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Week 12 Waiver Wire Report


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

QB Jeff Garcia - DET

Joey Harrington didnít do much to stave off the inevitable. Once Garcia is healthy then Garcia will probably regain the starting job for the Lions. He was practicing last week but his leg was still causing enough problems that Harrington remained the starter. The Lions play Atlanta, Minnesota and Green Bay in the next three games. Garcia could be semi-productive in a couple of those games, but letís make sure heíll be available first.

QB Mike McMahon - PHI

McMahon didnít lead the Eagles to a victory, but he did put up some decent fantasy numbers. He threw for 298 yards with a TD and an interception each, but completed only 18 of his 39 pass attempts. Thatís about par for the course for McMahon. He also padded his stats with 31 rushing yards including a 1-yard TD run. Heís a decent sleeper, but still a shaky option overall. McMahon could produce some big games, but heíll probably produce a couple stinkers, too. McNabb may be placed on IR this week after two different doctors recommended having surgery to repair his hernia/pulled groin. McMahon has a lot of natural talent. He is fast and moves around in the pocket well, but sometimes he canít throw the ball in the ocean if he was standing on a beach. After one game, though, he looks like a solid option if youíre searching for a starter this late in the season.

QB Kurt Warner - ARI

Warner is among the top fantasy QBs over the last month. He led the Cardinals to a come-from-behind win this week against his former team. Warner played well completing 27 of 39 for 285 yards and three TDs with no interceptions (but 1 lost fumble). In his last three starts, Warner has 979 yards with 5 TDs and 3 INTs. As long as he stays healthy, heíll continue to produce nice yardage totals, and occasionally, a couple TDs, too. He looks like a decent start against San Francisco in week 13, Houston in week 15 and possibly finishing the season against Philly and Indy.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

QB Kyle Boller - BAL

Itís doubtful that Boller will ever amount to much of a fantasy QB, but he is the Ravens starter and probably one of the few starting QBs in the NFL that are available in most leagues. The Ravens have games against Houston, Denver, Green Bay and Minnesota the rest of the way. If heís going to be useful at all, it will probably be in those games in particular. Otherwise, Boller isnít a player to get excited about if you see him on the waiver wire. He might have some value in really deep leagues, or those requiring 2 starters. Otherwise, heís at the bottom of the stack.

QB Ken Dorsey - SF

Dorsey played better than most people probably expected this week (myself included). He threw for 249 yards completing 18 of 29 passes with a 22-yard TD strike to Brandon Lloyd. If the 49ers get some good play from their QB position, they could be a prime spot for some fantasy sleepers with nice matchups remaining on the schedule against Tennessee, Arizona, St. Louis and Houston. Dorsey was solid this week, but given how shaky heís been in the past, itís hard to expect much consistency. Heís not going to produce stats like this every week, but thereís always a slight chance that he could do it again.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

QB Charlie Frye - CLE

Frye entered this weekís game briefly in the 2nd and 4th quarters, but Trent Dilfer returned to the game in each instance and Dilfer finished the game. Eventually, Frye will get his chance. Right now, it looks like Romeo Crennel is picking the right spots to expose Frye without feeding him to the wolves. The Browns have the Vikings next week and the Raiders in week 15. Frye could be worth a look in week 15 if heís playing, otherwise, it looks like Trent Dilfer might be a deep sleeper next week against the Vikings. Frye is a much better option for dynasty leagues, but heíll probably get a few starts this year so the Browns can see what they have for next year. With Braylon Edwards emerging now, both he and Frye could provide some highlights for the Browns in the coming weeks as they gain confidence and earn bigger roles.

Add for Insurance (Backup Plan for playoffs)

QB Jamie Martin - STL

Marc Bulger was knocked out of this weekís game against Arizona forcing Jamie Martin back into action. Martin responded well throwing for 161 yards completing 14 out of 19 passes with a TD and a 2-point conversion. The Rams have a nice schedule the rest of the way with Houston, Minnesota, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Dallas on tap. All of those are considered decent matchups). Letís see whatís up with Bulgerís shoulder first. If Bulger is sidelined for any length of time (again), then Martin moves up to the top of the list. Otherwise, Martin should be on your short list if you own Bulger. Pick him up to protect yourself during the playoff weeks.

