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Shawn Culcasi Bio

Age: 31

Birthplace: Antioch, CA

Occupation: Landscape Foreman

Current City: Pittsburg, CA

Years Playing Fantasy Football: 16

Favorite thing about Fantasy Football: Competition, statistical analysis and discussions/debates

If you were Paul Tagliabue for a Day: I'd make sure that the Eagles put the peephole back in the cheerleaders dressing room.

Something Odd/Different About You: What, do you think I'm odd? I'm the most anal retentive person that I know.

A Brush with Greatness You've Had: I once met Bob Harris and left unscathed.

Favorite Movies/DVDs: Lord of the Rings trilogy, along with the standard Robert DeNiro and Quentin Tarantino stuff.

List Three CDs You Would Want If Stranded On a Deserted Island: Mother Hips - Back to the Grotto. Nirvana - Bleach. Primus - Suck On This

Marital/Children Status: Married to Nikki with sons Jaxon (4) and Mason (1)

Biggest Vice: The Shark Pool. As addicting as crack, often just as harmful.

Pet Peeve: Attention to detail

Favorite Quote: "It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." - John Wooden

Favorite NFL Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Hobbies: outside of fantasy football...none

Dream Car: The Mystery Machine (only if Daphne was part of the package)

Scarface or Goodfellas? yes

Rather sleep at or on top of Paris Hilton? C'mon now. I like cheap hotels anyhow.

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