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Eyes of the Guru

No great words of wisdom this week. Right to the meat and potatoes we go.

Cincinnati Bengals

It's normally not a good thing when the top four guys on a defensive box score are all defensive backs but the Bengals were an exception to that rule on Sunday when the only player to post more than 3 solo stops was corner Deltha O'Neal. Last week I talked about how bad the Eagles are as a match up for your stud IDPs and it's looking like the Vikings might be even worse. The bottom line here is the Minnesota running backs totaled just 12 carries in the game and there were 21 completed passes. That's just 33 plays that resulted in a tackle. Not much opportunity for guys like Odell Thurman or Brian Simmons. It gets tougher for the Bengals this week as they go to Chicago so don't let the bad week scare you away from your Bengal starters... There were some important game notes beyond the low production. SLB David Pollack replaced Robert Geathers at end in several obvious passing situations during the game. Geathers was a deep sleeper coming into the season but loosing snaps on those downs all but ruins his chances of becoming a productive fantasy option... Carl Powell recorded the clubs first sack of the year but those of us sitting on Justin Smith need not be concerned. Powell replaced Bryan Robinson at tackle when the club went to its nickel package... Those of you who may have noticed Landon Johnson lining up at MLB late in the game shouldn't read much into it. Odell Thurman Injured his thumb and sat out the last few series. The injury isn't serious and he is probable for week 3. 

Minnesota Vikings

When the Vikings signed Pat Williams and drafted Erasmus James they certainly didn't envision themselves heading to week three having recorded only 2 sacks in the first two games. James signed late and has been no factor at all while Williams has been everything they expected. Not only does he have one of the teams two sacks but Williams 8 solo tackles in two games is tied for 5th in the league among linemen. There is however, more to the story. Against the Bengals Pat Williams moved to the under tackle position usually played by Kevin Williams, while Kevin spent time at DE. Spencer Johnson got the start at nose tackle bumping Kenechi Udeze out of the lineup. Kevin Williams played end during his rookie season and was very effective before being moved inside last year. The move seemed to backfire on Sunday like everything else the Vikings have done so far and there has been no comment from the coaching staff about the situation so there is no way to know if the move is something they are considering on a permanent basis... As if things weren't bad enough for Minnesota already, they also have a slew of guys banged up. Sam Cowart is expected back from the calf injury that kept him out of week 2 but E.J. Henderson (ankle), Darren Sharper (knee) and Antoine Winfield (foot) were all injured on Sunday. Henderson had the ankle taped and returned to action but is paying for it now as he tries to get ready for this weekend. If he plays at all it will be at less than 100%. Sharper's injury is being called a strain and he may be able to play. Sharper has a track record of playing through injuries over the past few seasons, that would sideline most players. The problem for us is that his numbers usually show the effects of the injury. The update on Winfield is much better. It turns out he has blisters and may miss some practice time but will likely go on Sunday... Even more surprising to me than the starters on the DL is the fact that Dontarrious Thomas is being passed over for playing time by guys like Rod Davis and Keith Newman. Thomas played some good football for this team last year and showed some fantasy potential in the process. He is listed on the depth chart as the backup at WLB so it will be very interesting to see what they do if/when Henderson sits this week. 

Green Bay Packers

The Packers are still looking for players to step up and be difference makers on this defense. So far that hasn't happened. Green Bay is one of just three teams in the league that has yet to record a takeaway. Neither Ahmad Carroll nor Joey Thomas has played particularly well at corner and the club is certainly missing Darren Sharper at safety. Nick Collins is supposed to be a younger version of Sharper but he has a long way to go and is off to a very slow start... The situation to keep an eye on here is at linebacker where Robert Thomas has taken over the starting role at WLB. He hasn't blown up with a big game yet but it should be noted that he finished tied for second on the club in tackles for week 2. That said, it's also important to note that Thomas didn't play in the nickel package against the Browns. Strangely enough he was replaced by undrafted rookie free agent Ricky Manning. Thomas hasn't been with the club long enough to be completely comfortable in the scheme but it's still a surprise that they would use a rookie in that situation. 

