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Week 13 Waiver Wire Report


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick - STL

It didn't take long before Jamie Martin was knocked out of the game and the Rams were forced to throw their rookie QB from Harvard to the wolves. Or was he? Fitzpatrick responded better than anyone could've expected throwing for 310 yards with 3 TDs including a 56-yard game winner to Kevin Curtis in overtime. Granted, this performance was against a soft Texans secondary. Let's wait and see if Fitzpatrick is named as the team's starter for next week. The Rams need to see what's going on with Martin and make a decision accordingly. If he's named the starter, then he becomes one of the hottest waiver wire players. If Martin isn't able to play next week then Fitzpatrick would be making his first NFL start.

QB David Garrard - JAX

Byron Leftwich could miss the rest of the regular season with a broken ankle. At the very least, Garrard is the Jaguars starting quarterback for the next four or five weeks (at Cle, vs Ind, vs SF, at Hou, vs Ten). It's a Nice looking schedule. Garrard has the ability to hurt defenses with his arm and his legs. He's not known for being a great passer, but he's a darn good runner. Don't expect Garrard to run for 60 yards and a TD every week though he does have that potential. Pick him up whether you own Leftwich or not if you can help yourself or keep him away from a rival.

QB Mike McMahon - PHI

McMahon might still be available in some smaller leagues. As we said last week, he's going to have some good games and some bad ones, too. His arm is strong, but erratic. At least he makes up for it with his running. He's sort of like David Garrard in that manner. McMahon faces Seattle, the NY Giants at home and then he's on the road against Arizona and the Rams in weeks 15 and 16. That's a schedule packed with potential if McMahon can just take advantage of the situation, he could be a great sleeper pick to ride into the playoffs, if you're one of many to lose QBs in recent weeks.

QB Ben Roethlisberger - PIT

Roethlisberger returns to the field tonight, but he's still admittedly not quite 100%. He'll probably be forced to throw tonight against the Colts, giving their aggressive defense some runs at him. If he stays healthy, he should be productive playing against Cincinnati, Chicago and Minnesota over the next three weeks followed by Cleveland and Detroit. The Bears are the only that should cause concern.

QB Kurt Warner - ARI

Warner is proving to be a yardage machine if nothing else. Warner led the Cardinals on a pseudo comeback against the Jags but ultimately fell short. Warner's a great shot to throw for around 300 yards in any given game. The Cardinals can't run the ball well and their run/pass play call ratio reflects that. As long as Warner remains upright, he has a great shot to produce top 10 numbers down the stretch facing San Francisco, Washington, Houston, Philadelphia and Indianapolis. If not, Josh McCown becomes the hot commodity against given the matchups.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

QB David Carr - HOU

In a predictably soft matchup, David Carr produced excellent numbers this week. He completed 25 of 34 for 293 yards with three TDs and one interception and ran for 39 yards against the Rams. He faces Tennessee and Arizona in weeks 14 and 15 and San Francisco in week 17. All of those are solid matchups where Carr could be productive.

QB Gus Frerotte - MIA

Frerotte is among the riskier options on the waiver wire. He is productive at times, but ultimately not consistent enough to be used regularly. In the right matchup, he might be productive, or lay an egg. It's hard to say. That's why Frerotte is a journeyman QB with some success mixed with many failures, too. He faces San Diego in week 14, Tennessee in week 16 and New England in week 17. All of those games could turn out to be solid spots for Frerotte.

QB Jeff Garcia - DET

The Lions are a train wreck offensively. Some weeks they perform up to expectations, but more often than not, they lay a giant egg collectively. Dropped passes, missed blocks, turnovers, not throwing to the first down marker and stupid penalties are all on the excuse list. If healthy, Garcia is the one that Steve Mariucci calls his starter. The Lions face Minnesota, Green Bay, Cincinnati and New Orleans in weeks 13 thru 16. The receivers are getting healthier finally, so if Garcia can stay healthy himself, then there's always a chance this team could turn things around or at least put up a couple decent games and continue laying eggs along the way.

QB Chris Simms - TB

Simms has his moments, but this week wasn't one of them. He's managed to stay healthy and keep the starting job so far, so that's a good thing. The Bucs face New Orleans, Carolina, New England, Atlanta and New Orleans in the next five games. Simms could be a decent reach in at least a few of those games.

QB Alex Smith - SF

Smith continues to evolve into a solid pass catching TE for the Bucs. He only caught 2 balls this week 14 yards, but his skills and talent are easily identifiable watching the Bucs play. It's only a matter of time before he'll become a solid fantasy TE. Granted, he might not make that leap until next year, but he's a solid player to gamble on given his natural ability and upside.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

QB Kyle Boller - BAL

Make no mistake about it. Boller is still a horrible QB. He just managed to throw for 211 yards and three TDs this week. Both are decidedly high numbers for him. Unfortunately, he also threw two interceptions and lost a fumble. If you can stomach Boller's turnovers and bone-headed plays, then he could be useful against Houston, Denver, Green Bay and Minnesota in the next four games, even if he's just for insurance if this is the last week to make transactions in your league.

QB Charlie Frye - CLE

The momentum and push to get Charlie Frye more playing time took a hit this week when he was intercepted on his only pass attempt. Trent Dilfer didn't fare much better throwing two picks himself and also losing two fumbles. Frye will ultimately get a start or two down the stretch, one has to believe, but how long we have to wait before we see Frye in anything more than a cameo appearance each week remains to be seen.

QB Rex Grossman - CHI

Grossman is now healthy enough to dress for the game and serve as the team's No. 3 quarterback. Lovie Smith is on record as saying that Kyle Orton will remain the team's starting QB when Grossman is healthy, but knowing Grossman is available means that he could reemerge at any point due to injury or a bad performance out of Orton. Otherwise, he's worth a pickup in dynasty leagues because he should have a legitimate shot to win the starting job in 2006.

