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Triathlon - Leg 1

1. There will be a twelve team league consisting of 6 FBG Staff and 6 Message Board players.

2. Picks will be random via the Irony Dice Server. You must draft from the slot you have been given. No trading of slots within teams.

3. Drafts will take place (using MyFantasyLeague Software) at the same time (to be determined later). The drafts will be serpentine and last 22 rounds.

4. There will be no trading of draft picks, no trading of players and no free agent pickups. The team you draft will be the team you have for the entire season.

5. Scores will be determined to the tenth of a point by adding up:

the highest scoring QB
the two highest scoring RBs
the three highest scoring WRs
the highest scoring TE
the highest flex (RB/WR/TE not used already)
the highest scoring kicker
and the highest scoring defense

each week per roster. Scores reset after each week.

6. Low scorers will be booted from the Island based on this criteria:

Week 1-4 - Lose 1 team per week, High score gets immunity (and is exempt from leaving) for the next week
Week 5/6 - Lose 1 team per two weeks (combined score of week 5 and 6)
Week 7/8 - Lose 1 team per two weeks (combined score of week 7 and 8)
Week 9/10 - Lose 1 team per two weeks (combined score of week 9 and 10)
Week 11/12 - Lose 1 team per two weeks (combined score of week 11 and 12)

Immunity will be for the first three weeks only (week 3 winner gets immunity for the 4th week). Week 4 high score does not get immunity.

7. After week 12, the remaining 4 teams will compete in the playoffs. Scores will be reset and the winner will be determined by adding the totals scored for weeks 13 through 16.

8. Scoring will be 10 points for first, 8 for 2nd, 6 for 3rd, 4 for 4th, 2 for 5th and 1 for 6th for each contest.

93 points between the three legs are possible. The team that gets 47 points or more is crowned the 2006 Champion.

9. Prizes will be the following:

1st Place (each leg) = $250
2nd Place (each leg) = $100
3rd Place (each leg) = $40
4th Place (each leg) = $25

An additional $900 will be split evenly ($50 each) to the message board should they beat the staff team.

10. Everyone will receive $50 for answering pre-draft and post-draft questions. These will not be shown to staff until after the draft has taken place. The post-draft questions will examine picks made, rating others teams, etc)

11. Player Scoring:

Passing TDs = 4 pts
Rushing/receiving TDs = 6 pts
interceptions = -1 points
1 pt per 20 yards passing
1 pt per 10 yards rushing or receiving
1 pt per reception for QBs, RBs, WRs and TEs
2 pts awarded for 2 point conversions (pass, rush, or receive)

Kicker Scoring (only can score on FG or EP)

3 pts per FG of 39 yards or less
4 pts per FG between 40 and 49 yards
5 pts per FG 50 yards or greater
1 pt per EP

12. Defense/Special Teams Scoring:

Points Allowed
0 = 7 points
2-9 = 4 points
10-19 = 1 point
20+ = 0 points

Sack = 1 point
INT/Fumble Recovery = 2 points
Safety = 2 points
Defense or ST TD = 6 points (Kickoff return, punt return, interception, fumble recovery, blocked punt/FG return)

13. We will use My Fantasy League Scoring to rule on disputes. Their scoring will be final the week the game is played. If the NFL changes statistics later, we will not change the outcomes of previously determined games.

14. If two teams should tie for low score, the tie will be broken by best player not used in calculating the maximum score per squad regardless of position. Scoring will be to tenths.

15. Should a dispute arise, Joe Bryant (who will not field a team) will act as the league commish. His decision is final.

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