Rest of Season Rankings

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Rest of Season Projections used are a consensus between Bob Henry and Justin Freeman. Rest of Season IDP Projections used are by Matt Montgomery.

This week Offense Projector

FBG Consensus
Jason Wood
Maurile Tremblay
Sigmund Bloom
Justin Freeman

This week Kicker Projector

FBG Consensus
Clayton Gray
Maurile Tremblay

This week IDP Projector

FBG Consensus
John Norton
Darin Tietgen
For week forward
Scoring System:    

Rest Of Season Rankings for Standard IDP

Note #1: RestOfYr refers to the projected points for this player not including this week.

Note #2: Value is not determined entirely by total projected points, nor is it determined entirely by projected points per game. Rather, it's determined by the projected points scored by this player, plus a theoretical replacement player during the games the given player is projected to miss (due to bye, injury, or suspension). Depending on a variety of factors --- the distribution of projections at that position, lineup requirements, number of teams in the league --- this might in some cases cause a player with a higher PPG to be ranked below a player with a lower PPG. In other cases, it might cause a player with a higher total point projection to be ranked below a player with a lower total point projection.

When were these projections updated?

1Derrick Henry RBTEN / 617.345.1110.8
2Travis Kelce TEKC / 814.134.4106.9
3Tyreek Hill WRMIA / 1114.538.7103.5
4Justin Jefferson WRMIN / 712.940.2103.3
5Stefon Diggs WRBUF / 714.838.2102.6
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