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Week 5 Waiver Wire Report


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

QB Drew Bledsoe - DAL

Bledsoe cooled off this week, but he might still be available in smaller leagues only. Otherwise, it’s safe to assume he’s not available. Bledsoe is currently ranked among the top 10 QBs in most leagues, if not a bit higher. As long as the Cowboys offensive line holds up and protects him, Bledsoe will have a decent chance to remain productive. Maybe not top 10, but most weeks he’ll be close enough. Bledsoe is averaging an impressive 14.4 yds per completion. Bledsoe has a favorable schedule, too. He’ll face the Giants twice, Arizona, Detroit, Kansas City and St. Louis.

QB Gus Frerotte - MIA

Frerotte might be lingering in some leagues, since the Dolphins are coming off the bye this week. Frerotte’s remaining schedule looks tough over the next few weeks. They travel to Buffalo and then to Tampa Bay for two tough road games. He’s worth a roster spot and might be a good player to pick up as a spot starter for your starter’s bye week. The Dolphins will be at home for weeks 7, 9 and 10 playing KC, Atlanta and New England. He could be a decent sleeper. Four of the road games might even be worthwhile – week 8 against New Orleans, week 11 at Cleveland, week 12 at Oakland and week 14 at San Diego. If he stays on his feet, then Frerotte is a decent backup and spot starter.

QB Eli Manning - NYG

So much for the “coming along slow” approach for Peyton’s younger brother. Eli is establishing himself as an impact quarterback already in his second season. If he’s still available in any league – even those 6 and 8 teamers – he’s well worth the roster spot at this point. He’s clicking with Plaxico and Shockey and off to a tremendous start through four games. Manning threw for seven TDs and 813 yards (271 yds/gm) in the last three games (6 TDs in the last two) without an interception, with Dallas (twice), San Francisco and Oakland on the remaining schedule. He’ll be difficult to keep out of the lineup if he sustains this production. The whole Giants offense looks good – the offensive line is better, Tiki and Brandon Jacobs are running with great success and Plaxico is making all sorts of big plays to stretch the field. Manning is in a great spot to keep putting up good numbers.

QB Josh McCown - ARI

McCown has a short window of opportunity, but give him credit. He went out and produced big numbers this week, and more importantly led the Cardinals to a win against the 49ers. McCown completed 32-of-46 for a whopping 385 yards with two TDs. He added 32 yards rushing, too. McCown will probably return to the bench when/if Kurt Warner is healthy again. However, if McCown produces another game or two like Sunday night’s game, then Dennis Green might have second thoughts. The Cardinals face Carolina next week, followed by their bye and then at home against Tennessee and on the road in Dallas in week 8. The Cardinals also have remaining games against Detroit, St. Louis, San Francisco and Houston – all of which might be sleeper opportunities for McCown if he’s still playing. Chances are Kurt Warner will be back and will probably be starting in those games. The Cardinals will be throwing the ball a lot this year, so McCown is at the very least a solid short-term play over the next few weeks.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

QB Mark Brunell - WAS

Mark Brunell is proving to be a valuable, if not slightly spry or wily veteran for the Redskins. After taking over for the benched Patrick Ramsey in the first game, Brunell is 3-0 as the starter with a 58.3% completion rate and two solid games in a row. Brunell might still be around in some 12 team leagues and probably quite a few 10 teamers. In the last two weeks, Brunell is 40-for-70 for 517 yards with four TDs and two interceptions, not to mention 51 yards rushing. As long as the Redskins keep winning, Brunell will keep on starting.

QB David Carr - HOU

The Houston Texans offense – including David Carr – has been nothing short of dreadful this year. Under new offensive coordinator Joey Pendry, they showed a few signs of life this week, but still didn’t inspire much confidence. Carr may be available after a horribly unproductive and slow start. He completed 17-of-26 for 174 yards this week with a 4-yard TD to full back Moran Norris. Carr can also get you points rushing. This week, he rushed for 35 yards and already has one rushing TD in the first four games. Actually, Carr has 40, 46 and 35 yards rushing in his first three games and his bye week was week 3. He might be worth a look in deeper leagues during week 5 against Tennessee, week 8 against Cleveland, week 11 against Kansas City, week 12 against St. Louis, week 15 against Arizona and week 17 at San Francisco.

QB Joey Harrington - DET

Harrington’s numbers shouldn’t really surprise us. His career yards/attempt remains a woeful 5.59 – for 2005 and his career. Many owners are bailing on Joey, so he’s probably out there in quite a few leagues, particularly those that are smaller. Harrington’s completion rate is a meager 52.3%. Two of his three games have been horrible and the first game was tolerable. He faces Baltimore this week followed by the Panthers – both home games. The schedule lightens up considerably in the second half of the season. This is the key. If Harrington can hold on to the starting job until week 9, he might bail himself out with a strong second half (comparatively speaking). Beginning week 9, Detroit plays at Minnesota, then against Arizona (H), at Dallas, Atlanta (H), Minnesota (H), at Green Bay (week 14), Cincinnati (H) and then at New Orleans (well, not really). Most of those matchups are favorable if the Lions can get any (and I mean ANY) blocking up front.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

QB Kyle Boller - BAL

If Boller is able to return to the starting lineup and remain healthy for the second half of the season, then there’s a decent chance he could be worth a look in some deeper leagues. The truth is Boller’s been ineffective throughout his career. Expecting anything different might be optimistic. The Ravens have an improved receiving corps, so they could start to gel in the second half and Boller could be worth a look in the following games: week 13 vs Houston, week 15 vs Green Bay, week 16 vs Minnesota and week 17 at Cleveland. The operative word here is “could”. Most owners will want to see Boller do something first, and then consider picking him up. That might be sage advice, too.

