vs Hou
37 DE Raheem Brock Ind at Ten 37 MLB Kawika Mitchell KC vs Phi 37 SS Mike Doss Ind at Ten
38 DE ND Kalu Phi at KC 38 MLB Lofa Tatupu Sea at Was 38 SS Nick Ferguson Den at Jac
39 DE Chike Okeafor Ari vs SF 39   WLB Daryl Smith Jac vs Den 39 SS Deke Cooper Jac vs Den
40 DE Jared Allen KC vs Phi 40 ILB Jeff Ulbrich SF at Ari 40 CB Anthony Henry Dal at Oak
41 DT Mike Patterson Phi at KC 41 SLB David Thornton Ind at Ten 41 CB Ken Lucas * Car at Mia
42 DT Corey Simon Ind at Ten 42 MLB Earl Holmes Det at TB 42   CB Dre' Bly Det at TB
43 DE Paul Spicer Jac vs Den 43 WLB Brian Simmons Cin vs Hou 43 CB Terence Newman Dal at Oak
44 DE Bryce Fisher Sea at Was 44 WLB Robert Thomas GB at Car 44 CB Packman Jones Ten vs Ind
45 DE Marques Douglas SF at Ari 45 SLB Akinola Ayodele Jac vs Den 45 FS Erik Coleman NYJ at Bal
46 DE Courtney Brown Den at Jac 46 OLB Adalius Thomas Bal vs NYJ 46 SS Josh Bullocks NO vs Buf
47 DE Reggie Hayward Jac vs Den 47 OLB Steve Foley SD at NE 47 CB Ahmad Carroll GB at Car
48 DT John Thornton Cin vs Hou 48 WLB Dexter Coakley Stl at NYG 48 CB Dunta Robinson Hou at Cin
49 DE Kalimba Edwards Det at TB 49 WLB Carlos Emmons NE vs SD 49 SS Mark Roman GB at Car
50 DE Jevon Kearse Phi at KC 50 SLB Kendrell Bell KC vs Phi 50 CB Marlin Jackson Ind at Ten
51 DE Phillip Daniels Was vs Sea 51 SLB Demorrio Williams Atl vs Min 51 CB Charles Woodson Oak vs Dal
52 DE Trevor Pryce Den at Jac 52 ILB Scott Shanle Dal at Oak 52 SS Corey Chavous Min at Atl
53 DE Erasmus James Min at Atl 53   SLB Peter Sirmon * Ten vs Ind 53 CB Shawn Springs Was vs Sea
54 DT John Browning KC vs Phi 54   SLB David Pollack Cin vs Hou 54 CB Lito Sheppard Phi at KC
55 DT Marcus Stroud Jac vs Den 55 MLB Chris Claiborne Stl at NYG 55 SS Mike Minter Car vs GB
56 DE Chris Kelsay Buf at NO 56 SLB Landon Johnson Cin vs Hou 56 CB Shawntae Spencer SF at Ari
57 DT Ty Warren  NE vs SD 57   ILB Randall Godfrey SD at NE 57 FS Kevin Kaesviharn Cin vs Hou
58 DT Ryan Pickett Stl at NYG 58 OLB Demarcus Ware Dal at Oak 58 FS Nick Collins GB at Car
59 DE Antwan Odom Ten vs Ind 59 WLB Tommy Polley Bal vs NYJ 59 SS Lawyer Milloy Buf at No
60   DE Robert Geathers Cin vs Hou 60 OLB Andre Carter SF at Ari 60   FS John Lynch Den at Jac
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