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Week 6 Waiver Wire Report


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

QB Drew Bledsoe - DAL

Donít look now, but Bledsoe is perched at or near the top of the QBs in most standard scoring systems after five weeks with 1351 yards, 10 TDs and 3 interceptions. Bledsoe even has a rushing TD. Bledsoe has several good matchups sprinkled along the schedule the rest of the season, too. The first two weeks of the fantasy playoffs look particularly nice at NY Giants in week 13 and home against Kansas City in week 14. Other favorable matchups include the Giants next week, Arizona in week 8 and at Carolina to end the season. As always, the key to Bledsoeís production is protection up front. The Cowboys are doing a good job keeping him upright and as long as he can sit in the pocket and hit his receivers, heíll remain effective as an NFL and fantasy quarterback.

QB Mark Brunell - WAS

Brunell is like the daylight savings QB; expect he turned back his clock about 7 or 8 years. Brunell now has 6 TDs and 2 interceptions with 909 yards in four games (but 3 starts). Three weeks in a row, Brunell has 2 TDs and 225+ passing yards. Surprisingly, he also has at least 16 yards rushing in each game. The next three weeks in particular look exceptional on paper. At Kansas City (next week) is nice on paper, but donít underestimate the Arrowhead affect. The next two games include the 49ers at home and then on the road against the NY Giants. Both are solid matchups. Heading down the stretch, Brunellís schedule looks great, too. Weeks 11 through 16 look promising: Oakland, San Diego, at St. Louis, at Arizona, Dallas and NY Giants. If he stays healthy, Brunell has an excellent chance to be a worthwhile fantasy QB the rest of the way.

QB Brian Griese - TB

Griese is a tricky player to evaluate. If Cadillac Williams is healthy, then Grieseís value might be a bit more limited as the Bucs have shown a willingness to pound the football and play defense. When Williams isnít healthy, they are much more inclined to revert to their 2004 form Ė and let it fly. In the first three games with Williams, Griese threw 29, 22 and 26 passes. In the last two games with Williams sidelined, he threw 39 and 42 times. Thereís an abundance of favorable matchups on the remaining schedule, too. Next week against Miami looks good, then at San Francisco in week 8, Carolina week 9, at Atlanta week 11, at New Orleans week 13, at Carolina week 14 and then New England, Atlanta and New Orleans again down the stretch.

QB Eli Manning - NYG

In his second season, Manning is looking much better than anyone anticipated. Heís not quite the plug and play starter that his brother is, but heís close. He should be a decent play most weeks, particularly at home. While heís probably not available in most shark leagues, he might be out there in 8 or 10 team leagues. Snag him quickly, if you still can.

QB Josh McCown - ARI

His four game window of opportunity could now turn into a long-term starting job if he keeps up his current rate of production. McCownís case is aided by the Cardinalsí inability to run the football, a pair of elite receivers and a below average pass defense. That combination makes McCown a potentially lethal fantasy QB, particularly at home. There are several nice spots for McCown if he remains the starter. Week 7 against Tennessee, week 8 at Dallas, week 11 at St. Louis, week 13 at San Francisco and week 15 at Houston are all solid matchups on paper. The key to McCown is keeping the job. If he does, heís an impact free agent QB. If he doesnít, then Warner could still somehow emerge as a shark play, though his ability to stay healthy has to be a serious concern given the Cardinals less than desirable pass blocking. McCown can scramble and create plays where Warner lacks that ability.

QB Ben Roethlisberger - PIT

Ben has a great matchup tonight in San Diego to build on his first three games where heís thrown for no less than 216 yards with 2 TDs in each game. He hasnít thrown an interception in 60 passes and heís completed a 50+ yard pass in all three of his starts. Like the rest of the QBs that fall into this category, heís probably not available in most (competitive) leagues with 12 teams or more. If heís available, grab him while you can.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

QB Trent Dilfer - CLE

We might consider 2005 to be the renaissance year at quarterback with Dilfer, Bledsoe and Brunell proving to be surprisingly reliable options in the first month of the season. Dilfer has thrown for 200+ yards in all four games with 7 TDs and 4 interceptions. If he remains healthy, Dilfer looks like a strong backup with several games where he could be useful in a starting capacity as a sleeper play (week 8 at Houston, week 9 vs Tennessee, week 11 vs Miami, week 12 at Minnesota and week 15 at Oakland).

QB Gus Frerotte - MIA

Frerotte isnít blowing anyone away with his production, but heís clearly become a steady option and a solid fantasy backup for most leagues. He may be available in 8 or 10 team leagues, but is probably not out there in leagues with 12 or more teams. Heís thrown 1 or 2 TDs in each of his four starts. He looks like a decent bye week fill-in in week 7 vs KC, week 8 at New Orleans, week 9 vs Atlanta or week 10 vs New England. He may also be useful in week 12 at Oakland and week 14 at San Diego.