QB Brooks Bollinger - NYJ

It looks like Bollinger will end up being window dressing for Vinny Testaverde in a few weeks. He completed 14-of-28 for 149 yards against the Ravens this week. Despite being sacked 5 times, he didn’t throw an interception or turnover the football. Still, Vinny will probably be the Jets starter and maybe as early as this coming week at home against the Bucs. Bollinger probably isn’t worth a roster spot in most leagues, but he’s worth a look if you’re in a super deep league and have suffered a bad run of injuries.

QB Kelly Holcomb - BUF

Holcomb isn’t worth picking up yet, unless Mike Mularkey comes to his senses and realizes his best chance to save face and get the Bills into the playoffs is with Holcomb, not J.P. Losman. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case (at least for now). "I have not even considered [starting Holcomb]," Mularkey said. "J.P.'s the starter and I'm going with J.P. I think everyone understands that." Keep in mind, Mularkey has already benched Losman twice in four games. The Bills next four games are against Miami and the NY Jets at home followed by two road games against Oakland and New England as they head into their week 9 bye. The Bills have enough talented players on offense to help make Holcomb a consideration if he manages to step into the starting role – even temporarily. Under Losman, Moulds and Evans have no value. If Holcomb becomes the starter, then there is a chance they could both become productive as well.

QB Kyle Orton - CHI

After throwing 5 interceptions against the Bengals in week three, Orton doesn’t have much value. He was probably cut by most owners following that game, but Orton might be able to put it behind him and have a few solid games the rest of the way. Next week the Bears are in Cleveland, then at home against the Vikings. Weeks 8 through 10 look promising with road games against Detroit, New Orleans and San Francisco. Orton’s a long shot to have any significant value except in the deepest of leagues, but if the Bears protect him well enough he could have a few decent starts in the second half.

QB Vinny Testaverde - NYJ

Look for Vinny to be starting for the Jets as early as this week. Then again, with the next two games against Tampa Bay then at Buffalo and at Atlanta, before they head into the bye week – the Jets might want to take their time introducing this statuesque veteran. The schedule is a bit easier in the second half. Two games in particular might be decent spots for Testaverde - against the Saints in week 12, against Oakland week 14 and against New England week 16 (all home games).

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

QB Matt Schaub - ATL

Michael Vick was sidelined this week with a sprained knee. Schaub entered the game and finished off the Vikings, but he only completed 5 out of 15 passes for 39 yards. It’s unclear if Vick will miss next week’s game, but judging by his demeanor on the sidelines, he should be fine. Obviously, without a medical opinion at the time of this writing, Vick’s status could swing either way. If Vick isn’t able to play next week against New England, then Schaub might be worth a roster spot. Otherwise, you might be able to find a better spot starter than Schaub.

QB Billy Volek - TEN

McNair is famous for nagging injuries and game-time decisions. He’s been relatively healthy so far this year; he even broke off a few nice runs this week. The bottom line is this. If you have McNair, owning Volek is a no-brainer. He is probably a better fantasy QB when he’s playing than McNair quite honestly, but McNair is in no danger of losing his job. Volek is just waiting in the wings for the eventual injury and another opportunity.

QB Anthony Wright - BAL

– If there is a silver lining to Anthony Wright, it would be his completion percentage – 62% so far this year in three games. He only produced 144 yards this week and threw an interception against a tough Jets defense, but he completed 71.4% of his passes (15-of-21). The Ravens are in Detroit next week. Wright might be worth a look in some leagues next week and again in week 6 against the Browns. After that, don’t count on anything from Wright. The Ravens have two tough road games against Chicago and Pittsburgh. After that, Kyle Boller will probably be back.

Add for Insurance (Backup Plan for playoffs)

QB Mike McMahon - PHI

The way McNabb is going, as tough as he is, McMahon will be forced into the game from time to time. If the Eagles clinch a playoff spot early, McMahon could be a starter during the last game or two – at Arizona (week 16) and at home against Washington (week 17). McMahon isn’t worth a roster spot in most leagues. If McNabb gets hurt, you might be safer going with another QB and not taking your chances with McMahon. He’s not very accurate as a passer, but can be productive as a runner, which are a curse and a blessing. That said, he might have a prayer simply because of Owens and Westbrook.

