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Power Rankings

A little light on the mailbag this week, as there was only one relevant submission. Luckily, that one reader submitted several questions, so it's as if I received multiple questions.

From a reader named Michael Campbell
You've got a few contradictions in your rankings. You have the Broncos moving up just one spot after destroying your eighth-ranked Chiefs. I know you don't think as highly of the KC defense now compared to last week, but if a team destroys a top ten team, don't they deserve to move up more than one spot? I mean you have the schizo Seahawks, Panthers, and the Vikings ranked ahead of Denver, and you gave a 4 spot jump to Seattle for beating lowly Arizona and a 1 spot jump to a Vikings team that beat the exhausted Saints. Let's give credit where credit is due here.

Also, there is no way the Redskins should be ranked ahead of the Bucs. I feel like the Bucs would not allow a point to that dismal offense.

All I can say with regard to Denver is…you're right! I didn't bump them up enough. A lot of it had to do with the early loss to Miami. Obviously, that isn't something that should be looked upon as something that is so negative, what with Miami playing well in beating the Panthers as well. Admittedly, I didn't move Denver up enough and I should have. Part of the reason they were so far down was because of an early loss to a team that I suspected was one of the league' s doormats. Yet once the Dolphins proved they were solid by beating Carolina, that should have been my cue to take some of the negativity out of Denver losing to them. The Broncos have gotten a sizable bump this week into the top-10 after putting on such terrific performances the past few weeks.

As for the Redskins/Bucs issue. I don't really think either of these teams is all that fantastic, despite the fast starts. With a combined 7-0 record, and having beaten no one of the elite status yet, it's tough to get a gauge on just how good these two teams are. That said, my preseason expectation was that Washington would be a solid, albeit unspectacular, team. And that Tampa was going to struggle to compete. Therefore, since I haven't seen anything that would warrant bumping Tampa ahead of the Redskins to this point, I haven't made the move yet. One week could very well change that, however.

Any other comments/questions/complaints/death threats should be e-mailed to me at the following address: If selected, your e-mail will appear in this space next week.

Rk - Team Name - Record (Last week)