QB Kelly Holcomb - BUF

For better or worse, the Bills turned to Kelly Holcomb last week after J.P. Losmanís dismal start. Holcomb completed 20-of-26 in his debut as the teamís starter throwing for 169 yards with a TD. Holcomb isnít a great option, but he could be semi-useful if you wisely pick your spots with him. He might be a decent sleeper play in weeks 7 at Oakland, week 10 vs Kansas City, week 11 at San Diego, week 12 vs Carolina.

QB Vinny Testaverde - NYJ

In most competitive leagues, your best option on the waiver wire might be someone like Vinny. Heís a veteran and he has some decent talent at WR to work with, but donít expect much more than about 200 yards and a TD each week.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

QB David Carr - HOU

In almost every 12-team league, David Carr was drafted as a backup. However, after a dismal start, heís lurking on the waiver wire in many leagues. While we typically donít care about excuses when it comes to fantasy production, itís worth noting that Carrís been sacked 5, 8, 7 and 7 times in the first four games. At this pace, if he survives 16 games then he deserves a medal for something. He still has some fringe value, too. Heís rushed for 40, 46, 35 and 24 yards and completed at least 60% of his passes in the last three games. Unfortunately, thatís looking at Carr with rose-colored glasses. In reality, heís thrown just 3 TDs with 4 interceptions and still hasnít thrown for more than 175 yards in a game yet this season. The schedule will lighten up to some degree. Down the stretch, he faces Kansas City and St. Louis at home in weeks 11 and 12, and then Arizona in week 15. Thereís an outside chance that heíll produce something those weeks, but like Joey Harrington, heís on the hot seat as his teamís starter, so itís time to produce or move out of the way.

QB Jeff Garcia - DET

Believe it or not; the Lions are one blown TD call from being 3-1. That said, Joey Harrington still looks terrible. It should be noted that he has faced three of the toughest defenses in the league so far (two of them on the road) Ė at Chicago, at Tampa and Baltimore. If Harrington continues to stink up the joint with softer matchups ahead on the schedule, then Jeff Garcia will have an excellent shot to return as the Lions starter in a few weeks when heís healthy. Next week, Harrington should be more productive at home against the Panthers. Otherwise, Garcia could hit the ground running around week 9 at Minnesota followed by week 10 vs Arizona, week 11 at Dallas, week 12 vs Atlanta and week 13 vs Minnesota again. The Lions have what might be two solid matchups in the playoff schedule, too. Playing week 14 in Green Bay looks good on paper, but it might turn out different depending on the weather; and week 16 at New Orleans could be a productive spot for Garcia is heís at the helm.

QB Kurt Warner - ARI

See Josh McCownís analysis. If Warner regains the starting job when heís healthy, he could be a solid spot starter certain weeks. Week 11 at St. Louis, week 13 at San Francisco and week 15 at Houston are all solid matchups on paper. However, if McCown keeps throwing the ball as well as he has the last two weeks, Warner could potentially be unseated from the starting job for the second year in a row.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

QB Matt Schaub - ATL

Replacing the injured Michael Vick this week, Schaub produced better results than Vick likely would have as a passer. He threw for 298 yards with three TDs and no interceptions. Schaub is good sleeper fodder as long as heís starting, but Vick should back by next week. Schaub is a great handcuff if you own Vick, otherwise his only true value is when Vick isnít playing.

QB Billy Volek - TEN

There are few backups in the league that have Volekís upside. If McNair misses any length of time because of injury, Volek immediately becomes a player worth starting in most leagues.

Others to Keep an Eye On

QB Alex Smith - SF

Smith is one of the few players on this list that is probably available in 99.9% of 12 team re-draft leagues, and for good reason. There is very little chance that Smith will turn into a worthwhile fantasy QB this year. Heís athletic and has plenty of talent, but he was overwhelmed in the preseason, and he looked even worse this week against a good Colts defense. As long as heís the 49ers starting QB, you might as well keep Brandon Lloyd and Arnaz Battle firmly on your bench. Itís going to get worse before it gets better for the 49ers and Smith.

Running Back

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

RB Tatum Bell - DEN

Bell broke out of the gate quickly this week. He broke a 34-yard TD run on 4th and 1 during the Broncos opening drive against a good Redskins (run) defense. He carried five times for 55 yards in the first half, and then he exploded in the second half with a 55-yard TD run. On the day, Bell ran for 127 yards on 12 carries with a 5-yard reception. As Mike Andersonís backup, Bell has 47, 47, 60 and 127 yards rushing in the four games heís been active. He is averaging 6.3 yds/att this year and averaged 5.3 last year. If Anderson slips, Bell will immediately become a top 10 fantasy RB. Until then, heís worth holding if you have him and picking up immediately if heís available. The sky is the limit if he has the opportunity to start, but Anderson is not likely to be benched so Bell must be patient and wait for his chance if Anderson gets hurt. If another owner lost patience with Bell after the first couple weeks and cut Bell free, then grab him if at all possible.

