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Week 11 Waiver Wire Report


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

QB Byron Leftwich - JAX

Over the last four weeks, Leftwich completed 62% of his passes for 642 yards, 4 TDs and 1 interceptions (and a rushing TD). The schedule looks good down the stretch for Leftwich with two games against Tennessee, at Arizona, at Cleveland, at Houston and two home games against San Francisco and Indianapolis. Leftwich is helped by the emergence of Matt Jones and Ernest Wilford as playmakers the last few games. While Leftwich shouldnít be on the waiver wire in most leagues, he could be available in much smaller leagues. If he continues at his recent clip, he could be a solid top 10 QB the rest of the way.

QB Ben Roethlisberger - PIT

Big Ben is supposed to return to action next week from a sprained knee. He may be available in smaller leagues. Otherwise, heís probably stashed on most teams as a top notch backup. Weeks 15 and 16 against Minnesota and Cleveland on the road could be nice spots for Roethlisberger in case youíre worried about a starter like Manning getting rest if theyíve locked up their playoff spot.

QB Chris Simms - TB

Simms played well this week against the Redskins leading the Bucs to a come-from-behind victory throwing two TDs in the second half. He finished with 279 yards and 3 TDs while not committing any costly turnovers. Simms appeared to be on a short leash going into this game, but his solid play probably earned him some breathing room for now. He could be useful next week against the Falcons as well as all three weeks during the playoffs (weeks 14 thru 16) against Carolina, New England and Atlanta again.

QB Kurt Warner - ARI

Warner puts up stats (yardage mostly) but he sure isnít pretty to watch anymore. Warner threw for 359 yards and a TD against the Lions, but it was mostly a byproduct of playing from behind. The Cardinals still have no ground game so as long as Warner keeps the job, heíll be reliable in many leagues, but not those which score heavier on TDs. Next week against the Rams is a great spot to gamble on Warner. Other games where he might be useful include week 13 at San Francisco and week 15 at Houston.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

QB David Carr - HOU

Carr hasnít been very productive through the first ten weeks. He may not be worthwhile at all in most leagues. He does have a decent schedule down the stretch though. Andre Johnson is back in the lineup and Domanick Davis probably returning soon, Carr could be a solid sleeper the rest of the way. The schedule is quite favorable with only one tough matchup against Baltimore. The rest of the games might actually prove to be nice spots for Carr Ė KC, St. Louis, @ Tennessee, Arizona, Jacksonville and @ San Francisco.

QB Jeff Garcia - DET

Garcia isnít quite ready to resume the starting job yet, or at least he wasnít this week, but he could be ready for week 11 in Dallas. That game doesnít look like a great spot for Garcia even if he does play, but weeks 12 through 14 look more favorable at home against Atlanta and Minnesota followed by a road game against Green Bay. The Lions WR corps is getting healthier finally and if Garcia can get himself healthy, he could be a decent sleeper down the stretch with the potential to be a very good backup or spot starter.

QB Joey Harrington - DET

Harrington finally stepped up and put together a solid game at home against the Cardinals. They obviously wonít all be that easy, but Harrington possibly bought himself another game, especially if Garcia continues to rehab slowly. The Lions WR corps is getting healthier finally and the schedule doesnít look bad either. Next week the Lions are at Dallas, which doesnít look like a great spot for Harrington, but weeks 12 through 14 look more favorable if he can keep that long. The Lions will host Atlanta and Minnesota at Ford Field before facing Green Bay on the road.

QB Brad Johnson - MIN

The entire Vikings offense looked generally horrible against the Giants defense. Brad Johnson threw for only 144 yards with no TDs and the Vikings wouldnít have scored or won this game without 21 points from their special teams and defense. Johnson has a decent schedule except for weeks 15 and 16. He could be useful for a couple starts but he doesnít look like heíll consistent enough to be a reliable fantasy option in most leagues.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

QB Kyle Boller - BAL

Boller might as well just stay on the sidelines. He was terrible. He threw 33 times completing 19 to the right guys and 3 to the wrong guys finishing with just 142 yards. The schedule doesnít look good either, unless youíre considering him week 13 against Houston or weeks 15 and 16 against Green Bay and Minnesota. Hopefully there are better options available on your waiver wire.

QB Charlie Frye - CLE

The Browns are being patient when it comes to throwing Charlie Frye into the fire as a rookie. It looks like Romeo Crennel will hold back on Frye until GM Phil Savage gives him the green light. Frye played with poise and leadership in the preseason, so he could be a nice surprise if he gets a shot. If Frye gets the starting nod against the 49ers or Texans (weeks 13 and 15) then he could be worthwhile in deeper leagues. Otherwise, heís a player we can all evaluate for the future. The Browns have some nice young players surrounding him so he could be a solid player in dynasty formats in the next few years.

QB J.P. Losman - BUF

Losman actually played reasonably well this week against the Chiefs. He didnít start the game, but took over for Kelly Holcomb and threw for 137 yards connecting with Lee Evans for a pair of TDs. The Bills have a soft schedule against the pass the next two weeks against San Diego and Carolina. In week 14, against New England, Losman could be a sleeper play, too. Otherwise, he remains a dark horse as a fantasy option. The Bills simply have not been consistently productive throwing the football this year despite all their talent at the wide receiver position.