QB J.P. Losman - BUF

Losman threw for 197 yards and an interception this week completing 16 out of 29 passes against the Panthers. He was sacked four times. The next three games against Miami, New England and Denver could be hit/miss spots for Losman if you're in a deeper league or 2-quarterback league. Losman is very much a work in progress, but the Bills will give him every chance to succeed given their investment in him already.

QB Kyle Orton - CHI

Orton figures to be the Bears starting QB for the rest of the season barring injury or poor performance. Orton faces the Packers twice, the Vikings once and Atlanta. There is no excellent matchup among the group, but overall it's a better than average schedule.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

QB Ken Dorsey - SF

Dorsey will probably return to a backup role once Alex Smith is healthy and the 49ers decide it's time to see what they can get out of him this year. Right now, Dorsey is playing well enough to give the team a chance to win, but his hold on the starting job is loose at best. He threw for only 192 yards with 1 TD and 1 interception against the Titans.

QB Jon Kitna - CIN

Carson Palmer owners should be doing the smart thing before the playoffs. Grab Kitna just in case you need him and your league doesn't allow waivers during the playoffs.

QB Josh McCown - ARI

If you own Warner and plan on riding the rapids with him, it's probably a good idea to have McCown on the roster knowing the upcoming matchups (San Francisco, Washington, Houston, Philadelphia and Indianapolis) are all solid fantasy matchups, but almost all of those defenses are aggressive and get after the QB. That could be a problem for the immobile Warner. McCown could be a great spot start if he's forced to start because of injury.

QB Billy Volek - TEN

If you own McNair, you definitely should already have Billy Volek on your roster. The Titans face Indy, Houston, Seattle and Miami in the next four weeks. Volek would be a strong fantasy sleeper in all of those games considering they are all better than average matchups for the sake of fantasy potential.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

QB Dan Orlovsky - DET

At the rate the Lions are going they could be evaluating Orlovsky in the final stretch of games for a possible starting gig in the future, like, next year. There's no guarantee that Joey Harrington or Jeff Garcia will be in a Lions uniform next season. They'll probably sign a veteran or draft another QB, but Orlovsky could find himself in a position where he could compete for the job. He's 6' 5" and he's shown good arm strength, but he's more statuesque than mobile.

QB Matt Schaub - ATL

Schaub could very well end up on a different team during the offseason. There will be a few teams on the market for a young QB to possibly lead their offense into the future and Schaub's name is bound to come up in many of those discussions. He's a big, tall QB with a good arm and a nice grasp of the offense. He's shown great potential since he was a rookie, and like Billy Volek, he could prove to be a very good starter in this league for another team.

QB Bradlee VanPelt - DEN

Keep an eye on Van Pelt if you play in a deeper dynasty league. He's a gamer. Van Pelt could be a very productive fantasy QB if Jake Plummer gets hurt. He's kind of like a young Mark Brunell. He can (and will) use his legs to make plays, but he's also a bit of a gunslinger, too. If anything, Plummer owners should be interested in Van Pelt just to cover your backside.

Running Back

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

RB Marion Barber III - DAL

Barber relinquished the starting job to Julius Jones finally, but he's still very much in the mix. Bill Parcells likes using him near the goal line where he's proven effective while Jones was hurt. Barber's worth holding onto if Jones gets hurt again or for dynasty purposes, where he could emerge as a starter down the road again.

RB T.J. Duckett - ATL

Duckett is healthy again and he was cut loose in some smaller leagues by owners who couldn't wait for him. Duckett carried 19 times against the Lions on Thanksgiving also scoring a TD. The Falcons would use Duckett even more if Warrick Dunn gets hurt, but for now, he's definitely worth a roster spot again. He's also a nice option as a flex starter for leagues that allow them.

RB DeShaun Foster - CAR

It looks like the Panthers are giving Foster the rest of the season to prove he can be their featured back. They will have to invest in Foster after the season, so before making that decision, Foster will be the featured back as the Panthers make their playoff push. The Panthers play Atlanta twice and New Orleans. If Foster remains healthy, he should be a productive back in those games.

RB Samkon Gado - GB

Just when we thought Gado's fifteen minutes were up, the Nigerian Nightmare II surprised us again by rushing for 111 yards on 26 carries including a 33 yard run for a TD. Gado did lose another fumble, but that was the least of the Packers problems. He has a tough schedule against Detroit, Chicago (twice) and Baltimore over the next four weeks, but at least he's a starter. As a RB2, he's risky but not without some rewards, but those four games don't look like particularly good situations for the Packers to generate much of a ground game.

RB Greg Jones - JAX

Jones continues to fill in for the injured Fred Taylor, who could return as soon as next week. Jones ran 23 times for 78 yards including a game breaking 25-yard TD in the fourth quarter. If Taylor isn't ready next week, then Jones is a potentially decent start in his place. The Jags face Cleveland, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Houston and Tennessee to finish the season. Jones would be a nice start in all of those games if he were starting in place of Taylor.

RB Patrick Pass - NE

Pass started for the second straight week in place of the injured Corey Dillon splitting carries with Heath Evans. Pass carried 8 times for 26 yards with a TD this week, while Evans carried 6 times for 11 yards and caught 3 passes for 25 yards. Dillon might not be ready to start next week either, so keep Pass/Evans in mind depending if they are available.

RB Chester Taylor - BAL

Taylor was set to handle the bulk of the rushing load against Cincinnati only his injured ankle held him out of action. If Taylor is ready to play this week, he should handle a fair share of the workload, but Jamal Lewis finally produced a decent game, so maybe Taylor's opportunity isn't as great now.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

RB J.J. Arrington - ARI

Keep in mind the Cardinals can't run the ball, so whatever opinion you form of Arrington, just remember the offensive line can't block and this team is not committed to the run. That said, Arrington's role has been growing over the last month. He's splitting carries with Marcel Shipp about equally. Arrington ran for 39 yards on 6 carries this week (Shipp had 6 for 23) with one catch for 4 yards. He's worth a roster spot if you're desperate for a starter, he has scored 2 TDs in the last three games.

