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Trade Dominator

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Note 1: The Trade Dominator is loaded with data as of 9/27/05. To get the latest Top 200 data into the Trade Dominator going forward, Simply choose File | Get New Data (while you are connected to the internet)

Note 2: If you are having trouble with the File | Get New Data, then try the following:

  1. Make sure the Trade Dominator is closed.
  2. Right click on the link here: (Week 14 Data) and choose "Save Target As" from the pop-up menu and select the C:\Program Files\Trade Dominator subdirectory on your computer.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, you can restart the Trade Dominator

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What is a Trade Dominator?

It is a tool to help you decide the value of a Trade / Transaction

How do I get started?

First thing you will want to do is add the number of starters for each position at the bottom of the screen.

Then you will want to add all of players to your Before and After team. To do this, Click on the Add Button and then Add the players to either the "Before Team", or the "After Team" or both. You can keep adding players until you click on the Close button.

You can use the Remove Button to remove the player from the "Before Team" or the "After Team".

Why do I add in my entire roster and not just the players I am trading?

The Trade Dominator evaluates depth based on roster requirements placing emphasis on starters, but still assigning value to key reserves. Applications that judge a trade just based on the players involved in the swap are missing the mark in our opinion because they are not seeing the effect of the players that will take over for the lost player. For example, a trade of Koren Robinson for Donovan McNabb could seem unfair on the surface, but if you have great depth at WR and poor WRs, it could be just the trade to significantly help your team.

Can I save / open a Trade Session?

Yes, click on File-Save and give it a name. Then when you want to open it, click on File-Open and then select the name.

Can I import my Draft Dominator or my Lineup Dominator File?

Yes, click the File menu and then click Import from Draft Dominator. To open an existing Draft Dominator league file, browse to C:\Program Files\DraftDominator subdirectory. To open an existing Lineup Dominator file, browse to the C:\Program Files\LineupDominator subdirectory.

What is the difference between the Trade Dominator and the Trade Analyzer in the Lineup Dominator?

The Trade Dominator is based on the standard FBG scoring and in particular the Top 200 Forward where as the Trade Analyzer is based on your league scoring system and on weekly projections and projections going forward. It takes a little longer to generate accurate projection data, so the Lineup Dominator/Trade Analyzer is targeted for Thursday Nights. The Trade Dominator is targeted for Tuesday Nights right after the Top 200 Forward is released.

Change History:

Trade Dominator Version 2.0d

  • Added the View Strength Summary. It shows the strengths for all teams, both overall and individual positions. It is sortable by column, so you can easily identify targets for trading.

  • Added a Synchronize Before Team with After Team. This way you can record everybody's transactions for the week in the After Team so you can evaluate which teams got stronger and which got weaker. Once this is done, you can hit the Synchronize button to set all of the Before Teams to be the same as the After Teams. This way you are ready to go for the next week.


    Trade Dominator Version 2.0c

  • Added the "Top Waivers" button. If you enter the players for each team in your league, the Trade Dominator will now look at the remaining players and organize them from best value to lowest value by position. It color codes the players that are likely to improve your team, and it grays out the players that probably won't help your team much, but are shown for completeness.

  • Fixed a bug where Az-Zahir Hakim was not importing from the Draft Dominator correctly. If one of the teams in your league has Hakim on it, you should either manually enter Hakim or re-import from the Draft Dominator again.


    Trade Dominator Version 2.0b

  • Fixed a bug where the Before and/or After team wouldn't stick when scrolling through the teams.


    Trade Dominator Version 2.0a

  • Added multiple team capability
    • Use the arrows to the left and right of the team name to scroll through the teams.
    • Change the Team Names by clicking on the Team Name.
  • Added Import from Draft Dominator
    • This reads in the Starters and all of the necessary Team Data from the Draft Dominator.
  • Added the New Splash Screen

  • Added the ability to stretch the main window

  • Note: After entering your data (or importing from the Draft Dominator), click File->Save and give it a name to save your work.
  • ===========================================================================

    Trade Dominator Version 1.0d

    • Added Color Coding of Players.

    • Added Easter Egg.

    Trade Dominator Version 1.0c

    • Fixed a bug with the Get New Data feature.

    Trade Dominator Version 1.0b

    • Added File-New button for clearing the team information and starting over.

    • Added File-Print button for printing the results

    • Added Trade Data for Week X to the Results Area. X is updated every time you download a new file.

    Trade Dominator Version 1.0a

    • Added "Get New Data" menu option to the File menu to get the latest data from

    • The Trade Dominator Data is based on the Top 200 Forward Information that is posted each week on After it is released, Click on File-Get New Data, then click on Update. The Trade Dominator will go out, and load the latest Trade Dominator Information. When you close out of the Get New Data dialog box, your team data will be automatically updated to reflect any changes in the Top 200 Forward data.

    • Fixed a minor display problem in the After column, where numbers greater than 10000 were getting chopped off on the left hand side. For example: 15453 would display as 5453.

    • Fixed a bug where if you hit the Remove Button one to many times the program would crash with a Subscript Error.
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