QB Josh McCown - ARI

Thereís always a chance that Kurt Warner could get hurt or benched again. If Dennis Green throws a curve ball and benches Warner before next week, then keep McCown on the short list of mid-week transactions. Against the Rams, McCown would be a nice gamble. Other games where he might be useful include week 13 at San Francisco and week 15 at Houston.

QB Tim Rattay - TB

If Chris Simms falters down the stretch, do not forget about Tim Rattay. Heís being eased into the offense and remains behind Luke McCown on the pecking order, but if the Bucs needed to turn to another QB, chances are, that Rattay would get the call. The Bucs have a nice playoff schedule with games against Carolina, New England and Atlanta. Rattay could be useful if heís starting in those games.

QB Billy Volek - TEN

It seems like itís just a matter of time before Volek is on the field again. The Titans schedule looks like it could be productive for McNair/Volek, depending on who is playing. Upcoming opponents include San Francisco, Indianapolis, Houston, Seattle, Miami and Jacksonville twice. Drew Bennett and Brandon Jones are on the mend and Ben Troupe could be back in action in another week or two as well. If Volek gets the call, heís usually a decent start.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

QB Tommy Maddox - PIT

Charlie Batch broke his right hand on a one yard TD run Sunday night and was replaced by Tommy Maddox. As long as Big Ben is able to start this week, then Maddox wonít be worth a sniff. However, if Ben isnít ready to play after sitting out the last couple weeks with a sprained knee, then Maddox would get the call against Baltimore. Keep an eye on this situation, but Maddox wouldnít have much value starting against the Ravens anyway.

Add for Playoffs (Favorable schedule)

QB Jim Sorgi - IND

If you own Peyton Manning, then hopefully you have thought ahead and have a solid backup on your roster already. If not, Sorgi is someone to consider since the Colts could clinch home field advantage for the AFC playoffs. It's possible the Colts could give Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James and company a week or two to rest for the playoffs. If Peyton sits, then Sorgi could be a big-time sleeper in week 16 at Seattle and week 17 versus Arizona.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

QB Rex Grossman - CHI

Lovie Smith was recently asked what would happen when Rex Grossman is healthy and ready to play. Smith said that Kyle Orton would remain the starting QB but that Grossman would improve the position. If Orton gets hurt, obviously Grossman would be an intriguing option as a backup. Neither QB will probably put up big numbers, but Grossman could reemerge as the starter in 2006. If heís available in your dynasty league, you might want to stash him in the off chance he ever does something.

QB Jon Kitna - CIN

Kitna will be an unrestricted free agent following the season. Itís doubtful that heíll return to Cincinnati if he gets a crack at a starting job elsewhere. Teams like Detroit, Arizona, Houston, Minnesota, NY Jets and Baltimore could be looking for a QB. Kitna is the kind of veteran that could become a solid fantasy option again on the right team, so if you can stash him away this year, you could be paid off handsomely next year.

QB Philip Rivers - SD

Rivers will almost certainly be competing for a starting job elsewhere in 2006. It seems like the smart choice for the Chargers to keep Brees and get as much as they can for Rivers via trade. If Rivers remains with the Chargers, and Brees is allowed to leave, then heíll be a nice dynasty option with LT, Gates and McCardell as his primary targets.

QB Sage Rosenfels - MIA

Rosenfels has a strong arm and an outside chance to compete for the starting job next year in Miami. Gus Frerotte canít be considered anything but a short-term option so itís possible that either Rosenfels or even Cleo Lemon could compete for the job next August. The Dolphins have some good surrounding talent and Nick Saban will probably look to add another big play option at receiver in the offseason.

Running Back

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

RB J.J. Arrington - ARI

Marcel Shipp has been a dud as the Cardinals starting back this year. Arrington has been just as awful, but at least heís showing some sparks in the last few weeks. He scored a TD this week, but only produced 28 combined yards. The Cardinals offensive line is terrible at run blocking. So, Shipp and Arrington probably wonít be much as fantasy options except if the matchup is ridiculously good. The next two games might be nice auditions for Arrington if Green gives him a shot. The Rams and Jaguars have struggled against the run, so keep your eyes on Arrington if Green gives him the starting nod before next week. Week 14 against Houston is another possible spot where Arrington could be a surprise.

RB Heath Evans - NE

Heath Evans handled the bulk of the workload just two weeks after signing with the Patriots. Corey Dillon started but left the game after just one play. He appeared to pull his calf. Evans, a full back, stepped in and produced 84 yards on 17 carries while catching 3 balls for another 18 yards. Itís too early to tell if Dillon will be out next week or longer. If you own Dillon, itís been a guessing game trying to figure out if heíll play and who will start if he doesnít each week. Patrick Pass isnít healthy. Kevin Faulk isnít ready to return yet and Mike Cloud only produced 8 yards on 7 carries this week. If Dillon canít go against the Saints next week (or if he's out even loner), then Evans is a prime-time pickup at this point in the season. The Patriots have some nice matchups over the next month. If Evans somehow continues to remain the Pats primary option on the ground, then he could be a nice option for fantasy production as well. Think about players like Nick Goings and Reuben Droughns. Each were fullbacks who were afterthoughts as far as fantasy value goes, but each back was a prime-time fantasy player down the stretch a year ago. Evans has a similar opportunity if Dillon's sidelined for a while.