QB Billy Volek - TEN

If you own McNair, then you should already own Volek as an insurance policy. If you havenít made that move yet, and Volek remains available, donít wait any longer. If Volek is thrown into action, heís a great waiver wire pickup for every other owner looking for a QB, too.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

QB Todd Bouman - NO

The Saints appear to be noncommittal to Aaron Brooks for 2006. At least, thatís the rumor. If Brooks is indeed jettisoned from the Saints, then Bouman becomes an interesting candidate to start for the team next year. Adrian McPherson is extremely intriguing given his great physical attributes, but Bouman is much more ďgame readyĒ. McPherson could emerge, too, but Bouman has a huge lead on him in terms of experience. Heís a big kid with a strong arm. The Saints have enough talent and speed at receiver that Bouman could easily produce similar number to Brooks, but without the rushing stats probably.

QB Matt Schaub - ATL

Schaub could be a target for a few other NFL clubs this offseason to become their starting QB. He probably wonít be part of the Falcons long-term. If he lands in the right situation, he could be an excellent dynasty league QB if you can still grab him now.

QB Andrew Walter - OAK

There is a growing sentiment among the Raiders fan base to bench Kerry Collins and see what Marques Tuiasosopo and Andrew Walter can do. Tuiasosopo is technically the teamís backup, but Walter might have the most long-term value. If the Raiders continue to lose football games, then Walter or Tui could start a game or two down the stretch. Walter might even be a long shot to start for the Raiders next year.

Others to Keep an Eye On

QB Kliff Kingsbury - NYJ

Before you start chuckling, just keep in mind how bad it must be for Jets fans. Vinny Testaverde was thrown back into the fire this week against the Broncos after Brooks Bollinger suffered a concussion, but it didnít take long for Vinny to get knocked out of the game forcing Kliff Kingsbury into action. Testaverde threw for 152 yards and two interceptions trying to get the Jets on the scoreboard, but his efforts proved to be futile. The Jets passing game has been terrible almost all year and thereís not much of a reason to think theyíll suddenly get some wind in their sails. If youíre an optimist, then look at it this way. They have successive games against New England, Oakland, Miami and New England again in weeks 13 thru 16. If you have to finalize your roster before the playoffs, it might be worthwhile stashing an extra QB with a soft schedule just in case you need one. Whether that is Vinny, Brooks or even Kliff freaking Kingsbury, we just donít know.

QB Sage Rosenfels - MIA

The Dolphins looked terrible against the Browns this week, and by all accounts, so did Sage Rosenfels. Rosenfels replaced Gus Frerotte and completed 5 out of 10 for just 14 yards with two interceptions. This is purely just our hunch, but thatís probably all Nick Saban had to see to stick with Gus Frerotte moving forward. Frerotte has been on the verge of losing the job to Rosenfels, but after this week that might not happen. If Frerotte is benched or isnít able to play next week, then Rosenfels could still be worth a look, but we sure hope he plays better than he did against the Browns defense. The Dolphins have remaining games against Oakland, San Diego, Tennessee and New England. All four of those games could be decent games for whoever is starting at QB for the Dolphins.

Running Back

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

RB J.J. Arrington - ARI

Arrington scored his 2nd TD of the season against the Rams this week. Ironically, he produced better numbers than his adversary Steven Jackson of the Rams. Arrington combined for 69 yards and saw more touches than Marcel Shipp did as he appears to be gaining momentum and playing time each week. Arrington carried the football 11 times for 45 yards compared to Shippís eight attempts for 30 yards. Look for Arringtonís role to grow even more down the stretch. The Cardinals offensive line doesnít help his cause any, but he could be a decent option in the next six weeks if you can still grab him.

RB T.J. Duckett - ATL

Duckett was back in the lineup for the second week in a row after missing a few games due to injury. If he was cut free by one of your leagueís owners, grab him immediately. Heís much better in TD-heavy leagues, but he can be an effective RB2/RB3 in deeper leagues or as a "flex" starter. If Warrick Dunn were to get hurt, then Duckett's stock would rise considerably.

