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Week 10 Upgrades/Downgrades


QB Brooks Bollinger - NYJ

We arenít too excited about Bollinger, but he will start for the team.

QB Matt Hasselbeck - SEA

Hasselbeck is playing at a good level with a lot of easy games to come - he gets SF twice the rest of the way.

QB Brad Johnson - MIN

It might just be the Detroit Lions talking, but the Vikings looked better overall with Johnson on the field.

QB Josh McCown - ARI

Nothing has been announced, but we wouldnít be surprised to see HC Denny Green switch back to McCown after Kurt Warner threw three INTs in another Arizona loss.

QB Michael Vick - ATL

He had season highs in attempts, completions and yards and finally showed good accuracy and decision making.

RB Shaun Alexander - SEA

Alexander just keeps rolling up huge stats. With the way his season is going, two TDs seem like a bit of a disappointment.

RB J.J. Arrington - ARI

It wasnít much, but Arrington had probably his best game of the season against Seattle. HC Denny Green should go ahead and bite the bullet and give the rookie 20 carries just to see what happens.

RB Michael Bennett - MIN

Welcome back from the dead Mr. Bennett. He could easily throw up a bagel next week, but there is still a little life in this guy. Even more important, HC Mike Tice isnít unwilling to use Bennett.

RB Cedric Benson - CHI

He still isnít ready to play fulltime in the NFL, but with Thomas Jones getting nicked seemingly almost every week there should be opportunities for Benson to excel.

RB Chris Brown - TEN

He is keeping Travis Henry on the bench. You should ride Brown until his body breaks down Ė it looks like the Titans will.

RB Stephen Davis - CAR

He has 11 TDs already. He is not piling up a lot of yards, but the consistent scoring makes him a solid play every week.

RB Reuben Droughns - CLE

As weíve said most of the season, Droughns is the only quality offensive player in Cleveland.

RB Sam Gado - GB

He only gained 62 yards on 26 carries (plus one catch for nine yards), but Gado ran hard and (most importantly) didnít put the ball on the ground.

RB Brandon Jacobs - NYG

He puts up Jerome Bettis type number (five carries for three yards and two TDs). In the Giants offense, Jacobs will have a chance to score every week.

RB Larry Johnson - KC

At worst there are reports that Priest Holmes is out for the season. At best, Holmesí situation is cloudy and worrisome. One thing that is for certain, Johnson will be a stud every week that Holmes is on the sidelines.

RB Adrian Peterson - CHI

Peterson has a much greater grasp of the offense than does rookie Cedric Benson. If Thomas Jones continues to miss time, Peterson will get a good number of touches.

RB Antowain Smith - NO

On only 17 carries, Smith gained 110 yards against a very good Chicago defense. That definitely warrants an upgrade.

RB Duce Staley - PIT

After spending most of the season either injured or inactive, Staley came up huge for the Steelers after Willie Parker was knocked out of action.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson - SD

He set a new mark with four TDs against the Jets. When a player the caliber of Tomlinson has a career high in something, you know it has to be good.

RB Ricky Williams - MIA

Williams seems to be getting back into playing shape. After a rough start, he tallied 52 yards and a TD on just ten carries against the Falcons.

WR Reggie Brown - PHI

He filled in for Terrell Owens and caught five passes for 94 yards and a TD. Now he has a chance to keep it up for the remainder of the season.

WR Brian Finneran - ATL

It would have been better if he had caught the TD, but if the pocket passing version of Michael Vick sticks around, then Finneran will turn in some nice numbers down the stretch.

WR Justin Gage - CHI

With Mark Bradley lost for the remainder of the season, Gage looks like he might be ready to be a viable threat opposite Muhsin Muhammad.

WR Darrell Jackson - SEA

He could be available on the waiver wire due to his extended injury. Although he likely will be out of shape when he first becomes available, he could be that extra gem you need during the championship weeks. Seattle has a soft remaining schedule.

WR Andre Johnson - HOU

Heís finally back on the field, and he turned in a really good game with nine catches for 91 yards.

WR Bryant Johnson - ARI

Heíll have another one to three games in the starting lineup before Anquan Boldin returns. If you have him, heís worth starting every week.

WR Greg Lewis - PHI

With Terrell Owens gone, Lewis will be given more opportunities to produce.

WR Jerry Porter - OAK

With Randy Moss ailing, Porter is playing the role of top WR very well (13 catches for 191 yards and three TDs in his last two games).

WR Scott Vines - DET

Amazingly enough (considering all the first picks on the roster) Vines easily looks like the best WR in Detroit right now. Over the last three games, he has 19 catches for 204 yards. Of course he hasnít caught a TD, but thatís asking a lot from a Lion.

WR Ernest Wilford - JAX

He has 234 yards and 2 scores in his last two games. He has replaced Reggie Williams in the starting lineup.

TE Tony Gonzalez - KC

After a very ragged start, Gonzalez is heating up. Over the last three weeks, he has 19 catches for 234 yards and a TD.

TE Doug Jolley - NYJ

He still canít block well enough to be an every-down TE, but with Chris Baker lost to injury, Jolley should be much more involved in the passing game.