RB Samkon Gado - GB

If this week was a job interview for the rest of the season, then itís probably safe to say that Gado has an offer on the table and the start date is next week. Gado scored three TDs against the Falcons. Gado rushed for 103 yards on 25 carries and caught 4 balls for another 5 yards. Barring injury or a huge surprise, Gado will start next week for the Packers and presumably, when Tony Fisher is healthy, too. Heís bigger than Tony Fisher is and he runs harder, too. In two ďstartsĒ, Gado has 165 yards rushing on 51 carries with four TDs. The telltale sign is Gadoís workload. The Packers have been desperately seeking a ground game and with 51 carries in two weeks, Gado appears to have answered the call. If heís still available after last weekís feeding frenzy, heíll be the #1 player to go after this week.

RB Frank Gore - SF

The 49ers schedule isnít that bad in terms of defensive matchups against the run. They face the Seahawks twice. Otherwise, games against Tennessee, Arizona, Jacksonville, St. Louis and Houston are all good matchups. Gore isnít starting, but heís been getting a good amount of work spelling Kevan Barlow. If he ends up starting because of injury he would be a solid starter down the stretch, but as long as Barlow stays healthy, heíll be a solid sleeper and a decent player to have for depth.

RB Greg Jones - JAX

If Fred Taylor continues to be slowed by various (or nagging) injuries, then Jones becomes an interesting player down the stretch. The Jags play Tennessee (twice), Arizona, Cleveland and Houston down the stretch. All of those games are favorable matchups for the Jags running game. Jones is a nice insurance policy for Taylor knowing that he usually doesnít cut into Taylorís carries when Taylor is healthy. When Taylor canít play, Jones gets the bulk of the workload. You couldnít ask for much more if you own both. Otherwise, grab Jones just in case he gets the call in any of those games. He rushed for 106 yards on 25 carries with a TD against the Ravens, so heís a good option if heís starting.

RB Adrian Peterson - CHI

Peterson could very well be the most sought after waiver wire player this week depending on your league. With Thomas Jones sidelined and resting his sore ribs, Cedric Benson got the starting nod, but he was knocked out of the game with what appeared to be a bad knee injury. Peterson, who was already getting a split of the carries, responded with 24 carries for 120 yards including a 7-yard TD. The Bears winning formula is simple. Run the football and play solid defense. The schedule isnít great for the Bears down the stretch, but Peterson could be useful next week against Carolina if Jones isnít ready to start. It looks like Benson could be out a while, but itís too early to tell. X-rays on his knee were negative, but heís schedule to have an MRI on Monday to determine the extent of the injury. Benson said his knee was sore after the game. He was wearing a brace. Benson said, "We don't really know yet.. They don't know what's torn, or if it's just strained." Weíll keep you posted on this one. Right now, Peterson is a great pickup, especially if Jones isnít ready this week.

RB Dominic Rhodes - IND

With the Colts potential clinching early Dominic Rhodes could be a nice player to own during weeks 16 and 17. The Colts face Seattle and Arizona in those games, so if Rhodes ends up playing at least half of the game, or even starting, then he could be a solid fantasy starter as well in most leagues.

RB Duce Staley - PIT

Willie Parker has a gimpy ankle and Jerome Bettis isnít healthy either. Donít be surprise if the Steelers lean on Duce down the stretch. The Steelers are fortunate enough to have three good backs. Staley is a proven veteran who can still get the tough yards, catch the ball well out of the backfield and be a solid #2 fantasy back as long as heís starting for the Steelers. The schedule isnít favorable for the Steelers, but he could be useful against the Vikings in week 15 and Browns in week 16 if heís the starter for those games.

RB Jonathan Wells - HOU

Wells isnít a flashy back, but when his number is called he usually responds with good results for the most part. He filled in for the injured Domanick Davis (knee) this week rushing for 58 yards on 15 carries with a 14-yard TD run. He also caught three balls for 17 yards. Davis could return to the lineup as early as this coming week, so Wellsí value will hinge on Davisí availability. If Davis isnít able to play in week 12 against the Rams or weeks 14 (at Tennessee), week 15 vs Arizona or week 16 against Jacksonville, then Wells is a strong consideration in his stead.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

RB Mike Alstott - TB

The Bucs turned to Mike Alstott this week and he delivered the goods. He scored two short TDs and combined for 39 yards on the day. Most importantly, he scored the game-winning 2-point conversion on a gutsy call by Jon Gruden with 54 seconds left on the clock. Alstott had 9 carries to Cadillacís 10 and Pittmanís 5. Whether the Bucs continue to leverage Alstott in short yardage remains to be seen, but he could be a solid play in TD only leagues and heís most likely available in most leagues still.

RB Marion Barber III - DAL

Barber played extremely well for the Cowboys the last few weeks while Julius Jones nursed a sprained ankle. Now, with Jones apparently healthy again, itís a guessing game whether Parcells will give Barber meaningful touches or if heíll be used sparingly. Parcells seems to be hinting that he could use more of a committee approach in recent press conferences alluding to all three of his young backs being productive and reliable. Knowing that Parcells and the Cowboys can and will run the ball effectively, Barberís definitely worth a roster spot even if Jones is back in as the starter. You never know when Barberís next opportunity will come.