RB DeShaun Foster - CAR

The Panthers running attack was stonewalled by the Bears defense this week. Stephen Davis was ineffective against the Bears gaining only 6 yards on four carries, but Foster did a little better rushing for 41 yards on nine carries and catching 3 balls for another 20 yards. If Foster could just get a full gameís worth of work, then heíd be a solid fantasy back. Foster is definitely worth a roster spot if heís lingering out there, simply because his value would soar if Davis went down. As long as Davis remains in the mix, however, Foster will be obligated to third down duty and some occasional goal line touches.

RB Maurice Hicks - SF

Hicks saw his first action of the season taking over for Kevan Barlow and Frank Gore, who both got hurt in Sunday's game against the Seahawks. Hicks ran 11 times for 83 yards and scored a TD at the end of the game that nearly forced overtime. Hicks broke off a 50-yard run on his first carry to spark the 49ers to a comeback. Heís been productive when given an opportunity in the past, so keep an eye on the status of Gore and Barlow next week. If both are unavailable, Hicks gets bumped up near the top of the list since heís the one back on this list that is the most likely to be available in nearly every league.

RB Greg Jones - JAX

Greg Jones remained a big part of the Jags ground game this week after he replaced an ineffective and injured Fred Taylor, who surprisingly was active and started the game. Taylor was quickly pulled and Greg Jones took over carrying the football 16 times but only gaining 33 yards against a tough Titans run defense. Of course, Fred Taylor could return to the lineup at any time, but his problems seem to be lingering, so Jones could be a strong sleeper over the next few weeks. As long as Taylor is inactive, then Jones deserves consideration in your starting lineup depending on the matchup.

RB Chester Taylor - BAL

Taylor probably isnít available in many leagues with 10 or more teams, but if heís out there for any reason, make sure he doesnít stay out there. This week, Taylor finally got more carries than the lethargic Jamal Lewis. Lewis rushed for only 28 yards on 12 carries, while Taylor managed 59 yards on 19 carries against the tough Steelers defense. Taylor is also a good receiver out of the backfield. He caught four balls for 26 yards this week. Taylor has played better than Lewis all year long, but heís finally starting to get his just reward. Heís a free agent after the season, so he has a ton of incentive to put up big numbers. Itís just a matter of him getting the opportunity because Billick keeps sticking with Lewis.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

RB Mike Alstott - TB

Alstott has settled back into his old role as a solid short yardage back for the Bucs. He only carried the football four times but he scored a TD for the third straight week. If you are in a TD-heavy league, then Alstott is a great player to acquire for depth and possibly consideration as a starter.

RB Heath Evans - NE

In the last two weeks, Heath Evans has taken advantage of a unique opportunity. Just how long that window stays open is anyoneís guess right now. Corey Dillon doesnít appear to be ready to play anytime soon, but the way the Patriots are guarded about their injured players, itís hard to say with any certainty. Patrick Pass is also a threat for playing time. Evans should be picked up, if nobody did last week, only because thereís a distinct chance he could get the bulk of the work next week once again. He didnít score a TD this week but he combined for 95 yards gaining 74 yards on just 16 carries. The Patriots play KC, the Jets and Buffalo over the next three weeks. Whoever lines up for the Patriots should be a good source of fantasy production.

RB Patrick Pass - NE

Pass returned to action this week splitting the workload with Heath Evans. Pass carried the ball 13 times for 53 yards and he caught 2 balls for 36 yards. He had a 31-yard run and a 29-yard catch on the day. If Dillon isnít able to play this week, or within the next few weeks, then Pass is a heckuva nice sleeper since the Patriots have softer matchups against the Chiefs, Jets and Bills over the next three games.

RB Adrian Peterson - CHI

Peterson shouldnít be on the waiver wire now that Cedric Benson sprained his knee and will miss another 2 to 5 weeks. Peterson becomes the primary backup to Thomas Jones for probably another three games. He gained 37 yards on 4 carries this week. He is productive when he plays and Jones has a propensity for being banged up. If Jones gets hurt again, Peterson could be a great source for some nice rushing stats. The Bears offensive line is getting it done this year and they like to run the ball as much as they can with their defense also playing so well.