  1. Indianapolis Colts 4-0 (1)
    All the Manning owners can get their heads out of the toilet now.
  2. Cincinnati Bengals 4-0 (3)
    Winning the blowouts, winning the close ones, doing it with offense, doing it with defense. No glaring weaknesses to this point. They'll need to get the offensive line healthy, though.
  3. Atlanta Falcons 3-1 (5)
    I overheard this the other day: "If Vick is unable to start, the Falcons may have to turn to Ron Mexico to suit up!" (like those jokes weren't played out by July).
  4. Philadelphia Eagles 3-1 (6)
    I wish I could move around that well with a bruised sternum and a hernia. No wait…on second thought, I'm perfectly content with moving around like a slug and not being in pain, thank you very much.
  5. New England Patriots 2-2 (2)
    Uh-oh. Corey Dillon is starting to become agitated…
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-1 (4)
    The Steelers are somehow more banged-up coming off the bye week than they were going into it.
  7. Washington Redskins 3-0 (8)
    The Redskins are 3-0. The Redskins…are three……….and oh.
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-0 (11)
    Normally, when a team gets to 4-0 at the one quarter pole, I'd give them much more respect. But I still haven't seen them dominate a good team yet, and they came about as close as one can come to losing to a hapless Detroit squad.
  9. Miami Dolphins 2-1 (12)
    Is Ricky Williams really coming back next week/ Really? Wow, that's amazing. I mean, I hadn't heard ANYTHING about Ricky Williams the past year and a half. I mean, wow!
  10. Denver Broncos 3-1 (15)
    The quest for a first round playoff loss is in full swing in Denver once again.
  11. San Diego Chargers 2-2 (17)
    That makes up for the loss to Dallas. Now a win over Pittsburgh would put them right where I hoped, at 3-2.
  12. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-2 (7)
    "Jekyll and Hyde" just doesn't do justice to this team. More like "Tom Cruise pre-Katie Holmes" and "Tom Cruise post-Katie Holmes".
  13. Dallas Cowboys 2-2 (9)
    This week's recipient of the "nothing to say" award.
  14. Seattle Seahawks 2-2 (10)
    A Josh Brown field goal from being 3-1. Them's the breaks!
  15. Carolina Panthers 2-2 (13)
    I'm getting this funny feeling that I may have overestimated the Panthers defense. Like, a lot.
  16. New York Giants 3-1 (20)
    Eli Manning is playing well. That's about all you're gonna get out of me.
  17. Kansas City Chiefs 2-2 (16)
    That was "just another loss" in the same way that Jessica Alba is "just a regular chick".
  18. Saint Louis Rams 2-2 (18)
    The Rams will now seemingly invoke the WR2BC situation in Saint Loo.
  19. Oakland Raiders 1-3 (21)
    I know it wasn't the perfect angle, but how in the heck is Randy Moss caught from behind ever? And why isn't it a bigger deal?
  20. Baltimore Ravens 1-2 (25)
    I love how a 29-carry, 81-yard performance is now considered a good game for Jamal Lewis.
  21. New York Jets 1-3 (19)
    And Vinny Testaverde's deal with Satan is upheld for at least one more season.
  22. Minnesota Vikings 1-3 (14)
    Alright, I've just about seen enough.
  23. New Orleans Saints 2-2 (23)
    This has all the makings of a 7-9 season.
  24. Buffalo Bills 1-3 (22)
    Willis McGahee? That was your cue to start busting out now.
  25. Chicago Bears 1-2 (26)
    Mike Brown the safety is having a much better year than Mike Brown the Footballguy who picks games against the spread.
  26. Detroit Lions 1-2 (27)
    In all honesty, this team should be 2-1 with Joey Harrington having just led a game-winning touchdown drive against an excellent defense. Methinks the cries for his head would be a bit more subdued if that were the case.
  27. Tennessee Titans 1-3 (24)
    Remember when the Titans used to have supremely talented guys at every position on the field? Oh, the perils of tempting the salary cap.
  28. Cleveland Browns 1-2 (28)
    Just think, with a healthy Kellen Winslow this team could be on its way to at least a four-win season. [Sigh]
  29. Arizona Cardinals 1-3 (29)
    Someone should tell Baltimore to sign Warner next season. Then, when he gets off to a terrible start, his replacement can come in and begin his ascension to superstardom (see: Bulger, Marc and Manning, Eli).
  30. Green Bay Packers 0-4 (30)
    After the furious comeback they put on, THAT is the best they could come up with for a fourth down, game-saving play?
  31. San Francisco 49ers 1-3 (31)
    What, was Tim Rattay in there until the season was lost? What, like the season wasn't lost by August?
  32. Houston Texans 0-3 (32)
    David Carr had better check to make sure he doesn't have any illegitimate children running around, because he has gotten ZERO protection this year.

Super Shufflers Of the Week (+)

  1. San Diego Chargers +6…Guess what happens when you end the Patriots' 21-game home win streak? A large upgrade, that's what.
  2. Denver Broncos +5…This was very warranted. In fact, another sizable bump could be in their future with a victory this Sunday.
  3. Baltimore Ravens +5…They don't deserve this kind of a bump, not after edging the struggling Jets, but the teams around them are just so putrid that it's tough to find the right spot for them.

Plungers Of the Week (-)

  1. Minnesota Vikings -8…It took me awhile, but I'm finally listening. This team is not good.
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars -5…After four weeks, what have I learned about the Jags? Absolutely nothing.
  3. Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys (tie) -4…This is more of a cumulative downgrade than anything. The Seahawks should not have found a way to lose that game, but surprise surprise - they did! Dallas hasn't dominated anyone yet, and outside of a big stop at the end of the Chargers game and a furious comeback against the bad 49ers, the Cowboys have been pretty spotty as well.
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