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Week 9 Upgrades/Downgrades


QB Drew Brees - SD

Over the last three weeks he has 787 yards and 6 TDs.

QB Jake Delhomme - CAR

Delhomme has been on fire lately. He has 11 TDs in his last five games.

QB Trent Green - KC

The Kansas City passing game is finally coming around as Green had a huge day against the Chargers (and is finally getting Tony Gonzalez involved as well).

QB Brad Johnson - MIN

Sure, the Vikings are a sinking ship, but with Daunte Culpepper out for the year, Johnson is their new captain.

QB Jake Plummer - DEN

Over the last three weeks, he has 765 passing yards and 7 TDs.

QB Tim Rattay - TB

If Chris Simms can not excel against the weak 49ers defense, then we wouldnít be surprised to see Rattay get a shot down the road.

QB Kurt Warner - ARI

It seems like it is just a matter of time before he is the starting QB again. Josh McCown is really struggling right now.

RB Mike Anderson - DEN

The Broncos are good on the ground. Even with Tatum Bell around Anderson is becoming a must-start player every week.

RB Tiki Barber - NYG

He had 206 rushing yards and a score yesterday. This offense is on fire and the team is playing better defense too. All of this bodes well for Barber down the stretch.

RB Marion Barber III - DAL

Julius Jones is showing no signs of coming back from his high ankle sprain, and Barber is showing a lot of signs that he can be the man.

RB Kevan Barlow - SF

The 49ers offense is terrible, but Barlow seems to be getting a little better every week. The performance Sunday (122 total yards) came with no support from the passing game (50 total yards through the air).

RB Tatum Bell - DEN

His homerun ability makes him dangerous from anywhere and makes him a viable fantasy back regardless of the number of carries he gets.

RB Domanick Davis - HOU

Once again, Davis is the only shiny spot in an ugly game. At least he won this week.

RB Corey Dillon - NE

Dillon isnít spectacular, but in this offense he is always a threat for multiple TDs.

RB Reuben Droughns - CLE

Droughns may never score a TD again, but heís definitely on pace to break the 1000-yard mark for the season. In Cleveland, thatís enough to get a street named after you.

RB Steven Jackson - STL

Jackson (200 total yards and a TD against the Jaguars) is the only thing keeping the Rams offense together right now.

RB Lamont Jordan - OAK

He has 392 combined yards and 5 TDs over the last 3 games. He is as hot as they come.

RB Willis McGahee - BUF

McGahee is a workhorse. He had 157 total yards against the Patriots, but it wasnít enough for the win.

RB Mewelde Moore - MIN

With Culpepper out, we think the team may try to run more going forward.

RB Fred Taylor - JAX

Itís too bad his health is always a question mark. After being downgraded late last week, many owners might have missed out on his huge day against the Rams.

RB Ricky Williams - MIA

Heís finally getting positive yardage, so we have to upgrade him.

WR Antonio Chatman - GB

With Robert Ferguson out for a few weeks, Chatman stepped into the starting lineup and did well Sunday (8 catches for 97 yards).

WR Larry Fitzgerald - ARI

With Anquan Boldin probably out for a while, Fitzgerald will become the unquestioned #1 WR in Arizona.

WR Joey Galloway - TB

It doesnít matter who the QB is Ė Galloway is still explosive. His 8 catches for 149 yards included a TD strike of 78 yards.

WR Joe Horn - NO

Welcome back Mr. Horn. Even though Aaron Brooks had a horrible day under center Horn almost reached the 100-yard mark.

WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh - CIN

He simply puts up solid numbers every week that he plays. It's hard to ask for more from a WR.

WR Bryant Johnson - ARI

If Anquan Boldin misses time, Johnson moves into the starting lineup and has enough talent to excel.

WR Eddie Kennison - KC

After a few weeks of nothing, Kennison finally showed up with 7 catches (one for a TD) and 115 yards against the Chargers.

WR Eric Moulds - BUF

The Buffalo offense is still not clicking, but Moulds is performing at a high level right now (27 catches and three TDs in the last four games).

WR Jerry Porter - OAK

What an outstanding day from Porter. Just when we were ready to give up on him, he responds with 123 yards and a pair of TDs.

WR Courtney Roby - TEN

The rookie has been thrust into a bigger role with all of the WR injuries. He led the team with 83 yards and a score on 7 receptions.

WR Charles Rogers - DET

His four-game suspension is over, and the team is desperate for WR help. We donít know if heís up for the challenge, but there is definitely an opening for him.

WR Steve Smith - CAR

Only one TD to go with those 201 yards? What a slacker.

WR Ernest Wilford - JAX

While we are hesitant to get too excited about a WR that has faced the Rams, Wilford is becoming more involved in the Jacksonville offense. Heís definitely worth a shot if you need WR help.

TE Bubba Franks - GB

Finally healthy, Franks turned in a solid game against the Bengals with 8 catches for 73 yards and a TD.

TE Antonio Gates - SD

As if 10 catches for 145 yards and three TDs really warrants an upgrade.

TE Tony Gonzalez - KC

Gonzalez was easily outclassed by Antonio Gates, but it was nice to see the Chiefs utilize him as a receiver again. Gonzalez now has 14 catches for 164 yards and a TD over the last two weeks.

