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Face Off - Kordell Stewart

High Side by David Shick
Kordell Stewart has spent six seasons as a starting NFL quarterback, but he had at least 400 passing attempts in only three of those years (97, 98, and 01). As long as Stewart is in the lineup for all 16 games and is given the opportunity to perform, he has consistently put up solid fantasy numbers. In those three years, Stewart finished as the 2nd, 20th, and 9th ranked QB.

The question at hand is whether you think Grossman will get a chance to play should Stewart falter this season. I think not. The Bears will not throw Grossman to the wolves if the team is not winning games. And even if the team is not winning games Stewart can still put up great numbers. If not in the passing game, he'll get it on the ground.

Kordell Stewart is not a great passer (career 70 TD & 72 INT), but those 35 career rushing TDs more than put him over the top when you start talking about fantasy numbers. The Chicago coaching staff will not expect him to stand in the pocket and win games with his arm. They know exactly what the brought into the offense and will relish having a QB with some escape ability. After watching Miller and Chandler get hammered week after week, Stewart will be a nice change of pace.

Low Side by Ken Maxwell
Kordell Stewart can be deadly when the defense breaks down and he becomes a running back, but he is absolutely atrocious when he stays in the pocket and has to play quarterback. Let's take a look at some of his statistics. In the 5 years since his breakout year in 1997, Kordell has never thrown more than 14 touchdowns, and he only matched that once. In that same span he has not had more than 19 combined touchdowns and he only reached that total once. In those five years, he has only thrown for more than 3,000 yards once, and he has failed to reach 2,000 in 3 of those seasons. These are not the type of statistics that you want to see out of any quarterback on your roster. You are almost better off grabbing a quarterback off the waiver wire for you bye week rather than wasting a draft pick on him. Kordell lacks two of the major intangibles that are necessary to be a successful quarterback in the NFL, mental toughness and pocket presence. I have seen it countless times where things have gone wrong early in the game and the look in his eye on the sidelines shows that he has lost his confidence and will not be a factor for the rest of the game. A lot of his confidence problems can be attributed to Cowher’s coaching style, but ultimately the blame falls on Kordell. Kordell also has bad mechanics in the pocket as a quarterback. His feet are never set in the pocket and his first instinct is to run the ball. He was nothing but a flash in the pan. Don’t be fooled by the change in scenery to Chicago. The packaging might have changed, but he is well past his expiration date.

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