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Dynasty Watch

The purpose of this Column is to spotlight deeper Roster moves that could pay off big over the course of the season. Unless stated in a player's write up, we're not looking for one-week wonders here, but Shark moves that could really strengthen your team down the road.

Dynasty Watch focuses on low risk, huge payoff roster moves that you might be able make before the guys in your league think about it. This aim of this Column is to make you look like a genius to the other owners in your league. When news breaks, and the other owners are scrambling to make a waiver wire move, we want them to be upset time and time again that the player is already on your squad.

Devery Henderson: WR New Orleans Saints

What has he done so far
Not much to speak of. Henderson was a 2nd round pick out of Louisiana State for the Saints in 2004 and he spent most of the year on the bench. He only appeared in one game for the Saints in 2004 and did not have a reception. For 2005 he missed week one and has only six catches in the last three games for the Saints. For 2005 he has six receptions for 137 yards and 0 TDs.

Current Situation
Currently his listed as #3 on the Saints' depth chart behind Joe Horn and Donte Stallworth. Since the WR corps for the Saints is a little banged up now, Henderson has had a chance to play over the last two weeks. Last week he had three receptions for 95 yards, including a 66 yard reception in the 3rd quarter.

Spotlight ETA
Horn is in his 10th season with the Saints. He's signed through 2010, but his contract becomes cost prohibitive after the 2006 season. Stallworth is in his 4th season, but has never started more than 10 games in any of his first three years. He's also very inconsistent in his performance, racking up 147 yards receiving in week 2 and not even making 1 reception for week 3. Both of these situations mean more time for Henderson. Horn will be the go to guy as long as he's with the team. Stallworth has always been a shaky prospect, and Henderson could start pressing him for time as early as this season. By 2006, he could be challenging for the starting role.

Dynasty Upside
Henderson has some solid upside potential. He has good size and excellent speed. The Saints are an above average passing team, usually finishing in the 8-14 range for passing yards as a team. His true upside potential is limited as long as Joe Horn is in the mix, but even the #2 guy in New Orleans can pull down 700 yards and 5-6 TDS a season.

Final Thoughts
Henderson is going to figure into the Saints' offense more and more. With Horn getting up in age, and Stallworth's inconsistent play, the Saints will need a solid #3 WR this year. Henderson appears to be that guy. Looking ahead, if Horn is let go because of salary cap reasons, or Stallworth is demoted to #3 because of his inconsistency and injury history, Henderson could step right into top 25 WR numbers fantasy wise. He's definitely worth looking at.

Daylon McCutcheon: CB Cleveland Browns

What has he done so far
McCutcheon has been with the Browns since his rookie season in 1999. Unfortunately for him, that was also one of his best years from a fantasy IDP prospective. (74 solo tackles, 1 sack, 1 int). For the last three seasons, McCutcheon has averaged 42 solo tackles, 3 assists, 1.5 ints and 5 PD a season. He also has trouble staying healthy, playing a full 16 game season only twice in six seasons.

Current Situation
McCutcheon is the starting CB for the Browns this season opposite Gary Baxter. The Browns have one of the weakest defenses in the league, currently ranked 29th in passing yards allowed and 26th in rushing yards allowed (30th overall). That being said, McCutcheon is off to a solid start with 16 solo tackles, 3 assists, 2 INTS and a pass defense in just three games.

Spotlight ETA
Right now. McCutcheon has been overlooked in many IDP leagues with good reason. His stats haven't been worthy of a quality DB in most IDP leagues. However, Cleveland is going to struggle this season, and their defense is going to see a lot of opportunity. McCutcheon is off to a fast start, and is on pace to have one of his best seasons yet.

Dynasty Upside
At his current pace, McCutcheon could post 80 solo tackles. That's a huge surprise for a guy who is probably a waiver wire pickup in most dynasty leagues. His two INTS are half way to a career best and it's only the fourth week of the season. With Cleveland's defense being one of the worst in the league, there will be plenty of opportunity to McCutcheon to make plays. Long term, he's under contract with the Browns through the 2009 season, and if he continues to produce at this level, he should start for several more seasons.

Final Thoughts
McCutcheon is off to a solid start, and is worth a roster spot if you have one available. He's not the youngest CB in the league, but his long term future is pretty defined, and he's not exactly looking for the retirement bus just yet. The key with Daylon though is his ability to stay healthy. He had some very solid games last season, but they were scattered among a variety of injuries and ineffective play. Six of his last seven games in 2004 were games where he did not play or did not post any stats. The encouraging thing this season is that he's much more consistent than he has been in the past. His 16 solo tackles are spread evenly over the first three games of the season, and his interceptions came in different games as well. If he can stay healthy, he's going to have a good year. Grab him if you have the roster slot and ride him as long as he's playing at this level.

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