Others to Keep an Eye On

QB Alex Smith - SF

For better or worse, the Alex Smith era is about to begin within the next month in San Francisco. Smith is likely available in most leagues, but whether he’ll have any value when he eventually ascends to the starting job is highly questionable. The 49ers have a tough stretch of games during the next month. At this point, it’s better to monitor Smith rather than actually picking him up – unless your team is in a crisis and you play in a league sporting 14 or 16 teams and there’s nothing better available.

Running Back

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

RB Mewelde Moore - MIN

In most leagues, Moore was scooped up off the waiver wire last week, if not drafted. However, in some smaller leagues, he may be available. If so, grab him while you can. Minnesota’s offense has been ugly in all but one game this year, but Moore has proven to be more of a productive back than Michael Bennett when he’s started for the Vikings. In two games this year, Moore has topped 100 combined yards each time. He’s an excellent RB2 in PPR leagues, but if you’re in a TD-heavy league than you should look elsewhere. Moore still hasn’t scored a TD in five career starts and 110 carries going back to last year.

RB Michael Pittman - TB

Pittman replaced Cadillac Williams this week and responded with a huge effort against the Detroit Lions. Pittman made an immediate impact catching a 41-yard TD pass from Brian Griese. He finished with 96 yards receiving on six catches while rushing for 30 yards on five carries. Cadillac says he could have returned to the game, but the coaching staff wasn’t taking any chances. Pittman will return to his usual role next week, most likely, but he’s clearly a better than usual option in PPR leagues. If you have Cadillac, and Pittman is still available, it might be too late to handcuff him, but would be wise move if you can.

RB Marcel Shipp - ARI

Shipp shouldn’t be on any league’s waiver wire at this point, but he could be lingering in smaller leagues. Shipp is the Cardinals starter and appears have a firm grasp on the job after four weeks. J.J. Arrington has lost as many yards as he’s gained, so he’s not much of a threat to take the gig from Shipp anytime soon (barring injury). Shipp is most valuable as a third fantasy back with good matchups when your regular starters are on a bye. Otherwise, Shipp is a fringe starter most weeks, but does have a little extra value in PPR leagues. He caught five balls for 52 yards against the 49ers and has at least two catches in every game this year (5 for 39 yards in week two).

RB Ricky Williams - MIA

Don’t forget to grab Ricky Williams if he’s available in your league. Williams has one more game to serve on his (four-game) suspension. Ronnie Brown is the team’s starter, but you can bet that Nick Saban will find a way to utilize this former Pro Bowl RB. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more talented player at this point in the season off the waiver wire. If Brown gets hurt, Williams could be the kind of acquisition to put your team over the top if you’re weak at running back.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

RB Lamar Gordon - PHI

Gordon produced 47 yards this week. He ran four times for 14 yards while adding 33 yards on two receptions. The Eagles don’t appear to be on the verge of becoming a run-first offense any time soon, but Gordon is part of their rotation in the backfield. As long as Brian Westbrook is healthy, Gordon’s role will be limited. However, and this is where many people have differing opinions, if Westbrook goes down, then Gordon may see an expanded role, or the Eagles would activate Ryan Moats and use him in a similar capacity (to Westbrook). Either way, Gordon has a defined role. That’s not going to change unless he gets hurt. When the weather gets worse in November and December, Gordon might come in handy.

RB Frank Gore - SF

The Frank Gore bandwagon took a detour this week. Kevan Barlow played fairly well, or as well as we’ve come to expect him to play, while Gore lost a fumble and managed just 4 yards on two carries. Gore caught two balls, but he would’ve been better served dropping them, since he lost 12 yards on the two plays. While Barlow hasn’t been overly productive as the starter, Gore isn’t going to take the job unless Barlow goes down with an injury. The schedule over the next month is somewhat brutal, too. Gore might be worth sitting on. He could still emerge in the second half of the season, but he’s best served as a handcuff of sorts for Barlow owners right now.

RB Lee Suggs - CLE

The Browns are coming off the bye week, so maybe Suggs is flying under the radar in a few leagues. Reuben Droughns has a good grip on the starting job, for now, but Suggs is finally healthy again and could begin to work his way back into the flow of the offense as a change-of-pace back or occasional third down back. Suggs and Droughns are both good receivers, but Droughns is a tougher runner between the tackles. If Droughns gets hurt, then Suggs has solid value as a potentially solid RB2, especially in PPR leagues.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

RB Nick Goings - CAR

Amazingly, Goings is still available in most leagues. Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster are in front of him on the depth chart. However, neither Davis nor Foster are poster boys for staying healthy. It would shock nobody to see Goings back in a featured role at some point this season, but for now, he’s riding third string and he handles the ball only a few times a game. Don’t forget that Goings was very productive last year and he remains a favorite of John Fox and the Panthers’ coaching staff.

RB Alvin Pearman - JAX

Pearman is emerging as the Jaguars primary backup after the first month of the season. Head coach Jack Del Rio said Pearman has “a little bit more burst” than fellow backup LaBrandon Toefield. Pearman is already getting on the field on third downs and he’s returning kicks, too. Against the Broncos, Pearman caught four balls for 42 yards, but didn’t have any rushing attempts. If Fred Taylor becomes fragile again, it looks like Pearman is the guy you want to have on your roster.