Cleveland Browns

Chris Crocker didn't make such a big splash in week two but don't write his big numbers from the opener off as a one week wonder. He seems to have established himself as the clear starter and is playing very well. His 4-1-0 against Green Bay wasn't a complete bust by any stretch and it's certainly safe to expect better numbers against the Colts offense. He'll be in a couple of my lineups again this week... Orpheus Roye is off to an excellent start with a mark of 9-6-1 over the first two games. The last time he played end in a 3-4 was with Pittsburgh back in '99 when he put up fairly decent numbers (42-17-4.5) for a lineman in that scheme. There is a decent chance that he could provide solid fantasy depth but don't expect much more than that... Keep an eye on rookie 6th round pick Nick Speegle. He replaced Orlando Ruff in the ILB rotation when Ruff suffered a concussion. This kid is a little raw but looked good during the preseason and could very well end up starting at some point this year, especially if Ruff misses some time and/or the Browns fall out of the race. 

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers may have come out on top against the Patriots on Sunday but the casualty list from that game could be damaging for the next few weeks. Mike Minter (calf), Will Witherspoon (knee) and Ken Lucas (shoulder) are all in serious danger of missing week three. Minter would likely be replaced by Idrees Bashir, Witherspoon by Chris Draft and Ken Lucas by Ricky Manning... Don't over react to the big numbers that Lucas put up. The Panthers are tough against the run but they aren't going to hold many teams to 16 rushing attempts. Keep in mind Lucas was just 3-1-0 in week one... The big news out of Carolina is the benching of Thomas Davis. He was supposed to retain his starting job after a shaky week one but the Panthers opened with Marlon McCree at SS on Sunday. Davis played linebacker in the nickel package and will continue to play only that role until further notice. Tuck Davis away on your bench for a couple of weeks but don't jump to release him too quickly. After all it's only Marlon McCree. Davis will get another shot soon... Those of use who gambled on Mike Rucker this year have to be feeling a little better after he went 3-0-1 and forced a fumble in week 2. He once again looked like the same guy who was a top 10 fantasy option for three years leading up to last year's poor production. 

New England Patriots

Last year the Patriots won a Super Bowl with a battered patchwork secondary. Over the off season they decided to horde as many quality veteran corners as they could pack onto the roster. That decision is looking like a brilliant move considering the casualty report heading to week 3 includes Chad Scott, Tyrone Poole, Duane Starks and Randall Gay who are all questionable and could all miss Sunday's game. That would leave Asante Samuel and rookie 3rd round pick Ellis Hobbs as the only healthy corners. The team hopes to have Starks and Scott available... This week will be a big test for Pats ILBs Chad Brown and Monty Beisel as they face one of the leagues best running games and Steelers new running back sensation "Fast" Willie Parker. Neither Beisel nor Brown has been impressive thus far and if they can't produce this week it's probably time to start looking for an upgrade on the waiver wire.

Atlanta Falcons

Don't be part of the mad rush to pick up Demorrio Williams or Keion Carpenter this week. Their big numbers were a one week wonder that came about solely due to the Seattle offensive game plan. The Seahawks ran behind their stud offensive tackle Walter Jones all day and the Falcons couldn't stop it. The result was inflated numbers for Williams and Carpenter... Brady Smith was a late scratch for week 2 when his hamstring tightened up. He is questionable for week 3 and hasn't practiced as of Wednesday. Chauncey Davis will likely make a second start at DE. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When the Bucks drafted Barrett Ruud it seemed likely that Shelton Quarles days as the starter were numbered. They may still be numbered but the way Quarles has played through the first two weeks the number may be higher than most of us expected. Quarles leads the team with 13 solo tackles to date and owns one of the team's 4 sacks as well. Ruud saw some action in week 2 but if Quarles can continue the strong play we may not see a lot of Ruud until next season.

Buffalo Bills

Injuries have become an issue for the Bills heading into week 3. Lawyer Milloy had surgery on his thumb and is very questionable. If he does play he will have trouble wrapping up and the cast would make it very difficult to catch a pass. Milloy is a marginal starter when healthy and shouldn't even be a consideration with the injury... London Fletcher pulled up lame against Tampa Bay with a hamstring injury. He won't practice much if at all this week but the coaches are optimistic that he will be able to play by Sunday. This one scares me. If you have Fletcher chances are he's either your #1 or #2 linebacker but even so I would strongly consider sitting him if you have a quality backup. Its better to give up a few tackles than to gamble on a goose egg or a near goose egg... For the past couple of seasons Chris Kelsay and Ryan Denney have basically shared the DE position opposite Aaron Schobel. Kelsay is the starter and has steadily improved to the point that he seems on the verge of breaking out. Through two games he is a modest 5-4-1 but has been around the QB often. 