RB Shawn Bryson - DET

Bryson is Steve Mariucci's boy. Much to the chagrin of Kevin Jones owners, Bryson remains very much a regular part of the Lions pathetic, pass-when-your-behind (which is almost all of the time) offensive philosophy. Bryson replaces Jones on passing downs and in these situations, like Thanksgiving, when they find themselves down a bunch early in the game. Bryson carried six times for 26 yards and caught 5 balls for 18 yards. He's not going away, unless Mooch goes away.

RB Heath Evans - NE

See Patrick Pass. With Corey Dillon sidelined, Pass and Evans are splitting the carries for the Patriots ground attack. They weren't as effective this week as they were the previous two, but Dillon could remain sidelined for another week or longer. That means Evans has a decent chance to see 5 or 10 carries in each of the next couple games if that can help your squad.

RB Travis Henry - TEN

Henry remerged this week against the 49ers with 13 carries for 86 yards. He also caught a pass for 14 yards providing relief for Chris Brown, who also missed about half of the second quarter after turning his ankle. Obviously, Henry is a proven player with a track record of production, but if Brown is healthy, his upside is limited to 10 or 15 touches a week (tops).

RB Maurice Hicks - SF

Hicks spelled Kevan Barlow this week as Frank Gore was inactive because of a hip injury. Hicks ran 6 times for 30 yards and caught three balls for 17 yards. He might be worth a roster spot in deeper leagues, but in smaller leagues, he's only valuable if Barlow and Gore are both unable to dress.

RB Aaron Stecker - NO

Stecker has been largely overshadowed by Antowain Smith in the wake of Deuce McAllister's season ending injury. He's definitely the more versatile of the two and the better big play threat as well. As long as both he and Smith remain healthy, Stecker is a good bet to see about 10 touches a week. Sometimes he's more involved as a receiver, but other times, he's just as busy as Smith is on the ground.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

RB Ciatrick Fason - MIN

Fason continues to see some small bits of playing time behind Mewelde Moore and to a lesser extent Michael Bennett. Fason has been the team's goal line back since Moe Williams was placed on IR. Moore continues to battle through a wrist injury and other assorted ailments, but if he's sidelined over the next few weeks, Fason might be inline for a lot of touches along with Michael Bennett. Otherwise, he's someone to keep in mind for next year. He could have a legitimate shot to compete for the job in camp next year or in 2007.

RB Tony Fisher - GB

Fisher could emerge as a starter again if Gado's fumbling problems continue. That isn't likely to happen, but you never really know. Fisher is much better utilized on third downs where he's an effective receiver out of the backfield.

RB Cedric Houston - NYJ

Houston is getting a handful of carries in each of the last few games and the Jets could give him even more looks down the stretch as they get into that mode where they are playing out the string of games with no playoff implications. Houston could be a starter down the road, but the Jets have Curtis Martin right now, so until he's gone, Houston will be a good backup with some upside.

RB Adrian Peterson - CHI

With Cedric Benson out for another 3 or 4 weeks (most likely), Peterson is the Bears primary backup to Thomas Jones. Peterson runs hard and well whenever he's given the rock. This week he produced 27 yards on 5 carries spelling Jones against a tough Bucs defense. If Jones gets hurt, Peterson becomes a valuable commodity given how well the Bears offensive line and defense are performing to date. Peterson is a potential top 10 fantasy back in the right matchup if he's starting for the Bears. In the meantime, he's a very good insurance policy to take out if you have Jones.

RB Dominic Rhodes - IND

Edgerrin James could easily see limited playing time in the last couple games depending on the playoff implications for the Colts. If the Colts continue to win every game, they're less likely to bench their starters, as they'd be playing for a perfect season. If the Colts lose a game (like tonight against Pittsburgh) then Rhodes becomes a much more interesting player because he could possibly start a couple games or at least handle the bulk of the workload for 2 or 3 quarters in those games.

RB Duce Staley - PIT

With Willie Parker healthy again and Jerome Bettis available, Staley was deactivated last week. Don't forget about him though. If Parker gets hurt again, or if Bettis can't play, then Staley will be called upon. If needed, he's a still a solid play, but only if you know that he'll be active or starting ahead of time.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

RB Dee Brown - KC

Brown appears to be the clear-cut backup to Larry Johnson. McKenzi Smith is also in the mix, but Brown has more experience and looks to have the upper hand. If Johnson is sidelined for any reason, Brown could step in and be productive behind the Chiefs line and surrounded by playmakers like Gonzo and (dare I say) Kennison.

RB Ron Dayne - DEN

Dayne broke out on Turkey Day, thanks to a chest injury suffered by Tatum Bell that kept him sidelined. Dayne dressed in his place and he provided the big run that broke the game open in overtime – a 55-yard run. Dayne finished with 98 yards on seven carries against the Cowboys. He also caught 2 balls for 10 yards. If Bell and/or Anderson are hurt, Dayne is proving that he can be a viable option behind this Broncos line and in this offense. Unfortunately, for Dayne, Bell shouldn't miss much time and Anderson has been remarkably healthy for a 32-year-old back coming off a season-ending groin injury.

RB Maurice Morris - SEA

Morris could end up getting some extra carries down the stretch if the Seahawks are able to lock up a playoff spot ahead of time. He's a free agent at the end of the season so he has plenty of incentives. If Alexander gets hurt, Morris would likely get the bulk of the workload, too.

RB Lee Suggs - CLE

Suggs can't stay healthy enough to lace up the shoes and Reuben Droughns is coming on like gangbusters for the Browns. Suggs has zero chance of becoming the starter for Cleveland without an injury to Droughns. In that event, Suggs could prove to be an excellent short-term play and a worthwhile insurance policy to have if you own Droughns.

RB Anthony Thomas - NO

Thomas has been reduced to one of those "street free agents" that we're so fond of in the realms of fantasy football. Thomas didn't make any headway with Bill Parcells in Dallas and he's currently riding third on the Saints depth chart behind Antowain Smith and Aaron Stecker. If Smith gets hurt, Thomas has a great shot to pick up about 10 or 15 carries a game. Otherwise, he's not worth having on the roster.