RB Michael Bennett - MIN

What a difference one week makes. After producing 100+ yards and a TD against the Lions in week 9, Bennett came up empty this week against the Giants. Many owners went after Bennett hard last week only to get rewarded with a very Bennett-like performance Ė 16 yards on 19 carries with a lost fumble. He managed to touch the ball 25 times producing a whopping 27 yards. Thatís pathetic. The Vikings offensive line doesnít produce much running room either, but Mewelde Moore is clearly more productive than Bennett and as soon as his sprained wrist allows, look for him to be back in the starting lineup and Bennett on the bench. As injuries happen, Bennett could get another crack still, but if the matchup isnít favorable, you might want to pass.

RB Travis Henry - TEN

The Titans are coming off their late bye and Henry hasnít been used much since returning from suspension. Chris Brown has been productive and healthy. As long as Brown remains healthy and productive, Henry might not get much work. However, Brownís well known for his lack of durability, so Henry could get the call at any time and should be on a roster in most leagues if heís not already.

RB Brandon Jacobs - NYG

Jacobs only had one rushing attempt this week for two yards. Heíll continue to get some looks at the goal line and if the Giants get a healthy lead, heíll probably see a few more carries. Otherwise, heís strictly an insurance policy for Barber. The problem is that Derrick Ward would also see a healthy amount of carries if Barber were to miss a game or two.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

RB Ciatrick Fason - MIN

Fason didnít get much work this week, but he could see more touches down the stretch after Bennett failed to impress this week. Moore will resume the starting job as soon as his wrist allows. Fason could continue to see some goal line carries and potentially could even spell Moore on occasion or on third downs. Itís hard to predict how Tice will rotate or play his backs. Fason has some promise and it would seem like the team would want to see what they have with Bennett a free agent and Mooreís tendency to get nicked up.

RB Alvin Pearman - JAX

Pearman is a decent option to add for depth, especially in PPR leagues. He didnít produce anything note worthy this week, but he recently had a 44 yard run against the Rams and whether Taylor or Jones is the starter, Pearman will continue to play on third downs. Heís a decent bet for a couple catches per game, possibly more, depending on the game situations.

RB Lee Suggs - CLE

Suggs is as healthy as heís been at any point this season, which isnít saying much. Reuben Droughns is playing reasonably well, too. Suggs could still emerge as the Browns starter if Droughns gets hurt. William Green isnít healthy right now either. As long as Droughns stays out of the infirmary, heíll be the Brownsí back. Just keep an eye on Suggs. If you own Droughns, then Suggs is a decent handcuff if your other options are thin.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

RB Ladell Betts - WAS

Betts had a big day for the Redskins against the tough Bucs defense. He returned a kickoff 94 yards for a TD, caught 17-yard TD pass and rushed for 26 yards on seven carries spelling Clinton Portis. Portis has stayed healthy all year for the most part. Betts is the clear backup and he would likely handle the majority of the load in Portisí absence. The Skins have a few nice matchups down the stretch, too. In particular, next week against Oakland and weeks 13 and 14 against St. Louis and Arizona.

RB Mike Cloud - NE

See Evans. Cloudís opportunity seems to have closed before it really even opened up. Evans stepped in and he appears to have won the interim starting job if Dillon canít go in week 11. Cloud would still see some carries if Dillon canít go, but Evans clearly had the better game and it would be a surprise if Cloud had more touches next week.

RB Shaud Williams - BUF

McGahee injured his hand in this weekís game against the Chiefs, but appeared no worse for the wear. Shaud Williams is the clear-cut backup to McGahee so monitor his availability, especially if you own McGahee. Williams would be a strong option in PPR leagues if he were forced to start for the Bills.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

RB Najeh Davenport - GB

Davenport will be a free agent this off-season. The Packers will probably try to resign him if the price is right. Heís never been able to stay healthy for the long haul, but he has the size, speed and overall talent to be a very good RB. He could enter training camp next year competing with Sam Gado to be the starting back. Or he could sign with another team for a similar opportunity.

RB Cedric Houston - NYJ

Houston ended up getting several carries in the second half of this weekís game against the Panthers. He carried 10 times for 53 yards. Martinís age is definitely becoming a concern and Houston is an intriguing player in a dynasty format. If Martin retired or got hurt next year, Houston would be in the best bet to take over as the Jets primary back. Derrick Blaylock is also in that mix, but Houston appears to be a better fit as the featured back.

RB Vernand Morency - HOU

Morency has the size/speed to be a solid back in the NFL. Heís mired on the depth chart behind Domanick Davis and Jonathan Wells, but he could emerge as Davisí primary backup next year. Of course, knowing Davisí frequent appearances on the injury report, Morency is the kind of player that can be a good investment if your patient. Heíll need help in the form of an injury to become a starter, but he could be a nice surprise if that happens.

RB Maurice Morris - SEA

Morris will be a free agent this year. Whether heís able to find a better opportunity is hard to predict, but Morris has ability. Heís quick and a bit undersized by most NFL standards, but still capable of being a productive back if given the opportunity to start.

RB Jarrett Payton - TEN

Payton could easily become the Titans primary backup next year if the team doesnít bring back Travis Henry. Until then, heís third on the depth chart and not worth rostering except in leagues with extremely deep rosters.