TE Erron Kinney - TEN

He continues to be productive in this offense. He gets the upgrade because Ben Troupe left the game with an ankle injury.

PK Jay Feely - NYG

He only hit five FGs against the Redskins. The Giants offense is explosive, and Feely is kicking well. That's the best combo a PK can have.

PK Olindo Mare - MIA

Likely available on your waiver wire, Mare has been red-hot lately hitting 8 FGs over his last three weeks.

PK Shaun Suisham - DAL

The best thing about Suisham is that he didnít miss any of his kicking opportunities against the Cardinals.

PK Lawrence Tynes - KC

He has been perfect over his last three games (hitting 7 FGs and 7 EPs).

TD Chicago Bears - CHI

They have allowed just 760 yards and 22 points over the last 3 games. That defines stifling.

TD Dallas Cowboys - DAL

They are still too prone to giving up the big pass play, but the Cowboys defense is becoming a very good unit. They had three sacks and two INTs (one returned for a TD) and allowed only 213 total yards against the Cardinals.

TD New York Giants - NYG

They have 7 fumble recoveries and just 3 TDs allowed over the last three weeks. They completely dominated the Redskins on Sunday.


QB Mark Brunell - WAS

We knew he wouldnít keep throwing for two or three TDs against everyone, but to fall flat against the Giants defense (65 passing yards) is quite worrisome.

QB David Carr - HOU

Heís terrible (138 passing yards against the Browns).

QB Daunte Culpepper - MIN

He is gone for the year.

QB Trent Dilfer - CLE

Heís terrible (185 passing yards against the Texans).

QB Ken Dorsey - SF

Forty yards? Get the rookie healthy again.

QB Jamie Martin - STL

The Rams are running the ball more than they did with Martz. Bulger is also expected to be back soon.

QB Josh McCown - ARI

Weíre a little worried here for two reasons: his 161 passing yards is terrible, and his team lost. A coach can overlook low stats if the QB is winning.

QB Chris Simms - TB

The 49ers have been whipping boys for QBs until Simms shows up. He produced decent yardage (264), but he turned the ball over three times (although we think umpire Darrell Jenkins should have knocked one INT to the ground). The bottom line: if Simms canít beat the 49ers, itís tough for him to be considered a winner. If he canít be a winner, it wonít be long before heís on the bench.

RB J.J. Arrington - ARI

One step forward and two steps back. He gained just 5 yards on 4 carries while Marcel Shipp had 44 on 12 carries.

RB Lamar Gordon - PHI

The Eagles do not run enough for the #1 RB to have value. Forget about the backup. He gained 8 ypc, but had just two attempts.

RB Priest Holmes - KC

Fifty-three total yards and zero TDs is not getting the job done when you are considered a stud RB.

RB Julius Jones - DAL

He keeps sitting and (if you listen to HC Bill Parcells) doesnít seem to be getting healthy. With Marion Barber III rolling up huge numbers, Jones status is questionable.

RB Patrick Pass - NE

He left the game with a leg injury. With the way HC Bill Belichick reports injuries, heíll either be out indefinitely or a game-time decision for the next two months.

RB Clinton Portis - WAS

Goodbye three TDs in a game. Hello four carries in a game.

RB Anthony Thomas - DAL

With Marion Barber III running so well, Thomas does not have a role on this team.

RB Cadillac Williams - TB

We waited all that time for Williams to post 20 yards on 13 carries? Such a tease. And against the 49ers? Such a disappointment.

WR Anquan Boldin - ARI

The worry in Arizona is that Boldin has a torn meniscus. He missed several weeks last season with the same injury.

WR Mark Bradley - CHI

He has been coming on a bit lately but suffered a knee injury against the Lions. We donít know the severity but any missed time will hurt his development for the 2005 season.

WR Tyrone Calico - TEN

Consider him officially dead. He has blown every chance ever afforded to him.

WR Az-zahir Hakim - NO

He wasnít even active against the Dolphins. With Joe Horn back, Hakim will have a greatly reduced role.

WR Randy Moss - OAK

He is still a great player when healthy, but he has a multitude of injuries right now.

WR Jimmy Smith - JAX

Early in the season, Smith was always there when the team needed a big play. Lately, Smith hasnít been doing much at all (eight catches for 102 yards and zero TDs in the last three games combined).

WR Mike Williams - DET

With Roy Williams and Charles Rogers either hobbled or suspended, Mike Williams had a huge opportunity to shine, but he failed to do so (Scott Vines out-produced Mike Williams against the Bears).

WR Reggie Williams - JAX

He was knocked out of the Rams game with a head injury. Before leaving, Williams had no catches.

TE Ben Troupe - TEN

Troupe suffered a high ankle sprain against the Raiders. The severity is not yet known, but thatís an injury we donít like.

PK Paul Edinger - MIN

Already struggling, the Vikings will now lose their starting QB going forward. This likely will translate to even fewer chances.

PK Nick Novak - WAS

John Hall is healthy and has resumed his role as starter.

TD Philadelphia Eagles - PHI

This group couldnít stop water from flowing up a hill Sunday.

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