RB Amos Zereoue - NE

Zereoue is back. He signed with the Patriots last week after Kevin Faulk suffered a leg injury that will sideline him for up to two months. Zereoue gives the Patriots a veteran back with good hands, but he probably won’t earn any significant playing time barring an injury to Corey Dillon. Even in that situation, Patrick Pass would likely garner a large share of the carries while splitting time with Zereoue. Famous Amos is worth a look in deeper leagues or PPR leagues, but he doesn’t appear to be a slam-dunk handcuff to Dillon at this point.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

RB Ciatrick Fason - MIN

Michael Bennett has one carry in the last two games. The job appears to be Mewelde Moore’s to lose now, but with Mike Tice, we’re not sure how long that will last. Fason isn’t much of a threat to the starting job (if any) right now, but he’s a guy who could emerge in the second half of the season if the Vikings continue to lose and Bennett remains in the doghouse. As a dynasty league prospect, Fason might have an outside chance to start next year, but even then, the Vikings could have a new coaching staff and choose to go in a different direction by drafting yet another back.

RB Vernand Morency - HOU

Domanick Davis bounced back with a solid game against the Bengals this week, but keep an eye on Morency. He’s available in most leagues. If Davis gets hurt, he could have a big role in the Texans backfield along with veteran Jonathan Wells. Wells is seeing game action right now, but Morency has more talent and a bigger upside should Davis miss a protracted amount of playing time due to injury. He’s worth rostering if you have larger rosters or in deeper leagues.

RB Maurice Morris - SEA

Morris isn’t getting much work at all behind Shaun Alexander, but don’t forget about him if you own Alexander and haven’t taken out the insurance policy yet. Morris is a smaller back, but he’s quick and has generally been productive when given the opportunity. The Seahawks have one of the league’s best offensive lines, so if Alexander were to miss a few games, Morris would definitely be of value as a spot-starter in his stead.

RB Patrick Pass - NE

Kevin Faulk will miss the next six to eight weeks with a lower leg injury leaving Patrick Pass as the team’s backup RB behind Pro Bowler Corey Dillon. The Patriots signed veteran Amos Zereoue as an insurance plan, but Pass stands a much better chance of producing worthwhile stats. Pass has shown the ability to punch the ball into the end zone and he’s a reliable option as a receiver out of the backfield. He caught 8 balls this week for 55 yards. If Corey Dillon gets hurt in the next couple of weeks, Pass would have solid value. Zereoue would certainly be a part of the rotation, but Pass might be the one worth owning in that situation.

RB Jarrett Payton - TEN

Don’t let the inflated numbers by Jarrett Payton fool you this week. He ran well when given a chance, but it was all in garbage time as he gashed the Colts at the end of the game for 37 yards on four carries. The important thing to know here is that Peyton was activated from the practice squad, and then in a surprise move by Jeff Fisher, he made him the primary backup for this week’s game behind Chris Brown while deactivating Damien Nash. For the next three weeks, Payton could earn some playing time as Brown’s backup and possibly as a change of pace runner. He played well in the preseason and had a solid year in Europe this past summer. Barring a change of heart, it looks like Walter’s son is worth a pickup knowing how frequently Chris Brown is on the injury report. Travis Henry has three games left on a four game suspension, so that give Payton a three-week window where he holds value.

RB Artose Pinner - DET

The Lions schedule will lighten up in a few weeks. If Kevin Jones gets hurt, then Pinner could become quite productive in the short-term. Then again, Steve Mariucci inexplicably benched Jones in favor of Pinner and Shawn Bryson against Tampa Bay this weekend. Pinner looked good against Tampa Bay’s tough run defense when he was on the field. He entered the game for KJ after the first play of the game and had a couple nice gains. If you own KJ, but don’t own Pinner, now might be the time to consider doing so (depending on who you might cut to make room). Pinner finished Sunday’s game with 28 yards on six carries and two catches for another 11 yards.

RB Antowain Smith - NO

With Aaron Stecker out with an injury, Antowain Smith is now the primary backup to Deuce McAllister. Smith is a proven veteran who could log 20+ carries if needed, but he’s not an explosive back and more of a plodder in the Eddie George mold. Still, if the opportunity presents itself, the Saints have a strong offensive line and Smith would have definite value if he were forced into action because of injury.

RB Shaud Williams - BUF

Williams is the clear-cut backup to Willis McGahee, so that alone deserves consideration as a handcuff. Williams is more of a scat-back or third down back given his small stature. The Bills also have rookie Lionel Gates in the backfield. In the event of an injury to McGahee, Williams would probably get the first crack, but Gates has better size and also is a good receiver, so it might be a case where the two would share touches.

