IDP Matchup Analyzer

The IDP Matchup Analyzer tool is a searchable game log database. It will allow you to generate specialized stat reports by position (DL/LB/DB), by team and team played against over any range of weeks you choose. The tool is best used to examine trends to find the best possible matchups for your IDPs. It can be used an adjunct to Clayton Gray's strength of schedule spreadsheets during the regular season. For examples on how to leverage this tool, please visit this thread in our IDP Forum on the FBG message boards.

Here are a few examples:

  • Trying to decide to go with a big play 3-4 OLB or steady tackling 4-3 LB in a tackle neutral league? Set MAT to sort for linebackers against the team the 3-4 OLB faces that week over the prior four week period (e.g. LBs against OAK between weeks 6 and 10). Look to see if similar linebackers have been successful in pass rush. See a clear trend either way? Decision made.
  • Want to know if the player who just replaced an injured or underperforming player in the lineup is worth picking up? Set MAT to sort for that team's position before and after the change (e.g. LBs for JAX before/after Peterson's injury or DBs for WAS before/after Archuleta's benching).

Show all playing from week through week of