RB Onterrio Smith - MIN

Smith will be eligible to play next year for the Vikings, or some team. Whether he gets a legitimate opportunity or he screws up again is guesswork right now. Smith is a talented player, but heís a major question mark given that heís one strike away from the death penalty in terms of the NFL substance abuse policy.

Others to Keep an Eye On

RB ReShard Lee - GB

Lee served as the Packers third down back this week after fumbling away his opportunity to start for the Packers last week. When Tony Fisher is healthy, Lee will be relegated back to third string behind Gado and Fisher. Heíll also give up his third down duties to Fisher. As such, Leeís value is weak right now unless either Fisher or Gado go down.

RB Tony Richardson - KC

With Priest Holmes on IR, Richardson might be considered the Chiefs #2 back. While Richardson probably wouldnít be the true featured back if Larry Johnson went down, heís still somebody to keep an eye on. McKenzi Smith and Dee Brown are also in that mix, so if you feel like gambling on LJ getting hurt, look at one of these three. Brown appears to have a slight edge on Smith, but itís close and Richardson could possibly get some goal line work if LJ were sidelined.

Wide Receiver

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

WR Drew Bennett - TEN

Bennett has been out a few weeks now, but heís close to returning. If he was cut free by another owner in your league, then you might want to get him now before others notice heís still there. The Titans have a nice schedule down the stretch and Bennett could possibly be a candidate to finish strong.

WR Reggie Brown - PHI

Brown was probably a hot commodity in last weekís transactions, but if heís still out there, youíll want to add him if you can. The Eagles rookie receiver is going to benefit from the suspension of Terrell Owens. If his first start is an indication of things to come, he could provide starter quality numbers the rest of the way.

WR Isaac Bruce - STL

Bruce returned to action this week, but didnít appear to be 100%. Kevin Curtis may have played well enough in the last two months to keep the starting job quite honestly, but Bruce will likely emerge again and have a few big weeks down the stretch. Bruceís turf toe injury was a tough break. Those injuries take a long time to heal properly, so keep that in mind. Bruce might not be 100% at all this year.

WR Bobby Engram - SEA

Engram caught 6 balls for 70 yards this week. Heís been much more productive in PPR formats this year considering heís yet to score a TD, but in six starts, heís caught five or more balls for 50+ yards in five of those games. Darrell Jackson is a couple weeks away still. Either way, Engram remains in the starting lineup and he should be a reasonably consistent yardage producer the rest of the season.

WR Lee Evans - BUF

Evans is finally hitting his stride. Itís been a tough road to hoe this year if you drafted Evans. Most people who did draft him probably cut bait at least a month ago. The Bills pass offense has picked it up over the last few games, ironically with J.P. Losman providing the spark. If Losman regains the starting job, Evans will undoubtedly be a risky play. Heís explosive and always capable of scoring long TDs in any game, but with Losman, heíll probably put up quite a few bad games, too.

WR Robert Ferguson - GB

Ferguson might be able to play in week 11. Heís been close to returning. When he does return, he will be worth owning. Whether you need a potential third starter or solid depth for insurance, Ferguson will have plenty of opportunity.

WR Darrell Jackson - SEA

Jackson is supposedly eyeing a week 12 return. Jackson is such a good player that most owners probably held onto to him through the season hoping for a nice reward at the end. You never know how a player will produce coming off a knee injury, but Jackson is definitely a proven player in a great system and he certainly could do just that. The Seahawks have some nice matchups down the stretch where Jackson could have big games Ė next week against San Francisco, week 12 vs the Giants, week 14 against the 49ers again and then Tennessee, Indianapolis and Green Bay to finish the year.

WR Bryant Johnson - ARI

Johnson didnít play this week after being injured in practice mid-week. Anquan Boldin could be returning soon, so Johnson ultimately will be relegated back to the slot when that occurs. If Johnson is able to play this week and Boldin continues to sit out, heíll be worthwhile as a sleeper starter against the Rams. The Cardinals throw the football a ton. As long as Johnson is in the lineup, he deserves consideration as a potential #3 in your lineup.

WR Matt Jones - JAX

Jones had his first signature breakout game as a rookie. He caught five balls for 117 yards with a 32 yard TD and another catch that was good for 42 yards. He ran the ball twice for 12 yards, too. Jones was recently overshadowed by the play of Ernest Wilford, but this week it was clearly Jonesí turn. Both players are huge targets for Leftwich. If Wilfordís shoulder keeps him sidelined this coming week, Jones becomes a great sleeper play if you can still grab him.

WR Ernest Wilford - JAX

Wilford sprained his shoulder in the fourth quarter against the Ravens and didnít finish the game. He caught one pass for 10 yards. He was overshadowed by the big game turned in by rookie Matt Jones. Wilford could lose his starting gig if heís not healthy next week. Reggie Williams could regain his spot and Matt Jones could continue to emerge as another playmaker for Byron Leftwich. Keep an eye on Wilfordís shoulder because heís been on fire lately.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

WR Antonio Chatman - GB

Chatman will probably move back to the slot when Robert Ferguson returns to the lineup either next week or soon after. Chatman thrived in Fergusonís absence and heíll still see enough targets and catches to be worthwhile, but he's probably peaked in terms of his fantasy value this season unless Ferguson goes down again (and that could definitely happen).