Add for Insurance (Backup Plan for playoffs)

RB Michael Turner - SD

Turner entered the game this week after the Chargers had a sizeable lead and he ran extremely hard. He gained 44 yards on 11 carries. He broke several tackles on a particularly impressive 18-yard run. As Tomlinson’s primary backup, his value cannot be understated. If you have LT, it might be time to protect your biggest asset even if it means burning a roster spot on someone who serves no other purpose.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

RB Dominic Rhodes - IND

Despite being the primary backup to Edgerrin James, Rhodes hasn’t been on the field this year much because of injury. With Edge set to become an unrestricted free agent again after the year, Rhodes could be worth holding because he would have a chance at claiming the Colts starting job next year. If Edge leaves, there’s no guarantee that Bill Polian wouldn’t draft a back in the first round or two, but Rhodes has talent and he’s under contract. That’s two positives in his corner.

RB Tyson Thompson - DAL

Thompson carried the ball seven times this week for 32 yards. He also caught an 8-yard pass. Anthony Thomas may be the team’s primary backup behind Julius Jones, but as long as Jones is healthy, Thomas remains inactive because he doesn’t play special teams and Thompson does. It’s also not a good sign for Anthony Thomas that Marion Barber was in the game this week and had two carries. Thompson is an explosive runner with excellent speed, but he’s still in a phase where he’s proving himself to Bill Parcells. His recent performances could be a sign of a bigger role to come. The team may be souring on the A-Train, but it’s hard to speculate what might happen if Jones is forced to miss a few games. Thomas appears to be the logical choice to be activated in that circumstance, but Thompson is definitely applying pressure and appears to be climbing the depth chart and winning the trust of Bill Parcells.

Others to Keep an Eye On

RB Damien Nash - TEN

Nash’s window of opportunity appears to have closed before he could even take advantage of the situation. Jeff Fisher made him inactive this week opting to use Jarrett Payton as the team’s backup to Chris Brown against the Colts. Barring a change, Nash appears to be relegated to third string and maybe on the roster bubble when Travis Henry returns from his four game suspension.

Wide Receiver

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

WR Kevin Curtis - STL

As long as Isaac Bruce is hampered by a turf toe injury, Kevin Curtis will have significant value. He started in place of Isaac Bruce this week and produced six catches for 78 yards (but he lost a fumble, too). Even when Bruce was healthy, Curtis was being targeted frequently because he’s often a mismatch for nickel corners trying to cover him. His targets over the first four games look like this: 14, 4, 5 and 7. He was probably snatched up in most leagues last week following the news of Bruce’s injured toe. If he’s somehow still there, grab him while you can. He’s an impact player in the short term, but even when Bruce returns, Curtis will maintain solid value.

WR Braylon Edwards - CLE

Edwards’ star is on the rise. Coming out of the bye this week, look for Edwards role to keep growing with each game. He’s been targeted 5, 4 and 7 times in the first three games, despite not starting. He’s about ready to supplant Dennis Northcutt in the starting lineup and could do so as early as next week. Regardless, he’s getting plenty of looks from Trent Dilfer and he’s only going to get better and better the rest of the season. He’s probably gone in most leagues, but if you can still pick him up in your Yahoo or 8-team league, then do so before he breaks out for another long TD.

WR Bobby Engram - SEA

Engram had another big game this week, but he also cracked a couple of ribs and might not be able to practice until later in the week. His status for next week’s game is unknown right now, but Engram has definite value for the rest of the season. He’s been targeted no less than eight times, producing at least 5 catches and 54 yards in every game so far. Engram is an excellent player to own in PPR leagues, but in TD-heavy leagues, his value is considerably less.

WR Chris Henry - CIN

Henry is quickly emerging as a big playmaker for the Bengals. He caught an apparent 26-yard TD pass this week, but it was reserved by instant replay. In the last three games, Henry has 10 catches for 130 yards with a TD. He’s lining up outside with Houshmandzadeh moving to the slot in the Bengals three-WR formations. Look for Henry’s role to grow throughout the year. He could emerge as a solid NFL starter by next season. The kid is a playmaker with great size and speed. He’s not just a physical marvel with a decent chance to develop into a good football player. He’s a good football player and a first round talent with a long history of being a bonehead off the field in college. So far, he’s been a good citizen for the Bengals and if he stays out of trouble, the sky is the limit as far as his long-term fantasy potential.

WR Brandon Jones - TEN

Jones is already starting opposite Drew Bennett for the Titans, but he’s not yet producing enough stats to make himself anything more than a solid addition to the roster for the second half of the season. It looks like a safe assumption that his role will expand as the season wears on, but for now, grab him if you can. He’s been targeted 2, 6, 9 and 3 times in the first four games. As a dynasty league prospect, Jones has even more value knowing that he is filling the “Derrick Mason role”. The opportunity is present, now it’s up to Jones to do something with it. The Titans schedule is favorable, too, so adding Jones to the back end of your WR corps might pay dividends down the road.

WR Greg Lewis - PHI

Lewis is a repeat offender in this column, but he’s still hanging around in many leagues as a waiver wire fodder. He’s only scored one TD so far, but he’s been a consistently productive receiver with 44, 39, 70 and 50 yards in the first 4 games with at least 3 catches in each game. Lewis was targeted six times this week giving him 37 targets in four games. Clearly, McNabb is comfortable throwing to him and he’s a solid addition to your WR corps, especially in PPR leagues.

