Frank Bush - Linebackers Coach - New York Jets

Defense / Special Teams

HOU1992LB Coach4-316.1
HOU1993LB Coach4-314.9
HOU1994LB Coach4-322.0
DEN1995LB Coach4-321.6
DEN1996LB Coach4-317.2
DEN1997LB Coach4-317.9
DEN1998LB Coach4-319.3
DEN1999LB Coach4-319.9
DEN2000DB Coach4-323.1
DEN2001SpecTm Coach4-321.2298.3373911124
DEN2002SpecTm Coach4-321.5301.6224130120
DEN2003SpecTm Coach4-318.8277203612120
ARI2004LB Coach4-320.1321.130372094
ARI2005LB Coach4-324.2295.3263730149
ARI2006LB Coach4-324.3349.4333831116
HOU2009Def Coord4-320.8324.8272831106
HOU2010Def Coord4-326.7376.9183000124
TEN2011LB Coach4-319.8354.6232812121
TEN2012LB Coach4-329.4374.5243954110
STL2013LB Coach4-322.8345295351112
STL2014LB Coach4-322.1351.4254132106
LA2015LB Coach4-320.6367.826413190
LA2016LB Coach4-324.633718311080
MIA2017LB Coach4-324.6335.615303089
MIA2018LB Coach4-327.139128313289
NYJ2019LB Coach4-322.432321355080

Defensive Categories

PPG = points allowed per game by the team
YPG = total yards allowed per game by the team
TO = turnovers forced by the team
SACK = sacks by the team
DefTD = interception/fumble return TDs by the team
RetTD = kick/punt return TDs by the team
PK = points scored by the team's kickers