RB Cedric Benson - CHI

Thomas Jones rushed for 137 yards on 24 carries, but he left midway through the fourth quarter with an injured right knee. Following the game, Jones said his knee felt better describing the injury as a ďbone bruise or somethingĒ. It should also be noted that offensive tackle John Tait left the stadium in a walking boot with a sprained ankle. The point being that if Jones and Tait are sidelined for any length of time, then Benson has an excellent chance to start finally. Of course, if Tait is out, then the Bears run blocking might suffer, too. Benson saw brief playing time this week, but looked unimpressive losing a fumble (which sure looked like a bad call from the couch and on instant replay) and gaining just 6 yards on five carries. Bensonís value is 100% dependent on the status of Jones moving forward.

RB Jerome Bettis - PIT

Everyoneís eyes will be on the Steelers backfield when they take the field tonight against the Chargers. Willie Parker seems well entrenched as the teamís starting RB given his fast start (no pun intended), but now that the Bus is out of the garage and Duce Staley is also healthy, the Steelers have the potential to evolve into a RBBC. Bettis is simply too powerful as a force in the red zone to be ignored. If heís on the waiver wire, heís a great player to add to the back end of your RB rotation. He still has the potential to be a solid scoring threat either in TD-only leagues, or if Parker gets dinged and misses any time.

RB Michael Pittman - TB

Pittman didnít light up the scoreboard starting in place of Cadillac Williams this week, but he produced combined 87 yards on 13 carries and 7 receptions. Heíll be relegated to the backup within a week or two once Williams is back in the lineup. His primary value is in PPR leagues considering his receiving ability and the likelihood that Gruden will continue to use him as an occasional slot receiver and third down back.

RB Duce Staley - PIT

Like Bettis, Staley still has some gas left in the tank. Heís not going to score many TDs with Bettis on the roster (assuming both players are healthy), but heís still a viable runner between the tackles and an under-utilized receiver out of the backfield. He lost the starting gig to Willie Parker, but that could change with one injury, so snap up Staley is heís available if only for the chance that he could wind up starting a few games the rest of the way.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

RB Ladell Betts - WAS

Betts is a solid change-of-pace runner who is getting a decent amount of work behind Clinton Portis. Joe Gibbs has been singing his praise all year, so his role isnít going to change unless Portis gets hurt, in which event, Betts would become a solid RB2 in most scenarios.

RB Frank Gore - SF

Kevan Barlow remains the teamís starting RB and that doesnít appear likely to change anytime soon (barring injury). Gore looked like a guy who could push Barlow to the bench during the preseason and even in the first few games of the regular season. However, Barlow has responded well the last couple of weeks to keep Gore at bay.

RB Brandon Jacobs - NYG

Jacobs is the teamís goal line RB and he could be in-line for even more work as the season moves forward. The team talks about getting him into the game for an occasional series in the second quarter to spell Tiki Barber, but at the very least, heíll remain an option in the red zone and has great value in TD-only leagues in his current role. If Tiki Barber gets hurt, Jacobs would be the teamís featured back and his value would soar accordingly.

RB Patrick Pass - NE

For now, Pass is Corey Dillonís primary backup. Heís one of Bill Belichickís ďdo it allĒ type of players. Pass is a solid lead blocker who can also serve as the teamís short yardage back or third down back in a pinch. He scored the first rushing TD of his career Sunday. More importantly, Corey Dillon left Sundayís game in the fourth quarter with an undisclosed leg injury. If Dillon is unable to go next week at Denver, Pass would have some decent value as a spot starter. However, the Pats have a bye week the following week and Dillon could be back by then, or Amos Zereoue could emerge as the featured back while Pass goes back to serving as a role player.

RB Chris Perry - CIN

For now, Chris Perry is a super backup RB for the Bengals. Heís an excellent change-of-pace runner and an even better receiver out of the backfield. If Rudi Johnson goes down, then Perry immediately becomes a serious consideration among the top 10 fantasy RBs moving forward. Otherwise, Perryís an excellent RB in PPR leagues and is a ďmust haveĒ handcuff for Johnsonís owners. He has 18 receptions in 5 games and he will continue to be a significant part of the Bengals offense in his current role spelling Johnson.

RB Marcel Shipp - ARI

Shipp is the Cardinalsí starting running back, but heís failed to run for more than 54 yards in a game this year and still hasnít found the end zone. Simply put, the Cardinals ground game is horrible no matter who is logging the carries. Shipp has better value in PPR leagues given his 16 receptions in 5 games, but otherwise, heís a spot starter and a weak play in most situations unless the Cardinals figure out a way to get more out of their offensive line.