WR Troy Williamson - MIN

In the last three games, Williamson’s playing time has been on the rise and so is his production. He’s been targeted 4, 4 and 5 times in those games. He caught a TD pass for the second straight week and has seven catches for 122 yards since seeing more playing time because of Nate Burleson’s injury. The Vikings offense has been sporadic at best, but Williamson has the size and speed to be a solid pickup with a decent upside for the rest of the season.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

WR Marty Booker - MIA

If you look at Booker’s targets, he’s being consistently involved in the Dolphins passing attack. In the first three games, he’s been targeted 6, 5 and 6 times. Unfortunately, after a nice game in the season opener (5 catches, 104 yards and a TD) he’s caught only three ball for 36 yards. Booker is a proven veteran receiver who can produce yards after the catch. The Dolphins are coming off the bye week, so maybe he’s still available in some leagues.

WR Keary Colbert - CAR

Colbert is off to a terribly slow start this year and there’s an excellent chance that he’s available in many leagues due to impatient owners opting for a quick fix. Colbert is not a complete waste. His biggest problem has been Jake Delhomme’s tendency to lock onto Steve Smith and nobody else. He’s been shut out in the last two games, but was targeted seven and four times respectively. Keep an eye on him tonight to see if he breaks out of his prolonged slump. He’s a talented receiver, but unless Delhomme gets him the ball, his value is questionable.

WR Jabar Gaffney - HOU

Gaffney is starting for the Texans now having supplanted Corey Bradford opposite Andre Johnson in week four. He caught all six balls thrown in his direction producing 88 yards. Gaffney has 11 targets the past two weeks and has shown the ability to be a good possession receiver for the Texans if David Carr can consistently get him the rock. He’ll never be a #1 receiver in the NFL, but as a #2, he could be a decent fantasy WR worth adding to the roster in PPR leagues or 14-team leagues.

WR Shaun McDonald - STL

Like Kevin Curtis, McDonald is an excellent short-term option with Isaac Bruce sidelined with turf toe. If Bruce remains out, then McDonald should continue to be an excellent sleeper play. Even when Bruce returns, like Curtis, McDonald still sees enough action that he could warrant consideration in deeper leagues. The Rams frequently spread the field and Mike Martz has no qualms about throwing the football 40, 50 or 60 times any given week. As such, McDonald could sustain a decent level of production, but clearly, he’s a nice play as long as Bruce is on the sidelines. He was targeted 13 times this week catching nine balls for 121 yards this week.

WR Charles Rogers - DET

The Lions offense is flat out grim. Joey Harrington’s play has been brutal. As a result, Rogers could very well be available in many leagues. He simply hasn’t produce anything noteworthy in the Lions first three games – 5 catches, 77 yards on 14 targets. There’s still a decent chance the Lions could turn things around in the second half. If you don’t mind burning a roster spot, then Rogers might be worth rolling the dice. He’s clearly a talented player, but for whatever reason, he appears to be lost in the shuffle in Detroit. There’s no shortage of reasons for his lack of production, but the Lions schedule eases up over the next couple months, so don’t write off Rogers completely. Just don’t expect much, and you won’t be disappointed.

WR Amani Toomer - NYG

Toomer is another example of a player who got off to a slow start this year. He caught a TD this week, which boosted his fantasy value, and he caught four balls for 84 yards a week ago. With 18 targets in the first four games he remains a good target for Eli Manning and he could see more single coverage than ever before with Plaxico Burress going bonkers this year. If you’re looking for a semi-reliable veteran receiver who could produce 3-to-5 catches each week with a shot of scoring 3-to-5 TDs this rest of the year, then Toomer is worth a look. He was drafted, but cut after the first couple of weeks in many leagues, making him a possible sleeper lurking on the waiver wire.

WR Reggie Williams - JAX

Williams’s production still hasn’t caught up to his potential. He’s being targeted consistently each week (5, 5, 6 and 8 targets in the first four games). Despite being a top 10 draft pick a year ago, it doesn’t look like Williams will become a star receiver until Jimmy Smith retires or gets hurt. Williams has between three and fives catches in every game, but still no touchdowns. In redraft leagues, his value is solid, but there’s almost no chance he’s available in keeper or dynasty leagues.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

WR Mark Clayton - BAL

Clayton is now starting for the Ravens opposite Derrick Mason, but he’s still not a viable fantasy option yet. It’s not completely his fault, but keep in mind that he’s a rookie receiver playing on a team that seems to be offensively challenged. If the Ravens ever get their QB situation figured out and develop even a small amount of consistent production in their passing game, then Clayton will be worth a look. For now, picking up Clayton is merely a speculative move that might pay off in the second half of the season. He’s been targeted 16 times in three games, but has only 8 catches for 65 yards to show for it. His production should grow, but it’s tough to predict any sort of breakout for him until the Ravens offense show some signs of life.

WR Patrick Crayton - DAL

Crayton might not be available in many leagues. After a huge week one, he was probably plucked off the waiver wire, but then his production fell off the next couple of weeks as Terry Glenn and Keyshawn Johnson asserted themselves in the box score. Crayton reappeared this week against Oakland with a 63 yard TD. Knowing that Terry Glenn has played a full 16 game slate just twice in his 10-year career, Crayton could emerge as a starter for Dallas at some point this season. If not, Crayton has solid potential long-term with the Cowboys considering that Keyshawn Johnson and Terry Glenn aren’t spring chickens.