WR Keary Colbert - CAR

The good news is that Colbert caught a TD for the second time in three games. The bad news is that heís only caught more than 2 balls in two games this year and not in the last five games. Steve Smith is playing so well that Colbert and Rod Gardner just arenít getting enough looks. The rest of the time, the Panthers ground game is doing the job. Colbert is still a good receiver, but heís just not getting enough targets or opportunity to be a consistent scorer for fantasy purposes.

WR Brian Finneran - ATL

Finneran is the most consistent of the Falcons receivers this year. Heís been consistently productive over the past few weeks emerging after Michael Jenkinsí injury. Finneran caught a 2 pt conversion and had 50 yards on four receptions. The Falcons passing game isnít always the most productive place to look for fantasy points, but Finneran seems to be doing a decent job. Heís worth a gamble as a spot starter.

WR Doug Gabriel - OAK

Gabriel is back to the slot now that Randy Moss is playing full-time. He still managed to catch a TD against the Broncos. He caught 5 balls for 58 yards. He wonít always produce starter-quality numbers because of Jerry Porter and Randy Moss, but heíll score every 3 or 4 games. Collins likes going to him downfield.

WR Jabar Gaffney - HOU

With Andre Johnson back in the lineup, everyone expected Gaffneyís recent production to subside. It didnít happen this week. Gaffney caught a 13-yard TD from David Carr, but he only had two catches for 29 yards. The Texans passing game just isnít productive enough to count on as a good source of fantasy points (particularly at the WR position). Gaffneyís been somewhat reliable in the last month as a spot starter. Thatís probably his best use. Heís not a good receiver to start every week, but if you can get by with him every now and then, you might be ok.

WR Chris Henry - CIN

Henry is proving to be inconsistent like rookie receivers tend to be. He has scored several TDs this year; itís just too bad half of them havenít stayed on the board. Carson Palmer is on fire this year. Opponents are forced to worry about the Bengals running game and both of their starting WRs outside. That leaves Henry wide open in single coverage in most games. Palmer seems to find him frequently enough for big plays. Heís not going to get it done every week, but heís explosive and can score a bunch of points and only touch the ball a couple of times.

WR Ike Hilliard - TB

Hilliard started this week in place of the injured Michael Clayton. The veteran caught 3 balls for 37 yards including a 4-yard TD in the second half that helped rally the Bucs in a come from behind win. Tampa will be throwing the ball a lot. If Clayton is unable to play next week, then Hilliard deserves a look as a short-term solution. Ultimately, he may be just a one or two week wonder, but heís a reliable veteran who can produce if heís in the starting lineup.S

WR Greg Lewis - PHI

With Owens out, Lewis continues to play essentially the same role. Heís the Eagles #2 receiver. Lewis has been consistent from week to week. Heís kind of like Bobby Engram. You can get used to four or five catches each week and around 50 yards, but he still hasnít been a factor in the red zone nor has he made enough big plays. That will change sooner or later. Lewis will score a couple times before the season is over.

WR Brandon Stokley - IND

Stokley has 11 catches for 139 yards and a TD over the last three games. He caught six for 73 yards with a 21-yard TD this week against the Texans. Heíll never be as consistent or as valuable as last year, but he could still be a decent spot starter.

WR Scott Vines - DET

Over the last four weeks, Scottie Vines has 21 catches for 221 yards. Heís really asserted himself with the limited opportunities heís earned this year. Charles Rogers and Roy Williams returned this week and Mike Williams will be back in the lineup soon, too. Vines may be bumped back down to 4th on the depth chart, but heís been there every week over the last month when these other guys werenít on the field. If any of the three Lions WRs are not able to play, then Vines deserves a look in deeper leagues (especially PPR).

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

WR Arnaz Battle - SF

Battle is finally getting back to health. Even so, heís not much of a fantasy option with the current state of the 49ers quarterbacking. Battle could emerge at some point again, but not one of the 49ers QBs has the ability help Battle or Lloyd sustain any fantasy value. The 49ers completed one pass this week. One pass for the entire team. Enough said.

WR Reche Caldwell - SD

Caldwell looked like he was beginning to emerge again this year before he fumbled the game away to Philadelphia a couple weeks ago. Heís been filling in for Eric Parker and playing in the slot when Parker is on the field. Caldwell is healthy again and a guy who can make a big play at any given time. With LT, Gates, McCardell and Parker on the team, Caldwellís best opportunities to be a fantasy WR come when Parkerís not 100%. Otherwise, keep an eye on him because heís been playing well lately for the most part.

WR Jerricho Cotchery - NYJ

Wayne Chrebetís season and career are over. Unfortunately, Chrebetís loss, was the kind of break that Jerricho Cotchery needed to jump start his career. Cotchery could emerge as a playmaker from the slot if the Jets can ever get some good QB play. Heís better as a dynasty league sleeper, but he could emerge at some point down the stretch, too.

WR Braylon Edwards - CLE

Edwards is slowly working his way into the starting lineup. Heís still behind Dennis Northcutt, but the two are starting to rotate in and out of the game more frequently. Edwards is unquestionably a player on the rise, but itís hard to guess how many targets heíll see and if the Browns can sustain a consistent fantasy WR. Antonio Bryant has not been consistent, but heís been productive. The same might apply here with Edwards. He should flourish down the stretch if the team gives him the opportunity.