RB Chester Taylor - BAL

Taylor already holds decent value as the primary backup to Jamal Lewis and the Ravenís third down back. In four games, Taylor has 11 receptions and no less than 21 yards receiving in every game. He carried the ball 11 times for 32 yards in week 4 and 9 times for 46 yards this week against Detroit. Taylorís upside is limited as long as Lewis is healthy, but if Lewis goes down again this year, then Taylor holds great value and is worth a roster spot in most leagues if heís on the waiver wire.

RB Tyson Thompson - DAL

Thompson has emerged as the primary backup to Julius Jones after Anthony Thomas has apparently fallen out of favor with Bill Parcells. Jones didnít play in the second half of yesterdayís game because of an apparent ankle injury. Parcells could have been playing it safe with a 24-point lead, but itís worth noting that Thompson gained 75 yards on 20 carries in his stead. Thompson is a super-quick back with decent size (6í 1Ē, 215 lbs) and an increasing amount of opportunity, particularly if Jones is forced to miss any time moving forward because of injury. If Jones is inactive, then itís still possible that Anthony Thomas would be activated and play a larger role. However, at this stage, Thompson looks to have passed Thomas on the depth chart and he gives the team more speed and playmaking ability at the position than Thomas.

RB Ricky Williams - MIA

Williamsí four game suspension is over now and heíll rejoin the Dolphins backfield next week. Itís unclear what role, if any, Williams will have since Ronnie Brownís play has been much improved the last two weeks. Nick Saban will probably find a way to use Williams along with Brown, but heís not likely to start barring injury. Clearly, if Williams is available, then you should grab him if youíre lacking talent at RB.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

RB Tony Fisher - GB

With Najeh Davenport likely gone for the year, Fisher might be an excellent pick up this week depending on the health of Ahman Green. Green believes heíll be ready to start when the team emerges from the bye week to play in week 7, so Fisher will likely be a good handcuff or a speculative pickup, if anything. Thereís still a chance that Green might not be ready and he certainly could go down again, so Fisher is definitely worth a roster spot either way. Even with Green healthy, Fisher serves as the teamís third down back. He caught 6 balls for 40 yards this week, almost scoring on two different plays. He took an 11-yard pass down to the 1 and a 9-yard pass down to the 4. In PPR leagues, he adds slightly more value and he could be a sleeper play even with Green in the lineup.

RB Lamar Gordon - PHI

The Eagles donít have much of a power running game, but Gordon is the teamís designated goal line back so he has some value right now. If Brian Westbrook gets hurt, itís possible that Gordonís role would expand, though Ryan Moats would also become a factor as well. For now, Gordon is worth a roster spot in 12 or 14 team leagues, but his upside is limited and depends largely on Westbrookís health.

RB Alvin Pearman - JAX

Pearman is working his way into the offense more in the last few games as the teamís third down back. He passed LaBrandon Toefield on the depth chart and he is now Fred Taylorís primary backup as well. For now, his value is limited, but his upside should command a roster spot knowing Taylorís history with injuries and his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.

RB Lee Suggs - CLE

Suggs is healthy again, but he didnít touch the ball at all this week. Reuben Droughns is clearly the teamís featured back at this point, but as a backup, Suggs has plenty of talent and is still a good guy to add to the back end of your RB corps. If he gets the opportunity to start a game or more this year, Suggs will have solid value. Unfortunately, until Droughns falters, Suggs doesnít look like heíll have much opportunity.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

RB Artose Pinner - DET

The Lions are using Pinner as a change-of-pace runner to Kevin Jones and, frankly, heís looking good. Heís 100% healthy this year (for the first time in his brief NFL career) and he would have solid value if KJ goes down. Otherwise, heís limited to about 4 to 6 carries each week and his upside depends completely on KJís health.

RB Antowain Smith - NO

Smith carried the rock 12 times for 36 yards this week. Two factors combined to allow Smith plenty of playing time. Deuce McAllister twisted his ankle and the Saints were trailing 35-3 at halftime prompting Smith to see much more playing time than anticipated. Aaron Stecker also played, but itís worth noting that Smith carried 12 times while Stecker touched the rock just once. If McAllister were to miss a few games, both Smith and Stecker would likely split the load to some extent, but Smith is more likely to be the teamís featured runner given his size advantage. McAllister is scheduled to have an MRI on his right knee today after spraining it in the third quarter and leaving the game. He claimed that heíll be fine after the game, but letís wait and see what the MRI tell us and make an educated decision after that.