Houston Texans

We are just two games into the season but it looks like we are getting an answer to the question of which Texans linebacker has the most value. Kailee Wong stepped up in week two with a strong 8-3-0 against the Steelers. Once is a fluke but twice is a trend and that's two weeks in a row that Wong has out produced team mate Morlon Greenwood. If he's available in your league he should make a good pickup... The Texans made a couple of surprise lineup changes heading into their week 3 bye. OLB Jason Babin has been benched in favor of Shantee Orr and Phillip Buchanon has been replaced by DeMarcus Faggins at corner. Neither of these moves are likely to be permanent and it is probably a motivational ploy... The Texans got more bad news when it was learned that DE Gary Walker is likely to miss significant time with a shoulder injury. This could server to advance the learning curve of rookie first round pick Travis Johnson who will step into the lineup when the team returns to action in week 4. 

Denver Broncos

They may have salvaged a 1-1 record but the Broncos can't be at all satisfied with the play of their defensive line thus far. Marco Coleman leads the clubs DL with a mere 3 tackles and one of the two sacks they have so far was recorded by backup tackle Demetrin Veal. Their big free agent addition at tackle was Gerard Warren who has done nothing more than show the coaching staff exactly why the Browns were willing if not eager to see him go. It wouldn't be any surprise if they start giving Veal more opportunity. The news isn't all bad. Courtney Brown returned to action and quickly got into the sack column. Even more importantly he was able to walk to the bus under his own power after the game. Brown has a ton of ability and potential if he can stay healthy so keep an eye on This situation. The club also got John Engleberger more involved on Sunday which might suggest they are looking at options in case Trevor Pryce continues to struggle... John Lynch had a big game against the Chargers but don't get too excited about it. Lynch has started 17 games since joining the Broncos but has totaled more than 5 tackles in just 5 of those games and has just 3 sacks and 1 pick in the big play column. He'll average about 4-1-0 when it's all said and done... Al Wilson's 10 tackle day wasn't a complete fluke. He's a quality linebacker playing behind a DL that isn't making many tackles. It's been a while but Wilson does have some quality fantasy production in his resume'. In '02 he finished with a mark of 99-32-5. On the other hand '02 was the only time in Wilson's 6 year career that he's totaled more than 72 solo stops. In a nutshell, if you have room at LB he should be on your pickup list but don't count on him to be the savior of your defense... One more note here, those dynasty owners who are sitting on DJ Williams may as well cut your losses and move on. He's not going to be moved from SLB anytime soon... Safety Nick Ferguson followed an outstanding 10 tackle opener with a solid 5 tackle game two and leads all NFL defensive backs with 15 tackles so far. Considering the schedule and the play of the front 4, it's looking like he will remain a busy man This year. Rodney Harrison he is not but Ferguson is certainly worthy of a roster spot in most leagues and will likely make a solid third starter as the season evolves. 

Arizona Cardinals

The Cards are battered and thin at linebacker and there have been conflicting reports about how they will cope with it. Last week it was reported that rookie Darryl Blackstock would move to WLB so Orlando Huff could move inside. Well that didn't happen. Instead the Cards turned to a scheme they used at times last season, which more resembles something you might see on a Friday night at your local high school game. Arizona opened in a 5-2-4 alignment with Karlos Dansby and Huff at linebacker. When they went to the nickel Huff was pulled and SS Adrian Wilson moved up into a sort of hybrid linebacker position with Quentin Harris coming in at SS. They didn't come away with a win but it was no fault of the defense which sacked Bulger 4 times, intercepted him once and held the Rams potent offense to just 17 points. A lot of owners picked up Huff last week but I'll say again, the guy simply isn't starting linebacker material in the NFL and you can make much better use of your limited roster space... A 5 man front is something a lot of players haven't seen in a long time and it can create some blocking problems particularly when offenses are in multiple receiver sets and have just 5 or 6 blockers. It all but assures that at least 3 defensive linemen will get single blocking. The golden rule for offensive linemen is inside, over, outside which means the guy on your inside shoulder is closer to the ball thus is the most dangerous while the guy on the outside has further to go so you always block down. The result for Arizona was single blocking on both ends for much of the game and they were very successful... Darnell Dockett made a huge impact with a 4-1-1 and an interception in the game. He showed signs of big things to come last season and looks to be on the verge of becoming a serious fantasy option, especially for those in leagues that require tackles as a separate position. 