WR Devery Henderson - NO

Henderson had a golden opportunity to assert himself as a viable option in the Saints offense this week with Joe Horn sidelined. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Henderson had a big game the week before with 3 catches for 95 yards, but when pressed into the starting lineup, he struggled against a good Bills secondary producing only one catch for 7 yards (on 3 targets). Horn will probably return to the lineup next week pushing Henderson back into the slot, where he will probably have a better chance to be productive. The knock on Henderson continues to be a lack of consistency and route running.

WR Samie Parker - KC

Parker was shut out this week by the Eagles secondary, but he remains on the radar in most leagues. He has 20 targets through the first four games, but he’s yet to catch more than three balls in a game. He produced eight fantasy pts in weeks 2 and 3, so he has the potential to be useful if the matchup is right.

WR Koren Robinson - MIN

Robinson’s role is likely to increase as the season wears on, but it’s still unknown just how much of an impact he might make. Nate Burleson will return from injury in the next couple of weeks and Troy Williamson is emerging as a playmaker, too. That means Robinson will need to pass Marcus Robinson and Travis Taylor on the depth chart to warrant much fantasy value. In the last two weeks, despite what appears to be a decent opportunity with Burleson sidelined, Robinson has exactly one target and no catches. His time might come, but right now, there are probably better players worth gambling on in most leagues.

WR Roddy White - ATL

White is slowly emerging as a rookie and could join the Falcons starting lineup as soon as the next couple of weeks. His targets are on the rise with 1, 2 and 4 targets the past three weeks. He was slow out of the gate because of an injury that sidelined him for the better part of training camp. He might not do anything immediately, but down the stretch, he has a chance to make an impact and develop into a solid starter for the Falcons opposite Michael Jenkins.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

WR Joe Jurevicius - SEA

Jurevicius is already used frequently enough in the red zone to earn a roster spot in TD-heavy leagues. With Bobby Engram possibly limited next week with cracked ribs, Jurevicius (and Peter Warrick) could have larger roles for the next week or two.

WR Peter Warrick - SEA

Warrick might be worth a pickup if Bobby Engram doesn’t play this coming week. Engram cracked a couple ribs in Sunday’s game and his status for next week’s game won’t be known until the middle of the week most likely. Warrick caught a 42-yard pass this week and he’s similar to Engram in terms of their size and style of play. It remains to be seen if Warrick would get the call, or Joe Jurevicius, if Engram can’t go.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

WR Terrence Murphy - GB

Murphy is a player to watch on Monday Night Football tonight against the Panthers. As a rookie, he’s a polished receiver with a good combination of size and speed. The Packers want to work him into the offense as the team’s slot receiver, but so far, he’s yet to surpass Antonio Chatman in that capacity. Murphy could emerge as a starter for the team in the long term, and with any luck, he could do the same this year. If your league allows deeper rosters and you have a spot to gamble with, then take a chance on Murphy. He could emerge in the second half of the season, but otherwise he remains more of a dynasty prospect.

Others to Keep an Eye On

WR Andre Davis - NE

Davis was cut by the Patriots after not being healthy enough to play during the first month of the season. Davis clearly has the speed needed to be a good deep threat for some team but he’s never been able to stay on the field for the long haul since entering the NFL. Keep on eye on Davis to see where he lands. He could emerge in the second half of the season if he winds up on a team like Kansas City.

WR Dane Looker - STL

Looker was the beneficiary of Isaac Bruce’s absence this week. Normally, Looker is the team’s No. 5 receiver. He’s a reliable veteran who is well versed in Mike Martz’s offense. However, his run is probably short-lived so picking him up might amount to nothing more than chasing the stats. Looker had a productive game this week with eight catches for 90 yards. If Bruce remains sidelined for another week or longer, then Looker is worth a look in deeper leagues. Otherwise, he won’t sustain that level of production moving forward.

Tight End

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

TE Courtney Anderson - OAK

It looks like Anderson is going to benefit all year long from defenses focusing more on stopping Randy Moss, Jerry Porter and Lamont Jordan. Anderson didn’t have a big game this week, but he clearly is drawing favorable matchups and coverage as teams cheat their safeties towards Moss and linebackers keep their eyes on Jordan in the backfield. Anderson has excellent size and good hands. He’s been picked up in most leagues, by now, but if he’s still out there and you need a tight end, then he should be on your short list.

TE Erron Kinney - TEN

Another week passes and Kinney once again produced solid numbers across the board – seven catches for 42 yards. He hasn’t caught a TD pass yet, but he’s caught an amazing 21 passes on 23 targets in the first four game. That’s precisely the sort of consistency that most fantasy owners would kill to have at such a delicate position. Of course, if you own one of the stud TEs then who cares, but if you don’t and Kinney is available, grab him immediately. Barring injury, he’ll be consistently involved in the Titans offense this year.

