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Fantasy Notebook

Superflex Rookie Post-NFL Draft Mock Draft 3.0

Ricky Pearsall, San Francisco 49ers - Instant NFL Draft Reaction

Fantasy Notebook

Fantasy Notebook

Fantasy Notebook

Dynasty Trade Value Chart: April

The 5 Riskiest Dynasty Quarterbacks

D'Onta Foreman Signs With Cleveland Browns - Instant Reaction

Sam Darnold Signs With The Minnesota Vikings - Instant Reaction

Derrick Henry Signs With Baltimore Ravens - Instant Reaction

Josh Jacobs Signs With Packers, Who Release Aaron Jones - Instant Reaction

Tony Pollard Signing With The Tennessee Titans - Instant Reaction

Dynasty Trade Value Chart: March

What We Learned in 2023: Fantasy Football Running Backs

The Perfect Draft: Lessons From 2023

Fantasy Notebook

Super Bowl Showdown

In and Out: Super Bowl LVIII Edition

Prop Talk- Super Bowl

Underdog Pick 'Em Super Bowl

Passing Matchups Super Bowl

Rushing Matchups Super Bowl

Dynasty Trade Value Chart: February

Cracking FanDuel Week 21

Cracking DraftKings Conference Championships

In and Out: Conference Championship Edition

Rushing Matchups Week 21

Passing Matchups Week 21

Underdog Pick 'Em Week 21

Vegas Value Chart: Conference Championships

Cracking FanDuel Week 20

Cracking DraftKings Divisional Round

In and Out: Divisional Playoff Edition

Rushing Matchups Week 20

Vegas Value Chart: Divisional Round Weekend

Cracking FanDuel Week 19

Rushing Matchups Week 19

Building the Perfect Footballguys Playoff Hold 'Em Lineup

Dynasty Trade Value Chart: January

Playoff Fantasy Football Rankings and Strategy

Playoff Top 75 (non-PPR)

Playoff Top 75 (PPR)

Cracking FanDuel Week 18

Gameday Injury Expectations Week 18

FanDuel GPP Guide: Week 18

Dynasty, in Theory: How Does It Work in Practice?

Regression Alert: Week 18

Week 18 Offensive Sleepers

Passing Matchups Week 18

Rushing Matchups Week 18

Roundtable Week 18: 2024 Bold Predictions

The New Reality No.215: Early 2024 NFL Draft Prospects

Week 18 WR Motivation

Week 18 RB Motivation

What You Need to Know From Week 17

Monday Injury Report Week 18

DraftKings GPP Domination Week 17

Cracking FanDuel Week 17

FanDuel GPP Guide: Week 17

Cracking DraftKings Week 17

Regression Alert: Week 17

Underdog Pick 'Em Week 17

Week 17 Offensive Sleepers

Previews, Injuries, and News: Week 17

The Replacements: Week 17

Week 17 Running Back Tiers

Week 17 Rushing Matchups

Dynasty Rankings Movement, Week 17

Roundtable Week 17: 2024 RB Breakout Candidates

Roundtable Week 17: Gutsy Championship Lineup Calls

Dynasty Football Big Board Week 17

Week 17 First Look

Vegas Value Chart: Week 17

What You Need to Know From Week 16

Fantasy Overview - Week 17

The Top 10: Year in Review

Monday Showdown Week 16

Cracking FanDuel Week 16

The Replacements: Week 16

Underdog Pick 'Em Week 16

Numbers Chasing: Significant Statistical Milestones with Three Weeks To Play

Dynasty Rankings Movement, Week 16

Week 16 Rushing Matchups

Roundtable Week 16: The System or Player? The QB Edition

Vegas Value Chart: Week 16

Random Shots From Week 15

Week 16 Running Back Tiers

What You Need to Know From Week 15

Monday Dynasty Roundup, Week 16

Cracking FanDuel Week 15

DraftKings GPP Domination Week 15

Cracking DraftKings Week 15

Underdog Pick 'Em Week 15

The Replacements: Week 15

Dynasty Rankings Movement, Week 15

Week 15 Running Back Tiers

Rushing Matchups Week 15

Roundtable Week 15: Too Young or Prime? Emerging Top Producers