RB Jonathan Wells - HOU

Wells has been quite effective in place of Domanick Davis, particularly near the goal line and in short yardage. He's not seeing many carries now that Davis is back in the lineup, but he remains a consideration knowing that Davis is a frequent visitor in the trainer's room. Wells caught a 19-yard pass this week also ran once for 10 yards. If Davis goes down again, Wells is the guy, but Vernand Morency is also in the picture and has more long-term potential and upside.

RB Shaud Williams - BUF

Williams is the primary backup to Willis McGahee and has the most to gain if McGahee gets hurt from a standpoint of fantasy value.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

RB Ryan Moats - PHI

For all those owners who drafted Moats early in your dynasty league drafts, he finally got some carries this week. If he's available in a keeper or dynasty league, then he should not be available long. Brian Westbrook signed a new contract and won't be going anywhere anytime soon, but Moats has an excellent chance to emerge as his counterpart in the Eagles running attack the rest of the way this year, and definitely for next year as well. Moats carried 6 times this week for 24 yards providing Westbrook and Gordon with a few breaks throughout the game. Moats was productive in the preseason and he's very similar is size to Westbrook, but he's a more physical runner between the tackles.

RB Vernand Morency - HOU

Morency could have a much larger role in the Texans offense next year. He could develop into a solid back to rotate with Domanick Davis for the Texans similar to how Chris Perry rotates with Rudi Johnson. Only Morency is more like Rudi Johnson than he is like Chris Perry (when comparing Morency and Davis). Morency certainly has some upside as a runner and if Davis gets hurt in the future, Morency could be the one who gets the call. That honor goes to Jonathan Wells right now, but it probably will be Morency's role next year.

RB Eric Shelton - CAR

Don't forget about Shelton. The Panthers are taking a long look at DeShaun Foster in the next five games to see if he can be their featured back of the future. If not, Shelton remains in the mix next year. He was a huge disappointment after the pre-season hype built up and Shelton broke down. Sidelined all season by a broken foot, Shelton should be healthy and compete for the starting job next year, possibly with Foster.

RB Musa Smith - BAL

Smith hasn't been healthy all year after tearing his ACL a year ago. He was a very good college back at Georgia, but the knock on him is a lack of speed and big play ability. If Smith gets back to 100%, then he could be a consideration for the Ravens in 2006. Chester Taylor and Jamal Lewis could both leave as free agents making Smith the incumbent, at least until they draft a back early and/or sign a veteran. Consider Smith a big-time dark horse to eventually be a starter, but someone to keep an eye on down the road.

RB Onterrio Smith - MIN

Throw all the jokes aside just for a minute. Smith will return to the Vikings next year after his 1-year suspension is over. It's difficult to imagine him ever reclaiming the starting job in Minnesota, but anything is possible. He could also be allowed to go elsewhere if the Vikings decide not to keep him around. He's always one failed test away from a much longer suspension, too, so anything involving Smith invariably also comes with plenty of downside risk.

Others to Keep an Eye On

RB Mike Alstott - TB

Alstott is back in the groove and getting the Bucs goal line touches just like he did in his hey day. In TD only leagues, Alstott is a SUPER HOT commodity at this point. He's worth a roster spot and consideration in the lineup each week given that, he's now scored five TDs in the last four games.

RB Zack Crockett - OAK

Crockett is the back to own in Oakland if anything happens to Lamont Jordan. Crockett would definitely get all the goal line carries and presumably the vast majority of the carries as well with some work also going to Justin Fargas.

RB Brandon Jacobs - NYG

Jacobs has gotten the call numerous times at the goal line in recent weeks, but amazingly, he's been snuffed nearly every single time. It's also amazing considering that Tiki Barber is one of the most effective short yardage runners (statistically) in the league over the past few years. Jacobs still gets his chances, but unless Barber goes down, he's only a player that's worthwhile if you're in a TD-only league.

Wide Receiver

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

WR Drew Bennett - TEN

Bennett was back in the lineup for the second straight week, so he's once against a safe play as a WR3. He caught 5 balls for 52 yards, which seems a bit meager considering that McNair threw for 343 yards and three TDs. It's a bit alarming if you're looking at Bennett as a possible play down the stretch. Roydell Williams stepped up this week when Brandon Jones went down with a knee injury and made some huge plays in the second half. Bennett figures to be a productive player regardless, but it's worth noting that McNair has shown no shyness in going to his rookie receivers, so Bennett's upside is nowhere near where it was last year.

WR Braylon Edwards - CLE

Edwards is a star on the rise and he's gradually developing into the Browns #1 receiver, but it won't happen over night. Edwards caught 4 balls for 42 yards this week on 8 targets. The Browns schedule is a mix of tough game, but Edwards could come in handy in weeks 14 and 15 against Cincinnati and Oakland. The Browns are giving him more opportunities each week, so it's just a matter of making it happen for this young up and coming star.

WR Darrell Jackson - SEA

Jackson could return as early as this coming week (13) when the Seahawks face the Eagles in Philadelphia. If Jackson is cleared to play and he starts, then he's almost certainly worth picking up and starting in almost any league regardless of size or positional requirements. Jackson could come back and finish strong with a run of four games involving good matchups beginning next week against Philadelphia, but also including San Francisco, Tennessee and Indianapolis. If you can still get him, don't blink. Do it.

WR Amani Toomer - NYG

While it's doubtful that Toomer remains on the waiver wire in most leagues, there's a good chance he's out there in smaller leagues of 10 teams or smaller. Toomer continues to get it done. This week he made a tremendous grab in the back of the end zone and he finished with 6 catches for 62 yards. He's caught a TD in three of the last five games and he's averaging 5 catches for 52 yards during that span. As teams pay more attention to Plaxico Burress, Jeremy Shockey and Tiki Barber, Eli Manning will continue finding Toomer. The Giants schedule has mostly good matchup down the stretch beginning with Dallas, Philadelphia and Kansas City over the next three weeks.

