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Week 7 Upgrades/Downgrades


QB Kyle Boller - BAL

He’s getting closer to returning, and the team has given no indication that they’ll stick with Anthony Wright. No, we’re not excited about Boller, but in a huge league, some teams are desperate for a starting QB.

QB Aaron Brooks - NO

The Saints seem to mail it in on the road, but when he plays at home, Brooks is at least a serviceable fantasy QB.

QB Mark Brunell - WAS

Not only is Brunell playing very well right now, but his next two opponents are the 49ers and the Giants. He should do quite well the next two weeks.

QB Jeff Garcia - DET

The Lions offense is simply horrible with Joey Harrington behind center. Garcia practiced a little last week, but his actual return hasn’t been pinpointed. However, whenever he’s ready, he seems like a lock to push Harrington aside.

QB Kelly Holcomb - BUF

Holcomb has the Bills atop the NFC East and is not going back to the bench. He is producing decent numbers and could be a nice bye-week fill-in.

QB Chris Simms - TB

With Brian Griese out for a few weeks or the rest of the season, Simms takes over an offense that is at least decent.

RB Shaun Alexander - SEA

If it weren’t for LaDainian Tomlinson, he’d have the MVP trophy sewn up already.

RB Tatum Bell - DEN

He’s not Denver’s starting RB (yet), but he keeps producing like one.

RB Chris Brown - TEN

That’s the kind of production (112 total yards and two TDs) everyone knows a healthy Brown is capable of producing.

RB Warrick Dunn - ATL

T.J. Duckett is nicked up and that is Dunn's gain. Even with just 20 carries, he can be very effective.

RB Greg Jones - JAX

Forget all of that “Alvin Pearman is the backup” talk. With Fred Taylor on the sidelines, the Jaguars surprisingly got their best production from Jones. He’s probably available in most leagues.

RB Thomas Jones - CHI

If Cedric Benson only gets three carries when Jones spends all week in the training room and questionable, then Benson is no where near being a factor.

RB Willis McGahee - BUF

With Kelly Holcomb under center, McGahee looks like the first round fantasy pick that we all expected him to be.

RB Mewelde Moore - MIN

The Vikings are sinking, but Moore is playing well. He won’t score many TDs (no one will light up the scoreboard on this team), but he gets decent yardage and can catch the ball well.

RB Patrick Pass - NE

Wow. Don’t expect very many carries when Corey Dillon gets back on the field, but Pass will catch a lot of balls.

RB Chris Perry - CIN

He is playing at a high level right now. He is definitely the backup/change of pace back, but Perry is among the best in the league in reserve and is very active as a receiver.

RB Michael Pittman - TB

Lately, every week we hear that Cadillac Williams is improving and might make it back to the field, but every week we see Williams on the sidelines watching Pittman posting great numbers.

RB Antowain Smith - NO

Smith will share with Aaron Stecker, but he is definitely the goal line back. Note that we’d be a little worried starting him on the road. Actually, we’re not big fans of any Saints player on the road right now.

RB Aaron Stecker - NO

He would have a ton of value if Antowain Smith wasn’t on the roster, but Stecker will see some touches every week.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson - SD

If it weren’t for Shaun Alexander, he’d have the MVP trophy sewn up already.

RB Ricky Williams - MIA

He wasn’t very spectacular on the ground (though he did have a 13-yard run called back), but we were impressed by the six catches. Williams definitely will see the ball.

WR Doug Gabriel - OAK

He will become a starting WR while Randy Moss heals.

WR Jabar Gaffney - HOU

Going into week six, Gaffney had ten catches on the season. With Andre Johnson on the sidelines, Gaffney caught ten balls against the Seahawks. If Johnson misses more time, Gaffney could put up nice numbers.

WR Rod Gardner - CAR

He seems to be working his way into the offense and is likely sitting on your waiver wire.

WR Keyshawn Johnson - DAL

Glenn may catch the bombs, but Johnson is seeing a ton of targets. He had another big game where he was actively involved in the offense.

WR Eric Moulds - BUF

Kelly Holcomb is looking his way often in the passing game.

WR Jerry Porter - OAK

With Randy Moss looking like he will miss some games, Porter will need to be more involved.

