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Drake Maye Scouting Report - 2024 NFL Draft

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Steelers Trade Diontae Johnson To The Carolina Panthers - Instant Reaction

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Quarterback Moves to Make This Month

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Answering 16 Preseason AFC Dynasty Questions

Regression Alert: Week 17

The New Reality No.195: Lessons Learned, 2023 Strategy

Roundtable: Fantasy Fill In the Blank

The Dynasty Trading Post: Season Recap

Three Up, Three Down: Week 13

Stick with Najee Harris (And Other Dented Dynasty Cans)

Cutting Through the Noise, Week 9

What You Need to Know From Week 8

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Roundtable Week 7: Love/Hate

Buy Low, Sell High: Week 7

Passing Matchups Week 5

Regression Alert: Week 5

Cutting Through the Noise, Week 4

Footballguys Roundtable Week 3: Panic or Relax

Cracking DraftKings Week 1

Rent-a-Defense: Week 1

16 Questions Dynasty Defining Questions in the AFC

Dynasty Trade Value Chart: September

The All Rolaids Relieved Someone Else Took Them Team

August Updates, Pittsburgh Steelers

5 Opinions on 3 Running Backs

5 Opinions on 3 Wide Receivers

16 WR Targets for Salary Cap Leagues

23 Overrated Wide Receivers

Welcome Back to Fantasy Football: A Recap of the 2022 Offseason

28 Wide Receiver Values

12 Quarterback Values

Team Report, Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh, Team Mood and Players We're In or Out On

Trevor Lawrence: Pedigree versus Performance

5 WRs Looking for a Touchdown Bounce Back

Why Najee Harris Is Still a Top-5 RB

The Gut Check 564: The Dis List (Overrated)

Wide Receiver Tiers, Targets, and Players to Avoid

19 Overrated Wide Receivers

22 Wide Receiver Values

14 Quarterback Values

6 WRs on Rookies Deals Who Could Be Free Agents in 2023

2022 NFL Mock Draft

How Do QBs Whose Surroundings Have Changed Stack Up for 2022?

Players Who Lost the Most Value This Week

16 AFC Dynasty Questions Answered

Passing Matchups Week 21

Passing Matchups Week 20

Passing Matchups Wildcard

Cracking DraftKings Wild Card Weekend

Monkey Knife Fight Player Props, Week 19

Expected Playoff Games Played

Playoff Fantasy Football Rankings and Strategy

Prop Talk Week 18

Gameday Injury Expectations: Week 18

FanDuel GPP Guide: Week 18

DraftKings GPP Domination: Week 18

Monkey Knife Fight Player Props, Week 18

Week 18 Offensive Sleepers

#Trendspotting: Week 18

Passing Matchups Week 18

Exposed (WR/CB Matchups): Week 18

Week 18 Quarterback Tiers

Injury Expectations | Midweek Update | Week 18

IDP Sleepers, Week 18

What You Need to Know From Week 17

Monday Showdown Week 17

Gameday Injury Expectations: Week 17

Week 17 Quarterback Tiers

Passing Matchups Week 17

The New Reality No.179: Lessons Learned, 2022 Strategy

Roundtable Week 17

What You Need to Know From Week 16

Rent-a-Defense: Week 17

Dynasty Rankings Movement, Week 17

Prop Talk Week 16

Gameday Injury Expectations: Week 16

Cracking FanDuel Week 16

Cracking DraftKings Week 16

DraftKings GPP Domination: Week #16

Monkey Knife Fight Player Props, Week 16

Injury Expectations | Midweek Update | Week 16

Week 16 Offensive Sleepers