St. Louis Rams

Nickel corner Corey Ivy posted a career high 9-1-0 against the Cards on Sunday but don't mistake This as a sign of great things to come. There were a couple of factors that led to the inflated numbers, neither of which is likely to carry over to the next game. The Cards used multiple receiver sets on nearly every offensive play against Arizona which kept Ivy on the field virtually full time, and if that weren't enough both Travis Fisher and DeJuan Groce missed time with minor injuries during the game. This may not be the last time we hear from Ivy This season but it's highly unlikely that he will provide enough consistency to be a factor for us... The Rams have to be pleased that their defensive line is stepping up early This season. Leonard Little seems to have returned to form. He already has 3 sacks and a fumble recover and is currently tied for the league sack lead. He had a down year in '04 and could be lingering on the waiver wire in some leagues. Just as important for the Rams is that their interior linemen are starting to become part of the show at last. Both Ryan Pickett and Jimmy Kennedy recorded sacks against Arizona. The one player they still need to have step up is Anthony Hargrove. He was handed a starting job when Bryce Fisher moved on to Seattle but thus far Hargrove hasn't proven worthy. He was benched during the preseason in favor of Brandon Green and we could see that happen again if he doesn't start producing. 

Washington Redskins

There are a couple of very interesting notes from the Redskins week two game. Washington opened the game in a 3-4 defense against Dallas with Marcus Washington and LaVar Arrington on the outside and Warrick Holdman paired with Lemar Marshall inside. They didn't stay in it for long and there is no word about This becoming a part of the regular defensive package. What is more important to us is that Arrington made first tackle of the game and then was not heard from again the rest of the way. He wasn't injured but still gave way to Holdman who played WLB most of the way. The club may still be concerned with his healthy and/or conditioning but us fantasy owners can't afford to be too patient. Especially those of us who aren't in dynasty leagues... Matt Bowen is likely to reclaim the starting job at SS after Pierson Prioleau came up lame with a hamstring injury that could sideline him for several weeks. However it was Omar Stoutmire who saw the majority of the action at the position against Dallas. There could be stiff competition for the job over the team's bye week and Ryan Clark may be healthy enough to get his name in the hat as well... Lemar Marshall suffered a groin injury during the game but it's believed the bye week will allow him to recover in time to return for week 4.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys defense is playing fairly well but Parcells is still looking for improvement. Scott Shanle saw considerable action against Washington replacing Bradie James at ILB. Shanle did nothing to hurt his standing with the coaching staff. In fact he may have earned himself a shot at even more playing time. Shanle got in the game late in the second quarter and ended the day at 3-1-1 in the box scores. He looked more aggressive than James and really lowered the boom on the ball carrier a couple of times... Parcells also wants to get both FS Willie Pile and OLB Scott Fujita some more playing time in the coming weeks. Both guys may have a legitimate shot at earning significant playing time later in the season. FS Keith Davis hasn't been impressive and is merely keeping the seat warm until the club can find a better option. Kevin Burnett is expected to eventually emerge as the man opposite Demarcus Ware at OLB but he has a long way to go. Fujita is a strong pass rusher and should be a good fit once he gets settled. 

Tennessee Titans

If you haven't climbed onto the Kyle Vanden Bosch band wagon by This time it may be too late. Those who have been reading This column since back in the preseason were already aware of him and hopefully many of you picked him up before he exploded for a 4-1-3 in week 2. Vanden Bosch isn't going to rack up 3 sacks in a game often but he is a very good every down player who will give you tackles on a consistent basis as well as decent sack production. If he's still available in your league make the move... Tackle Albert Haynesworth was carted off the field on Sunday with a knee injury. The good news is he won't need surgery but chances are he will miss at least a game or two. Rien Long will move into the starting lineup until Haynesworth can return... Peter Sirmon also suffered a knee sprain and could miss some time. It looks like Rocky Boiman will get the start in week 4... MLB Brad Kassell hasn't posted one of those monster games that gets everyone's attention yet but he has quietly turned in two very solid box scores. A 7-1-0 in the opener followed by a 5-2-0 with a pick against the Ravens has him tied with Keith Bulluck for the team tackle lead. There are a lot of good running offenses on the Titans schedule This year and it looks like Kassell is going to be both solid and consistent. 