WR Peerless Price - DAL

He should move into the role vacated by the injured Patrick Crayton.

WR Rod Smith - DEN

Old man Smith still finds the seams. Jake Plummer has a lot more confidence throwing it to Smith than to Ashley Lelie right now.

WR Peter Warrick - SEA

It looks like the D.J. Hackett Experience is over. Warrick will get plenty of chances to succeed until Bobby Engram and Darrell Jackson return.

TE Desmond Clark - CHI

Clark was huge around the goal line against the Vikings.

TE Chris Cooley - WAS

Each week Cooley seems to be open often. He has a very good matchup this week against the 49ers.

TE Todd Heap - BAL

After an injury-filled offseason, it looks like Heap is rounding into form and has a TD in each of the last two games.

TE Heath Miller - PIT

After a slow start (two catches with one score in his first three games), Miller has been very good lately (eight catches and two TDs in his last two games).

TE Jermaine Wiggins - MIN

Wiggins was absolutely on fire against the Bears. For a while, it seemed like he was the only receiver on the field. He finally finished with 68 yards on an amazing ten catches. We would have liked to have seen a TD, but the Vikings as a whole are woeful.

TE Jason Witten - DAL

Witten now has five straight games with four or more catches (and two TDs over those games as well). He is a consistent producer at TE.

PK Rob Bironas - TEN

Bironas has scored nine or more points in four of his last five games. That’s impressive from a guy that is probably on your waiver wire.

PK Jose Cortez - DAL

We didn’t like the two missed attempts, but Cortez has nine FGs in the last three weeks.

PK Jay Feely - NYG

He has five FGs and six PATs with no misses in last two games.

PK Nate Kaeding - SD

The San Diego offense is among the best in the league. He will get his chances. He has seven FGs and nine PATs without a miss in the last three games.

TD Tampa Bay Buccaneers - TB

They are allowing less than 250 yards per game over the last 3 weeks. If your league awards points for yards allowed, the Buccaneers are huge.

TD Dallas Cowboys - DAL

The Cowboys are playing really well on defense right now. Against a potent Giants attack, they forced four turnovers, had four sacks, and held New York to 270 total yards.

TD Jacksonville Jaguars - JAX

The Jaguars were fortunate to face Tommy Maddox, but they still forced four turnovers, had two sacks, and allowed only 218 yards. They still have upcoming games against Houston (twice), Baltimore, Cleveland, and San Francisco.

TD Detroit Lions - DET

They have eight INTs, four fumble recoveries, and six sacks over the last three games. It is too bad their offense can't play better ball.

TD Baltimore Ravens - BAL

The Ravens forced three turnovers, had four sacks, and held Cleveland to 186 total yards. Now that is what is expected of the Baltimore defense.


QB David Carr - HOU

This is simply a terrible team, and Carr is their leader.

QB Kerry Collins - OAK

Losing Moss will definitely impact his numbers. Just ask Daunte Culpepper what that feels like.

QB Daunte Culpepper - MIN

Sure, the Bears are a solid defense, but three points is simply pathetic.

QB Trent Green - KC

Sure the Redskins have a good defense, but take away Priest Holmes’ huge screen pass and Green struggled all day. His numbers should be much better.

QB Brian Griese - TB

The early word is that he’ll miss at least a few weeks and could be out for the remainder of the season.

QB Joey Harrington - DET

With J.P. Losman on the bench, Harrington is the frontrunner for “worst starting QB in the league”.

QB Michael Vick - ATL

He is way too inconsistent for our liking. This team seems comfortable running the ball and playing solid defense. And because they are in every game, they are not forced to play from behind and pass a lot.

QB Anthony Wright - BAL

The conventional wisdom was that Wright needed to light it up to keep Kyle Boller from regaining the starting job. It hasn't been lit, so Boller (when finally healthy) should return as the team’s starter.

RB Mike Anderson - DEN

He will still see a good number of carries, but Tatum Bell is getting far too many looks for Anderson to be considered a solid fantasy RB.

RB Cedric Benson - CHI

Thomas Jones was hobbled all week, but Benson was still a non-factor in week six.