RB Michael Turner - SD

Surprisingly, Michael Turner is on the waiver wire in many leagues. If you own Tomlinson, obviously you donít want to think about him getting hurt, but donít be fooled into thinking heís invincible. Like any other running back in the NFL, Tomlinson is susceptible to injury and Turner is without question the primary backup. Turner has good power and if you can afford a roster spot to handcuff your teamís most valuable asset, then itís probably worth the peace of mind to pickup Turner.

RB Amos Zereoue - NE

Zereoue signed with the Patriots after Kevin Faulk went down with a leg injury that will sideline him for at least the next couple of months. Zereoue still has to earn a role with the team and heís currently behind both Corey Dillon and Patrick Pass on the depth chart. Zereoue is a sleeper who could emerge with solid value if Dillon misses a few games due to injury, but right now, heís more of a speculative play depending on Dillonís leg and status moving forward.

Add for Next Year (Dynasty potential)

RB Ciatrick Fason - MIN

Fason isnít even part of the RB rotation right now, but with Mike Tice calling the shots, whose to say that he wonít be in the near future? Fason has an outside shot of becoming the teamís starter next year, but heíll need to pass Mewelde Moore on the depth chart and contend with the presence of goal-line back Moe Williams, too. The Vikings could easily draft or acquire another back next year, so there is no guarantee Fason will ever start for the team, but heís a good player with the ability to catch the ball. He also has better size than Moore has and could force his way into a RBBC situation next year, if anything.

RB Ryan Moats - PHI

Moats is similar in stature to Brian Westbrook and he performed well in the preseason. His primary value right now is limited to Westbrook getting hurt. Otherwise, Moats has been inactive each week and Lamar Gordon is serving as the backup on game day. If Westbrook misses a game or more, Moats would be active and likely would share the rock with Gordon in some capacity. His value is decidedly higher in keeper or dynasty leagues with Westbrookís contract expiring at seasonís end. Thereís an outside chance that Moats could be the teamís starter next year barring Westbrook re-signing or the team drafting another back in the first couple of rounds next April.

RB Vernand Morency - HOU

Morency may be forgotten in some leagues and he could be lingering on the waiver wire because heís been on the sidelines all year. Morency has the talent and potential to be an impact player if Domanick Davis misses a few games due to injury. Heíll probably split carries with Jonathan Wells to some degree, but Morency might be the most talented back on the Texans roster outside of Davis. If an impatient owners cuts ties with Morency in your dynasty league, then snap him up immediately.

RB Maurice Morris - SEA

Morris will be a free agent following the season and heís stated numerous times, like Lamont Jordan, that he wants a shot to be an every down back somewhere. Whether he gets that chance or not, Morris does have some talent and could be a nice long-term sleeper in dynasty leagues if his free agent status lands him on a team where heíll have a legitimate chance to play.

RB Dominic Rhodes - IND

Rhodes vultured a TD from Edgerrin James this week and he could have some value at the end of this season if the Colts secure their playoff spot with a few games left on the schedule. Otherwise, his primary value is as Edgeís handcuff or in dynasty leagues where heís worth holding onto if Edge leaves as a free agent following the season.

Others to Keep an Eye On

RB Nick Goings - CAR

Goings remains an option in deeper leagues considering how well the Panthers can run the ball seemingly with whatever back they put in the game. Stephen Davis, so far, has looked very good. It might seem like a minor miracle that both Davis and DeShaun Foster remain healthy after five weeks, but they are. If injuries strike the Panthers again, Goings remains one of the coaching staffís favorite players and he could somehow find himself with an opportunity to play and have solid value in most leagues. Until then, heís a speculative pickup at best and remains third on the depth chart for the immediate future.

RB Jarrett Payton - TEN

Payton scored his first career TD on his first touch this Sunday. He carried eight times and gained just 11 yards, but heís the primary backup to the oft-injured Chris Brown for two more games. Once Travis Henry returns from suspension, Payton could be relegated to the practice squad again.

RB Adrian Peterson - CHI

If Thomas Jones missed an extended amount of time because of an apparent knee injury suffered on Sunday, then Peterson might also stand to gain as many carries as the Bears first round pick Cedric Benson. Peterson entered the game before Benson and promptly ripped off a 19-yard run. Benson is obviously the player with the most to gain from an injury to Jones, but donít forget about Peterson either. He could split carries with Benson and he probably offers more in pass protection than Benson does at this point, which would prompt Lovie Smith to use him more frequently than most people would expect.

Wide Receiver

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

WR Antonio Bryant - CLE

Bryant may not be a true #1 receiver, but he does have plenty of talent and a good opportunity to continue producing for the Browns. Trent Dilfer gives him a stable QB with a good arm and Braylon Edwardsí recent setback means Bryant will continue to be Dilferís primary option for the immediate future.