New Orleans Saints

There are a lot of Saints defenders scattered across fantasy rosters This year and so far none of them have been very productive. Don't get impatient and start dumping them just yet. That said, you may not want to start any of them This week with the possible exception of Will Smith. The Saints travel to hapless Minnesota This weekend where the offense has yet to wake up from offseason hibernation. The only guys who have been productive against the Vikings over the first two weeks are pass rushers and all the corners Culpepper has been throwing the ball to. The Vikings should be able to get something going This weekend considering the Saints have 5 defensive starters listed as questionable for the game including stud DE Charles Grant, FS Dwight Smith, corners Jason Craft and Fakhir Brown and tackle Brian Young. Will Smith has the clubs lone sack through two games and is second on the club with 7 solo tackles. He hasn't officially started either game but is seeing plenty of playing time at the expense of Darren Howard. If Grant doesn't play, both Smith and Howard would be starters but it will be very interesting to see which one the club moves into Grant's position at left end. I believe Smith will bypass Howard for the starting job at some point This season and maybe very soon. If he's hanging around on the free agent wire make the move now and beat the rush... MLB Courtney Watson has just 8 solo stops to show for two games but the important fact is that he still leads the club in tackles and is in no danger of being replaced. I suggest you sit tight with him for at least a couple more weeks. The Saints have Buffalo in week 4 and Atlanta in week 6. If he doesn't produce against those teams and their strong running games it will be time to move on for sure. 

Washington Redskins

Linebacker Barrett Green still believes he is the Giants starting WLB but he may be in for a rude awakening. He's lobbied to get back in action for the past two weeks but has yet to be active for a game and I have to wonder if the coaching staff is holding him back so they don't have to deal with his attitude when he learns that they don't plan to stick him back in the lineup? Green hasn't endeared himself to the club during his time in New York and the defense is playing well with Carlos Emmons and Reggie Tobor at the OLB positions. Maybe Green sees the writing on the wall which is why he wants to play so badly... If your looking for DL help put tackle Kendrick Clancy on your list. Clancy is a very good player and Giants tackles have a history of putting up quality numbers for interior linemen. He is providing the G-Men with a force in the middle of the field and is very tough to handle when he bull rushes and pushes the pocket into the quarterback's face. At the very least he should be a hot pickup for owners in leagues that require tackles. 

Detroit Lions

Earl Holmes is a hot pickup This week in most leagues after his monster game but don't be disappointed if you didn't get him. Unless the Lions get blown out every week the rest of the year Holmes will be hard pressed to average 5 solo tackles a game. He doesn't play in passing situations and the only reason his numbers were so big is that the Bears didn't need to throw. Chicago ran the ball 36 times on the day which kept Holmes on the field and they ran between the tackles on most of those attempts which kept him busy. There are several good running teams on the Lions schedule so Holmes will probably provide solid depth in most leagues, especially if Teddy Lehman continues to miss time with his sore knee. Lehman hopes to be back in action when the team returns from their by in week 4... As if being blow out by a division rival weren't bad enough, the Lions added injury to insult with DE James Hall suffering a groin pull and starting corner Fernando Bryant likely lost for the season with a dislocated shoulder. The injury to Hall isn't season threatening but it could be several weeks before he is back to full speed. In his absence Kalimba Edwards will get an opportunity to shine and prove himself worthy of consideration for the other starting job once Hall returns. Edwards has shown flashes of brilliance during his time in Detroit and is a player worthy of keeping tabs on... Andre' Goodman will takeover the starting corner job and could be a very pleasant fantasy option. The Lions like to use a cover 2 which will give him a significant role in run support and he will likely be picked on with Dre' Bly on the other side of the field. At the least owners who are required to start corners should be looking at This guy. 

Miami Dolphins

When Junior Seau was asked last week about the move to SLB he wouldn't comment. Instead he did his speaking on the field and the Jets heard him loud and clear. I didn't see enough of This game to say what prompted the box score outburst but I would have to assume it to be more of a fluke than the beginning of some great resurgence by Seau. Its been a lot of years since he last held any significant fantasy value but you can bet I'll be paying closer attention to him This week.

