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Draft Dominator 6.0 - The Future of Dynamic Drafting

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Draft Dominator - Quick Start Guide

The Draft Dominator starts with a default league called MyLeague. To customize it to your league, click File->Setup and enter your league variables, team names, schedule, scoring system, pick order and tweak the projections if desired.

For the Team Names and Pick Order, make sure you enter the Team Names in the order that the teams draft in the first round. This is necessary for the the standard pick orders to work correctly.

For the Schedule, if you do not know your fantasy schedule yet, either enter a temporary one, so that you get a feel for how the GameByGame works, or enter "Avg. Points" for each week.

After setting up your league, be sure to save it. Click File Save As... and give it a new name that corresponds to your league.

Click Print->Cheat Sheets to print the Individual Position Cheatsheets and the Top 200.

Click Move Player on the Draft Status screen to move players to the team on the clock. The Highlight Bar will default to the "Recommended" player based on team needs and VBD. You can also see the recommend player on the Best Value window.

Click File->My Team Mock to run an automated Mock Draft. It will pause to let you select your player each round. To start the Mock Draft over again, click File->Start Draft.

Click File->Save to save your league. You can open the league at a later time with File->Open. Saving a league will save all of the Setup information, along with the Player Pool, Keeper List, Draft Summary, Team Stats, and Team Information. This way you can pause a draft and come back later and pick up where you left off. It also gives you the ability to configure everything before your draft and to use the Draft Dominator for multiple leagues.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0m Release Notes

Updated: Projections to version 2005 P1.

Updated: Depth Charts to Sept 5th 2005.

Updated: ADP to Aug 31st 2005

Bug Fix: Fixed the Runtime 384 error that showed up if you had a window maximized like the Player Pool, and then shrunk the overall DD window too much.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0l Release Notes

Updated: Projections to version 2005 O1.

Updated: Depth Charts to Aug 31st 2005.

Updated: ADP to Aug 31st 2005

Bug Fix: Fixed the Runtime 380 error.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0k Release Notes

Updated: Projections to version 2005 N1.

Updated: Depth Charts to Aug 24th 2005.

Updated: ADP to Aug 24th 2005

Bug Fix: Changed the Import VBD so that it handles league size changes correctly.

Bug Fix: Removed the Player Pool Option from the Player Pool Context Menu.

Bug Fix: Automatically updates the Pick when the Round is entered for the given team on the Keeper List.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0j Release Notes

Updated: Projections to version 2005 L1.

Updated: Depth Charts to Aug 18th 2005.

Updated: ADP to Aug 17th 2005

Updated: SOS to Aug 16th 2005

Bug Fix: Draft Other Teams by ADP would exceed IDP Roster Spots.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0i Release Notes

Updated: Projections to version 2005 K1.

Updated: Depth Charts to Aug 9th 2005.

Added: Bye Week coloring on Draft Status window.
Red = Bye Week conflict for same position.
Blue = Bye Week conflict with another position on your team.
Black = No Bye Week conflicts.

Added: Bye Week coloring on Best Value window.

Tweaked: The Team Names do not have to be in the order of the first round any more. You can set the order in round 1 of the Pick Order tab and then click Straight, Serpentine, or Dbl Serpentine, and the draft order will be filled in based on round 1 of the Pick Order.

Tweaked: The Custom Dropoff selection box now has numbers 1 to 99.

Added: It Auto-Decrments the Custom Dropoff now based on the player selection. Likewise, it Auto-Increments the Custom Dropoff on an Undo Move.

Bug Fix: It now saves the ADP after an Import.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0h Release Notes

Corrected some bye week errors

Draft Dominator Version 6.0g Release Notes

Updated: Projections to version 2005 J1.

Updated: Depth Charts to Aug 2nd 2005.

Added: Ability to change the Dropoff Numbers on Best Value window. Don't agree with the Draft Dominator's Dropoff Numbers? Plug in your own using the Use Custom Dropoff feature.

Added: Added Free Agent (FA) to the Manually Add Player Team options and the Projections Add Player Team options, so now you can add Free Agents to the player pool.

Added: Overall Pick Number to the Draft Status Window.

Added: Overall Pick Number to the Setup - Pick Order. Now it is easier to trade your 75th pick for someone's 104th pick.

Tweaked: Adding Players to the Keeper List. It sticks on one Team until changed by the user. The next Round and Pick fill in automatically for the given Team. If you modify the Round, then the Pick fills in automatically for the given Team and Round. This should make adding Keepers easier. Note: If Keepers don't count against draft picks, then enter them in with Round=0 and Pick=0.

Tweaked: The File-New now defaults the GameByGame Schedule to Average Points & Playoffs. Touched up the File-New to fix some other little problems too.