WR Terry Glenn - DAL

While itís highly doubtful that Glenn would still appear on anyoneís waiver wire, weíre just doing our due diligence. If heís there, do the right thing and snag him while you can. Heís clearly Bledsoeís biggest playmaker in the passing game and heís consistently producing for the first time in years. As long as he can sustain this type of production, he deserves to be in the starting lineup.

WR Chris Henry - CIN

Henry is now a threat to score a TD in almost every game he plays. Heís scored a TD or had a TD called back due to penalty in almost every game heís played this year. Heís the Bengalsí No.3 receiver and will have a starting role as long as T.J. Houshmandzadeh isnít healthy. Even with Houshmandzadeh on the field, Henry is involved in the game plan and Carson Palmer is going to him in the red zone enough to warrant starting him in deeper leagues or TD-only leagues.

WR Joe Jurevicius - SEA

Jurevicius lived up to his hype this week as Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram both were sidelined due to injury. Jackson will likely miss several games meaning Jurevicius isnít just a one-week special. As long as Jackson is out, Jurevicius will have tremendous short-term value as a starter in most leagues. If heís available, heíll be among the hottest players on the waiver wire following his 9 catch, 107 yard, 1 TD game against the Rams.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

WR Mark Bradley - CHI

Bradley is now officially the Bears starting receiver opposite Muhsin Muhammad. He caught four balls for 33 yards this week, but also lost a fumble. His role is growing as the season progresses and he could become a viable option as a spot starter or sleeper pick during the bye weeks. Otherwise, heís still best in a dynasty or keeper league format, but he could emerge with better value as he gains experience in the 2nd half of the season.

WR Keary Colbert - CAR

Colbert is a mystery this year. Heís clearly a talented receiver and he should see plenty of action as teams do their best to control Steve Smith. Unfortunately, despite plenty of targets, Colbert just hasnít been productive yet. Look for that to change at some point. Colbert may very well be available in some leagues as owners lose patience. If you can afford a roster spot, heís worth picking up and his fortunes should turn around at some point.

WR Braylon Edwards - CLE

Edwards underwent surgery on his elbow this week. Heíll be back soon, but in the mean time, if an impatient owners cuts him loose, donít be afraid to snag him. In the second half of the season, Edwards could become a valuable player. Heís the real deal.

WR D.J. Hackett - SEA

Hackett caught five balls for 43 yards this week and saw more playing time than anticipated with Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram sidelined. He started along with Joe Jurevicius and he will continue see extensive playing time as long as Jackson and Engram are sidelined. Jackson will miss at least a couple/few more games, so for the short-term (and perhaps in dynasty leagues), Hackett might be worth a roster spot.

WR Brandon Jones - TEN

Jones was probably snatched off your leagueís waiver wire in the past few weeks, but if heís still out there, then grab him while you can. The Titans figure to be a good passing team moving forward and Jones is only going to get better as he gains experience. Heís caught between 2 and 5 passes every game this year and thereís a good chance his targets and receptions will improve in the coming weeks.

WR Mike Williams - DET

With Charles Rogers suspended and Roy Williams leaving the game this week with a leg injury, Mike Williams suddenly has a great opportunity to show the world why the Lions took a WR for the third straight year in the top 10 picks of the draft. Williams only caught one pass for 7 yards, but clearly, the opportunity is there for him to make an impact. Now, itís just a matter of coaxing Joey Harrington to do something, heck, anything.

WR Troy Williamson - MIN

With the Vikings team playing terrible in almost all facets of the game, Williamson could find himself on your leagueís waiver wire, though not likely. If heís out there, grab him if you can. Even with Nate Burleson returning from injury, Williamson looks like the teamís best deep threat already and the team will probably look for ways to get him more involved when they return from the bye next week.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

WR Corey Bradford - HOU

Bradford has forever been long on potential and short on production. Heís one of the faster receivers in the league, but all too frequently, he doesnít show up in the box score. This week he managed 35 yards on four catches with a TD, but itís tough to project him with any serious level of production moving forward Ė even if Andre Johnson is sidelined with an injury. Either way, heís probably available, but heís a risky bet to produce anything on a consistent basis.

WR Antonio Chatman - GB

Chatman is heavily involved in the teamís offense as the third receiver and could be worthwhile in deeper leagues or PPR leagues. His upside is limited, but he could serve a purpose as a spot starter during the bye weeks.

WR Mark Clayton - BAL

Clayton is starting opposite Derrick Mason and continues to grow into a larger role in the offense. Heís a player to watch, or perhaps add to your roster if heís available, as the Ravens passing game is bound to improve in the second half of the season.

WR Brian Finneran - ATL

All of the Falcons receivers have questionable value given the Falcons tendency to run the football and Michael Vickís inconsistent nature as a passer. However, if Matt Schaub is starting, then throw that logic out the window. With Schaub behind center this week, Finneran exploded for 103 yards on 5 catches. Heís caught at least 3 balls in the last four games and his size makes him a nice target in the red zone, but the only player that has serious value in the Falcons passing attack continues to be TE Alge Crumpler.