WR Roddy White - ATL

White caught two balls for 25 yards on Thanksgiving against the Lions and he's quickly becoming the Falcons receiver to own for fantasy purposes down the stretch – if there is such a thing. The Falcons passing game traditionally isn't a hotbed of fantasy points with Michael Vick at the helm, but in recent weeks, they've shown some potential and White has been a big part of that.

WR Ernest Wilford - JAX

Wilford only caught 2 balls for 28 yards this week and perhaps his free agent shine may have worn off with the news of Byron Leftwich's broken ankle. Still, Wilford is a tremendous target for any QB at 6' 5" and maybe he can still make some plays, in particular, TDs with Garrard at the helm. He has 5 TDs in the last 9 games and he's yet to go two games in a row without a TD dating back to the first two games of the season. If he's still somehow available in your league, he's definitely worth a flyer, but curb your enthusiasm until we see whether or not David Garrard can steer this offense into the right direction in the month ahead.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

WR Reggie Brown - PHI

Brown was held without a catch this week against the Green Bay Packers, so temper whatever enthusiasm you might have for the Eagles rookie wideout. Brown's been productive at times this year, and given the opportunity to shine with Terrell Owens suspended, Brown has shown some ability to make big plays. Unfortunately, the kid's a rookie and you just can't expect many rookie receivers to be consistently productive in the NFL. He could be useful down the stretch considering the next four matchups are very good against Seattle, NY Giants, St. Louis and Arizona.

WR Bobby Engram - SEA

Engram continues to be a constant presence for the Seahawks offense as a reliable possession receiver. Unfortunately, he's somewhat limited as a fantasy WR because he's just not getting into the end zone. Darrell Jackson is expected to return possibly next week, so there's a good chance that Engram won't be scoring anytime soon. Engram caught 6 balls this week but produced a measly 34 yards. He's targeted frequently each week, but he does have some legitimate value in PPR leagues. If you're in a TD heavy league, you might want to leave Engram alone.

WR Lee Evans - BUF

With J.P. Losman under center, Evans is back to being the secondary target behind Eric Moulds, who is without question Losman's go-to receiver. Moulds caught 7 balls for 84 yards while Evans managed 5 balls for 45 yards, almost all of which came in the second half. Evans might be worthwhile if he scores a TD and there are a few good matchups in a row if you're the optimistic type. The Bills face Miami, New England and Denver over the next three weeks. Maybe Evans can make something happen in these games. Don't count on it, but it's possible.

WR Jabar Gaffney - HOU

With David Carr and Andre Johnson showing signs of life against the Rams, there's a new ray of hope for those of you looking at Gaffney as a potential source for points. The truth is that Gaffney was semi-productive while Johnson was hurt (and sidelined), but Carr has always had tunnel vision with regards to Johnson, and ultimately, quickly using his check downs to hit Domanick Davis out of the backfield. Gaffney caught five balls for 38 yards against the Rams, so if he's not getting it done any better here, then he's probably not going to provide much excitement in other matchups. The Texans have three games down the stretch that might be interesting including Tennessee (week 14), Arizona (week 15) and San Francisco (week 17), so keep him on the watch list just in case you might need him.

WR Justin Gage - CHI

Gage is starting for the Bears with Mark Bradley down for the count this year. Gage caught four passes for 32 yards this week and he caught 7 for 81 yards in the previous game. That is probably what you can expect out of Gage in terms of the "high side". The Bears offense doesn't need to sling the ball around much and they aren't likely to start doing it now. Gage might be a decent sleeper in the last few games as the Bears face Atlanta, Green Bay and Minnesota.

WR Chris Henry - CIN

Henry caught three ball for 53 yards with a 27-yard TD against the Ravens this week. This kid has all the talent in the world, but right now, he's probably not going to be consistent enough to warrant starting except in deeper leagues or leagues that can utilize him as a flex player. Down the road, Henry could very well be a stud WR in dynasty formats, but it's highly doubtful he'd be available in those leagues.

WR Taylor Jacobs - WAS

Jacobs was one of the sleepers we were watching this week since he's now starting for the Redskins replacing the injured (and mostly ineffective) David Patten. Jacobs didn't blow up, but he did manage four catches for 44 yards against the Chargers in what was a good matchup for him. The Redskins have a nice schedule over the next month so Jacobs is still worth a look if he's available. They face St. Louis next week followed by Arizona, Dallas, NY Giants and then at Philadelphia. All of those games are matchups that should be considered more good than bad.

WR Matt Jones - JAX

This last week is what we've warned folks about with rookie receivers like Matt Jones. The kid is flat out talented and ultimately he will be an excellent pro at some point. For now, though, he's still developing and he'll have his fair share of big games and games where he's virtually a non-factor. This week was one of them. After scoring in four of his last five games, Jones caught only one pass for 8 yards and he ran once for 8 yards. With Leftwich sidelined, all bets are off, too. The Jaguars WR corps will probably take a hit with David Garrard under center, but Jones is still somebody to consider in TD heavy leagues or for those of you playing in deeper leagues (14 or more teams) that start three WRs or use flexible starters.

WR Greg Lewis - PHI

Lewis hasn't been very productive since Terrell Owens was suspended, so he shouldn't be at or near the top of your list of waiver players to acquire this week. Still, he is starting for the Eagles and the schedule looks mighty good down the stretch, so if you're merely trying to speculate on a player who could outperform expectations over the next month, than Lewis might fit the bill.

WR Justin McCareins - NYJ

The Jets offense has been dismal all year long, but there's a slight chance that they could be an unlikely source for fantasy production over the next month since they face New England twice, plus Miami and Oakland. McCareins caught a 27-yard TD from Brooks Bollinger on Sunday night against the Saints while finishing with 71 yards on three catches. He's hardly the kind of WR you can lock and load each week, but against the Patriots in particular; he could be good for a few big plays (as could Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery).

WR Koren Robinson - MIN

Robinson made his first official start for the Vikings this week displacing Nate Burleson. He only produced 4 catches for 29 yards and he continues to handle kickoff returns duties. The other Robinson (Marcus) had the breakout game. Koren has tremendous upside, and unfortunately, a lot of downside, too. He might make a sneaky play over the next couple of games against Detroit and St. Louis, but the schedule gets tougher after that, so let's see how he handles these two softer matchups before anointing him for use during the playoffs.