RB Aaron Stecker - NO

Stecker proved to be quite a versatile weapon this week for the Saints. He caught six balls for 72 yards and ran 7 times for 25 yards. Heís getting a consistent workload each week sharing time with Antowain Smith. Stecker is a bit more valuable in PPR leagues obviously, but heís worth a roster spot just to protect you for injuries in the playoffs.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

RB Jerome Bettis - PIT

Bettis only carried the football twice this week and Willie Parker remains the starter. Bettis might not have a significant role for the Steelers unless Parker gets hurt or Duce Staley also gets hurt. If you have deeper rosters, Bettis might be worth stashing away, but right now heís not seeing enough carries to be very useful.

RB Ciatrick Fason - MIN

Fason will serve as the Vikings goal line back for the rest of the season possibly. Moe Williams was placed on IR allowing Fason to move up the depth chart. Fason could be competing with Mewelde Moore for the starting job next year in training camp, but at the very least, he could earn a bigger role down the stretch as the Vikings being looking forward to next year. Michael Bennett wonít be back, so Fason should get a few looks.

RB Tony Fisher - GB

Fisher is ďhealthyĒ again and he should see some action tonight against the Vikings. Samkon Gado will be the Packers featured back unless he gets hurt. Fisher is more of a third down back, but the way things have gone for the Packers, Fisher could be thrown into a starting role again this year. If Fisher was cut after Gado took over, you might want to claim him just in case he gets another opportunity.

RB Cedric Houston - NYJ

As the Jets season gets worse and worse, donít be surprised if Cedric Houston begins to play a more significant role in the last month. The Jets schedule features several teams that are weak against the run. If Houston gets an audition down the stretch, it could come against defenses like Oakland, Miami and Buffalo. Those last two teams present great matchups for Houston Ė or Curtis Martin if he just keeps on doing what heís been doing for years.

RB Lee Suggs - CLE

Reuben Droughns is playing extremely well right now, so donít look for Lee Suggs to be contributing anytime soon. That said, if Droughns gets hurt, Suggs could have plenty of value again. Of course, Suggs needs to stay healthy first, but the Browns offensive line is opening holes for the ground game finally, so Suggs could be very productive if he ends up starting a game or two.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

RB Jonathan Wells - HOU

Wells was supposed to have earned a bigger role in the offense because of his solid play filling in for the injured Domanick Davis. However, Sunday nightís game didnít exactly unfold in that manner. Wells had one carry for -2 yards. Davis started and played the entire game. The only reason to add Wells is if you own Davis and want some peace of mind. If Davis is out, Wells becomes the Texans featured runner again. However, if Davis is healthy, you obviously have little need to carry Wells except for that insurance policy.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

RB Travis Henry - TEN

Henry isnít even playing right now despite being healthy. Chris Brown is producing, and so far, heís staying healthy. As long as that doesnít change, thereís no reason to expect Henry to play a bigger role in the offense. We all know that Brown isnít the most durable back, so Henry is one of those backups that are usually worth a roster spot. If Brown stays healthy, Henryís still a decent player to stash for 2006 in keeper leagues. Heís not a guarantee to stick around Tennessee, so he could still emerge somewhere else as a starter.

Others to Keep an Eye On

RB Dee Brown - KC

Because the Chiefs offensive line is so good, itís worth getting to know the backs behind Larry Johnson on the depth chart. Smith was with the team in the preseason and was recently promoted to the active roster from the practice squad. Brown has bounced around the league before resurfacing with the Chiefs. Itís difficult to say who would be the starter if LJ were to get hurt, but itís very probably that both McKenzi Smith and Dee Brown would both see plenty of action.

RB Ron Dayne - DEN

Tatum Bell hurt his shoulder this week and could possibly miss the next couple of games (depending on the severity). We'll keep a close eye on this situation because of the obvious implications with the Broncos productive running game. If Bell isn't able to play, then Dayne will once again get another chance to prove he can be productive in the right situation. Otherwise, if Bell is fine, then Dayne isn't worth your time.