WR Jabar Gaffney - HOU

Gaffney disappointed this week in what appeared to be a good matchup against the Titans secondary. Gaffney caught 6 balls for 88 yards the previous week, but produced only 2 catches for 24 yards this week, despite the fact that Andre Johnson left the game in the first quarter with a strained right calf. Gaffney has the potential to be a decent possession receiver, but the Texans offense just isnít getting it done right now and itís questionable whether theyíll be able to turn things around or not this year.

WR Rod Gardner - CAR

Gardner finally saw some playing time this week after being inactive during the first month of the season. He could emerge at some point, but right now, heís clearly a deep sleeper with little value.

WR Az-zahir Hakim - NO

If Joe Hornís injury lingers then Hakim could have a little short-term value. Hakim isnít the most durable player either, but he had an excellent opportunity and cashed in this week. The Saints were playing from a huge deficit and Hakim took advantage finishing with 108 yards on 5 catches.

WR Kevin Johnson - DET

While the Lions have invested heavily at wide receiver in the draft, ironically, Johnson might be their most productive receiver over the next few weeks. As a veteran, he can get open and apparently has the trust of Joey Harrington. If Roy Williams is unable to play next week, then Johnson will start along with Mike Williams. Both are limited by Harringtonís poor play, but thereís always a chance they could turn things around and Johnson might be worth a roster spot for the short-term.

WR Koren Robinson - MIN

Robinson looked like he would emerge as a possible starter or significant role player with Nate Burleson injured, but it didnít happen. Thereís always a chance that things could change via injury otherwise, and Robinson still has a good amount of talent, so in deeper leagues he might be worth a look as a sleeper.

WR Peter Warrick - SEA

Warrick has a solid opportunity with Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram both injured, but he only caught one pass for 7 yards this week, despite what appeared to be a great opportunity for him to see a larger role. Until he sees more targets, he might be worth a gamble, but his role is unclear at this point and heís being outperformed by D.J. Hackett.

Others to Keep an Eye On

WR Bethel Johnson - NE

Johnson reminds me a lot of former Patriots WR Tony Simmons. Forever a dynasty league sleeper, Simmons flashed his potential numerous times, but never emerged as a long-term starter or a viable fantasy WR. Like Simmons, Johnson has top-flight speed, but heís been in the league three seasons and still hasnít broken into the lineup. He caught a 55-yard TD this week, but unless he strings together a few good games in a row, heís probably not worth a roster spot in most leagues.

Tight End

Add Immediately (Impact potential)

TE Chris Cooley - WAS

Cooley is on a tear right now. He started the season a little slowly with 5 catches for 54 yards in the first two games. Since then, he has 12 catches for 143 yards and a TD in two games. If heís available, grab him while you can.

TE Jerramy Stevens - SEA

Stevens is living up to his vast potential this year and currently ranks among the top 10 fantasy TEs in almost every possible scoring system. He caught three more balls this week for 65 yards and a TD. At this point, Stevens really shouldnít be on the waiver wire in any league, but if he is, then do the right thing. He looks like a solid starter for the rest of the season even with Itula Mili returning to the lineup.

TE Ben Troupe - TEN

The Ben Troupe bandwagon is getting really full right about now. He caught 8 balls this week for 67 yards with a TD. He has caught a TD in three of the Titansí five games so far and is quickly becoming a bigger part of the offense with each passing week. His production should continue to grow in the second half of the season and he could easily finish among the top 10 TEs by seasonís end.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

TE Daniel Graham - NE

Graham broke out in a big way this week and he might very well be available in most leagues. He had just two catches for 18 yards and a TD through the first four games. Thatís the rub with Graham. Heíll go games without a catch and then explode for a couple TDs any given week. Look for that to continue as Tom Brady spreads the football around to get all of his receivers involved from week to week. As a bye week starter or fill-in, heís worth a gamble.

TE Aaron Shea - CLE

Shea returned to the lineup this week after missing the first month of the season due to injury. He made an immediate impact catching 6 passes for 65 yards. He and Steve Heiden will both be productive at times, but theyíll both limit the otherís upside and ultimately their collective fantasy value. In deeper leagues, Shea is definitely worth a roster spot and could be a useful spot starter (like Heiden).

TE Ben Watson - NE

Watson is going to be a sporadically productive player despite having a first round pedigree like his teammate Daniel Graham. Both players are great talents, but Watson has the ability to be an elite pass-catching TE if he could just get the targets to live up to that massive upside. Donít count on that happening though. Heís caught one ball in every game this year, but no more than two. Heíll have games where he may break out, but more often than not heíll be a frustrating player to count on in a starting capacity.