WR Marcus Robinson - MIN

Robinson produced a huge game this week catching 3 TDs from Brad Johnson, but he's technically not even a starter for the Vikings and his reliability factor has to be considered average at best. Look at it this way. He caught three balls – all for TDs – and three other players caught more balls than Robinson. He's a solid pickup in TD heavy leagues, but it's difficult imagining Robinson being a consistent 3 to 5 catch player down the stretch knowing that he hasn't been that all year.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

WR Arnaz Battle - SF

Battle finally appears to be healthy again. Against the Titans Pacman Jones and Reynaldo Hill, Battle was quite productive catching 7 balls for 75 yards including a 17 yard TD catch. He figures to be productive as long as he's healthy, but the bigger question is who will get the ball to him? Dorsey has done a decent job in the last two games, but if Alex Smith gets the starting job back, then it's possible that Battle could have next to no value unless Smith plays better than during his first stint.

WR Mark Clayton - BAL

Clayton is healthy again and the Ravens appear to be making him a more focal part of the passing game. Clayton was targeted more often this week on some deep looks, but he still only produced two catches for 14 yards. Clayton could be a nice play down the stretch if Boller could just lead the Ravens down the field a bit more consistently. He's only a rookie, so expect some big plays and perhaps some disappearing acts, too, considering the QB play figures to be inconsistent.

WR Michael Clayton - TB

A season of frustration continues for Michael Clayton. Last year, the rookie seemingly could do no wrong. This year, is proving to be the sophomore jinx for the talented receiver out of LSU. Clayton has struggled to stay healthy from the get-go. He's been held back by a variety of injuries, most recently a bum shoulder. He started this week but didn't catch a pass. At this point, one has to mitigate risks. With Clayton, unfortunately, he's all about risk and not enough about production. That might change, but until he gets a clean bill of health, which might not come until this off-season, you can probably do better than looking to catch Clayton on the rebound.

WR Keary Colbert - CAR

Colbert took advantage of the Panthers and Jake Delhomme spreading the ball around to other players this week. Steve Smith can't do it all every week, well, ok.. maybe he could, but Colbert is going to get his chances, too. He's not producing consistently enough to be of any real use right now, but he's still a player to watch down the stretch as Delhomme looks his way more and defenses continue to devise ways to keep Smith under wraps.

WR Brian Finneran - ATL

Michael Jenkins is back, but Finneran remains a solid red zone option for Michael Vick. Roddy White is quickly becoming the biggest playmaker among the Falcons WR corps, but Finneran could re-emerge at any time with an injury to either player. In the mean time, Finneran should remain part of the three WR sets and play a definite role in the red zone offense, too. Otherwise, Roddy White is the player you want among the Falcons WR right now.

WR LeRon McCoy - ARI

McCoy continues to see plenty of playing time even though No. 3 WR Bryant Johnson returned to action this week. Just a rookie, McCoy has shown some flashes of ability serving as the Cardinals 3rd and 4th receiver the last couple of weeks. He produced 40 yards on two catches this week. If Boldin or Fitz get hurt, then McCoy is a player to pick up immediately.

WR Samie Parker - KC

Parker is back in the lineup and healthy again after catching 5 balls for 76 yards this week in a great matchup against the Pats. He'll be a steady part of the Chiefs offense down the stretch as they make their playoff push against Denver, Dallas, NY Giants and San Diego – all of which are decent matchups for a receiver.

WR Courtney Roby - TEN

With Brandon Jones presumably out for a while, Roby could be a nice sleeper play down the stretch along with fellow rookie Roydell Williams. Roby has excellent speed and good size, but he's still learning the ropes and rounding into shape as an NFL receiver. McNair seems comfortable with Roby and Williams, so whoever ends up potentially starting opposite Drew Bennett deserves the appropriate amount of fantasy consideration. If Roby gets the start, then he's definitely worth a roster spot. The same goes for Williams, but to a lesser extent with the injury-riddled Tyrone Calico.

WR Brandon Stokley - IND

Stokley has been sporadically productive this year, unlike last season. The Colts seem to be using him more frequently in the past month, so if he's still available, you could do a lot worse than gambling on Peyton Manning's No. 3 receiver for depth and a potential spot start if needed.

WR Mike Williams - DET

Williams returned to the field this week and he led all Lions receivers with six catches and 84 yards. Williams is struggling as a rookie, but he has a good opportunity to provide the Lions with a much-needed lift down the stretch now that he's healthy. He's a long shot for redraft leagues, but at the same time, he might be among the Lions leading receivers over the next five games, so anything is possible.

WR Roydell Williams - TEN

Williams broke out this week with a 50 yard TD after Brandon Jones left the game with a knee injury. He finished with 3 catches and 95 yards and he was probably the biggest source of highlights for the Titans in the second half. If Jones is out for the rest of the season (as is feared) then Williams is a player to watch down the stretch. He'll probably end up splitting playing time with fellow rookie Courtney Roby and veteran Tyrone Calico, who is still on the mend himself, but there could be enough balls to go around that each of them will have a big game or two, so watch the news out of Tennessee this week to see if Fisher names a starter opposite Bennett.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

WR Andre Davis - NE

Davis is worth a flyer in really deep leagues, but keep in mind that he's caught only two balls in the last two games even though the Patriots were desperately seeking help at the position with David Givens out, Tim Dwight, Bethel Johnson and Troy Brown all banged up. The table was set for Davis in a great matchup against the Chiefs, but he managed only one catch for 23 yards. Davis has excellent speed, but he's been injured more often than he's healthy and just hasn't produced anything to make himself worthy of a roster spot unless you're in dire straits and don't mind taking a stab in the dark. The next four games look brutal for the Patriots passing stats with matchups against the Jets (twice), Tampa and Buffalo.

