Andy Reid - Head Coach - Kansas City Chiefs


GB1992TE Coach17.32192722917544.23848416
GB1993TE Coach21.318928326811145.657441225
GB1994TE Coach23.93023123887440.655371513
GB1995TE Coach25.334531639813340.86733919
GB1996TE Coach28.531331537415245.944231524
GB1997QB Coach26.428832838810446.777332417
GB1998QB Coach25.527925140215543.72536925
PHI1999Head Coach17.01672222078847.387261425
PHI2000Head Coach21.929027521713741.031231629
PHI2001Head Coach21.42782732869944.154261620
PHI2002Head Coach25.93083223398347.164241916
PHI2003Head Coach23.42254352127346.337161417
PHI2004Head Coach24.131432534912340.763331220
PHI2005Head Coach19.424227629910937.160221621
PHI2006Head Coach24.932836235712543.371211720
PHI2007Head Coach21.02523623567042.278271913
PHI2008Head Coach26.02513373428741.365191216
PHI2009Head Coach26.831125739014840.946281725
PHI2010Head Coach27.43832864199043.277272415
PHI2011Head Coach24.828232237913344.888212124
PHI2012Head Coach17.525626534310640.157251620
KC2013Head Coach26.92764602108444.868191417
KC2014Head Coach22.123436121717446.16015834
KC2015Head Coach25.326727328514047.442331230
KC2016Head Coach24.325625031615643.067191331
KC2017Head Coach25.930831130518942.779271232
KC2018Head Coach35.342137944722839.95427928
KC2019Head Coach28.233129640117139.538201425

Defense / Special Teams

PHI1999Head Coach4-322.3
PHI2000Head Coach4-315.3
PHI2001Head Coach4-313.0292.9334541115
PHI2002Head Coach4-315.1297.1385731133
PHI2003Head Coach4-317.9331.5263812114
PHI2004Head Coach4-316.3319.6284720122
PHI2005Head Coach4-324.3325.327292097
PHI2006Head Coach4-320.5328294050102
PHI2007Head Coach4-318.8311.3193600108
PHI2008Head Coach4-318.1274.3294852144
PHI2009Head Coach4-321.1321384442139
PHI2010Head Coach4-323.6326.7343821143
PHI2011Head Coach4-320.5324.8245040118
PHI2012Head Coach4-327.8343.1133001106
KC2013Head Coach4-319.1367.8374874118
KC2014Head Coach4-317.6330.5144612113
KC2015Head Coach4-317.9329.3294760129
KC2016Head Coach4-319.4368.5332853129
KC2017Head Coach4-321.2365.1263131159
KC2018Head Coach4-326.3405.5275341137
KC2019Head Coach4-319.3349.6234531147

Offensive Categories

PPG = points per game scored by the team as a whole
QB = total fantasy points scored by the QBs on the team
RB = total fantasy points scored by the RBs on the team
WR = total fantasy points scored by the WRs on the team
TE = total fantasy points scored by the TEs on the team
R/P = percentage of the team's plays that were rushing plays
RB1% = percentage of the team's RB fantasy points that went to RB1
WR1% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to WR1
WR2% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to WR2
TE% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to the TE position

Defensive Categories

PPG = points allowed per game by the team
YPG = total yards allowed per game by the team
TO = turnovers forced by the team
SACK = sacks by the team
DefTD = interception/fumble return TDs by the team
RetTD = kick/punt return TDs by the team
PK = points scored by the team's kickers