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Power Rankings

Let's get down to it. E-mails…finally!

From Eric in Lockport, NY
Just thought I would drop you a line since you're lonely. Let me just say how disappointed I am in your rankings. Why isn't Denver at #2? They just seem to be dominating everyone on both sides of the ball. That loss to the Dolphins was forever ago. Let it go.

The Broncos were dropped a spot not because of any lingering feelings on the Miami loss, but rather because of the loss to the Giants. The Giants are a solid team, but one that a powerhouse needs to beat. I admittedly haven't seen much of Denver to this point and all I'm going on is recaps, highlights, and statistics. I just couldn't see keeping them ahead of the Steelers and Bengals following a loss.

From Lee in BC, Canada
OK, so Seattle has beaten Dallas and Atlanta, who have both beaten up on Philly, yet the Seahawks are ranked behind all 3. What gives?

Seattle got a nice bump (+3) this week, due to a variety of factors, one of which was your e-mail. After considering your points, I realized I hadn't been giving them quite enough credit. Seattle hasn't really done anything wrong to merit not being higher up. I suppose the only reason they haven't cracked the top-ten recently is because of a long-standing bias of not trusting the Seattle defense over the past few years. Additionally, I've had several Seahawks fans e-mail me recently to tell me I shouldn't be trusting them so much because they're going to fall apart eventually. If someone who has a rooting interest in the team cannot have confidence, how can an unbiased observer? Regardless, they are playing very well right now and have a cake schedule the rest of the way. As long as they keep on winning, they'll keep moving up here.

(The following is an excerpt from my "Power Rankings" article last week)
"I heard that someone who was very important in the Giants organization passed away last week, but I haven't found anything on the news or Internet about it. Anyone have any idea who it was?"

From Seth H.
The passing of one of the greatest owners in history deserves more respect than this sarcastic commentary. Wellington Mara shaped the face of the league, enabling the NFL to have the parity that makes the entire league the success it is today. He wasn't only "very important in the Giants organization". His influence was necessary for the success of the league over the past half-century. I believe that his passing deserves the attention it garnered in the sports media. The sarcastic nature of your comment, without showing any respect or knowledge of the man's contributions to the sport, was unfortunate."

Seth, it's difficult to add anything more to what you summed up perfectly. Well said. Mara was a great, great man. His legacy as not only one of the best owners in football, but also one of the best people, will not soon be forgotten. I meant no disrespect to him, as that was certainly not my intention. It was intended to poke fun at the sports media for the constant reporting of news stories ad nauseum, but in Mara's case you are right - the coverage was warranted. This wasn't a story about T.O. mouthing off again; it was the celebration of the life of one of football's most important and influential people, and deserved all of the attention it received.

Any other comments/questions/complaints/death threats should be e-mailed to me at the following address: If selected, your e-mail will appear in this space next week.

Rk - Team Name - Record (Last week)