Bug Fix: The Average Points on the GameByGame wasn't updating after each pick.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0f Release Notes

Updated: Projections to version 2005 H1.

Updated: Depth Charts to July 29th 2005.

Bug Fix: If you clicked File - New from an IDP League... the Player Pool Tabs showed IDP positions, but no players.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0e Release Notes

Bug Fixed: Fixed a bug that was introduced in version 6.0d that displayed an "Error Reading Draft Data - Subscript out of range" message if you opened a large league file or several league files in a row.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0d Release Notes

Updated: Projections to version 2005 F1.

Updated: Depth Charts to July 19th 2005.

Updated: ADP Information

Tweaked: Tweaked the Web Player Pages link so that it works for WinXP. From the Player Pool, Team Data window, or Draft Summary windows, just right click on a player and select "Web Player Pages" from the popup menu. Of course Internet access is required for this feature.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0c Release Notes

Updated: Projections to version 2005 E1.

Updated: Depth Charts to July 5th 2005.

Updated: ADP Information

Bug Fix: If you increased the number of rounds (for example from 14 to 18), and then clicked a Pick Order button (for example Straight), it would adjust rounds 1 thru 14, but not 15 thru 18.

Tweaked: Cleaned up the Export Teams and made it so it shows Notes 2 and 3.

Added: Added the League Name to the footer of the Cheatsheets and Top400

Tweaked: Tweaked the Def/ST calculations for Points Against and Yards Against.

Added: Added another digit to the Team Caps for Auction Leagues (Max=100,000,000.00).

Added: The Auction Amt Paid field is automatically filled in from the Player Notes 3 Value. This is useful for salary leagues and auction mocks. I also added a menu File - Init Auction --> Note3, for initialiazing the Player Notes 3 to the inital auction amount.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0b Release Notes

Fixed the Following Issues:

1. In Draft Other Teams by ADP mode, if TE=0 (Combine WR and TE). It wouldn't select a TE for the Other Teams.

2. In Draft Other Teams by ADP mode, it wouldn't fill the minimum requirements for some teams.

3. The Weekly Weights on the RB, Def, and IDP projection tabs were not correct.

4. T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Carnell Williams wouldn't scratch off the depth charts when selected.

5. Kris Brown didn't show up on the depth charts.

6. The Bye Weeks for the St. Louis Players were not correct.

7. If no team was select as My Team, then it displayed a runtime error after click ok on the setup screen.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0a Release Notes

Changed it so that the Last Opened League is reopened on Startup, or a New League if being run for the first time.

Rearranged the menus to be more "MS Word" like:

  • Added a File->New
  • Changed File->Open so that now it opens a League
  • Changed File->Save so that now it saves the currently opened league
  • Added a File Save As...
  • File->New, File->Open, and Close Program now first check to see if you want to save your currently opened league.
  • Added File->Import for VBD Excel Spreadsheet
  • Added File->Export for (Teams, Draft Summary, Keeper List, Player Pool & DD Lite Files)

    Sped up the Setup screen load time

    Added Setup Warning Messages that changing the Number of Teams, Number of Rounds, or IDP Starters causes the Draft to be RESET.

    Eliminated the Scoring.dat file. It now is saved and opened with the League.

    Added a little color to the Game By Game Projections screen.

    Updated the User's Manual to include explainations for all of the new windows added last year.

    Added an Import/Export for ADP - Imports/Exports a CSV file that has LastName, FirstName, Position, Team, and ADP. ADP can either be 1, 2, 3, etc. or 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, etc.

    Changed the Best Value Look Ahead, so that Keepers are accounted for but don't count against the dropoff value.

    Tweaked the Best Value Draft Other Teams by ADP, so that it takes team needs into consideration. This prevents teams from drafting three quarterbacks in the first seven rounds for example.

    Changed it so that it crosses off names on the Depth Charts as players are taken.

    Added a Print->Depth Charts. It also scratches off the players that have been taken.

    Added a Team Strengths screen. It shows both overall team strength and starter strength by position. You can sort the columns by clicking on the column headers.

    Added Right Click popup menu to Draft Summary window for trading players and returning players. The Right Click also works from the Player Pool and Team Data windows.

    Added Sorting to the SOS window. Now you can see who has the easiest schedule with a few clicks of the mouse, by year, by week, and by position. Just click on the column headings to sort.

    Added a link to the Player Pages. From the Player Pool, Team Data window, or Draft Summary windows, just right click on a player and select "Web Player Pages" from the popup menu. Of course Internet access is required.

    Fixed a bug in the Player Notes where it wasn't saving changes for a player if a note already existed for that player.

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