RB McKenzi Smith - KC

Because the Chiefs offensive line is so good, it's worth getting to know the backs behind Larry Johnson on the depth chart. Smith was with the team in the preseason and was recently promoted to the active roster from the practice squad. Brown has bounced around the league before resurfacing with the Chiefs. It's difficult to say who would be the starter if LJ were to get hurt, but it's very probably that both McKenzi Smith and Dee Brown would both see plenty of action.

Wide Receiver

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

WR Drew Bennett - TEN

Bennett is back in the starting lineup and appears to be healthy again after missing several weeks with a broken thumb/hand. He caught six balls for 55 yards against the Jaguars. The schedule is favorable over the next month for the Titans passing game. If Bennett is available, get him immediately.

WR Reggie Brown - PHI

Brown has now produced two strong starts and one forgettable one since replacing Terrell Owens in the Eagles lineup. Brown caught a 22-yard TD from Mike McMahon while finishing with 88 yards on the day with three catches. Brown is the Eagles big play receiver right now. He figures to be either the 2nd or 3rd most targeted player behind Westbrook and possibly L.J. Smith. He might not be consistent, but heíll produce some big games.

WR Isaac Bruce - STL

Bruce is finally back for real. He played last week, but didnít produce anything worthwhile. This week he caught a 42-yard TD and had 83 yards and 4 catches on the day. If you can still grab him, donít hesitate. The Rams throw the ball a lot and they will continue to keep Holt, Curtis and Bruce busy.

WR Braylon Edwards - CLE

Edwards is quickly becoming the Browns best receiver. Antonio Bryant is technically the teamís No. 1 receiver, but even he knows that Edwards is the man. Braylon caught six balls this week for 90 yards. He should only get better with experience. The Browns will almost certainly be making him a bigger part of the offense down the stretch, especially if/when Charlie Frye takes over at QB.

WR Darrell Jackson - SEA

Jacksonís return could come as soon as week 12, but more likely week 13 or 14. Once heís back in the Seahawks lineup, heíll be worth playing immediately. If heís available for some strange reason, then grab him now before others remember heís out there.

WR Michael Jenkins - ATL

Jenkins returned to the lineup this week and snagged a 10-yard TD pass from Michael Vick in the third quarter on his way to catching five balls for 69 yards for the game. The Falcons passing game has been surprisingly productive in the last three games, but we must forewarn the very distinct possibility that these three games are the exception and not the norm for Vick and the Falcons offense. Vick threw for 306 yards against one of the tougher pass defenses in the league this week. Jenkins is getting healthy and Roddy White is starting to make an impact, so thereís a legitimate chance that Jenkins and White could both come on strong down the stretch.

WR Brandon Jones - TEN

Jones caught a 21-yard pass at the beginning of this weekís game but then disappeared and didnít have a catch the rest of the game. Heís starting opposite Drew Bennett with Tyrone Calico probably out one more week. Once Jones is completely healthy, he could be a productive WR3 in the last month or so.

WR Matt Jones - JAX

The Jags passing game continues to go more and more through their young bucks. Both Matt Jones and Ernest Wilford caught TDs this week. Jones caught a TD for the second week in a row finishing with 46 yards on three catches. Jones almost caught another TD only to have it swatted away by the defender. As Jones gains experience, he should develop into a consistent red zone threat and by next season, he could be a serious candidate for 8 to 10 TDs.

WR Brandon Lloyd - SF

Lloyd finally put together another big game this week exploding for 119 yards on seven catches with a 22-yard TD. Itís difficult to project Lloyd being consistently productive the way the 49ers offense has played this year, but itís good to see some signs of life from this team. Arnaz Battle is back in the lineup, too, so that should help everyone.

WR Roddy White - ATL

White has come on strong over the last few games and heís now looking like he might be a consistently productive player for the rest of the season. That statement might prove to be optimistic, but Vick is doing well over the last three games. White has nine catches for 180 yards and a TD in that span. He caught four balls for 108 yards this week.

WR Ernest Wilford - JAX

The Jags passing game continues to go more and more through their young bucks. Both Matt Jones and Ernest Wilford caught TDs this week. Wilford caught 5 balls for 47 yards. In the past month, Wilford has emerged as a nice WR3 candidate. The Jags schedule looks good down the stretch, so Wilford should continue to be worthwhile in most leagues.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

WR Michael Clayton - TB

Clayton returned to action this week catching three balls for 48 yards against the Falcons. He hasnít been healthy all year long, so tread lightly. At least he was semi-productive this week, so keep an eye on him because he was waived in many leagues by impatient owners that have grown tired of his lack of production.