  1. Indianapolis Colts 8-0 (1)
    If you can, try and get into a poker game with Peyton Manning this week. He's clearly having trouble hiding his giddiness these days.
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-2 (2)
    Check the schedule. They may go 7-1 over the second half (before being eliminated to an inferior opponent in the playoffs at home).
  3. Cincinnati Bengals 7-2 (3)
    Carson Palmer owners, take a deep breath. It's only one week. You'll see him again in 7 days.
  4. Denver Broncos 6-2 (4)
    Sorry, but the schedule doesn't look as easy as everyone is making it out to be. I see at least four very losable games over the last eight.
  5. Atlanta Falcons 6-2 (6)
    So, if Vick goes out and turns in his typical 11-21-120 performance next week, does that then "prove" that he isn't a very good QB?
  6. Dallas Cowboys 5-3 (7)
    A win this week would really put them in the driver's seat for a playoff berth.
  7. San Diego Chargers 5-4 (9)
    It was nice to see Quentin Jammer make a nice play for a change. Doesn't quite make up for years of suckiness, but it's a start.
  8. Seattle Seahawks 6-2 (11)
    How could I have picked Arizona to win the West? Seriously, how?!?
  9. New York Giants 6-2 (12)
    Anyone who thought that Jesse Palmer's knowledge of the Giants offense helped was going to help San Francisco must not have watched Jesse Palmer play very often.
  10. Carolina Panthers 6-2 (13)
    Well, if you're going to be stuck in line at a bathroom, it may as well be because of THAT.
  11. New England Patriots 4-4 (5)
    Even being at #11 is more based on reputation than anything they've actually done.
  12. Jacksonville Jaguars 5-3 (10)
    Way to dominate an inferior opponent there, boys.
  13. Kansas City Chiefs 5-3 (14)
    Dick really showed he's got a lot of…guts.
  14. Washington Redskins 5-3 (15)
    If there was one QB whose throwing motion I would emulate, it'd be Brunell. Is there a smoother delivery in all of football? I think not.
  15. Philadelphia Eagles 4-4 (8)
    Yes, I think losing Owens is that big a deal. I think the lack of defense is a bigger deal.
  16. Saint Louis Rams 4-4 (16)
    Ladies and gentlemen, meet the most average team in the NFL.
  17. Chicago Bears 5-3 (18)
    They're fine for the regular season, and should waltz off with the NFC North title. But you've got to score against good defenses in the postseason, and I don't know that this group can do that.
  18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-3 (17)
    Showing up for the game would've been nice.
  19. Miami Dolphins 4-4 (19)
    Someone needs to tell Chris Chambers there's a big difference between having a lot of talent and being a good player. He is the former.
  20. Oakland Raiders 3-5 (21)
    Their loss isn't as bad as Detroit's, that's why they get a +1.
  21. Detroit Lions 3-5 (20)
    What's worse? Losing to the Vikings and basically ending your season, or knowing that you royally effed up the past three drafts?
  22. Buffalo Bills 3-5 (22)
    I'm not saying McGahee owners should panic, but with the Bills' upcoming schedule, it's quite possible that they'll be dead and buried soon. Leaving McGahee with Losman as his QB during the fantasy playoffs. Just sayin…
  23. New York Jets 2-6 (23)
    The Jets were so close to their ultimate goal…getting Justin McCareins a second reception. Well, there's always next week.
  24. Baltimore Ravens 2-6 (24)
    I'd like to write something about them, but just thinking of this team makes me throw up in my mouth.
  25. Cleveland Browns 3-5 (25)
    Remember…whatever they do from this point on, they're still the team that lost to the Texans.
  26. Minnesota Vikings 3-5 (26)
    I actually feel badly for Mike Tice. He's a veteran NFL coach, with a ton of knowledge about the game. He's led his team to the playoffs, and had one of the best offensive teams in football for a long stretch. Yet he's got every average Joe Blow out on the street claiming they can coach better than him. And they're right.
  27. Green Bay Packers 1-7 (29)
    When's the last time a 1-7 team was outscoring its opponents for the season???
  28. Arizona Cardinals 2-6 (27)
    Little-known fact: The FBG staff actually kidnapped both J.J. Arrington and Marcel Shipp, and we're just taking turns pretending to be them on Sundays. Chris Smith only did a so-so job last week, so this week it's Jason Wood's turn.
  29. Tennessee Titans 2-7 (28)
    I was watching Goodfellas the other day, and you know what I realized? The Titans suck!
  30. New Orleans Saints 2-7 (30)
    For all of his supposed talent, why couldn't Deuce McAllister do as well as Antowain Smith is doing?
  31. San Francisco 49ers 2-6 (31)
    I know it didn't count because of a penalty, but that one-handed grab by Brandon Lloyd the other day is undoubtedly one of the greatest catches I've ever seen.
  32. Houston Texans 1-7 (32)
    The only thing worse than drafting a guy high and watching him suck, is drafting a guy high and watching him suck and then playing well but it doesn't matter because your fantasy team is already in ruins.

    Every 2-7 Andre Johnson owner on the planet

Super Shufflers Of the Week (+)

  1. Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Carolina Panthers (tie) +3…And the NFC finally gets some love.

Plungers Of the Week (-)

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (-7)…What was that thing about teams that struggle a year after losing in the Super Bowl? '01 Giants, '02 Rams, '03 Raiders, '04 Panthers, and now the '05 Eagles. And every year, "this" team is the one that's going to end that run. Right.
  2. New England Patriots (-6)…Well, they'd have been number one if they had won. So now that they've lost at home to the Colts, that pretty much puts a fork in their title hopes.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars (-2)…Rare to be seen in the plungers section coming off a win, but they just haven't looked very good the past two weeks and don't deserve to remain high when so many around them are playing so much better.
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