New York Jets

Look for Oliver Celestin to make his first NFL start at FS on Sunday in place of Eric Coleman who is nursing a broken thumb. The club has not completely ruled Coleman out for the game but chances are he will sit. Most people don't think of a broken thumb as a major injury but I can tell you first hand that it's both extremely painful and very limiting. A broken thumb is what ultimately ended my playing days. If you're sitting on Coleman don't bother watching the injury reports to see if he will play. Sit him regardless of his status come Sunday... John Abraham returned to the starting lineup against Miami and picked up right where he left off. He should be full time the rest of the way and is likely to land among the top 5 at the position by the end of the season.

Indianapolis Colts

Talk about a "wow factor". Where did This defense come from? The Colts have already piled up 9 sacks on the young season which is nothing short of impressive on its own but the fact that all of them have been recorded by defensive linemen makes it all the more astonishing. We all expected Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis to produce (and they have) but a whopping 5 of the team's sacks have come from interior linemen Larry Tripplett (2) and Montae Reagor (3). While all of This is impressive we shouldn't get too gung ho about grabbing either of these guys. Neither Reagor nor Tripplett has any history of quality production and with Corey Simon in the mix one of them is going to take a seat next to the water cooler soon... Those who use to follow the box scores may have noticed that Mike Doss didn't show up in the final statistics. This goes to show you that everyone makes a mistake now and then. Doss was omitted but his numbers on the day were 9-0-0. What I want to know is how both safeties can put up 9 solo tackles yet the team can still hold the opponent to just 3 points? At any rate, be careful here. I don't want to call This whole Colts phenomenon a mirage but need to see it last another game or two before being convinced. As for the big production by Bob Sanders and Mike Doss, pick one of those guys up if you are in need but sit on him until you see if he's for real before putting him in your lineup. I have a feeling reality is going to set in here very soon.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars managed to hold the mighty Colts to just 10 points and have surrendered only 24 in two games but the have some problems looming. Donovin Darius may not be a big fantasy factor but he is very important to the success of the Jaguars defense as a whole and he has been lost for the season with a torn ACL. Deke Cooper will step into the lineup and try to fill the void but Darius will be missed greatly... Reggie Hayward hasn't made a huge impact in the box scores so far but he's been a bigger factor than most people realize. Hayward has been credited with at least 9 QB hurries and has been very disruptive in general. He is questionable for week 3 with back spasms but is expected to make a go of it late in the week... Those of us sitting on Daryl Smith are starting to get a little antsy but I suggest patience for another week or two. The Jags are about to start a run of games that includes matchups against the Jets, Broncos, Bengals and Steelers. If he doesn't produce against those opponents we will know it's time to move in another direction for sure. 

Kansas City Chiefs

It's still early in the fantasy season but the sands of time are running out for Kendrell Bell who was completely absent from the week 2 box score despite being in the starting lineup for the game. Bell has struggled through injuries but is supposed to be healthy by now, so where are the numbers? On the other hand Kawika Mitchell is emerging as a very good player both for the Chiefs and for us. He is playing in the nickel package which is a huge plus and is currently second on the club with 12 solo tackles. He hasn't gone off big yet and might still be available in some leagues. Get him on your roster as a solid #3 or quality depth at the least... It's been a tale of two Sundays for Sammy Knight and Greg Wesley. Week 1 saw Knight go large in the box scores while in week 2 it was Wesley's turn. The bottom line here is that both of these guys have a lot of fantasy value but it could be a coin toss from week as to which one has the better day.

Oakland Raiders

Kirk Morrison still isn't officially a starter but he's seeing no lack of playing time. In the opener he was to play in the nickel and 3-4 packages but week two saw his role expand to include playing on every down and in any situation. Morrison owners are smiling ear to ear on This one and it looks like he is well on his way to being an every week starter for all the teams he may be on including the Raiders... Oakland failed to pull out a win against KC but their defense won a moral victory by holding the Chiefs mighty offense in check and in the process proved that they aren't as bad as everyone thought they would be. Derrick Burgess made a particularly strong statement going 4-1-1 on the day. He was never able to stay healthy while with the Eagles and the Raiders are counting on him to continue providing them with a pass rush. He was productive for Philly when he did play and it's worth tracking his progress... Stuart Schweigert is a player that I was high on heading into the season. He continues to work as the starter at FS but it's very noteworthy that against the Chiefs he was pulled passing situations. In the nickel package Charles Woodson moved over to FS with Renaldo Hill, Nnamdi Asomugha and Stanford Routt working as the corners. If This is something that they plan to do on a regular basis we may as well write Schweigert off and make better use of the roster spot.

Best of luck to everyone This week and remember to

Just Win Baby!

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