Add for Later (Sleeper potential)

TE Teyo Johnson - ARI

Teyo started this week for the Cardinals and while he hasnít produced anything tangible yet, he has the potential to emerge later this year as a viable fantasy TE in deeper leagues. Otherwise, despite being a bust in Oakland, Dennis Green believes he has something with Johnson, and in dynasty leagues, you might consider stashing him away for down the road.

TE Alex Smith - TB

Smith resurfaced this week with five catches for 46 yards after disappearing for the last four weeks. He caught two TDs in the season opener, since then weíve barely seen his name in the box score. Smith is a talented rookie TE who will only get better with time, but for right now, heís better to own in a keeper/dynasty league than a re-drafter. Heíll have his weeks, but it will be tough expecting consistent production.

Add for Insurance (Injury or bye week replacement)

TE David Martin - GB

As long as Bubba Franks is unable to play, Martin has some value. He caught another TD this week but only had 7 yards on two catches otherwise. Martinís a squeeze play for the most part. If Franks canít go, then Martin is a decent plug-n-play option for the short term. Otherwise, if Franks is healthy, Martinís value is limited at best to TD only leagues.


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

PK Jay Feely - NYG

Feely is off to a great start in New York connecting on all eight of his field goal attempts so far. The Giants offense is getting into scoring range for Feely at an extremely high rate, and his 16 PATs mean some of those could turn into FG opportunities.

PK Todd France - PHI

David Akers could miss anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. France has a good, accurate leg and could slide right into a good Eagles offense and produce Akers-like points. Then again, if McNabb isnít right this team could go into a little funk affecting France, too.

PK Josh Scobee - JAX

Scobee has been consistent enough from week to week and accurate enough making 10 of 12 FGs to be considered as a starter in leagues with 12 teams or more.

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

PK Rob Bironas - TEN

Bironas ranks among the top 10 in most scoring systems with 8 FGs in 11 attempts. He made a 49 yarder and a 52 yarder this week against Houston. Heís got a reasonably strong and accurate leg so far and the Titans offense should continue to be productive.

PK Matt Bryant - TB

Bryant has been steady so far making 8 out of 9 FGs ranking him around the starter range in most 12 or 14 team leagues.

PK Jose Cortez - DAL

Cortez caught fire this week helping the Cowboys defeat the rival Eagles with 4 FGs. Heís made 8 of 9 FGs on the season ranking him around the middle of the pack for the leagueís kickers as far as fantasy scoring is concerned..


Add Immediately (Impact potential)

TD Detroit Lions - DET

The Lions defense came alive this week thanks mostly to a superb effort by their defensive leader and playmaker extraordinaire Dreí Bly. Bly himself forced three turnovers Ė recovering a fumble and intercepting Anthony Wright twice (once in the end zone). They have 10 sacks in 4 games with 11 turnovers. The Lions special teams are usually among the best in the league, but theyíve been transparent so far this year. With Eddie Drummond shaken up this week against the Ravens, they may not as explosive as usual until heís 100%. The Lions might be a decent plays in weeks 7 (at Cleveland), 8 (vs Chicago) and 10 (vs Arizona).

TD Tennessee Titans - TEN

The Titans sacked David Carr 7 times on Sunday. They intercepted him once and forced two fumbles. Through five games, the Titans have 17 sacks. Free agent Kyle Vanden Bosch is having a fine season. Heís even surprising himself lingering among the league leaders in sacks. The Titans have forced 7 turnovers and scored 1 TD. Week 12 they host the 49ers, which could be an incredibly good matchup if the 49ers continue to trot rookie Alex Smith out there as their starting quarterback. Two weeks later (week 14), they host the Houston Texans, which could be even uglier than this weekís outcome (for Houston).

Add For Depth (Starter potential)

TD Cleveland Browns - CLE

The Browns had four sacks and forced/recovered three fumbles against the Bears on Sunday. The Browns run defense is soft, but overall they are playing better than anyone couldíve expected in head coach Romeo Crennelís first season. They host the Lions in week 7, who are well known for being a shaky (losing) road team. The next week (8) they are in Houston, another decent matchup. Finally, week 17 is home against Baltimore, which may or may not be a good matchup depending on whether the Ravens QB play improves before that game, or not.

TD Arizona Cardinals - ARI

In five games, the Cardinals have 12 sacks, 5 INTs and 4 fumbles recovered with 1 TD; allowing 106 rushing yards and 197 passing yards per game. They lost their top young corner Antrel Rolle for the year making their secondary is even more young and vulnerable. Theyíre a decent sleeper pick some weeks, particularly when they are at home. Week 13 they play in San Francisco, which could promise to be a productive game is rookie Alex Smith is starting for the 49ers at QB. Weeks 14 and 15 they are at home against Washington and then in Houston. Both weeks the Cardinals could be a surprising sleeper play.

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