WR Tim Dwight - NE

See Andre Davis. At least Dwight has been more productive this year catching a couple TDs on the year and putting together a 76 yard game on 5 catches this week vs. KC. If the Patriots continue to have a numbers problem with Givens, Bethel Johnson and Troy Brown all hurt to various degrees, then Dwight is a player who can take advantage of the situation and provide some help if you need it.

WR D.J. Hackett - SEA

Hackett's window of opportunity is about to close with the expected return of Darrell Jackson, but keep his name on speed dial in case Jackson, Jurevicius or Engram go down at any time. Hackett has been productive at times working out of the slot and he caught 2 balls for 47 yards this week.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

WR Charlie Adams - DEN

The Broncos also employ receivers with higher draft grades like Darius Watts and David Terrell, but Adams is quietly the one who has earned the most playing time. If Adams keeps it up, he could eventually emerge as the team's third receiver. He seems to be one of Shanahan's favorite practice players, so if he continues to work hard there could be an opportunity for Adams next year to earn more playing time.

WR Jerricho Cotchery - NYJ

Cotchery is finally getting a legitimate opportunity to be a productive player for the Jets now that Wayne Chrebet is retired. Cotchery delivered this week catching 4 balls for 72 yards as the Jets surprised us and everyone else considering that Brooks Bollinger threw for 251 yards and a TD. That might not happen again, but the schedule looks great in four of the last five games, so Cotchery is definitely a player to pick up as a flyer. In dynasty leagues, you should grab him if you can. He could develop into a solid NFL receiver by next year and give the Jets three solid receivers when paired with Coles and McCareins.

WR Patrick Crayton - DAL

Crayton is almost back from a broken ankle suffered just over a month ago. He may not make much of an impact during the rest of this season, but if he proves to be healthy, he just might. Crayton began the year with a bang catching 2 TDs in the first game of the season. He has good size, deceptive speed and excellent hands. He's a former QB and he's also an explosive punt returner. Most importantly, he's a Bill Parcells kind of player. Next year, Crayton could blossom. Terry Glenn and Keyshawn Johnson aren't getting any younger and Crayton is waiting in the wings for a bigger opportunity to showcase his skills.

WR Derrick Hamilton - SF

Hamilton has yet to make his mark in the NFL, but he's definitely a player you should keep on the watch list in deeper dynasty leagues. He's been sidelined with injuries since he was drafted by the 49ers, but there is a chance he could develop into a solid player in 2006. Hamilton could emerge as the 49ers no. 3 receiver next year, or possibly even claim a starting job, but Arnaz Battle and Brandon Lloyd probably aren't going anywhere.

WR Vincent Jackson - SD

Now that he's finally healthy following an Achilles injury suffered early in training camp, Jackson is finally getting some playing time when the Chargers spread the field and go with 3 or 4 receivers. Keenan McCardell isn't getting any younger and Jackson seems to have more upside than fellow WRs Eric Parker and Reche Caldwell given his deceptive speed and 6' 5" frame. He was a monster in college against the smaller college competition, but if he's able to make the transition against the NFL corners, he could be a stud down the road.

WR Jerome Mathis - HOU

Mathis is already being called the fastest man in the NFL. He was certainly the fastest player in the 2005 NFL draft coming out of Hampton. Mathis has decent size and he's already making an impact as a return man. Once he learns the ropes as an NFL receiver, his potential is huge. He could move into the starting lineup as early as 2006, but if he's available in any dynasty leagues, the time is now to grab him because he'll probably be on a lot of people's sleeper lists next summer.

WR Roscoe Parrish - BUF

For those of you trying to identify the next Steve Smith, should there be such a player, Parrish might fit some of those requirements. Parrish, like Smith, is smaller in stature, but he's the kind of receiver that can stop, start and accelerate quickly again. He was the Bills 2nd round draft pick in 2005, but he was sidelined for the better part of the first month or two with a broken wrist. He's healthy now and beginning to make an impact with the Bills offense working out of the slot along with Josh Reed. Next year, Reed could be playing elsewhere, and Parrish could emerge as a playmaker. If you can still grab him in your keeper league, do it.

WR Courtney Roby - TEN

Roby has excellent speed and good size, but he's been caught in the mix of the Titans rookie madness at WR. Roby along with Roydell Williams and Brandon Jones has been productive at times. All three players have seen extensive playing time because of injuries to Drew Bennett and Tyrone Calico. Roby could also have a nice window of opportunity during the rest of the season with Jones possibly sidelined with another knee injury. Regardless, the Titans like Roby long-term and with his great speed, he could develop into a solid player over the next couple years. It's difficult to project him as a starter because there's so much competition between the three rookies, but Roby certainly has a chance down the stretch to catapult himself to the front of his classmates with a strong finish.

WR Scott Vines - DET

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Charles Rogers will be shown the door after this season. Vines seems to be the polar opposite of Rogers. He doesn't have the college pedigree and big signing bonus, but he's worked extremely hard in practice and he's done all the little things the Lions have asked of him. Vines has worked himself into the rotation, and with the help of some injuries and Rogers' suspension, he's every bit a part of the offense as the Mike Williams and Charles Rogers. Moving forward, he could be the answer in the slot. Vines caught six balls for 70 yards this week. I never thought I'd be saying this, but the way things are going right now, Vines is like the Lions go-to receiver short of actually having one (Roy Williams when completely healthy).

Others to Keep an Eye On

WR Robert Ferguson - GB

Ferguson is slowly making his way back into the lineup after missing about a month to injury. He started this week and caught 2 balls for 15 yards. The Packers are about to go on life support and the schedule doesn't look particularly inviting either with two games against Chicago and other games against Detroit and Baltimore before facing Seattle in what appears to be the only good matchup remaining on the schedule.

WR Charles Rogers - DET

Who knows if Rogers will ever turn the corner for the Lions. The whole team is playing at such a pathetic level offensively that it's difficult to have any confidence in any of their receivers, with the possible exception being Roy Williams or the undrafted, unheralded Scottie Vines. Rogers caught one pass this week, which underscores just how far he's underperformed this year. There's still a chance the light could go on, but when the whole electrical circuit is malfunctioning, I wouldn't bank on it.