WR Justin Gage - CHI

In typical fashion, Justin Gage caught a TD one week and then disappeared the next week. Thatís been his calling so far in his short career. Gage caught only one ball this week for 6 yards. Fantasy points will be hard to come by most weeks in Chicago. They play good defense and they focus on running the football and controlling the clock. Gage is a nice target in the red zone given his size, but otherwise, heís unreliable.

WR Charles Rogers - DET

Rogers was back in action this week, one week after he was left inactive for Scottie Vines because of a poor week of practice following a four game suspension. Rogers only caught one ball this week, but he could still become a big play target down the stretch. The Lions need either Joey Harrington or Jeff Garcia to produce consistently. If that happens, and itís a long shot, then Rogers might have some value yet. Letís not hold our collective breath though. Rogers is a shot in the dark at this point and heís got a lot to prove.

WR Roddy White - ATL

Beyond Brian Finneran and Alge Crumpler, none of the Falcons receivers merit much fantasy value. On the other hand, White is starting to emerge as a rookie. He started in place of the injured Michael Jenkins this week and will continue to do so until Jenkins is ready. White probably wonít have any real value until 2006 at the earliest, but he has the size and speed to be a special player. So, donít be surprised if he springs a few big ones in the next two months. Just keep your expectations in check. Again, it's a Falcons WR.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

WR Patrick Crayton - DAL

Crayton could be ready for action in a couple of weeks. He had a few big games earlier this year playing out of the slot. He's big, fast and has displayed excellent hands so far. Peerless Price is currently filling in for Crayton as the slot WR, but Crayton should regain that job when he's healthy. In deeper leagues, Crayton's worth a look, or if you want to stash him on your dynasty roster for next year.

Others to Keep an Eye On

WR LeRon McCoy - ARI

McCoy caught 6 balls for 70 yards this week. He took advantage of Bryant Johnson's injury. Reggie Newhouse also saw more action because of injuries to Johnson and Anquan Boldin. Newhouse caught 2 balls for 23 yards. McCoy was a favorite target of Warner when he wasn't dumping off to Obafemi Ayanbedejo or going to their top gun Larry Fitzgerald. With Boldin and Johnson out of the lineup, McCoy's a decent sleeper. He hasn't done it two weeks in a row and those guys could return as soon as this week, so McCoy's strictly a short-term play depending on the others availability.

WR Reggie Newhouse - ARI

McCoy caught 6 balls for 70 yards this week. He took advantage of Bryant Johnson's injury. Reggie Newhouse also saw more action because of injuries to Johnson and Anquan Boldin. Newhouse caught 2 balls for 23 yards. McCoy was a favorite target of Warner when he wasn't dumping off to Obafemi Ayanbedejo or going to their top gun Larry Fitzgerald. With Boldin and Johnson out of the lineup, McCoy's a decent sleeper. He hasn't done it two weeks in a row and those guys could return as soon as this week, so McCoy's strictly a short-term play depending on the others availability. Newhouse saw fewer targets, so he's more of a secondary option if you're really desperate.

Tight End

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

TE Bubba Franks - GB

Franks caught 4 balls for 34 yards this week. Despite missing almost a month because of a sprained knee, Franks is having a productive season. In four starts, Franks has 20 receptions for 164 yards and 1 TD. If you can still grab him off the waiver wire, get him.

TE Erron Kinney - TEN

Itís amazing how long Kinney has lingered around many leagues as an available free agent. Heís gone in most leagues now, but if heís still out there get him while you can. Ben Troupe will probably be out another week or so with a high ankle sprain giving Kinney a few more red zone targets and a consistent number of catches and yards each week.

TE Bo Scaife - TEN

Like Kinney, Scaife seems to produce consistently from week to week whenever heís playing. Scaife is filling in for the injured Ben Troupe. The Titans TEs are producing at a prolific rate this year. McNair likes throwing to them so why argue, exploit it.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

TE Dallas Clark - IND

Clark hasnít been very consistent or reliable this year. Heís more of a hit or miss option, but because he catches balls from Peyton Manning, his hits tend to be worthwhile. Heís a lot like Bubba Franks has been in recent years. Clark caught a TD this week but still only had two receptions for 18 yards otherwise.

TE Doug Jolley - NYJ

Jolley is now the starting tight end for the Jets with Chris Baker out for the season. Hopefully, now heíll get the opportunity to flourish as many projected this year. Jolley caught two balls for 25 yards against the Panthers. He could put up a few big games, like Baker, but he may be too inconsistent to rely on.

TE Marcus Pollard - DET

Pollard has 13 catches for 129 yards with 1 TD in his last four games. Joey Harrington looks for Pollard frequently. If Harrington stays on as the starter, then Pollardís value might also continue to be slightly higher (ironically). Pollard has benefited from the injuries to the WR corps and he's been forced into more of a primary role.

TE Jeb Putzier - DEN

Putzier caught three balls for 33 yards and had a 2-point conversion this week against the Raiders. Heís never been much of a TD threat but Putzier is semi-reliable in PPR leagues. If you're looking for insurance at TE, Putzier is a decent player to add as a backup just in case.

