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Lineup Dominator

Note: New version has data for week 11a. To get the newest data (17a), Go to File | Get Weekly Projections

If you have a Draft Dominator file... open it with File-Open and browse to your C:\Program Files\DraftDominator subdirectory. You can also copy all of your League Files (*.ddf) from the C:\Program Files\DraftDominator subdirectory to the C:\Program Files\LineupDominator subdiretory.

The Lineup Dominator starts with a default league called MyLeague. To customize it to your league, click File-Setup and enter your league variables, team names, schedule, scoring system, pick order.

After setting up your league, be sure to save it. Click File Save As... and give it a new name that corresponds to your league.

Use the mouse Right Click to add players to teams.

Change Log

Lineup Dominator Version 1.0i

Updated Projections to Week 10.

Updated SOS to Week 10.

Updated Depth Charts to Week 10.

The weekly weights on the GameByGame window now affect the current week. Before if you set all of the weekly weights to zero... except week 14 (weight = 1.00)... it would still include the current week in the fantasy points shown in the Player Pool. Now the points only include week 14 in this example.

You can also do range of weeks now too... so if you want to start planning for the playoffs... set weeks 14, 15, and 16 to 1.00 and the rest to zero and hit recalculate. The Player Pool and Team Data windows will show the player's points for these weeks then.

The fantasy points in the Player Pool and Team Data are now shown to one decimal place to help differentiate between players that are close in value and to correspond with the Weekly Lineup window.

Fixed a bug, where some of the IR players like Deuce McAllister still counted against team strengths.

Lineup Dominator Version 1.0h

Updated Projections to Week 7.

Updated SOS to Week 7.

Updated Depth Charts to Week 7.

Tweaked: The way the SOS numbers are applied to the Weeks going forward.

Lineup Dominator Version 1.0g

Updated Projections to Week 6.

Updated SOS to Week 6.

Updated Depth Charts to Week 6.

Bug Fix: The Weekly Points window only showed 12 teams.

Added: IDP Player Strengths to the Trade Analyzer screen.

Lineup Dominator Version 1.0f

Updated Projections to Week 5.

Updated SOS to Week 5.

Updated Depth Charts to Week 5.

Bug Fix: After a Get New Weekly Projections, the Trade Analyzer would not reflect the new projections, causing a single player move to look like it affected several positions.

Added: Added a Weekly Points summary screen that shows each team's projected score for each week, marking the high value for each week in red and the low in blue.

Lineup Dominator Version 1.0e

Updated Projections to Week 4.

Updated SOS to Week 4.

Updated Depth Charts to Week 4.

Bug Fix: The Get New Weekly Projections didn't read the Depth Charts correctly.

Tweaked: The SOS Weights for the Forward Weeks.

Bug Fix: Fixed the name Jay Feely. You might have to Remove Jay Feeley from your teams, and add the correct one back in.

Lineup Dominator Version 1.0d

Tweaked the Get New Weekly Projections so that it will read in the correct files going forward. Each week it will read in the Projected Data, SOS and Depth Charts for the Current Week plus the Forward Weeks. Bottom Line, it should get you the most current data available each time.

Bug Fix: Some of the index values for Kickers and Defenses were off by one... so the points might not of been correct. All the index values should be good now.

Lineup Dominator Version 1.0c

Updated Projections to 3.

Updated SOS to 3.

Updated Depth Charts to Week 3.

Bug Fix: It now zeros out the stats for players not included in the Forward projections.

Bug Fix: Cleared out the Extra Dolphins Defense

Bug Fix: Cleared out the Extra Jay Feely Kicker

Bug Fix: It now handles nfl team changes. For example Koren Robinson from FA to Min/5.

Tweaked: Tweaked the import to accept team abbreviations without bye week.

Tweaked: Tweaked the import to add new players on the fly.

Tweaked: Tweaked the Get New Projections to get the Current Week plus the Forward Projections.

Lineup Dominator Version 1.0b

Updated the Projections to 2b.

Added: IDP projections

  • Note: the Weekly Lineup screen will show recommended IDP starters.
  • Note: the Trade Analyzer screen does not show IDP Strength or IDP Top Waivers yet.

    Tweaked: Removed the cross-out from the Cheatsheets and Top 200 lists.

    Bug Fix: Fixed the Receiving TDs (typo on receiving yards import)

    Bug Fix: Fixed the PK scoring (FGA & FGM reversed, EPA & EPM reversed)

    Bug Fix: Fixed the QB scoring (pcmp and patt reversed)

    Bug Fix: Fixed the Runtime Error on the Get New Projections (Missing File in Setup Package)

    Lineup Dominator Version 1.0a

    First version - Doesn't contain IDP players yet.

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