Footballguys Careers

Junior Developer

The Job Overview

We're looking for a junior developer to join our team.

If you've started working in software development in the last couple of years, or even quite recently, this could be a great opportunity for you to work in a small team gaining knowledge and helping us on our quest to win as many of our customers' fantasy leagues as we can!


Part of the job will be gaining knowledge of our existing products through testing, and helping interface with our customer support team in the two busiest months of the year.

You'd also have an opportunity the rest of the year to work on new products an improve our existing ones. Our products range from highly complex fantasy football advice tools such as our Dominator apps to our website displaying our content such as articles and rankings.

Because our software team is distributed across the country, you would need to be responsible at managing your own time and working from home. We are flexible with how that's done, as long as you're available for scheduled meetings and meet any deadlines.

Expected Qualifications/Experience

  • Either a bachelor’s degree in a technical field involving coding (e.g., computer science, engineering, information technology, mathematics) or demonstrating equivalent enthusiasm and knowledge through learning online
  • Familiarity with common programming best practices, data patterns, and software design structures
  • Good understanding of HTML and CSS (preferably including SASS)
  • Some experience in either JavaScript (such as jQuery, NodeJS or Cordova) or PHP (using object oriented patterns and/or a modern framework such as Laravel or Symfony), or both!

Other Positions

We're not currently actively hiring for any other positions, but we are always open to applications if you have skills that could help Footballguys in our mission to help Fantasy Football managers win their leagues.