TE Ben Watson - NE

Watson exploded this week for 2 TDs while Daniel Graham sat out with a shoulder injury. Watson finished with 3 catches for 37 yards. Both Watson and Graham have the talent and ability to be top shelf tight ends, but because the Patriots offense is so diverse from week to week, Watson and Graham seem to alternate big games. The problem is that both players fail to make the box score too frequently, which makes them a big risk as a starter.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

TE Desmond Clark - CHI

Clark keeps putting together decent, but not great, games. He made a couple nice plays this week finishing with 2 catches for 43 yards. The Bears just donít throw enough (or well enough) to warrant consistent stats for Clark, but heís still turning into a decent option in deeper leagues.

TE Michael Gaines - CAR

Gaines started for the Panthers this weekend against the Jets and caught one pass for 11 yards. Heís filling in for the injured Kris Mangum (sprained knee). Gaines had showed some signs of development in recent weeks while serving as the 2nd string TE, but the Panthers only threw 20 passes this week. The Panthers donít utilize their as often as some other teams, but as long as Mangum is sidelined, Gaines could be a decent player to grab in deeper leagues.

TE David Martin - GB

The Packers are getting plenty of production from their tight ends this year, but Martin has been sidelined the past couple of weeks. Once healthy, Martin becomes a decent player for the back end of the roster in deeper leagues. In most leagues, he probably will not hold enough value to roster except for a spot start opportunity due to an injury on your roster. One more thing worth mentioning, Martin and the Packers play Minnesota this coming week. If Martin is able to go, he might be worth picking up and starting knowing how well tight ends have fared against them.

TE Aaron Shea - CLE

If youíre looking for a one-week starter in the next couple of games, then youíll want to keep an eye on Aaron Shea. In Week 12, the Browns face the Vikings, which is without question the best matchup for a TE. Aaron Shea and Steve Heiden both see the field a lot, which means either one is just as likely to produce as the other. Against Minnesota, it wouldnít be a surprise if both players produce something worthwhile.

TE Ben Troupe - TEN

Troupe will probably miss another week or two, but if you can grab him now while heís out and can afford the roster spot, he might be worth your time. The Titans are getting more production out of their TEs than any other team in the league. If healthy, Troupe is a great candidate to produce some big games down the stretch. He just needs to get (and stay) healthy first.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

TE Donald Lee - GB

The Packers face the Minnesota Vikings in week 11. That means every TE on the Packers roster Ė Bubba Franks, David Martin and Donald Lee Ė are on high alert. The Vikings have allowed more fantasy points to opposing TEs than any other defense in the league. David Martin hasnít been healthy the past few weeks, so if heís not ready to go this week, Lee becomes a super sleeper and a nice short-term play if youíre looking for a quick fix. The last time the Packers played the Vikings, Lee caught 3 balls for 32 yards. Martin produce 2 for 30 yards and Bubba Franks 3 for 38 yards. Amazingly, none of them caught a TD. That should change this time around.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

TE Kevin Everett - BUF

Hereís your weekly reminder to go grab Edwards if heís available in your dynasty league. Everett is from the ďUĒ, but heís not in the same kind of class as Jeremy Shockey or Kellen Winslow. Everett has all the talent to be a solid player in the league, but he was viewed as a guy that might not make an immediate impact, but could blossom in a couple years. Heís been sidelined his entire rookie season because of a torn ACL.


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

PK David Akers - PHI

Akers is back in the saddle again. Heís always been a top notch fantasy kicker in terms of consistency and accuracy. As long as he doesnít suffer any setbacks, Akers could be a really nice option down the stretch if the Eagles struggle in the red zone.

PK Rian Lindell - BUF

Lindell has ranked amongst the top kickers all year long, but continues to linger around the waiver wire in many leagues. Maybe some owners still have a hangover and always associate his name with his previous struggles with accuracy. Lindell seems to be in the zone this year and he really has been a solid kicker over the past four seasons making 81 out of 100 FGs in that span.

PK Matt Stover - BAL

Stoverís biggest problem is the Ravens offense being so darn horrible. Sometimes, that helps him, but this week it limited him to just one 41-yard field goal. Kyle Boller cost Stover at least one and possibly two FG attempts because he threw interceptions. The Ravens are a bad team, but Stover might be worth salvaging. Heís produce solid numbers after an uncharacteristically bad start.

PK Shaun Suisham - DAL

Suisham is the Cowboys kicker after Parcells cut Jose Cortez after a recent bad game. Thereís no guarantee who long Suisham will last either, but the Cowboys appear to be a good source for kicking points. They run the ball well and play solid defense. Suisham might be worth a look if your current kicker is not getting it done.


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

TD New York Giants - NYG

Since the Giants came off their bye week, theyíve been one of the top fantasy defenses in the NFL. Since week 5, theyíve produced 15 sacks, 11 turnovers and allowed only 69 points. They completely shut down the Vikings offense, but amazingly, they still lost the game. The Giants defense didnít allow any points and all 21 points for Minnesota came on returns from special teams or turnovers.

TD Jacksonville Jaguars - JAX

In the last five games, Jacksonvilleís defense has been steadily on the rise. They have 14 sacks and they have forced 11 turnovers in that stretch. Discounting one game against the Colts, their schedule looks great down the stretch. They play Arizona, Houston, Tennessee (twice), Cleveland and San Francisco.

TD Seattle Seahawks - SEA

The Seahawks face the San Francisco 49ers twice in the next month. That alone should be a reason to pick them up and put them right into the lineup unless you're sitting on an outstanding defense already. In their last four games, they have 15 sacks and 8 turnovers.

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