RB Jerome Bettis - PIT

He had four yards on four carries – so much for an increased role.

RB Ronnie Brown - MIA

Ricky’s Williams’ return means Brown can not be a fantasy force. Williams simply steals too many looks.

RB Stephen Davis - CAR

He missed his chance to put some distance between DeShaun Foster. This looks like it will be RBBC all year.

RB Corey Dillon - NE

Gone are the games where the Patriots have a two TD lead in the fourth quarter. And that was when Corey racked up the stats usually.

RB T.J. Duckett - ATL

RBs with high ankle sprains are generally not very productive.

RB Priest Holmes - KC

Take away his long catch, and Holmes was horrible.

RB Kevin Jones - DET

Now add injured to his woes. He needs a better offensive line to do anything. He likely gets Schlesinger back this week and his schedule is improving, but we don't think it will be enough.

RB Jamal Lewis - BAL

He has looked horrible in all but one game. Maybe the return of Kyle Boller is what is needed for ….oh never mind.

RB Alvin Pearman - JAX

The Steelers game made it obvious that Pearman will not be a force this season. Greg Jones is far more capable of running the ball when Fred Taylor is not around.

RB Duce Staley - PIT

With the way HC Bill Cowher talks about Staley, he might not get on the field all season.

RB Fred Taylor - JAX

After promising the media he would play, he scratched. His injury is likely worse than he was letting on.

RB Tyson Thompson - DAL

After saying all week that either Thompson or Anthony Thomas would start if Julius Jones couldn’t go, the Cowboys went with Thomas. That wasn’t too big of a surprise, but seeing Marion Barber get so many looks was. Thompson is a talented player, but HC Bill Parcels obviously lacks confidence in him in a close game.

RB Cadillac Williams - TB

We’re getting a little tired of the whole, “Williams is improving and will be a game-time decision” routine.

WR Drew Bennett - TEN

He’s been nicked all season but suffered a dislocated thumb against the Bengals. He underwent surgery and will miss an unknown number of games.

WR Patrick Crayton - DAL

What little value he had was lost Sunday when he injured his ankle.

WR Lee Evans - BUF

The Bills are passing more, but they are using Eric Moulds as the primary receiver.

WR Joey Galloway - TB

This really isn’t a knock on Galloway, but we’re concerned with the switch from Brian Griese (who Galloway was obviously clicking with) to Chris Simms.

WR Joe Horn - NO

His hamstring is simply not healed. He tried to play against the Falcons but could not continue. For his fantasy owners, that’s worse than not going at all.

WR Darrell Jackson - SEA

He is expected to miss the next four to five games after knee surgery last week.

WR Andre Johnson - HOU

Not only are the Texans terrible, but Johnson is ailing a bit. Unfortunately, he has been so bad this season that you can’t even trade him away.

WR Eddie Kennison - KC

We don't expect eight catches for 100 yards and a score every week, but we get real worried when a team's #1 WR goes 0-fer.

WR Keenan McCardell - SD

After starting the season with 17 catches in his first three games, McCardell has caught only four balls in his last three outings. That’s terrible.

WR Randy Moss - OAK

We are concerned here as WRs with groin injuries lose their effectiveness. Moss could easily be hobbled for a while.

WR Roy Williams - DET

Williams is injured and on a team that cannot stop the pass rush. That limits his deep threat possibilities.

TE Chris Baker - NYJ

He is getting no action with Vinny Testaverde at the helm.

TE Ernie Conwell - NO

We know that TEs are not always consistent producers, but Conwell now has two games with zero catches and one outing with only one reception. That’s just not going to get it done.

TE Tony Gonzalez - KC

The return of Willie Roaf was supposed to help get Gonzalez more involved in the passing game. That was not the case on Sunday.

PK Jason Elam - DEN

He is struggling right now with just two FGs made (two missed) in his last three starts.

PK Sebastian Janikowski - OAK

Losing Randy Moss will limit his opportunities going forward.

PK Mike Nugent - NYJ

He has two FGs made, two FGs missed, and just four extra points in the last three games.

PK Jeff Reed - PIT

Reed has just two FGs in his last two games.

TD Minnesota Vikings - MIN

This group made the Chicago Bears offense look potent.

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