WR Justin Gage - CHI

Gage caught 7 balls for 81 yards this week finally emerging as a strong option opposite Muhsin Muhammad for Kyle Orton. The Bears havenít been very consistent or very productive this year throwing the football, but Gage can be useful in the red zone with his size, so heís worth a shot if you need some depth.

WR Taylor Jacobs - WAS

Jacobs is starting for the Redskins replacing the injured David Patten for the rest of the season. Jacobs has been a bust so far in his career, but at least he has a shot to do something. He caught three balls this week for a grand total of 17 yards. James Thrash pulled a hamstring, so heís not a threat to take playing time away from Jacobs at this point. Jacobs has a legitimate shot to be productive the rest of the way, especially since the Redskins would need to sign someone off the street to displace him at this point.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

WR Arnaz Battle - SF

Battle returned to the lineup this week catching one pass for 11 yards. The 49ers offense had been AWOL for several weeks, but this weekís ďbreakoutĒ was a good sign. Battle could prove to be a nice sleeper still if the 49ers get some solid quarterbacking in the last six games.

WR Andre Davis - NE

Davis finally made an impact for the Patriots this week catching a 60-yard TD pass from Tom Brady. Davis has excellent speed and big play ability, but heís always injured and he must prove that he can be consistently productive. David Givens is banged up, so Davis could have some opportunities in the next few weeks.

WR Robert Ferguson - GB

Just when he was about to return to the starting lineup, Ferguson went down in practice grabbing his knee. Thatís just the kind of luck that Ferguson has had since he was drafted by Green Bay. It turns out the injury isnít as bad as they initially feared. Ferguson has yet to be ruled out of tonightís game either. If heís back, then he immediately becomes a WR3/WR4 candidate with Favre slinging the pill to him.

WR Samie Parker - KC

Parker is finally healthy again and back in the lineup. He caught a TD on Sunday night against Houston finishing the game with two catches for 23 yards. Parker has a chance to be a decent sleeper down the stretch. The Chiefs have several good matchups in the coming weeks including New England, Denver, Dallas, NY Giants and San Diego. If Parker can stay healthy, he could prove to be semi-useful in those games.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

WR Mark Bradley - CHI

Bradley is out for the rest of this year, but donít forget about him in dynasty leagues. He flashed some big play potential as a rookie and once he gets healthy and develops more consistency, he could blossom into a solid fantasy receiver as well.

WR D.J. Hackett - SEA

Hackett has been productive in the last two games with a TD in each game. Unfortunately, for him, Darrell Jackson will be returning soon. Until then, Hackett is a nice play in deeper leagues considering that he caught six balls for 67 yards this week.

WR Jerome Mathis - HOU

Mathis is crazy fast. Heís already proving to be the leagueís best young kickoff return man. He broke a 99-yard return for a TD this week. He caught a 34-yard TD a few weeks ago. Corey Bradford wonít be around for much longer and Jabar Gaffney looks better suited for the slot. Mathis could emerge as the Texans No. 2 receiver as soon as next year. With his speed, Mathis could be a huge sleeper if you can still grab him now. He needs to keep working on the small stuff. Heís still considered a raw talent without limited experience against top competition, but his upside is very high.

WR Roscoe Parrish - BUF

Parrish is healthy again and finally emerging in the Bills passing game. He caught two balls for 14 yards this week, but look for his role to possibly grown in the last six games. Parrish is small, but fast and capable of making big plays after the catch. He could end up being everything that Josh Reed was supposed to be, but never did become.

WR Koren Robinson - MIN

Robinson might earn a bigger role next year with the Vikings, but itís unclear who will be the Vikings QB if Culpepper is slow to return. Robinson has plenty of talent, but heís always fallen short of expectations. Heís definitely a buy low candidate, but heís running out of chances, so he needs to make this one work.