Tight End

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

TE Dallas Clark - IND

Clark is red hot over the past few games, so if he's still available, he might be the best option out there. The upside is obvious. He has the potential to score in any given game with Peyton Manning throwing the rock. The downside is that the Colts will clinch early, and if they lose a game, they could rest their starters for either one or two games possibly making Clark less valuable down the stretch.

TE Zachary Hilton - NO

Hilton came through for the second week in a row catching 3 balls for 33 yards including a 15-yard TD pass from Aaron Brooks. Hilton is starting for the Saints while Ernie Conwell tries to get healthy following a knee injury suffered a couple weeks back. Conwell will probably miss at least another game or two, but he could be out for longer, too. If Hilton is still available, he's a great guy to gamble on. Add him to your roster for depth if you can afford the roster sport and you could secure your lineup for the playoffs even if you already have a solid starter.

TE Ben Troupe - TEN

Troupe is playing through the remnants of a high ankle sprain, so while he's back in action, he's still not 100% and might not be for another week or two. Clearly, Troupe is a special talent physically and the Titans utilize their TEs as much or more than any team in the league. If you can still grab Troupe after his latest injury (some owners cut him several weeks back), then you better do so before he's healthy and has another big game.

TE Ben Watson - NE

Watson is finally emerging as a viable option over the last couple weeks. Part of this has been due to all the injuries the Patriots have at the WR positions, but Watson obviously has the ability to be a downfield threat for Tom Brady. It's just a matter of the Patriots targeting him, and of course, he needs to stay healthy, too. Watson had three catches for 14 yards this week. In the last four games, Watson has 13 catches for 153 yards and 2 TDs.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

TE David Martin - GB

Bubba Franks suffered a head/neck injury this week while trying to catch a pass from Brett Favre. He was taken off the field and there's a good chance he may not be ready to play again for a couple weeks, possibly longer. Until we know more details about his injury, the knee jerk reaction is to assume that he could miss some time and David Martin will fill in as the starting TE for the Packers. Martin's been productive as a backup, so if he's forced into a starting role, look for him to have some value. If anything, he provides solid depth and could catch a couple Brett Favre passes for TDs down the stretch.

TE Marcus Pollard - DET

If you watched Pollard and the Lions on Thanksgiving, you might opt to pass on Pollard knowing that he dropped a few balls that were right on the money (one of which was a sure TD). That said, he still caught 3 balls for 24 yards despite his drops signaling that a) he's targeted enough to be productive and b) if he catches those balls he goes from being a middle of the road TE to a solid starter. Unfortunately, the drops come with the territory. Normally a sure-handed receiver in the red zone and on third downs, apparently playing for the Lions has gotten into Pollard's head and now he's suffering the same symptoms that players before him also had problems with.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

TE Bryan Fletcher - IND

Just a quick note to make sure you keep tabs on Fletcher. If the Colts clinch early and don't have anything else to play for down the stretch, then Fletcher could be in for some bonus playing time and he could be potentially a solid source for fantasy points in the last game or two.

TE Kris Mangum - CAR

Kris Mangum is back after spraining his knee a few weeks ago, but he's splitting time (and targets) with Michael Gaines, who caught the game-winning TD this week against the Bills. Mangum caught 2 balls for 18 yards while Gaines caught 3 balls for 18 yards and the TD mentioned. The Panthers are a team that utilizes their TE near the goal line on a regular basis, but as we all know, if you're not Steve Smith, you can't count on consistent production on the Panthers. Take it for what it is, Mangum and Gaines are both sleepers for those of you in deeper leagues. If you're desperate at the TE position, maybe Mangum or Gaines could help in the next few games. If one gets hurt, obviously the other becomes a more solid option.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

TE Michael Gaines - CAR

Kris Mangum is back after spraining his knee a few weeks ago, but he's splitting time (and targets) with Michael Gaines, who caught the game-winning TD this week against the Bills. Mangum caught 2 balls for 18 yards while Gaines caught 3 balls for 18 yards and the TD mentioned. The Panthers are a team that utilizes their TE near the goal line on a regular basis, but as we all know, if you're not Steve Smith, you can't count on consistent production on the Panthers. Take it for what it is, Mangum and Gaines are both sleepers for those of you in deeper leagues. If you're desperate at the TE position, maybe Mangum or Gaines could help in the next few games. If one gets hurt, obviously the other becomes a more solid option.



Others to Keep an Eye On

TD Arizona Cardinals - ARI

The Cardinals are one of about five teams with an advantageous matchup this week. They host the San Francisco 49ers, so if they are available, then you might consider adding them for a spot start if your normal D/ST has a poor matchup and you have no other viable options.

TD Miami Dolphins - MIA

The Dolphins could be worth a look this week at home vs Buffalo and J.P. Losman. They're injury riddled at LB, but they still have Jason Taylor chasing down QBs and Wesley Welker is one of the league's best return men.

TD Detroit Lions - DET

The Lions are a much better defensive team at home, but you wouldn't know it after watching them get dismantled by Michael Vick and the Falcons. Then again, the Minnesota Vikings aren't the Falcons, but they are on a little bit of a roll since Brad Johnson took over for the injured Daunte Culpepper. Johnson might be getting them more wins, but he's an easier to sack and he's also struggled at times with fumbles and interceptions. The Lions have Dre' Bly back, too, so that's a positive sign.

TD New England Patriots - NE

If the Patriots defense has anything left to offer fantasy owners, then this might be the week to find out. They host the NY Jets and QB Brooks Bollinger. They face them again in week 16 and also have solid matchups against Buffalo, Tampa and Miami in the other remaining games.

TD Baltimore Ravens - BAL

While the Ravens have been largely ineffective as a fantasy defense this year, this week they may finally be worthwhile hosting the Houston Texans. If Ed Reed returns then give them a little bump, but they still could be without Ray Lewis and FS Will Demps was lost for the season this week with a torn ACL.

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