TE Erron Kinney - TEN

Kinney is easily Tennesseeís best healthy receiver, and they throw a ton of balls to the TEs in particular.

TE Mike Sellers - WAS

Sellers is becoming a factor around the goal line. In some leagues, a guy that can score an occasional TD is extremely valuable.

TE Jeremy Shockey - NYG

Shockey is very consistent right now and has a TD catch in four of his last five games.

TE Alex Smith - TB

Tampa Bay's offensive line is struggling so the team may look to get him more involved in the short passing game. He caught 3 passes for 41 yards this Sunday.

PK David Akers - PHI

Akers is healthy and kicking FGs again.

PK John Hall - WAS

Hall is healthy and kicking FGs again.

PK John Kasay - CAR

He had two FGs and four PATs with no misses on Sunday. Improved defensive play by the Panthers should give him plenty of opportunities going forward.

TD New York Giants - NYG

Of course the 49ers are terrible on offense, but any time you hold an NFL team to 138 total yards of offense, you have a good defensive unit.

TD Carolina Panthers - CAR

They logged two interceptions, two fumble recoveries, five sacks while limiting Tampa Bay to just 44 rushing yards. What an awesome effort.


QB Vinny Testaverde - NYJ

There is a reason that senior citizens donít make too many starts in the NFL, and it's not because the health care is too expensive.

QB Kurt Warner - ARI

He hasnít been benched, but Warner needs to get wins if he expects to continue as the teamís starting QB. The good news is that Detroit is next up. Of course the Lions have a better record than Arizona, so a win is far from a sure thing.

RB Jerome Bettis - PIT

Lately, Bettisí injuries have seemed to keep him out for more than a game. He could easily miss more time with his latest quad injury.

RB Tony Fisher - GB

The door opened for Fisher to be the teamís primary RB, but he couldnít stay on the field. Sam Gado may have slammed that door shut against the Steelers.

RB Travis Henry - TEN

The story was that when Henry returned from suspension he would share time with Chris Brown. The fact is that Henry has taken one carry in the last two games. If Brown stays healthy, it looks like Henry will get little action.

RB Priest Holmes - KC

It seems like this was a little more than a ďmild head traumaĒ. There are reports swirling that Holmes wonít play in week ten and could be done for the year (career?).

RB Kevin Jones - DET

The bad offensive line play continues for the Lions. The receivers can't stay healthy. He is now injured again too. Even a soft remaining schedule might not be enough for Kevin Jones.

RB Thomas Jones - CHI

We love the healthy version of Jones tearing through opposing defenses, but we are getting a bit worried about seeing the no-so-healthy version of Jones that canít seem to finish a game completely healthy. He has only one 200+ carry season under his belt (last year), and he missed two games.

RB ReShard Lee - GB

Thanks for playing Mr. Lee, but you've been Gadoed. Here are your parting gifts.

RB Mewelde Moore - MIN

We know heís still the starter, but we really donít trust HC Mike Tice to stick with a single back for very long. With Michael Bennett putting on a good show against the Lions, he could at least eat into Mooreís touches. Another reason for concern is Mooreís sprained wrist.

RB Willie Parker - PIT

If heís healthy, Parker will almost certainly continue as the teamís starting RB, but Duce Staley showed Sunday that heís capable of producing good numbers. If Parker struggles, it will be easy for HC Bill Cowher to turn to someone else.

RB Marcel Shipp - ARI

J.J. Arrington might not be the answer, but itís pretty apparent that Shipp isnít either.

RB Fred Taylor - JAX

Instead of completely dominating the woeful Texans defense, Taylor left the game early due to injury.

RB Cadillac Williams - TB

We arenít sure if Brian Griese was really that important, but itís obvious that this is not the Cadillac Williams (or Buccaneers) of September.

WR Arnaz Battle - SF

Itís pretty harsh to get a downgrade after coming back from injury, but the 49ers QBs are simply atrocious.

WR Nate Burleson - MIN

He has just 59 yards in his last three games since coming back from injury.

WR Wayne Chrebet - NYJ

We hope you werenít relying on Chrebet, but he has been lost for the remainder of the season after yet another concussion.

WR Brandon Lloyd - SF

Lloyd is still making some great catches, but he is not worth a start when you consider the QBs that are throwing to him.

WR Justin McCareins - NYJ

With Brooks Bollinger at the helm, there wonít be enough production available for McCareins to make much of an impact.

WR Randy Moss - OAK

Heís pretty beat up and isnít a deep threat right now. He might be good for a few redzone looks, so Moss still has value Ė heís just not an elite fantasy WR at the moment.

WR Terrell Owens - PHI

For you cave dwellers, Owens has been suspended by the team and wonít play any more this season.

WR Eric Parker - SD

He has just four catches for 63 yards in his last three weeks.

WR Roy Williams - DET

He left the game injured again. It's probably time to give up on him.

TE Chris Baker - NYJ

He broke an ankle and will miss the remainder of the season.

PK Jose Cortez - PHI

With David Akers back, Cortez wonít be kicking any FGs.

PK Nick Novak - WAS

Novak has been released from the team after the return of John Hall.

TD Tampa Bay Buccaneers - TB

Their offense is struggling to mount any drives. This is putting immense pressure on the defense as they are always on the field.

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