WR Courtney Roby - TEN

The Titans could be looking at a future pairing of Brandon Jones and Courtney Roby, though Drew Bennett doesnít appear to be going anywhere soon. Roby has superb speed, but heís still developing as a complete player. The Titans like his potential and heís shown flashes of developing into a solid player. If injuries continue to hamper the Titans WR corps, Roby could be a player to watch this year, too.

Tight End

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

TE Dallas Clark - IND

Clark entered last week ranked around 19th in leagues at the TE position. After breaking out with six catches for 125 yards and a TD, itís time to finally play him every week if you have him, or if heís still hanging around the waiver wire in smaller leagues. Heíll be good for a few clunkers, but heís clicking with Peyton Manning right now and you have to ride a guy when heís this hot.

TE Zachary Hilton - NO

Hilton has been on our sleeper watch the past couple of weeks. Earlier in the season, Brooks was going to his tight end more. Hilton is starting in place of the injured Ernie Conwell and this week he produced 72 yards on six catches. Heís a huge target at 6í 8Ē and 268 lbs. If youíre in a dynasty league, Hilton is an excellent player to roll the dice on with a roster spot. He could be a strong play in deeper leagues for the rest of the season, too. Conwell might not be ready for another couple of weeks, and even then, that might be pushing it.

TE Ben Watson - NE

Weíve been waiting all year long for the much-anticipated breakout of the Patriots TE tandem. Over the last few games, Ben Watson is finally producing at a level where heís worth spot starting or keeping on the roster. Earlier in the year, he wasnít productive enough. Now, he seems to be on a roll. He caught four balls for 66 yards this week and now has at least three catches in each of the last three games.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

TE Michael Gaines - CAR

Gaines continues to start for the Panthers filling in for the injured Kris Mangum. He caught two balls this week for 15 yards. Nothing spectacular, but Gaines could emerge as a potential starter for the Panthers down the road and eventually replace Mangum at some point.

TE Alex Smith - TB

Smith continues to impress as a rookie and now Anthony Becht is hurt, so look for him to get even more of an opportunity to produce in the weeks ahead. Smith caught three balls this week for 43 yards. You can bet that Jon Gruden will find ways to utilize this up and coming player the rest of the season. He could be a decent spot starter down the stretch, but he also could emerge as a borderline starter in some leagues, definitely be next season.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

TE Tim Euhus - BUF

Thereís been a Tim Euhus sighting in Buffalo. The Oregon State product caught two balls for 12 yards this week Ė his first stats of the year. Euhus has limited upside, but he could compete for the starting job next year with rookie Kevin Everett and veteran Mark Campbell.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

TE Adam Bergen - ARI

Bergen is an undrafted free agent rookie that is finally beginning to make an impact for the Cardinals. He caught a TD this week with 4 catches and 35 yards on the game. He was a good receiver in college and he could be a viable option for the Cardinals next year along with Teyo Johnson.

Others to Keep an Eye On

TE Kyle Brady - JAX

What Brady did this week (3 catches, 43 yards, 1 TD) can only be chalked up to one last hoorah. Bradyís clearly nearing the end of a long career, but he hasnít been a fantasy option in years and isnít likely to be one this year either. Donít bother picking up Brady, this may very well be his only worthwhile game of the season.


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

PK Joe Nedney - SF

Donít look now, but Joe Nedney is on fire. Nedney has made good on 14 out of 16 field goal attempts in the last four games with only one PAT. That has to be one of the weirdest ratios Iíve ever seen.

PK Matt Stover - BAL

Stover has been consistently productive since a slow start despite how poorly the Ravens offense has been this season. If the Ravens offense improves even just a little bit, then Stover could once again be a consistent, top fantasy option.

Others to Keep an Eye On

PK Billy Cundiff - DAL

Cundiff is back for another stint with the Cowboys. He was resigned over the weekend after Shaun Suisham was released.


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

TD Cleveland Browns - CLE

The Browns are another decent sleeper this week if youíre looking for a waiver wire defense. Facing the Vikings turnover-prone offense, the Browns could be a decent source for a few turnovers this week.

TD Oakland Raiders - OAK

The Raiders host the Miami Dolphins in week 12 in what might turn out to be a decent gamble as a spot starter if you are one of those teams playing the matchups all year long.

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