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Spotlight - WR Tyrone Calico, Tennessee Titans

Jason Wood's mug

Jason Wood's Thoughts

On sheer principle, I'm not going to spend a lot of words discussing Tyrone Calico. For a guy with 20 career receptions, who has missed more games (17) than not (15) and was in the coaches' doghouse BEFORE last year's injury, we sure do expect a lot out of this guy.

While I understand there's an opportunity to contribute since Derrick Mason is now a Raven and the team has undergone a youth movement, I just see no way I could justify recommending Calico to anyone in 10- and 12-team leagues. Coming off an ACL reconstruction, Calico only participated in practice on a limited basis, and according to HC Jeff Fisher "he has a way to go" as of August 23rd.

Furthermore, the three rookie receivers (Jones, Williams and Roby) have all looked much better than expected and could easily contribute as part of new HC Norm Chow's spread passing attack.

With Drew Bennett as the WR1, two legitimate receiving tight ends, and 3 capable rookies vying for PT, Calico's margin for error is nil.


  • He is fast, supposedly
  • Steve McNair is a great QB and needs new targets
  • HC Norm Chow has no bias toward Calico (i.e., a clean slate)


  • Coming off a torn ACL
  • The Titans are likely going to spread the ball around this year
  • Has 20 career receptions and has twice failed to crack the rotation despite being looked to

Final Thoughts

Calico = YAWN. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he finally gets healthy and capitalizes on the lack of veteran receivers in Tennessee. But I've watched the three rookies make plays, we KNOW Drew Bennett can make plays, and we KNOW the Titans are going to try to run the ball with Brown and Henry a lot this year. To me that limits Calico's upside and that's IF he can stay out of the trainer's room. No thanks.

Mark Wimer's mug

Mark Wimer's Thoughts

Tyrone Calico has been slow to return to action after a 2004 surgery to repair torn cartilage and his ACL in his left knee. His most notable moment during training camp to date was when he was caught naked in his SUV with a young woman – not much of a reason to be optimistic about his 2005 fantasy prospects.

Although Coach Fisher was recently reported to be optimistic about Calico’s recovery from ACL surgery, he has yet to play in a pre-season game – which means we haven’t had a chance to gauge how well he has overcome last year’s knee injury. The Titans have many rookies in camp and other than Drew Bennett few experienced wide receivers – but to date Calico has only snagged 20/310/4 over the course of 2 NFL seasons – we have seen potential, but little in the way of on-field production so far during his career (he has yet to play a full 16 game slate during any season).

The bottom line here is that we don’t have much information on Calico that would allow fantasy owners to make an informed decision to draft him for the 2005 season. He could be a starter in Tennessee soon after the start of regular season and he could produce quality fantasy numbers – he could also have lost a step due to his knee surgery and never play a meaningful snap again during his career.


  • The Titans are counting on Calico to start across from Drew Bennett.
  • Steve McNair and Billy Volek are both very able quarterbacks, and the Titans’ defense is very poor – the team should be throwing the ball a lot this year, so snagging a starting Titan receiver should yield fantasy points in bunches.
  • There is almost no NFL experience behind Calico, so there likely won’t be a strong challenge for the #2 job, assuming Calico is healthy enough to claim that spot on the team.


  • Severe knee injuries usually take 2 years to rehabilitate completely, and we have no idea how far along Calico’s recovery actually is at this point.
  • With few other NFL caliber receivers on the team, Bennett and Calico figure to garner a lot of attention from opposing secondaries.
  • Calico will be rusty if he gets back on the field due to a lack of repetitions in training camp due to his knee injury. He is likely to come out of the gates slowly during September.

Final Thoughts

The team continues to hope that Calico will overcome his knee injury, elevate his game, and become the starter across from Drew Bennett, so there is hope that Calico will be a fantasy-worthy selection this year. But don’t bank on it, and don’t plug him in as one of your fantasy starters – not even as a #4 or #5 wide receiver. If you have a spare selection late in your draft, you could burn the pick on Calico and hope he pans out, because there is significant upside potential with Calico, but be aware picking this player is pure speculation at this point in time.

Quotations from the Message Board Thread

To view the entire Player Spotlight thread (there's a ton of fantastic commentary in there), click here.

As he enters his third year in the league, is he a guy that will stand up and become a legit receiver? Or will he be just a big fast guy with questionable hands and injury problems? There is no one who can have a lot of faith in their forecast for him this year. He has no real history on which to base projections. Further, Tennessee's offense has changed dramatically in the last two years with salary cap cuts, retirements, and trades. He is now one of two receivers on the team that is not a rookie.

Lord of Football:
I think the avoid label should be placed on Calico unless he starts to really show something in camp.

What Drew Bennett did last year, Calico should have done. From a talent perspective he is just that good. I had him ranked as the #2 WR behind Charles Rogers that year and thought for sure he would be money in year two. Then a couple of surgeries later...The if on him is the injuries. If he avoids getting injured (which is a huge if IMO) he will be solid as the Titans will open up the offense a little bit and give McNair more freedom in the passing game.

Tyrone Calico Projections

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