TE Jerramy Stevens - SEA

Consistency is an undervalued trait in the fantasy football world. In the first four games, Jerramy Stevens has 12 catches. He’s produced three catches in every game with no less than 31 yards on 22 targets (between 4 and 7 each game). Mike Holmgren continues to sing his praises, too. Stevens finally emerged as the team’s starter following his best off-season as a pro. If you can still grab Stevens, make it a priority. He’s currently ranked 10th using FBG’s standard scoring and could finish the season as high as the 5th or 6th ranked TE if everything continues to go well for him.

TE Ben Troupe - TEN

Troupe was on his way to a productive game this week, but was sidelined midway through the game after catching four balls for 34 yards. Bo Scaife took over and produced a HUGE game catching 7 balls for 39 yards with a TD. Troupe should be fine moving forward and he remains an excellent buy low candidate. If you can still snag him off the waiver wire in leagues that require a TE, then we continue to advocate adding him to the roster. His value won’t go anywhere but up moving forward.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

TE Ernie Conwell - NO

If Conwell’s game by game pattern continues, then watch out for him next week. He’s alternated solid games with bad games so far. After catching six ball for 71 yards in the opener, he was shut out against the Giants in week two. Conwell then bounced back with a strong 65-yard performance including a TD in game three only to produce one catch for 5 yards in week 4 against the Bills.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

TE Teyo Johnson - ARI

Dennis Green quickly plucked Teyo off the NFL’s waiver wire after he was released by the Raiders. He’s slowly working his way into the Cardinals lineup and caught two balls for 16 yards this week. Keep tabs on Johnson. He seems like a decent fit as a pass-catching TE, but for whatever reason, he never could break through in Oakland.

TE Heath Miller - PIT

The Steelers first round pick has a grand total of two catches for 16 yards and 1 TD through three games. Don’t fret though. He’s only going to get better and could still emerge as a sleeper in redraft leagues in the second half of the season. The downside for Miller is that the Steelers probably won’t need to throw the ball a lot with a strong running game and great defense. As such, his upside this season may be limited to his ability to catch TDs in the red zone. In TD-only leagues, he’s a nice backup with the potential to develop into a starter over the next couple of months.

TE Alex Smith - TB

After catching two TDs in the season opener, the Bucs’ rookie TE has been awfully quiet. He’s caught one pass each week but doesn’t appear to be targeted enough to warrant any serious consideration as a starter yet. As the season wears on, Smith could grow into a larger role and he bears watching.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

TE Wesley Duke - DEN

Duke is a former NCAA basketball player that caught the eyes of the Broncos scouting department. Most people thought he would be cut after the preseason and signed to the practice squad, but he earned a spot on the active roster and could be a guy that blossoms into a solid player by next year. He has excellent size and great overall athleticism. If you can stash him on your roster later this year, you might be a couple steps ahead of your league mates.

TE Kevin Everett - BUF

Everett is a talented rookie tight end that is on the Bills PUP list after tearing his ACL in the spring mini-camp. He may not play this year, but could easily emerge as the Bills starting TE by next year and hold some decent value in dynasty leagues, particularly if you can afford to add him now and put him on your team’s IR.

Others to Keep an Eye On

TE Bo Scaife - TEN

It’s doubtful that Scaife will be a consistently productive player unless Ben Troupe or Erron Kinney miss extended action due to injury. However, don’t lose sight of him. It’s abundantly clear that Norm Chow’s offense includes a heavy dose of the Titans tight ends. Of course, some of that production this week had to do with the Colts coverage on their receivers, too. Through the team’s first four games, McNair has frequently targeted Troupe, Kinney and Scaife. Troupe left this week’s game due to injury and opened the door for Scaife, who responded with seven catches, 39 yards and a TD. Keep an eye on the situation here. If either starter is out due to injury, Scaife is a guy to pick up and play as an emergency starter.


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

PK Todd France - PHI

France filled in for the injured David Akers and kicked three FGs in four attempts this week finishing with 11 pts. He had a 40-yard FG attempt blocked. As long as Akers is sidelined, France is an excellent pick up and play candidate. The Eagles offense provides plenty of scoring opportunities and France is an accurate kicker who can take advantage of them.

PK Nate Kaeding - SD

Kaeding has at least one FG in every game so far and he’s put his post-season gaffe behind him. Kaeding is one of the league’s best young kickers and he’s on an excellent offensive team that will yield plenty of opportunities for him to score. He’s 5-for-5 on FG attempts so far including 3-for-3 from 40-to-49 yards.

PK Neil Rackers - ARI

Wow. What else can we say? Rackers is tearing it up this year. He’s an amazing 16-for-16 in just four games on FG attempts with 6 FGs coming from 40 yards or longer (two from 50 or longer). He was probably snagged off waivers in most leagues already. If not, run don’t walk and add him immediately.

PK Matt Stover - BAL

Stover’s production was as low as it’s ever been in the first two games of the season. However, this week he bounced back with two FGs. Historically, Stover as a highly accurate kicker who regularly finishes among the league’s top 10 kickers. Look for him to rebound with decent scoring the rest of the season.


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