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Dynasty Watch

The purpose of this column is to spotlight deeper roster moves that could pay off big over the course of the season. Unless stated in a player's write up, we're not looking for one-week wonders here, but shark moves that could really strengthen your team down the road.

Dynasty Watch focuses on low risk, huge payoff roster moves that you might be able make before the guys in your league think about it. This aim of this column is to make you look like a genius to the other owners in your league. When news breaks and the other owners are scrambling to make a waiver wire move, we want them to be upset time and time again that the player is already on your squad.

Tony Fisher: RB Green Bay Packers

What has he done so far
In his fourth season Fisher has been the teams 3rd down back that is occasionally used at the goal line. In 2002 as a rookie, Fisher was called upon to replace Ahman Green in week 13 against Chicago. Coming off the bench he responded with 17 carries for 91 yards and a TD. Fisher started the next week against Minnesota, carrying the ball 25 times for 91 yards, a TD and another 19 receiving yards.

Current Situation
Ahman Green has struggled through injury to start this season, but is expected to be able to play coming out of the bye week. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Green's primary backup Najeh Davenport is now out for the season with injury. Fully healthy, an NFL starting RB is one hit away from going out for an extended period. Green is already hampered and has lost time this season. It is entirely likely that Green will miss more time, making Tony Fisher the starting RB for the Packers.

Spotlight ETA
Might be this weekend? We should all expect that Ahman Green is going to take the field this weekend. After that first play, it's just a countdown until Tony Fisher is handling the load. At some point, the already dinged up Green is going to falter. The NFL trading deadline has passed, and the only other viable RBs on the roster are Tony Fisher and ReShard Lee. At 6'1" and 222 lbs, Fisher looms over Lee who Head Coach Mike Sherman calls an "unknown commodity".

Dynasty Upside
A starting NFL running back, any starting NFL running back has tremendous value in fantasy football. That said, Fisher has already taken the field in the last 3 years in limited action at the goal line when Green was healthy. He is currently the Packer's 3rd down back, with excellent receiving skills. Going into this season, Fisher averaged just fewer than 60 carries a year, and has real game experience. Would he take over the heir apparent role from Davenport? He just might if he can get on the field and hold his own. Davenport is out for the season, and there is a great opportunity for Fisher to showcase his skills in his absence. He has the size around the goal line, and he runs hard with good vision. The knock on him coming out of Notre Dame was speed, and although he still isn't the fastest player on the field, he can line up anywhere in the backfield and can play in the slot as a receiver with great hands.

Final Thoughts
The stars are aligned for Tony Fisher. With just a gimpy Ahman Green in front of him on the depth chart, Fisher is all but assured to be the Green Bay Packers starting RB at some point this season. Fisher has size, goal line ability, superior skills in the passing game, and has produced extremely well when called upon in the past. Ahman Green is at the end of a tremendous run, where his heir apparent Najeh Davenport can only watch from the sideline as Fisher takes a run at his future job.

Domonique Foxworth: CB Denver Broncos

What has he done so far
Domonique Foxworth was a third round draft pick (97 overall) for the Broncos from Maryland. He began the season primarily as a nickel DB behind Champ Bailey and Darrent Williams. He's had more playing time the last three games due to Bailey's Hamstring injury. He has 19 solo tackles, 3 assists, 1 INT, 5 PDs, 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery over the last three games.

Current Situation
Still listed as #3 on the CB depth chart for the Broncos. Bailey is almost 100% and Foxworth may see a short-term decline in his playing time. However, the kid has really proven he can contribute and he should find his way into games for the Broncos from here on out.

Spotlight ETA
The Denver secondary has been decimated by injuries this season, and currently ranks 27th in yards allowed, 30th in attempts and completions allowed, 17th in TDs allowed and 20th in INTs. They need all the help that they can get. Foxworth has a fantastic work ethic and his speed and athleticism makes up for his smaller size. Based on his last three weeks of performance, Foxworth is going to be hard to keep on the bench. If Denver hopes to make a run at the playoffs this season, they're going to need a stronger secondary and Foxworth is going to be a big part of it.

Dynasty Upside
If the last three weeks are any indication of his potential, Foxworth won't be a waiver wire pickup for long. The biggest challenge to him could be that there are too many good corners. Bailey is an all pro corner, and Williams is a rookie who is also performing well. Foxworth might be stuck at nickel back for another year. Both he and Williams are a little small to move to Safety, so the problem remains how much playing time is he going to get? From a dynasty prospective though, he's definitely worth picking up. At some point the Broncos are going to figure out how to get this kid on the field and he's already proven he knows how to play.

Final Thoughts
The Broncos spent their first three draft picks on Corners this season. While Foxworth was the lowest of the three taken at 97 overall, he's proven that he can be a quality performer in the NFL. With the Broncos banged up at DB, Foxworth should have plenty of opportunity to show his skills over the next few weeks. From a dynasty prospective, this guy has proven that he can be a player. NFL coaches are always impressed with work ethic, and Foxworth is one of the hardest working guys on the team. He's probably a waiver wire pickup now and is worth grabbing if you have the roster slot. He's proven that he can contribute, and the Broncos need everyone that they can get at this point. They'll figure out how to get the kid in the game.

Players You Should Already Be Watching

Chris Weinke, Carolina
Just a few years ago, he was the Panthers starting QB. Jake Delhomme was knocked out of the game last week, and hasn't practiced this week. The team is on a bye, but it's entirely possible that his injury could linger. As a starter in 2001, Weinke threw for just under 3,000 yards. It's totally unlikely that he could come in and set the world on fire, or even hold Delhomme off, but if you need a QB here's a place to look.

Patrick Pass, New England
Surely he's not available in any league (keep an eye on Amos Zereoue as a total long shot with a huge pay off).

Cedric Houston, NY Jets
If he is available in your league, sign him yesterday. Now that Blaylock is out, Houston is a gold mine if Curtis Martin is out for any period.

Greg Jones RB, Jacksonville
Jones filled in for the injured Fred Taylor and performed well against Pittsburgh with 77 yards rushing and a TD. He's listed as the starting FB, but could easily turn into a nice fantasy RB if Taylor can't perform.

Doug Gabriel WR, Oakland
Moss is injured and could miss playing time. With Porter frustrating fantasy owners, look for Gabriel to step in and become the shooting star.

Luke McCown QB, Tampa Bay
Brian Griese is out, Chris Simms is in. But if Simms can't perform, McCown would get the nod until Rattay knows the offense. The kid started four games for the Browns last season. Talk about trial by fire. He's another year older and with a much better team. He just might surprise you.

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